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Taurus G3c vs G2c

When comparing the Taurus G3c vs G2c the differences are very minor but important.

Taurus G2c Size

MetricsTaurus G2cTaurus G3c
Weight No Mag(Oz)1818.1
Weight Empty Mag(Oz)21.621.7
Weight With A Full Mag(Oz)26.826.8
Height(top of Slide to bottom of Magazine Baseplate)(Inches)4.904.90
Length (Inches)6.226.22
Width of Grip(Inches)1.111.11
Width of Slide(Inches)1.061.06
Width Across Controls(Inches)1.201.20

Taurus G3c vs G2c Concealed Carry

Taurus G3c Holster AIWB 11

Booth of these guns is identical in size and weight so there is no advantage to the Taurus G3c vs G2c or vice verses. The format of the gun originally developed in the Taurus PT111 is big enough to shoot well but small enough for most people to conceal. It holds a nice little niche in the market. 

The only other guns that are sized similarly are the Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 Subcompact and the CZ P10S. Both of those options come in at twice the price.

Ergonomics overall

When comes to the feel in the hand these guns are near identical. The polymer feels slightly different to me.

Taurus G2c

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There are no noticeable differences when comparing the Taurus G2c vs G3c frame and grip from a functional standpoint.

The texturing is identical as well as the ergonomics.

This is a modular gun and you’re stuck with the ergonomics of the pistol but they’re pretty good and I think Taurus did a good job that’ll work for both large and small hand sizes.


This is one area there are differences between the Taurus G3c vs G2c. On the older G2c, you have these odd troughs on each front side of the slide.

They look odd and provide no functional difference.

The G3c slide is more traditional and has forward slide serrations on the front. Those front serrations aren’t tall enough to be effective and you don’t gain many advantages from them but it’s still nice to have them.

Taurus G3c

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It is easier to rack the Taurus G3c front the front of the slide mostly due to the lack of the troughs as opposed to the forward serrations being effective.

You’ll find the rear serrations to be identical and one thing that Taurus did really well was adding a draft angle to the front of the slide.

These draft angles make it easy for more of your hand to get good contact with the rear serrations making it fairly easy to rack the slide. I’m going 


There are significant differences between the sights on the Taurus G3c vs G2c.

On the G2 you get plastic 3 dot sights that have a crude adjustable rear.

The sight cuts are proprietary to the Taurus G2c and given the lower price point of the gun, there aren’t a lot of aftermarket options for that cut. 

Taurus offers the plastic sights and metal night sights from the factory although I’m not sure the night sights are common as I’ve never seen them in person.

The G3c comes standard with metal sights and the rear is blacked out with horizontal serrations.

It has a standard metal front with a white painted dot. Overall these sights are very good for a pistol at this price point. 

Taurus G3c

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They’re far superior to the plastic sights that come on a lot of Glocks and arguably better than the 3 dot metal sights on guns like the S&W M&P Sheild and CZ P10c.

Maybe the best feature of the Taurus G3c is the Glock sight cuts.

This means that you can add probably 1 of the hundreds of different sights offered for the Glock sight pattern.

Taurus made an incredible move here.

I don’t think many will take advantage of this feature considering the stock sights are pretty good but it’s nice to have the option.


It’s obvious that the G3c is the clear winner for aftermarket sights since the Glock cuts allow you to use the multitude of existing options on the market.

Red Dot Optics

Taurus Released the G3c TORO which stands for Taurus Optics Ready Option.

This will allow you to mount a red dot optic to the pistol from the factory.

They ship the G3c TORO with multiple mounting plates and screws so you won’t have to order screws or plates separate.

Shoot Better With Mini Red Dots

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Right now the G3c TORO is compatible with Buris Fastfire, C-MORE STS2, Docter Noblex, Holosun 407C, Holosun 507, Leupold Delta Point Pro, Trijicon RMR, Sightmark Mini and Vortex Venom.



The thumb safety on these guns are identical and work well for right-handed shooters.

Personally, I would like to see an ambidextrous option as I would feel better if I ever had to use the gun with my left hand if my right hand became immobile.

Loaded Chamber Indicator

This isn’t usually part of our comparison but for the Taurus G3c vs G2c, I figured it was relevant. On the G2c you’ll find a mechanical bar that sticks above the slide when a round it chamfer.

Nice to be able to feel that but it’s also another mechanical part that could fail and cause issues.

If you want to have the slide milled for a red dot it also makes the installation harder. A lot of companies will not work on them due to potential legal issues with disabling a safety feature.

Taurus G2c

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Now the G3c was simplified and uses a simple witness hole in the rear of the barrel as a loaded chamber indicator.

This makes the gun simpler and easier to mill for a red dot so it’s another win for the G3c.


The trigger is identical on these two guns.

If you’re comparing them side by side in the gun store you’ll feel a difference between the Taurus G2c and G3c but that’s more a result of manufacturing inconsistencies than any difference between the two gun designs.

Slide Lock

Also identical and they work well for right-handed shooters but a left-handed shooter won’t be able to access them.


The frame material and finish on the G3c seem to be a little bit better than the Taurus G2c and the metal sights on the G3c are also a nice touch.

These changes aren’t significant but there are no features on the G2c that make it feel more quality than the Taurus G3c.


Neither of these guns has a huge aftermarket.

The G2c has a larger holster aftermarket and most Taurus G2c hoslters will not fit the Taurus G3c due to the slide and some frame differences. The reverse is true as well mostly due to the frame differences.

We’ve designed our holsters to work with both so that won’t be an issue with our product.

Taurus G3c

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You also have more access to more sight options with the Taurus G3c.

There are more aftermarket parts for the G2c just because it’s been around longer but I suspect the G3c offerings will catch up quickly.


I personally find the G3c slide profile to be a little bit more attractive so I’ll give my vote to the Taurus G3c.

Taurus G2c

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These guns shoot identical. In their stock format, I find the Taurus G3c sights to be more enjoyable so that’ll tip the advantage to the Taurus G3c vs G2c.


Now there is a significant difference in the price of the Taurus G2c vs G3c.

Taurus G3c’s have an MSRP of $308 while the G2c range from $272 to $330. I’ve seen the G2c guns offered as low as $199 but they usually run around $230 while the G3c has a street price of $250-$260. 

Taurus G3c

Taurus G3c’s In Stock

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For an extra $20-$30, you get a better set of sights and a better finish on the slide. In my opinion, it’s worth but for you, it may not be.

You have to look at all the features to decide what’s important to you when comparing the Taurus G2c vs G3c.

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Taurus G2c Pros

  • price
Taurus G3c Pros
  • Sights
  • Simpler Loaded Chamber Indicator

G2c Cons

  • Sights
  • Loaded Chamber Indicator
G3c Cons
  • Price

This is an opinion piece, but I always aim to eliminate bias. Look, we’ve all read them before. Gun reviews that claim to be helpful, but they’re really thinly veiled hit pieces trying to get you to buy something before you’ve even started your research. Or, even worse, a review put together by a content writer who has never even held a gun. 

I’ve trained with some of the best in the business to learn various shooting styles and ideologies to better serve our customers. I’ve purchased guns of all price points, calibers, and action types to build the best products for the market. I want you to walk away knowing you have the information you need to make a sound purchasing decision.

57 Replies to “Taurus G3c vs G2c”

  1. Terry Golden says:

    I love them both but if I had to pick one it would be the Taurus g2c

    1. LNew says:

      Your G2 millinium used in comparison with the G3C is NOT a G2C and a G2C is approximately 3/32 of an inch shorter than a G3C and also weighs less.

      1. Harrison says:

        You’re mistaken. These guns are identical in length when you measure them with calipers.

    2. Chris M says:

      I have owned both and in my hands the G2C even with plastic sights was more accurate whereas I struggled to connect with the G3C which I attributed to the new sights only being drift adjusted vs having the option for windage and elevation on the G2C

  2. Mark Sweeney says:

    I’ve been using Taurus for a while they’ve been very reliable for me, very enjoyable because of there reliability and at a good price.

  3. Josh L says:

    The G2S is an excellent gun. Really like the stippling they put on the grip.

  4. Bryan Scott says:

    I personally think the only thing that would make me feel better with the G3c is the metal sights. Pretty much no difference in them other than that besides price, lol.

    1. Harrison says:

      Pretty much but having metal sights and the ability to install Glock aftermarket sights is a big plus. I really wish they had made the safety ambi.

    2. Hugh Plylar says:

      Metal drift sights versus plastic adjustable sights
      It would seem to me that an adjustable sight would be easier to sightin because it has a screw, but once a gun is sighted in more than likely that it is complete. I own the G2C and never needed it adjust the sights

    3. Anonymous says:

      You’ve really got to get over you unfounded GLOCK fan boy infatuation!! THEY ARE the ugliest most overrated crappiest sights! So freakin what they’re metal big deal!! They’re also a flat nothing sight! The G2C is plastic but a heavy plastic, combat ramped with windage adjustments, 100 percent BETTER than you Glock CROCK!! Glock has a crappy trigger. Crappy cheap plastic mags, the G2C has stainless, glock has crapoy nothing front sight as well and A SOKUTELY NO ERGONOMICS for over 40 years they haven changed their blocky every gun is exactly same and they Never keep up with modern technology and advancements! Simply said, over priced, absolutely crappiest gun for the buck!! The reason you need all the Glock aftermarket crap is because most Glock fans boys and girls are forced to rebuild the piece of junk after they buy it!! Bottom line,, the G2C IS MUCH BETTER THAN THE G3C OR THE BLOCK GLOCK!! Like people seeing a lot of people driving Kias and Hyundai’s so they ASSUME they MUST BE good. In reality those cars are crap too! People like monkeys tend to do what they see everybody else doing because they grossly uninformed! Glick has a GREAT marketing scam. They pay advertisers to put glocks in their gun magazine ads, ie holsters and tactical lights companies. They give glocks to the police for virtually next to nothing just to make people think they must be good or the cops wouldnt have them, it’s all a smoke screen for the sheeple.

      1. C Ray says:

        Honest Outlaw gives highest marks to the Glock 19 in his YT evaluations and he’s brutally honest. (He also praises the Taurus G2/G3 in the $300 range of CC pistols)
        I don’t particulsrly like the Glock line but I don’t feel unarmed/poorly armed if that’s what is available.
        Go scream at the 1911 chumps for a while, alrighty?

      2. Brian2345 says:

        Wow… amazing how OEM Glocks still rule in IDPA in Standard Stock Pistol catagory. Unbelievable that they can outshoot $1000 guns. How in the world with cheap, worthless plastic OEM sights? Hmm, go figure.

  5. Duane Oberlies says:

    I absolutely love and trust my Taurus G2c. Never had an issue with it and I’m very comfortable using it as my EDC.

    1. john voorhis says:

      I just bought the Taurus G3C. it was all they had available. I am not a Taurus guy.and had also the same day bought the Beretta 92X and the Glocks 20/21. I needed a small subcompact gun for my vest when I am riding my Motorcycle. the store I shop at knows I am a gun snob to an extent lol. I usually buy guns with better reps. anyway, this lil gun was flawless and I put 100 rounds of that Maxx Tec 115GR ammo through it. I am please with this and feel very safe carrying it as my EDC bike gun. for what they are, they are worth the $$. they work. they are accurate at combat distances. And reliable, just clean them after every range session. proper lube/ammo and you’ll be fine. again, I am very happy with my choice. And I don’t think the bad guy really cares if that 9mm projectile comes from a SIG-Glock-H&K-ETC. shot placement!!!

      1. Np says:

        I beg the diference. Sir. The last guy i had a problem with begged me not to shhot him with a taurus. He preffered to died by my colt, sw, dw, cz, sig or ruger. Anything other than than that would be very embrassing for all parties envolved.

  6. Scott says:

    Taurus has really stepped up their game!

  7. WES says:


    1. Zac says:

      Best upgrade you can do is the keep tinkering trigger.

    2. Dj says:

      I recently bought G2c …. great Gun.. But (Based on reviews the G3c Seems to have better trigger)… Can I order G3c Trigger For my G2??

      1. Shorty says:

        Asmund Trigger will work cause I don’t like keep Tinkering

  8. FXSTC1999 says:

    Owned both and and greatly prefer the g3c over the g2c. One of the biggest draws for me was the more durable tennifer coating on the g3c.
    Also while the trigger pulls are similar, the new design of the g3c feels alot better as it’s wider and like how they changed the safety blade/dongle.
    The sights of the g3c and the g3c having 3 magazines instead of 2 were icing on the cake.

    1. fox says:

      @fxstc1999. LOL. I have an ’99 fxstc as well or at least, that’s what it was when it came out of milwaukee. LOL. Anyway, just wanted to share that with you. The last of the ‘real’ harley’s. LOL That’s another topic for another time however. For now we’ll just stick with the G2 -vs- G3 schtik. LOL

  9. Bob says:

    I really enjoy shooting my G2c and my old man eyes prefer the three white dot sight on the G2c. I recently added a Viridian e-series laser which fit perfectly and is a real plus for low light/dark lighting conditions.

    1. Hank Freeman says:

      I agree The e series laser is a good choice foe me as well.

  10. Jed says:

    I’ve a slightly used G2c, The gun is great for concealing but I have issues with the slide lock.
    Empty mag., drop insert full one, press down on lock, NOT! It takes both hands, to release lock.
    One hand hold the frame. The other hand, push the slide back a bit to release the tension on the lock. The thumb lock will work. Is this a defect for Tarus?

    1. Harrison says:

      Try Breaking it in with no mag and see what happens. That’s a non-normal motion so it could be user, breaking, or a manufacturing flaw. Unless I handled it’s hard to know.

      1. Mark says:

        Many find that the slingshot maneuver is more reliable than thumb dropping slide lock. This is with any gun. I know it takes longer, but it generally works better.

    2. Greg Hays says:

      Never had that problem with my G2C (or my PT-111 millennium). Definitely an individual problem with your gun.

      1. Harrison says:

        What problem are you referring to?

    3. John Zottoli says:

      Look for a burr on the slide cut , could be just a couple stoke of a file to fix the problem.

    4. R White says:

      When I first got mine it was a little hard as well, but after firing it a few times and playing around with the slide it got easier. Just clean and oil it properly and use the release button without releasing tension on the slide and it will get easier.

    5. Raymond Dunne says:

      I have a G2C and have NOT had this issue. My slide lock and release work flawlessly. Taurus is great about having issues fixed IF you are the original purchaser. Either way, I’m sure it’s a small issue to have it fixed.

  11. Mike Underwood says:

    The G3 is heavier than the G2 and but dy is a little bigger they are not the same size.

  12. Eagle525 says:

    I bought in early with the Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 with the subcompact 3.2′ barrel and 12+1 capacity . At the time it was a attractive combination of features, competitively priced and came along well before the Springfield Hellcat which is similar in size and boasts “one more round capacity”.
    MSRP on The PT at the time was as low as $199.00, plus applicable sales taxes. Put it thru 1,000 + rounds initially and proved reliable, now more than 2K in range rounds, no problems and eats everything fed into it. My higher priced carry models including CZ & Browning are reserved for range use and now carry the PT G’s exclusively. Should the PT G2’s be used defensively I am not going to have a premium grade pistol in an evidence locker , nor will need to go thru a potential legal maze trying to get have it returned.
    Originally the big consumer issue with the PT111 G2 was the trigger which, when adapted to, was no problem at all to me. That trigger was grossly misunderstood by a majority of the shooting community. I now have the G3 plus other G2’s and triggers now represent what buyers seek. The PT 111-G2 and derivatives were a marketing /sales turning point for the Taurus image. With the new Taurus CEO on board, service levels have improved and more accessory items are now available directly thru Taurus. In closing: I now own the TX-22 and it has surpassed all expectations so much so that it gets much more range time and helps offset 9mm ammo expenses. Prior to my Pt-111 G2 purchase Taurus was not represented in my firearm mix… now Taurus hangs out with the best of manufacturers. Best regards to all.

    1. Kirk Edward Jensen says:

      PT111 Mill G2 owner for 7-8 years. Couple of thousand rounds thru it. Only upgrade is to replace plastic guide rod with SS.

  13. Barry says:

    I don’t understand why they left the white dots off the rear site. I feel I’d be more accurate with the sites of the G2C than the sites of the G3C.

    1. Harrison says:

      The dots tend to be distracting for most shooters. There is a reason almost all target sights have a blacked-out rear and often a blacked-out front.

      1. Mark says:

        They can always be blacked out at home if stock sights are otherwise acceptable.

      2. Keith Tulloch says:

        I can see rear sights being blacked out for personal preference, but why the front too? I would want the front dot painted at a minimum.

  14. Luis says:

    You forgot to mention that the G3c comes with 3 magazines. The G2c comes with 2 magazines. As far as the trigger they are in the same location. But the G3c has a flat face, compared to the safety blade in the middle of the G2c. The trigger pull is smoother on the G3c. Both have the re-strike ability, which is a great feature for dry fire. I have both, only because the G3c is not available in .40S&W. Lakeline LLC makes good aftermarket products for both models. Keep Thinkering offers triggers for both models in various options. You can opt for higher capacity magazines for both models in 9mm from Taurus. Either way, you get excellent value for your money. And the bottom line is that they are reliable firearms. Of course, all mechanical things can fail, but I think most malfunctions are user-related.

  15. Steve says:

    Thanks for the great comparison review. Excellent. I’ve never seen a better and more thorough comparative analysis. I bought the G3c and love it for every day carry. Will likely buy a G2c as well based on your review. Thanks again

  16. Don says:

    Bought my wife the G3c for EDC, had to back up to the G2c for myself because I wanted .40. Both are nice handguns. Will upgrade both to KT triggers.

  17. Mitchel Farr says:

    Excellent review. I was planning on upgrading to the G3c. I changed my mind, I like my current sights. must be the old man thing. I learned a lot and thanks for the review.

    1. Harrison says:

      Glad it was helpful! If you like the sights there is zero reason to “upgrade.”

  18. Charles says:

    The triggers are completely different are u blind they are not identical at all……

    1. Harrison says:

      The triggers on my two examples are. At least in feel. That’s what really matters. A slight difference in look of the shoe doesn’t mean anything.

  19. Lar says:

    Looking to buy my first concealed carry handgun. I was turned on to either one of the Taurus 9mm, basically due to price and reliability. However, I’m a lefty and these don’t seem conducive to a lefty. Any advice toward a similar price 9mm cc for a lefty?

    1. Harrison says:

      If you can up your budget a little I’d check out the Taurus GX4 or something from the Canik Series. Both are pretty solid in the budget-priced items.

    2. Frank Kruta says:

      I would not buy a expense gun for CHL, Just in case you have to use your weapon and the police take it you wont be out a lot of money if they deemed not give it back. I have owed 9 c2c, g3c and older versions of the 2 I love Taurus Arms. They are easy to take apart and put back together. Also you should check Rock Island Armory as well they do have great guns too.

  20. Steve says:

    I have both and prefer the G3c due to a better fatter flush trigger for finger contact and better sights, front slide serrations. You can use a round file and file down the G2c trigger blade that extends past the trigger shoe when depressed so it lays flat when depressed. If you have trouble chambering hollow points, dremel polish the lower barrel feed ramp up into chamber. Taurus really did a great job on this pistol and magazines are reliable if you download a round and have one in the tube for better spring tension stored with 10 in the mag + 1 in the chamber.

  21. Paul Suddath says:

    Are g2c & g3c barrels identical?

  22. Ben says:

    I own 3 Taurus pistols. PT111, TX22 & GX4. I have much experience shooting other pistols in the class of all 3 and would still choose the Taurus and obviously have. I have found all these pistols to shoot consistently and reliably (the TX22 is a but finicky with hollow point .22lr). They have features most other manufacturers have. They feel amazing in the hand. The 9mm pistols have eaten everything I have fed them and literally cannot remember any mis-feed, stove pipe, FTE, FTF, etc. (aside from the aforementioned TX22 issue) The most reliable and hungry pistols I have ever experienced. With the exception of the trigger on the PT111 I’d put these up against any other in terms of practical firearm usage and function. All this at prices half what other start at. More money for ammo!!!

  23. Raymond Dunne says:

    I just bought a G2C about 2 weeks ago. I have the 3 white dots on mine but they are made out of metal, not plastic. It doesn’t matter to me either way because I got a rear sight picatinny adapter to mount my laser sight there instead of below the barrel so that I can use the holster I like. Anyway I don’t know if this is something which has changed since this comparison which by the way could use some editing especially in the spelling and grammar area but again, my G2C came with METAL 3 dot sights. If anyone is interested in them they are for sale. My son and his gf both have G3Cs and having fired all 3, I prefer my G2C.

  24. Keith Tulloch says:

    I bought the G2C 2 years ago, mine has metal sights. I’ve put1000’s of round through it, zero issues. Though about the G3C, as RK had a good deal on them last week, but see no reason now. Love my G2C, especially at the price I paid.

  25. Outdoorsman2324 says:

    Looking to get into my first handgun that is practical, reliable, and won’t break the bank. From what I’ve read online, it appears G2C / G3C would be viable options for my needs. The only kicker is, I am a lefty and shoot lefty. I am very familiar with shotguns / long guns etc, but not with hand guns… Would this be an issue with either of these guns? IF so, does anyone with more experience in this field have suggestions for similar guns that would perform well for a left-handed shooter? Thank you!

  26. Bradley G Gaston says:

    Your photos show the Pt 111-G2, not the G2c.

  27. George says:

    I have a G2C I got directly from Taurus several years ago. I had purchased a P140 used, and every time I fired it the magazine would fall out. I contacted Taurus, and they said it was under “lifetime warranty”. I sent it in, and after several months they said it could not be fixed. They gave me a choice of a new Taurus Curve .380 or a G2C 9mm. I chose the G2c. I carried that one for several years as my EDC. It was very accurate, 100% reliable, and very comfortable to carry and shoot. I only stopped carrying it when I got a Glock 43X with Shield Arms 15 round mags.
    I recently picked up a “very distressed” G3C from the same place I got the P140. It was from a police evidence locker, had been kicked across the concrete, scuffed, gouged and rusted. I got it for a song! I took that pound puppy home, cleaned up the rust, sanded the gouges out of the frame and am preparing to do a cold blue job on the slide. It shoots very well, with zero malfunctions, with brass, aluminum and steel case ammo. It also fed Federal HST hollow points 100%.

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