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Icon 2.0

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Better Concealment


Worried about printing? Our low-profile concealment wing uses the support of your belt or waistband to keep the revolver’s grip close to your body.


Superior Comfort


You won’t worry about sharp edges like other holsters.


With its rounded edges, the Icon 2.0 is one of the most comfortable revolver holsters on the market.


You can maximize comfort for your body type with ¾ of an inch of adjustable ride height.


A Fast Draw


Have trouble getting to your gun quickly? You can move the holster higher so the revolver is easier to grip. 


Great Stability


No more tilting holsters.


The wide DCC Monoblock keeps your revolver stable on your waistband or belt.


No Belt Needed


The cloth grabbers on the clip touch the flat portion of the wing for insane security.


A sturdy waistband is needed to support the weight of your revolver.


Carry Where You Want


If you plan to carry behind the hip and can adjust the holster for 15 degrees of angle. 


For AIWB Carry, you can carry from 0-15 degrees of positive or negative angle.


Easy To Adjust


The Icon uses square nuts that fit into channels in the holster so they won’t spin. This makes adjustment easy.



Comfortable Rounded Profile

Wing For Best In Class Concealment

Secure Clip(1.5 Inch)

Easy to Adjust hardware


*Does Not Work with Laser Grips

Ruger LCR/LCRx Compatibility

  • Fit’s all Ruger LCR and LCRx Revolvers with 1.87inch barrels.
  • *Does Not Work with Laser Grips


Compatible J frame Models (Must be 2.125-inch barrels or less)

  • *Does Not Work with Laser Grips
  • Model 36
  • Model 43c
  • Model 60
  • Model 351c
  • Model 351 PD
  • Model 340
  • Model 340 PD
  • Model 360
  • Model 360PD
  • Model 442
  • Model 637
  • Model 638
  • Model 640
  • Model 640 Pro
  • Model 642
  • Model 649

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 5 in
Dominate Hand

Right, Left

42 reviews for Icon 2.0

  1. Derick Allen

    Been using the Icon for about a month and absolutely love it. Works with gym shorts and in multiple positions along the belt line. My 360 stays put no rattling clean draw and re holstering is a breeze. I carry mostly AIWB even while sitting it isn’t too uncomfortable.

  2. Matt

    There is quite a bit to like from this holster, but it could be better. + My 442 snaps into place and is held securely. The clip is good. I can wear this with sweats or basketball shorts. – My 442 rattles in the holster due to the holster being molded to fit many J frames and not a different mold for specific models. Idea: Add one additional hole to allow the revolver to angle back (opposite of FBI cant). Personally this would allow it to conceal better AIWB.

  3. Brad G

    Received my Icon last week, and just wanted to drop a quick note about it. Workmanship appears excellent, and it fits my S&W 640 perfectly. Carried it all weekend appendix, and it is very comfortable. The 640 is fairly heavy (for a J-frame), and you really almost forget it’s there. Thanks for great product and quick turnaround time. Brad

  4. scott gallawa

    Great holster, tough and very durable. . Conceals beautifully and holds my S&W 38 Airweight with just the right snugness for stability ….but will allow a quick pull out of the holster. Nicely done. highly recommended.

  5. Stuart Bremner (verified owner)

    Recently bought my daughter a Smith 642 and was looking for a quality Kydex holster that was slim, form fitting and secure. I chose this and am very happy. First, the Kydex mold for the J frame is perfect. The revolver literally snaps in to place and is very secure. You can adjust the retention strength with a single screw. It’s streamline and covers just what needs to be covered and nothing more. No bulk on this holster. The ambi belt/pant clip is strong and easy to change from side to side. Build quality and finish are excellent. My only slight hesitation is that it seems a bit overpriced at $50 + shipping. Would I buy I again? Yes but this really should be a $40 holster. My point of comparison is CrossBreed, StealthGear, Alien and several other holsters manufacturers whose product I own. Love the holster but just think it’s a bit overpriced.

  6. Shane (verified owner)

    As one who has carried J-frames exclusively now for almost 30 years, and has tried every holster out there for them, I have to say that this is by far not only the best kydex holster but the best holster period for the J-frame!

    Harry’s Holsters has hit an absolute grand-slam with this holster!

    • Harrison

      Glad you like it!

  7. C. H.

    Have had mine for right on a year now. This is a really well-made kydex holster, holding up great, great retention, and very comfortable with the gun. Now I just need an OWB version 😉

  8. Paul H.

    This holster is perfect whether you’re lounging around the house in basketball shorts or out and about in pants with a gun belt. The clip on this holster is so versatile it works no matter the occasion. I’ve never been able to appendix carry a semi automatic pistol comfortably but this j frame holster is not only comfortable while carrying appendix but it disappears under a t-shirt too.

  9. Christian Linehan (verified owner)

    This holster does everything I was looking for and more. The clip is strong and holds the holster in place with or without a belt. It is very comfortable and versatile. My S&W 638 rides so nice and snug that I never have to worry about it at all! Great product!

  10. Jonathan Vang (verified owner)

    Simple and does it’s job. Great retention. Fast shipping.

  11. Kjell Rosenberg

    Great holster. Keeps the gun safe and secure.

  12. Donny Wells (verified owner)

    I have been carrying my J frame in this holster everyday for about a month now. I have got to say that it is just a dream. The retention is great, the clip is strong but not too big or hard to get over a belt. The carry is light and unobtrusive, I have carried it in the 3 o’clock and 2 o’clock position and you are able to move it slightly when sitting down. It is a high quality holster and it is worth the few extra bucks.

  13. Shawn

    Got this for my wife’s Lady S&W 38, does it’s job right out of the packaging. Great retention. Fast shipping.Great holster. Keeps the gun safe and secure.

  14. Phil (verified owner)

    It works just as advertised and I must like it because this makes #2 for me. The new one is black and fits the S&W 642 well. My first one is brown and I use it for my Rossi M88 ( the fit not as good as a J frame) but it works. As I crossed the age of 70 the arthritis in my hands does not allow me to work my auto’s as good as I did in my younger years but with my revolvers my index finger works just fine. Thanks Harrison.

  15. Kenneth Carr (verified owner)

    I purchased the holster for my S&W model 36, the gun fits a little loose in the holster until you put it on inside the waist band then it is tight. I love the way it secures the gun and holds secure on the belt.
    I highly recommend the holster.

  16. Josh (verified owner)

    I’ve been carrying a 640 Smith in this holster daily for the last two months. And I can say that in the future I won’t be carrying a j frame IWB in anything but this holster. I was concerned about comfort as this was my first full kydex rig. It’s just as comfortable as any leather holster, with less bulk and better retention. Clip is great on the belt and even gym shorts.

    Just wish I could get one for my 3″ Model 60.

  17. Chris Stadler (verified owner)

    Fantastic setup. The holster is sturdy and lightweight (2.25 oz) and holds my 351c perfectly. The clip is amazing and works on everything from gym shorts, to sweat pants, to dress slacks. Completely loaded and holsters, the 351c comes in at 14.45 oz, making my little snubbie an ALWAYS gun.

  18. Ken Salazar (verified owner)

    Love this holster. It was already set for a IWB right hander. All I did was tighten up the squeeze adjustment that holds the gun in. It’s a perfect conceal carry; nice and sleek. I like to “Tennessee Tuck” wear mine outside of my shirt. BRAVO HARRY’S HOLSTERS!

  19. Paul (verified owner)

    J-Frames are great, lightweight pocket guns, but what if you don’t have pockets? This holster works with elastic waistbands so it’s now possible to carry while running or riding bike. If you’re wearing something that has tight pockets, then this is a great holster to add to your holster wardrobe.

  20. Brandon Holgersen (verified owner)

    It’s okay. It’s better than many cheaper holsters, but no matter where I wear it, or cant it, it creates uncomfortable hotspots. I like the clip for when I don’t have a belt, and the holster goes on and off easily, but I don’t see myself wearing this all day. I could probably change my wardrobe, buy a wedge kit and experiment, but I’m on a budget and have kids to feed.

  21. Roger (verified owner)

    Absolutely great

  22. Jacob VanCoevering (verified owner)

    This has been my go to for the few weeks i’ve had it. It works really well for beltless carry which i find myself doing alot for walking the dog and running to the grocery store. I wasn’t sure if It would be worth it when i initially purchased it, but with my current experience i’d definitely buy it again.

  23. Jon Larez (verified owner)

    I’m usually a soft loop guy but the clip is great. Fits my 642 nicely and it’s really comfortable. It’s a great holster and one I’ll exclusively use for my J frame from now on

  24. Dalton (verified owner)

    Great quality strong rides nice in the 3 o’clock position conceals great holds the gun securely in the holster when adjusted to your particular tension and is comfortable enough to wear all day long without noticing the firearm on my person I carry a Smith & Wesson model 60-357 Magnum in this particular holster fits my needs extremely well great job Harry’s

  25. Chris

    Great fit, have been using for a week. Bought this for my model 60 but it also fit a 642 with laser grips very well.

  26. Jeremiah Hunt (verified owner)

    Love this holster so far, been using every day for approximately 2 weeks, conceals extremely well, great retention. I find it to be very comfortable, the gun and holster just get lost in a pair of jeans. This is just as good or better than my Galco leather deep concealment tuckable holster.

  27. Greg Gritsch (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the rig. The style of belt clip is very secure. On thin pants it rides behind my belt being totally hidden. This won’t be my only harry’s holster. Many thanks.

  28. Chad Haynes (verified owner)

    Got this on Friday afternoon. Put my 640 in it, carried appendix, and drove 5.5 hours across state. With the wedge installed I did not feel it at all! It was amazing! Was in shorts and a slim fitted t-shirt. Wore it all week during a conference, it was sooo comfortable I forgot it at times. Then drove the 5.5 hours back home! Best holster I have ever purchased!

  29. Dennis Thornton (verified owner)

    Both my 642 and 637 fit very well in the Icon holster. Just about perfect amount of retention .
    At this point I have not actually carried it because I am looking for a suitable belt to pair it with.
    I am well pleased with the workmanship and quality of the holster and do not see how it
    could be improved.

  30. Sherman August House (verified owner)

    I heard about this holster from Claude Werner THE TACTICAL PROFESSOR and he has extensive experience with the @harrysholsters ICON. So I got one and I really like it. @discreetcarryconcepts clip keeps it locked onto the belt, works with drawstring shorts or gi pants and positively locks the gun in place. And one thing that I really like about it is it keeps the grip oriented appropriately at a right angle to the belt for a full grip and solid draw. It also will hold the magnum J frames (2 1/8” barrel) just as positively as the old short frames. I’ll put it through a class soon, but I anticipate a great service life with this.

  31. Francois St Laurent (verified owner)

    a new classic for an Icon. This holster hold my SW 351c perfectly well. It feel more like a skin for my firearm than a holster. Minimalist, yet totally functional, no rattling, easy to adjust retention. Thank you Harry, Francois

  32. Cody Sprague (verified owner)

    I bought this holster to carry my older S&W model 640 (full steel .38 SPL only) in the appendix configuration. The kydex is top quality, finish work is excellent, and the retention on the firearm is better than all of my other holsters.
    In my opinion, a couple improvements are needed to really take this holster from a quality carrying case to a true AIWB option: it needs a claw over the trigger guard for better concealment, and the belt clip (also good quality) needs the capability to move up toward the grip of the gun about a centimeter. The current height is just a little too low and doesn’t support some of the cylinder and grip allowing the gun to tip forward and flare slightly. I’m left-handed and have to carry my revolver in a cross-draw configuration (on my right side) using my belly to conceal the grip. The opposite slant (\) works better to conceal the grip because it flares so badly (I’m a pretty small, slender guy 5’8″ 145Lbs 29″ waist, and the can’t of my belly to hip on the right side makes a marked improvement). Moving the gun slightly lower into the waist band might also help with this.
    I am really impressed by the quality of the holster, but the concealment design and ergonomics leave something to be desired and will likely disuade me from this option as a daily alternative.
    All of that being said, this is the best AIWB kydex option I have found for a j-frame and this option can work with a little experimenting and determination.

    • Harrison

      We’ve got something coming with features that’ll fix your complaints but it’ll be at a sustainably higher pricepoint.

  33. Steven Chambers (verified owner)

    I have used alot of j frame holsters in the pocket inside the waist band and over the waist band and this holster is by far the best holster I have found for the Smith and Wesson 642 air weight fits like a glove and it locks the firearm in place it stays in place no matter where you put it on the belt I’ve been carrying concealed for over 20+years now worth every penny very good high quality product.

  34. Andrew M. (verified owner)

    I read about the Icon holster on the forums and thought I’d give it a try. Fits my 640 no-dash and my Model 60 perfectly; carries comfortably at 4 oclock position; allows some small angle and height adjustments; pre drilled for left/right side; doesn’t collapse when empty; has EXCELLENT (and adjustable) retention without requiring a strap or lock/release mechanism; gun “snaps” positively in/out of retention; can re-holster single handed; great price and quality. I love this product and will order another.

  35. Kennon Kelly (verified owner)

    As usual great quality.

  36. Luke Mueller (verified owner)

    I really dislike this holster. The kydex is very thin and flimsy and the gun wiggles around in it. It is barely adjustable and there is no way for me to wear it where it actually conceals since the handle is so high above my waistband and sticks so far out. I would send it back but I’d have to pay both shipping and a $15 restocking fee so it’s not worth it. Definitely not worth $65 and I really wouldn’t have even paid $15 for it if I saw it first.

  37. Paul Gwinnup (verified owner)

    As many others stated it’s hard to find a good kydex j-frame holster. I have used this for both my 638 and 60. I had carried in the 3-4 o clock position, but tried it AIWB and really liked it. Ordered the claw and wedge to help the grip suck in a bit more. Great products, worth the price.

  38. Sam (verified owner)

    Been over a year now, this is the only holster + gun that I can comfortable wear AIWB. S&W J-frame, 637 with full-size Hogue grips. I pretty much only wear this with Viktos GymSwym shorts, with its built in “belt” G-hook system. One of the best summer/hot-weather carry setups. I’m now purchasing a ‘claw’ to see if I’ll like this coupled with the holster. But for a guy that HATES AIWB with pretty much any other gun/holster (Glock, CZ, etc), AIWB with a J-frame riding in THIS holster feels great!

  39. Matthew Sullivan (verified owner)

    This is an awesome holster for my LCR. I wear shorts a lot, and I needed something light, slim, and highly-concealable. This holster checks all the boxes and more. With the revolver indexed it ways so little compared to other concealed pistol setups that I can comfortably wear gym shorts or joggers without them sagging. Great design, will recommend to anyone who has an LCR or Airweight revolver

  40. Travis

    Great Holster. Perfect fit for my S&W 360PD, this was great considering I was having a hard time finding a good kydex holster. It even works well when I wear gym shorts, I’m able to get a good, smooth, consistent draw. I highly recommend it.

  41. Ben (verified owner)

    Works perfectly for my 642. This is my “go everywhere” holster. Tried a few options, including the City Special from Phlster, and I find the Icon 2.0 to be the best option. The wing design is genius.

  42. Zachary Barnard (verified owner)

    The most comfortable holster for my 340pd I’ve ever used. The communication and response from Harry’s is impeccable. The design quality and materials is top notch. The fit and finish is exceptional. It’s a great holster and I wear it everyday.

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