Overview The biggest difference between the HK VP9 vs HK VP9SK is going to be the size. We’ll cover all those details that relate to the change in size as well as the features that remain constant.  Size Metrics HK VP9 HK VP9SK Weight No Mag(Oz) 22.6 21.7 Weight Empty Mag(Oz) 25.6 24.4 Weight With […]

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Sig P365 vs P365 XL

Overview The Sig P365 is arguably the most size efficient 9mm concealed carry handgun on the market and the Sig P365 XL is its slightly larger brother. We compare the Sig P365 vs P365 XL and cover all the pros and cons of both firearms. Size Metrics Sig P365 Sig P365 XL Weight No Mag(Oz) […]

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Sccy CPX1 vs CPX2

Overview Sccy is known for offering affordable handguns that are within reach of people even on the smallest budget. In 9mm they offer two different variants and the only real difference between the two pistols is that one has an external thumb safety while the other does not. So when comparing the Sccy CPX1 vs […]

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