Kydex Holsters

holsters for glock 43

Your search for Kydex holsters is over. We offer a variety of the best Kydex holsters that’ll be comfortable to carry all day long. If you’re looking for IWB holsters we have you covered. How Kydex Holsters Are Made In the sections below be cover the basics of how kydex holsters are made. If you’re […]

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Best Concealed Carry Revolver

Ruger LCRx SP101

While semi Autos have gained popularity in the last couple of years revolvers still hold a couple of advantages for concealed carry. They’re more reliable in close contact encounters and they have a simpler and arguably safer manual of arms that is easier for inexperienced and lower hand strength shooters to master. Luckily there are […]

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What is a Holster Claw?

Raven Vanguard VG2 Overhead
A concealment claw, holster claw, or holster wing is a device that uses the pressure from your belt or waistband to leverage the grip of a gun closer to the to closer to the body when you’re using an AIWB Holster with a claw. AIWB means Appendix Inside the Waistband which translates to carrying your [...] Continue reading