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Comfort Wedge Small

The perfect AIWB holster wedge for your medium to compact sized gun.

Better Concealment With or without An Optic


Unlike other holsters, you can angle the Shorty from 0 to 30 degrees. So your gun will stay close to your body and keep you from printing.


The Shorty’s clip mount can be adjusted for cant and ride height(3/4 of an inch). Using a thin metal clip, the holster is less likely to print than holsters using bulky plastic clips.


Built In Wing to push the grip closer to your body


The built-in wing uses your belt to pull the gun’s grip close to your body. So you no longer have to worry about printing.


Easy On, Easy Off


There are no snag points on the holster, so it goes on and comes off easily. The clip is very secure, but a good technique makes it easy to use saving time.


Extremely Secure


The metal clip works great with a belt but will also hold to a sturdy waistband without one. So your clothing doesn’t dictate if you can carry your gun.


Red Dot Compatibility


The holster works with a red dot optic mounted to your gun. 


Insanely Comfortable


Unlike other holsters, the Shorty is rounded to remove all sharp and poky edges. So it’s comfortable to carry all day long so you won’t leave your gun at home or in your vehicle.


Works With Your Suppressor Ready Pistols


This holster works with suppressor height sights and threaded barrels.


Easy To Adjust 


The holster uses square nuts that fit in slots to keep the nuts from spinning—making adjusting the hardware extremely easy!



  • Rounded Profile for Enhanced Comfort
  • Works With Slide Mounted Red Dots
  • 0-30 degrees of Angle(Cant) Adjustment
  • Works With Suppressor Height Sights
  • Uses a Thin, Secure Metal Clip
  • Works Without A Belt(Waistband Must be Sturdy Enough To Support Weight)
  • Built In Wing for Better Concealment

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 8 in
Dominant Hand

Left, Right

Gun Model

CZ P10s, Glock 43/43x/43x MOS, Shadow Systems CR920, Sig P365/P365X/SAS, Smith and Wesson CSX, Smith and Wesson Shield/Shield Plus, Springfield Armory Hellcat/OSP

4 reviews for Shorty

  1. Erik (verified owner)

    Great holster! I tried several different holsters for my hellcat and this one makes the hellcat the easiest to conceal. I am very happy with it. I have only one thing that I would change, and it is due to the design of the pistol. The hellcat magazine release is steel, and rusts when it gets sweated on in summer temps. Harry, if you see this, please make this holster so it covers the mag release on the hellcat! Otherwise, thanks for a fantastic product!

  2. Josh Morales (verified owner)

    Fantastic holster! Very easy to conceal even in shorts and t-shirt (Texan here). Just the right amount of retention but a very positive release when drawing. The steal belt/waistband hooks lock in and leave no doubt that when you go to draw you are going to come out with your pistol free and clear. Very comfortable and makes concealing my G43x all day easy. Would hands down purchase this product again! My only regret is not purchasing this product sooner.

  3. Taylor (verified owner)

    Very comfortable, secure, easily adjustable retention.

  4. Scott (verified owner)

    Extremely disappointed. I originally wanted the Dirk model but was told it was no longer available for my shield plus and this was the better replacement. Waited 3 months for it. Hate it. Prints worse than any holster I’ve ever had. Because of that I can only carry if wearing a big sweatshirt or jacket. Built in claw is completely useless and just makes it unnecessarily fat. I tried making it work but it’s going in the trash.

    • Harrison

      Sorry to hear this is your experience. I’m guessing you’re using an extremely stiff belt that’s not sitting close to your body so there is nothing to press the wing moving the holster closer to your body. The built in wings are incredibly effective when using the right belt. But they need the right belt.

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