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Your Infiltrator holster keeps your gun hidden and secure so you can live your life while always being prepared.

Take Charge, and Carry with Confidence.


  • Incredibly Comfortable
  • Built-in Wing that Conceals Really Well
  • Easy To Get On And Off
  • Works With Slide Mounted Red Dots
  • Adjust Ride Height Up To 1 inch
  • Adjustable Cant
  • Secure Thin Metal Belt Clip
  • Fit 1.5-inch belt
  • Works With and Without A Belt(Without A Belt Waistband Must Be Sturdy)


Comfort All Day Long


The Infiltrator has a rounded shape that is comfortable when worn all day long. So you’ll have your gun when you need it.


Adjust The Holster To Fit Your Body


With 1 inch of ride height adjustment, you can adjust how the holster fits with your body. You can raise or lower your holster and angle it so it’s comfortable for you.


The Holster Conceals Really Well


The built-in wing uses your belt to pull the grip of your gun close to your body, keeping the gun from poking through your shirt. You no longer need to worry about your gun printing.


Easy To Use


Taking a holster on and off can be difficult, but not with the infiltrator. The snag-free shape makes it easy to put on and take off saving you time.


Compatible With Red Dots


Designed to work with slide-mounted red dots, the Infiltrator works with almost all mini Red
Dots include the Aimpoint Acro/Trijicon RMR/SRO, Holosun 507c/507k/EPS/508T, Leupold DPP, and Sig Romeo Zero/Romeo 1 Pro.


Secure Clip


No worries about your holster coming off in a fight with the DCC Monoblock that has consistent contact with the holster. So you can count on your holster staying in place with or without a belt.


Easily Adjustable Holster


The Infiltrator uses square nuts that fit into channels molded into the holster. So you’re not wasting time dealing with stuck hardware like you would be with other holsters.


Compatible with Suppressor Ready Guns


It’ll work with threaded barrels and suppressor sights. However, it will not work with a suppressor mounted.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 8 in
Dominant Hand

Left, Right

Infiltrator Gun Models

CZ P01, CZ P07, CZ P09, CZ P10F, CZ P10C, FN 509/Tactical/MRD, Glock 17/47, Glock 19/19x/45, Glock 48/43x MOS, HK VP9, Shadow Systems CR920/CR920P, Shadow Systems MR920, Shadow Systems MR920L, Sig P320 X5 Legion, Sig P320 Carry/Compact, Sig P365XL, Sig P365X Macro/ Macro Comp /Tac Ops, Springfield Hellcat Pro, Springfield Hellcat RDP, Springfield Prodigy 4.25, Staccato C2/CS/P, Taurus GX4XL/GX4, Taurus G2x/G3c/G3x, Taurus G3/G3XL, Walther PDP/PDP F 4inch, Walther PDP/PDP F 4.5inch, Walther PDP 5 inch

44 reviews for Infiltrator

  1. Chris C (verified owner)

    This is the holster I have been looking for! I received it about a week ago and it’s everything I was hoping for. It has the DCC clips which are great and I love the built in wing. It gives it a smaller profile by not having a wing sticking off the side and it doesn’t interfere with your draw. The build quality is fantastic and the ride height/cant is adjustable as well as the retention. It fits my X Macro great and is very comfortable as my EDC. The only thing I’ll be adding is a wedge. I would totally recommend giving this holster a try.

  2. John K (verified owner)

    The holster: Bought the holster for use with a Sig X-Macro. Really like the holster. Thin but very ridged shell material. Despite that I couldinduce very little flex in it.. The built-in wing, used to torque the grip aganst ones body is good, offers smooth mount without hanging up while mounting the holster on a beltlike some, and the height adjustment/canting is useful in positioning the holster to optimize access to the grip for a faster, more secure draw. I have had a lot of holster, both IWB amd OWB and this one is thoughtfully desiand well executed.

    The website: Strait-forward, and simple. The dual ship-to/Bill-to addresses actually work well in use. You’d be suprised how many get that wrong. Kudos.

    Suggestion: Many holster makers have a sequence to walk one through the selection process. Your’s lacks one thing – a choice for belt attachment type. It makes no accommodations for those of us that wear a 1.75 inch gunbelt. Ive accumulated a fair ammount of holster hardware over time so I had a clip I could easily mount. But it made the holster less than immediately useful.

  3. Robert I (verified owner)

    I will echo what Chris said in the previous review. Also using a 365 xmacro. The built in claw works better than another holster I have with the claw sticking way out. Very adjustable. This is the third holster I have bought for this gun and so far it is the best.

  4. Jose S (verified owner)

    Great holster. Built in wing does a great job hiding print and isn’t bulky. Clip is super sturdy. Rounded edges make it comfortable to carry all day long. Overall a great made holster. Hoping the test of time doesn’t degrade it in any way because this will be only holster I will be using for my beloved p365x macro for many years to come.

  5. David B (verified owner)

    This is an absolute winner for AIWB carry. You can spend hundreds of dollars trying multiple, cheaper holsters or you can buy this one now and move on with your life. ‘Nuff said.

  6. Daniel C (verified owner)

    Good product but too expensive. Terrible return policy!

  7. Sandy S (verified owner)

    This holster is well made and comfortable. The built in wing and wedges are a great way to hide the imprint. Your company has gone above all other companies in building the holster. I am very pleased thank you

  8. Howard M (verified owner)

    I have recently purchased an infiltrator for my sig 365xl and was absolutely blown away how well this holster works for me and then ordered one for my Glock 43x. This holster goes on and off so easily with the way the wing is formed into the holster. It is by far my favorite kydex holster and I’ve had them all. Don’t hesitate to buy one you will not be sorry.

  9. John B (verified owner)

    Made me a believer in appendix carry. Had spent time and money on holsters with and without wings, side cars with hinges none of it worked. I ordered this with the foam wedge and it goes where you put it, it doesn’t print at all, the grip tucks right in thanks to that great built in wing. I am done shopping for holsters! Thank you!!

  10. Werner S (verified owner)

    The most comfortable CC Holster I have owned, I EDC a CZ P01, it’s a heavy gun in comparison to its polymer peers, but the retention on the Infiltrator is exceptional and I don’t Apendix carry I carry 3:30 high and the built-in wing conceals my CZ to the point of t-shirt wearing concealment its simply fantastic, no hotspots, no pressure points, smooth operation and excellent adjustment options. You cannot go wrong!!!

  11. Jeff N (verified owner)

    Just received my Infiltrator for my P365 X Macro. This is the last holster I’ll need to buy.

    Up until a few weeks ago, I was a die hard OWB carrier. Have been for 40+ years. IWB holsters were simply not comfortable.

    My Son had been pushing me to try IWB/Appendix carry for some time, so a few weeks ago (after much research) I ordered a holster from CYA. It was/is a fine holster. It was good enough to switch me over to IWB/Appendix carry. After modifying the sweat guard, it was comfortable enough to wear for prolonged periods. It has no built in wing, so it does print slightly with certain shirts.

    I saw a video for the Infiltrator, and thought I’d give it a try.

    Game, set, match.

    As soon as I slid the holster into my waistband, I knew what a truly comfortable holster felt like.

    I called my Son and told him that this was like driving a Pinto for years, and then getting a new Cadillac. No knock on the Pinto/CYA….a Pinto will get you where you need to go, but a Caddy will get you there in comfort.

    I tried it with several different shirts…polos and Ts….no print at all.

    This holster is the real deal.

    Good job Harrys.

  12. Blayke N (verified owner)

    The best IWB holster I have ever came across HANDS DOWN!! So comfortable and love the built in wing. The rounded form shape compared to the traditional “boxy” shape and sharp angles, is a NIGHT & DAY DIFFERENCE! I can not reccomend enough!

  13. Chris K (verified owner)

    I’m extremely impressed with this holster for my CZ P01. With this holster, I’m actually able to conceal my P-01 better than my Glock 43X using a different company’s holster. The amount of height and angle adjustment is perfect! I also really like that the wing is built into the holster. I’ve had problems with the wings on other holsters getting in the way of my draw, but that’s not the case with the Infiltrator. The quality is top-notch! The DCC clips are the best. The material is not thin and flimsy like some holsters. This holster is so nice and conceals so well that I’m definitely going to order one for my Glock 43X. This company will have my business with every future firearm purchase. I can’t recommend the Infiltrator enough. Just get one, and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

  14. Douglas S

    I bought a p365 holster from a local store Harry’s is right down the road from where I live. This is the best iwb holster available for the 365. I am about to order one for my G19x.

  15. Peter (verified owner)

    The Harry’s Holster Infiltrator has a built in claw. it doesn’t matter how low you carry it, that claw is placed just right. Huge bonus: this is the easiest holster to put on and off and it’s also the most comfortable holster I have ever worn. I carry my CZP01 in it. It’s so comfortable and convenient that the CZ has become my primary daily carry. And the customer service there is top notch. I had a few questions before and after the sale, and Harry himself responds right away.

  16. Gabriel S (verified owner)

    I prefer appendix carry and have tried many holsters over the years. The Infiltrator is easily the best holster I’ve owned! It is simple, comfortable, well-made, and very mindfully engineered. Harry’s customer service is also great! I emailed with a question on a Saturday morning, and within minutes Harry himself emailed me back- answering all my questions. That is impressive and practically unheard of these days! I would highly recommend this holster and this company!

  17. Andersen (verified owner)

    Very comfortable, and I can wear the holster in any positions (sitting, bending over). I can even use this holster appendix carry without an undershirt or belt. Comfortable all day even with prolonged sitting sessions. I’m very happy about the purchase. Thank you!

  18. Sean A (verified owner)

    Happy with mine. Feels good even when sitting down. I’m not super svelte or anything either, about 6 foot 1 and 215 pounds. After going through a few holsters before this one, I’d say it’s worth it especially as something that will get use every day. If people want to have a sharp boxy hunk of plastic down their trousers so they can save 10 or 20 bucks they can knock themselves out.

  19. Travis N

    Very comfortable and conceals well, but unfortunately the DCC monoblock sucks compared to the normal DCC clip struts. The monoblock’s clips are too close together, allowing too much side to side rotation of the holster. Additionally the ramped claw like deal works to push the holster and belt up from the waistline of your pants. What’s ends up happening is that during movement (walking, changing between sitting/standing) the holster works its way out of your pants requiring constant adjustment. If they had just gone for a strut based design as opposed to top mounted clips with would be an all time excellent holster. I’ll stick with Tenicor.

    • Harrison

      Sorry, you’ve had this experience. I’d suggest getting a different belt as that sounds like the clip doesn’t have a stable platform to hold onto. A holster is only as good as what it’s attached to.

      You can also place the clip spacers between the clip and the screw heads so the clip sits closer to the holster.

  20. Ries H (verified owner)

    I carry a CZ P01 Omega with this holster and there is absolutely nothing to complain about! I don’t think I’ll ever switch to another holster! Sometimes I even forget that it’s there! Best money I ever spent! The whole family is getting one!

  21. Marcus (verified owner)

    CZ P07 – Purchase this item, with the only additional requirement of acquiring a wedge. This holster is truly exceptional. As we are aware, personal preferences vary when it comes to selecting a holster for one’s system. However, if you do not aspire to emulate John Wick and instead desire a holster that functions flawlessly and exceeds all expectations, then this CZ P07 holster is highly recommended.

  22. Mathew R (verified owner)

    I originally planned on ordering another Singleton holster for yet another one of my Glock 48’s, but since those haven’t been available for quite sometime, I decided to purchase the Infiltrator instead. The quality of the holster is what one would expect from Harry’s, as is the hardware and even the packaging. The Glock fits perfectly, but the issue I have with this holster is what I would consider a major design flaw, hence my rating of three stars. There is no material around the magazine catch on either side of the holster which allows the magazine to drop free if the catch is accidentally pushed. I would have thought at a minimum that there would be some material on the right side which would prevent the magazine catch from releasing the magazine, but there isn’t. There’s full and free travel of the magazine catch, which IMO, isn’t good. I will not be using this holster, and will await for another Singleton when they become available again.

  23. David M (verified owner)

    Bought this for my XMacro after the one I got for my Glock 23. I have several other holster brands – ones that hold an extra mag that work very well. However, I needed something that I could use in the times where I wanted to carry a light with just the gun and not an extra mag. I have a couple of holsters from another great brand that start with the letter T, but having seen a few reviews on YT I decided to give this company a try. The first one I bought was for my Glock 23. The gun fit perfectly and concealed very well – especially when using their foam wedge. I used a pillow pad from MasterMind and it was perfect. It was extremely easy to put on and take off thanks to the clip, and the built in wedge did not get caught up like many other brands. Retention was easy to adjust as well. The clips also give me the option to adjust ride height and cant which allow for my carry options. After being extremely happy with the fit and finish for the Glock 23, I decided to get one from my Sig. The Sig conceals just as well and better at times since it is a thinner gun. I would consider using a wedge for maximum concealment. Great product overall and highly recommend!

  24. Ken P (verified owner)

    The holster itself feels great and is very comfortable, but the integrated wing is too much, making that area bulge. I am using a Kore belt and I am average built, but the bulge definitely makes that area print more than any other holster I have…

  25. Jay (verified owner)

    I truly believe all of the above reviews are fake. This is the worst holster I have ever owned. I would never recommend this to a fellow gun enthusiast. It is made out of cheap material, the belt clips are garbage and it’s just overall extremely uncomfortable. I’m currently in the process of returning mine and I will be buying another stealth gear holster.

  26. Chris W (verified owner)

    Comfortable holster I’ve ever wore and can’t hardly tell it’s there I carry at 6oclock and I have no issues I love the compact size of it as well not much bigger than my gun and built in wing is just enough that it don’t print even in a tighter fitting shirt definitely a happy customer well built product

  27. Bryan B (verified owner)

    All day comfort, built in wing, and an adjustable DCC Monoblock clip. What else do you need?

  28. Kennidy (verified owner)

    Very sleek and comfortable holster. Feels good when sitting down too.

  29. William B (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the Infiltrator for a couple months. It fits my Sig P365 w/ Red Dot sight perfectly. It is easy to put the parts together in short order. Stays secure on my hip/belt. It keeps the firearm concealed very well. I bought the extra cushion piece for additional comfort but have yet to install it as it’s already comfortable without it. The only issue I have, is taking the holster off. The two holster belt clips are a little hard to get off. They have a curved end that wraps under the belt. I realize this makes it very secure when wearing but is cumbersome when taking off. With that said, I still would buy this holster again for all the reasons above. I recommend this holster!

  30. Yohan J (verified owner)

    This holster is a game-changer. No more digging my leg or uncomfortable when I carry my CCW. The curves that the holster have been best comfort. It’s amazing. Get this I hope there are more variants for lightirh PDP compact.

  31. Marc R (verified owner)

    Very high quality, super comfortable and great features. Also really good and professional customer service

  32. BOB M (verified owner)

    Most comfortable holster i have ever worn. High quality good fit.

  33. James L (verified owner)

    Great holster for my P-07. The fit and finish are great, all edges are smooth and rounded off and it is super comfortable. The molded in wing is perfect, way better than a bolt-on hanging off the side!

  34. Kyle (verified owner)

    This is a very good holster. Also very customizable

  35. Luis C (verified owner)

    Wow. I was very skeptical about this holster. Boy I am glad I was wrong. This is the best holster I have ever had for my p365xl.. The comfort and concealment is top notch. The flexibility of adjusting the cant for appendix and side carry is the winner. I am a guy with a small gut and I like to carryvboth appendix and strong side this holster let’s me do both with just a quick adjustment of the belt clip and I am ready. The built in wing keeps it tight to your body.. I do recommend to purchase the wedge for even better concealment. A bit on the high end but for me it’s worth it and I already recommended to a few of my friends.

  36. Hunter G (verified owner)

    Great holster extremely comfortable my only complaint is that it is not compatible with a laser light but it wears and conceals extremely nice and having adjustable cant and ride height is an awesome benefit

  37. Juan Martin R (verified owner)

    This review is based on my initial impressions, as I just started using this holster for my Sig P365 XL with the Mischief Machine Alpha aluminum grip module (XL size). I ordered the holster that is cut for the X-Macro, so it was a bit on the tight side at first but is loosening up. This holster is really much more comfortable than other holsters that I have that come with a “claw” attachment (Vedder, and Tier 1), and it does not print at all when I wear a t-shirt. The fact that you can adjust the height and cant angle are great options to have, although I set mine up in the deepest concealment on a straight line. I’ll probably get holsters for other guns in my carry rotation.

  38. Dan O (verified owner)

    Happened to see this holster come up on YT when searching for a Sig P365XL holster and it was exactly what I was looking for. Built-in wedge, rounded off edges near the barrel, and extremely adjustable clips. Very little excess. Wonder why so many of these gun-tubers don’t talk about this one. Carved my own wedge using a yoga block and it’s perfect now.

  39. Damian K (verified owner)

    I bought my first pistol, a PDP Compact, a few weeks ago and spent days researching holsters. I was immediately drawn to the heavier kydex and simplicity of Harry’s Infiltrator. In the product videos, Harry (?) comes across as solid and real, not “on,” even as he shows his products, I appreciate that.

    The rounded edges of the Infiltrator are surprisingly comfortable!! Setting it up took a few minutes, which was no problem, and the clips that hold it in place are super secure. This holster is not moving! Retention is snug, with a beautiful click as my chunky PDP locks in.

    Very happy!

  40. Isaiah_ice (verified owner)

    I carry an HK VP9, I’ve had 3 holsters since owning it and none compare to this holster. I’m glad I listened to the reviews because out of all holsters, this one definitely does the job for a full size gun. It’s been my EDC for 3 years and I finally have the perfect holster. I can comfortable sit, bend down, and do other daily activities and it’s for sure lived up to its name. Harry has put in a lot of thought into this holster for concealment. Adding the wedge is definitely a plus because I’ve worn some fitting shirts without a problem. I haven’t seen a review with the HK VP9 so I figured I’d go ahead and leave one for the people curious because it’s definitely the holster for it. Worth every penny. Thank you Harry!

  41. HarryMychal1

    Best Holster I’ve had so far the only thing I’d ask for is to cover the mag release, I felt like giving it a 4 star rating for that concern. But the holster has been perfect so far, from the installed wing to the metal clips, every detail has been taken accounted.

  42. Efrain Santiago (verified owner)

    I purchased this for the Shadow XR920 using the Glock 19 model option. The only thing I have to do with it was to adjust the retention. This holster when used with the HC Belt is a winning combination, perfect setup for a large frame gun.

  43. Jonathan Drews (verified owner)

    Amazing comfort. Very slim with no additional bulk. I gained a few pounds over the winter and my pants/waistline are snug. Yet, the holster fits IWB with no issues. Secure draw and easy re-holstering. .

  44. WALTER KELLY (verified owner)


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