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Sccy CPX1 vs CPX2

When comparing the Sccy CPX1 vs CPX2 we’re mostly going to be looking at the aspects of the safety on the CPX1 vs the lack of safety on the CPX 2. We’ll also go over some of the good and bad features of the guns themselves.

Sccy is known for offering affordable handguns that are within reach of people even on the smallest budget. In 9mm they offer two different variants and the only real difference between the two pistols is that one has an external thumb safety while the other does not.


Weight No Mag(Oz)15.314.7
Weight Empty Mag(Oz)17.617
Weight With A Full Mag(Oz)21.921.3
Height(top of Slide to bottom of Magazine Baseplate)(Inches)4.404.40/5.05
Length (Inches)6.026.02
Width of Grip(Inches)1.111.11
Width of Slide(Inches)0.990.99
Width Across Controls(Inches)1.391.26

Sccy CPX1 vs CPX2 Concealed Carry

The Sccy CPX 1&2 both hold 10 rounds and use the same magazines.

They’re very lightweight for what they are and from a concealed carry standpoint that’s a great thing but it also makes the guns a little snappy when shooting(more on that later). If you’re carrying the CPX1 it’ll be slightly heavier than the CPX2 due to the thumb safety but in all reality that’s not enough weight to mention. 

Sccy CPX-2

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You’ll see on the above chart that there is a half-ounce difference between the two guns but keep in mind my CPX2 has the mini red dot that weighs next to nothing.

Most of that weight difference is from the slide being milled to accept the mini red dot. So for practical purposes, the weight of the two guns and concealment is identical.

Ergonomics overall


A big complaint I have on the Sccy CPX guns is that the texturing is extremely slick. This is a major fail on Sccy’s part and the cheap-feeling frame just makes it worse. The plastic seems like something that you find used in kid’s toys you find at Walmart or Target for under $5.


Surprisingly the slide serrations on the SCY are absolutely awesome. This might hurt feelings but they’re betting then guns like the HK VP9sk, CZ P07, Glock 43x, and the Sig P365 that cost 2-3 times as much. The serrations are very aggressive and easy to grab. 

There are no forward serrations but I don’t think they’re necessary on a budget gun like this and considering how short the barrel is they might be considered a safety hazard.


You can get the Sccy CPX1 and CPX2 with standard 3 dot metal sights or a Crimson Trace mini red dot. My CPX1 has the irons and my CPX2 has the Crimson Trace which I’ve had some issues with. This gun isn’t a carry gun for me so it’s not worth the hassle to send off for warranty but my dot will randomly flicker on and off. I think a lot of this is due to the battery contact. 

The battery is held in place by the optic since it sits between the optic and the slide. Unfortunately to make sure the contact is good you have to tighten the screws down and with the plastic optic, I’m afraid of cracking the housing if I tighten it down to much. 

Sccy CPX-2

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So I really don’t trust this option for carry which disappoints me because I really wanted to see a true budget red dot option that almost everyone could afford. This optic is cheap and I wouldn’t trust my life on it.


As far as aftermarket sight options for these aren’t large. I’ve found one company called twisted industries that make 3 dot fiber optic sights. I haven’t found any night sight options.



A big disadvantage of the Sccy CPX1 vs CPX2 is the external thumb safety and I say that as someone who isn’t opposed to external thumb safeties. On the surface, the safety is ambi and easy to use so when I first got the gun I really like it.

My dislike of the Sccy CPX-1 thumb safety developed when I first shot the gun. There are these little numb under the safety on the frame of the gun that keeps the safety from inadvertently going back on under recoil. 

Sccy CPX-2

Sccy CPX2s In Stock

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These numbs were added after the original version has issues with the safety going back to safety due to the shooter’s hand moving it under recoil.

An easy fix to avoid this is to shoot with your thumb on top of the safety instead of below it. Shooting that way also gives you more leverage on the gun.

This issue when shooting is these numbs drive into your hand and create massive discomfort. Due to this I honestly can’t recommend the CPX1 to anyone and I would suggest going with the CPX2.


The double-action-only trigger on these guns is heavy but extremely smooth. For a newer shooter, it’s a lot to handle but considering the price, you couldn’t ask for a better trigger.

Slide Lock

It’s set up for a right-handed shooter and mounted on the left side of the gun but it’s well-paced and easy to use. This much like the slide serrations is a design that’s surprisingly good for the price point of the gun.

Magazine Release

You’ll likely need to break your grip to reach the magazine release on the CPX 1&2. Depending on the size of your hand the bottom of your palm can block the magazine from dropping.


I’d be lying if I said these guns screamed quality. They feel like a $200 gun. The slide itself does seem higher quality than the frame but the frame is so cheap feeling that it negates any positives of the slide.


There are a couple of options out there but not many. If you’re not happy with the stock gun then you might want to look at other guns.


This is going to be opinions but they look like $200 guns.


Shooting the Sccy CPX1 vs CPX2 you’ll quickly discover the CPX2 is the clear winner due to the safety issues. You’re shooting a 16-ounce gun in 9mm with a fair amount of recoil and those numbs really dig into the web of your hand.

Sccy CPX-2

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This is a complete design failure on Sccy’s part. The Sccy CPX2 is a very shootable gun if you’re an experienced handgun shooter but it’s not for a newer shooting.

Most people buying these guns aren’t likely to have a large ammo budget to get good at shooting. This gun will take more ammo to get good with than something like the Taurus G2 and Taurus G3c so you might want to take the overall cost into account.


For the price these guns are serviceable. That said if you can I’d save up a little more money to get something like the Taurus G2 or Taurus G3 as I feel they provide a lot more value.

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Sccy CPX 1 Pros
  • None
Sccy CPX 2 Pros
  • No safety numbs
CPX 1 Cons
  • Safety Numbs
CPX 2 Cons
  • Recoil
  • Sights

This is an opinion piece, but I always aim to eliminate bias. Look, we’ve all read them before. Gun reviews that claim to be helpful, but they’re really thinly veiled hit pieces trying to get you to buy something before you’ve even started your research. Or, even worse, a review put together by a content writer who has never even held a gun. 

I’ve trained with some of the best in the business to learn various shooting styles and ideologies to better serve our customers. I’ve purchased guns of all price points, calibers, and action types to build the best products for the market. I want you to walk away knowing you have the information you need to make a sound purchasing decision.

11 Replies to “Sccy CPX1 vs CPX2”

  1. Bravo Tango says:

    Beyond the atrocious grammar, this article reads as if the author was forced to write it. I think that we would have gotten a more subjective comparison from someone who is not such a snob about $200 pistols.

    As a Sccy CPX-2 owner, I feel that the author is off target on some of his remarks about the Sccy in general.

    As far as the frame’s plastic comparing to that of a $5 toy, it’s plastic. In my employment I worked with many different types of plastics and even with many years of experience can’t see much of a difference between the plastic of a Sccy’s frame and that of a Glock or any other plastic slide pistol. It is by no means comparable to that of a $5 toy.

    As far as the grip, I don’t see where it is any less grippy than a Glock or any other plastic grip. Like all the other plastic grip pistols, it just needs a Hogue grip sleeve. I put one on mine, after a few thousand rounds without it, and am wishing I had done it sooner. My Sccy is a real shooter, now.

    I agree with the author on the trigger. It’s way better than I expected. It is way smoother than a Glock. I won’t buy another striker fired pistol, that’s for sure.

    As far as how my Sccy shoots, I love it. Granted, at its size and weight, its recoil is a bit harder to control compared to a full size pistol, but if you grab it like you own it you can control it.

    All in all, I love my Sccy CPX-2 and trust its reliability enough that it is my EDC. I just drop it in a cargo pocket or wear it in a OWB holster.

    If you ever get the chance to fire one, don’t pass it up. And for heaven’s sake, don’t be such a gun snob that you pass on one fun shooting experience.

    1. Brian says:


  2. Rick Rasnic says:

    I would choose the CPX 1 because I like the added security of having the safety.

    1. Harrison says:

      It’s a heavy DA trigger so the CPX2 is plenty safe and it doesn’t hurt to shoot like the CPX1. The numbs on the CPX were a complete design failure on Sccy’s part.

  3. Jeff McCauley says:

    I’ve been carrying the 43x for a while now. But it sounds like the CPx2 might be a fun one to try out. Hopefully I’ll have better luck with the rds.

  4. Jason says:

    I hate to read about issues with the red dot because it would be a great value for beginners and old hands both. Hopefully they’ll get them sorted out.

    1. David says:

      I like the article. I used to get insight on issues that might not matter to me without having to read rambling.
      Thanks David

  5. Murray Chapman says:

    Nice comparision

  6. Gerald Robison says:

    I watched a video review of the SCCY and thought highly of it. After reading the article, I had some 2nd thoughts, but then I read the replies to the article and I feel like I came away with a well-balanced picture of the pros-cons, likes/dislikes and more. The more info you provide, the more I read. The more I read, the better decision I can make.

  7. Jeffrey Williams says:

    I took my CPX-1 to the range yesterday and finally got used to the trigger. Aim and pull straight back. I also discovered using jhp’s reduces the muzzle flip and makes the recoil a lot more manageable. The long double action trigger pull coupled with the safety allows me to carry with one in the chamber.

  8. Ervin Ballou says:

    CPX-1, Watched the videos, read the reviews and most of my experience with my CPX-1 does not
    track. The long trigger pull is a certain but reliability is not. Have fired in excess of 500 rounds without
    a misfire or jam. Used to do a qualification for retired LE carry permit with confidence. You do have
    to break in the firearm. Even with the first 50 no problems. Got mine early maybe it is better. I have several other handguns (Ruger, Smith and Springfield) but like the CPX-1 for fun and carry.

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