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It’s a quick action, but it requires a little technique.


The Singleton will help you get out of a tight spot without the steep learning curve. This compact, inside-the-waistband holster is easy to operate and works for right-handed and left-handed shooters. And it won’t budge once you secure its 1.5-inch Discreet Carry Concepts Monoblock clip in place. 


With 30-degrees of cant adjustment, this holster lets you carry your firearm comfortably and adjust the ride height for a perfect fit. Plus, we cut it to work with slide-mounted optics and most center-to-center Wing mounts so it can fit your needs without any added difficulty.



  • IWB carry
  • Discreet Carry Concepts Monoblock clip (1.5 inches)
  • Ambidextrous
  • Fixed retention
  • Offers 30 degrees of cant adjustment
  • Ride height adjustment
  • Cut for slide mounted optics (Trijicon, Holosun, Sig, Leupold to name a few)
  • Works with any Wing with a .6 inch center-to-center mounting pattern (Wing Not Included)


Compatible Wings

  • Darkstar Gear Dark Wing
  • Mod Wing
  • Raven Concealment VG2
  • DIY Holster Claw


*Does not include Dark Wing or Wedge Kit (Add On Items)


How to Use

The Singleton is built to keep your holster and your gun on your body safely and securely, even when fighting for your life. So it requires a little technique to put it on and take it off. 


To apply the holster, tuck it behind your waistband where you want to carry your firearm, then reach under the two clips and pull out to slide over your belt or waistband. Once the clips are over the material or belt, push the whole system down until the ends (or hooks) of the clip click into place. This locks the holster into place, so it doesn’t slide out when you draw your firearm. 


To remove the holster, you have to disengage the cloth-grabber hooks on the clips. Reach under the ends of the clip and pull out to clear the bottom of your belt or waistband. Once the cloth-grabber hooks are resting on top of the material of your belt, you can remove the holster in one swift motion. 


And, as always, the best place to test retention is from inside the waistband since that’s what it’s built for. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of belt or material should I use with this holster?


Metal clips like the ones on the Singleton work best when using them with nylon belts or stiff leather belts. The cloth-grabber hooks can do damage if you aren’t familiar with using them. We recommend Mean Gene Leather, Boxer Tactical, Magpul Tejas and Blue Alpha Gear for quality belts.

How do I test or adjust the retention?


The main thing to note here is The Singleton’s retention works inside the waistband and is not adjustable. We designed it to retain the gun to protect you no matter what happens to you while you wear it. While it may feel like there’s too much or too little retention outside the waistband, once you add a gun and put it in place, it will work. We recommend testing retention from inside the waistband. 


Is it supposed to be difficult to get on and off?


The Monoblock clip requires a bit of a technique change if you’re used to standard plastic clips. Once you get the hang of it, it will be quick to put on. Plus, the security benefits are worth the switch up. 


Why do you use Discreet Carry Concepts Monoblock clips instead of the plastic FOMI clips?


FOMI style clips are plastic and not very secure or durable. Discreet Carry Concepts strives to increase the security of holsters on the market by offering the best holster clips on the market. Key features that set them apart are the materials they use (spring steel instead of flimsy plastic) and a unique overhook style clip that grabs your garment or belt effectively. 


I’m still having some issues. Is there a way to get in touch with you?

Our team is here to help! Shoot us a message using our simple contact form, and we’ll be in touch to answer any questions you may have about the Singleton.

Additional information

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128 reviews for Singleton

  1. Virgil Livingston (verified owner)

    Great holster, as usual your products do not disappoint. Great quality, best clips out there! Looking forward to more carry options, like a CZ PO1/PCR please

  2. Rob JOHNSON (verified owner)

    I purchased the Singleton for my P365XL. The fit is perfect and the clip holds the holster securely on my Kore Essentials belt.

  3. Michael Savage

    The Singleton for my Glock 19 nailed it! I use this for my EDC G19 and it’s comfortable and functional. Great job!

  4. Julius (verified owner)

    Great product as always with Harry’s holsters!
    Great price for an outstanding material. I will definitely be buying more products in the future.

  5. Frantz daniel (verified owner)

    I purchased the singleton for my Glock 48 great holster I would recommend to any one great work 👍🏻👍🏻

  6. Josh Benware (verified owner)

    I love this holster! As always, I’m never disappointed when I get a holster from Harry’s. Besides the perfect molding, perfect retention, and comfort, I like the design. The open slot on top allows me to blow off the dust on my sights after working outdoors without having to unholster the gun. I’m really liking this new design. Better than holsters that cost double the price.

  7. Myesha Lugardo

    I cannot thank you enough for the post.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

  8. Jeff (verified owner)

    I got this for my Sig 365xl. This is my first Harry’s holster. I have worn this holster for about six weeks for 8-12 hours a day. Cannot say anything bad about it would buy again!

  9. Brian L. (verified owner)

    I am stunned how nice this holster is. It’s optics ready and well priced. I have been wearing the last week and it’s more comfortable than another AIWB holster I have that I like very much. I would HIGHLY recommend getting the claw and wedge pads as they all work in tandom to conceal and improve the comfort of the holster.

  10. Will (verified owner)

    Great holster, but it will not work with a threaded barrel due to the tip being enclosed. My P10c won’t fit because of this.

  11. Michigan (verified owner)

    I thought I’d never be able to AIWB carry a glock 19, after years of searching this is the best!

  12. Edward Lawrence (verified owner)

    The holster is better than I expected at this price point. The clip is almost half the court of the holster and fantastic! All the hardware is also top notch.. thank you for improving on a great holster..

  13. David Khorsandi (verified owner)

    Harry’s Holsters is one of the best companies that I’ve interacted with because of their professionalism and the superior products that they produce. I had an issue receiving an order I had placed through Harry’s Holsters since UPS/USPS ended up sending my package to a different location. Harry’s Holsters worked with me to resolve the issue in a more than satisfactory manner which I’m absolutely grateful for. In addition to Harry’s Holsters helping me get my items, the quality of the merchandise I received is simply exemplary and sets a high standard for what a holster should be like (namely The Singleton holster for a Taurus G3C) as well as accessories like the Wedge Kit and Dark Wing. I’m absolutely confident that if I end up needing a holster (or other related items) for any additional gun(s) in the near future, I’m going to check in with Harry’s Holsters first to see if they have what I need.

  14. Bob (verified owner)

    Purchased for my Glock 43x first holster from Harrys. Holster is very well designed and finished with well rounded corners and craftsmanship. Clips are probably the most stable I’ve seen with any IWB . I wear about the 2:00 position and find it very comfortable with a wedge and easy on/off. Fits my 43 &43x like a glove !!! Only draw back for me is the retention is a bit tight for my liking.
    Excellent design…..excellent Holster !!

  15. Andres Columbie (verified owner)

    Hello there I am new to EDC and besides just getting use to the feel of carrying all day the holster is great. The clips on the holster work great that I don’t even have to worry about slipping at all. I will defitnetly recommend this holster.

  16. Charles (verified owner)

    Perfect fit. Great craftsmanship. Love it.

  17. John

    I was debating on if I should buy a holster from Vedder Holsters or Harrys Holsters and after tons of research, I decided on the Singleton. The main reason was Harry’s Holsters claw was better as well as the discreet carry concepts monoblock clip because of its teeth. The singleton was definitely the right decision!

    Also, the rounding design of the singleton is better and much more comfortable to wear. At first, I was skeptical of the ambidextrous design and the low sweat guard but after using it, it works perfectly for me and I’m 5′ 8″ and about 200 lbs.

  18. Brad Doolittle (verified owner)

    Harry nailed it. I originally ordered this holster as a fill-in for my P365xl until a holster I’d ordered from another company came in (ordered December 10th with a 35 business day lead time). I’ve heard good things about Harry’s Holsters so I figured “what the heck? I’ve spent twice the price on holsters that haven’t seen the outside of my ‘meh’ holster drawer since their unboxing.” Everyone reading this has that drawer, right?.. From the moment I had this holster in my hand, I knew it would be going from “fill-in” to “EDC”. It’s a work of art. Upon further inspection, you really get a sense of just how much “Give a damn” went into this holster. I’m trying really hard to find a flaw, but have been unsuccessful so far. And that’s how I make a living.. Finding flaws in products, processes, ideas, etc,… and fixing them until they’re perfect for the application. To be fair, I’ve only been wearing it for three days, but damn, it’s perfect. I’ll be buying one for every gun I own and will ever own. And for the price, you’d be an idiot not to at least give it a shot. Take it from a dude with a drawer full of more expensive, poorly engineered holsters… You owe it to yourself to buy a holster from Harry. Period.

  19. Mike T (verified owner)

    I bought three holsters as soon as I received my P365 XL. Harry’s is the best because of the fit, adjustability, and of course, DCC clip. I’m a little thick and this holster makes the pistol disappear underneath a t-shirt, no BS.

    I also want to add that Harry responded to one of my emails on Christmas, minutes after I sent it. Again I bugged him three days later and he responds just as quick.

    I’m sticking with Harry everytime I buy a new pistol!!!

  20. Bryan Burroughs (verified owner)

    I was using a Phlster Pro with my Phlster Enigma rig, both are great products, but I did not like the thickness of the holster. After a few weeks of searching, I found the Singleton holster. I rolled the dice and boy am I glad I did. This holster, with the dark wing, paired with the Enigma…work of art. This holster conceals crazy awesome and there is no other holster more comfortable. The retention is perfect for me, nice and tight but easily drawn with a nice crisp draw.

    Give the Singleton a try, I promise you will not regret it!!

  21. Stephen Hines

    Bought the Singleton for a new G19 to save a few bucks. Never been a fan of plastic holsters, leathers better, especially quality leather…I’m now in the process of converting several of my daily carries to Harry’s Holsters. I became a plastic convert, even tried a few other brands…none have come close to the quality and fit of Harry’s. I’m sold, fantastic product.

  22. Jared Carlson (verified owner)

    I’ve had this holster for a few weeks now, and so far it’s way better than anything I’ve ever had. Mostly it stays put and doesn’t cant different ways as I move throughout the day. Coupled with the dark wing and wedge kit, it conceals really well!

  23. David Khorsandi (verified owner)

    I previously bought a Singleton IWB holster for a Taurus G3C and soon realized how good Harry’s Holsters product and the quality of the company’s customer-service is. I just bought my second Singleton IWB holster, this time for a Glock 19. Suffice it to say that I’m excited about getting another product from Harry’s Holsters given this company’s stellar reputation. 🙂

  24. Susan (verified owner)

    I am new to the cc world. This holster is very comfortable and securely stations my p365xl. My instructor, 40+ years of experience in military and police work, has not owned one of Harry’s. He has boxes full of unused, unwanted, impractical holsters. Having tried mine it is now on his impressive list. A man of few words remarked several times, that’s a fine holster at a good price.

  25. Larry Falk (verified owner)

    Here is my honest review of this Singleton Holster…I have had my CCW for 6 years and have carried every day. I am 6’5″ and not over weight. The only carry position I have been able to tolerate is carrying appendix; however, I can barely tolerate carrying with the holsters I have tried (Yes, I have my box of shame full of holsters that sounded amazing until I tried them). Once again, I put all my hope in this new holster (I purchased with the dark wing and wedge) and this has been a game changer. I have only been carrying with this holster for a week. It is rare I need to carry for more than 4-5 hours at a time but this is the first time that I (almost) forget that I am carrying at times. Lets be honest, there is a 9mm handgun shoved in my appendix so using the word “comfortable” on any level seems to be a stretch. Bottom line, I am SO GLAD I bought this holster! I have finally after 6 years found THE ONE that will allow me to carry my 9mm. For years I have resolved myself to pocket carrying my .380 but always wishing to have more defensive fire power should God forbid I need it. Also, this is my first holster with a wing and a wedge and the gun conceals so much better with the but of the gun sitting close to my body. The retention is firm (I thought too firm at first but it was just a matter of getting used to it). The clips work great and I have been carrying with just a normal thin dress belt with no issues at all. The quality is excellent and I am a new fan of Harry’s Holsters!

  26. Sungwon Ma (verified owner)

    So~ comfortable and the adjustability is awesome! Due to dad bod, a bit of backward cant helps my apendix draw so much. (Protruding belly tilts the belt down creating a foward cant already..) but putting it on and off is hard or horrible. The wing is not helping and the clips are super sure… kinda to secure with the wing combo? Also the wedge design is simple and comfortable but the hook and loops are a bit… flimsy. Holster itself without the accessory is 5 star!

  27. JTgunnergurl 85

    Harry generously sent me this holster for review and after reviewing and trying many holsters. I can say Harry’s Holsters are my favorite ones. Always innovatively, comfortable, reliable, and durable … you couldn’t ask for more in a holster except that there were more available for more gun models!

  28. Jonathan Floyd (verified owner)

    This is everything I wanted/needed in a holster. The quality of Harry’s Holster’s is amazing, and their customer service is second to none. I had issues with my local post office losing my original package. Harry’s Holster’s had a new rig sent to my house within mins of receiving my email. I can’t stress how great my experience has been with this company so far.

  29. Matthew Markowicz (verified owner)

    1. Absolutely blown away by how awesome this holster is. 2. Worth ever penny 3. Already recommended this to two of my friend. 4. Will be getting for my other pistols. Home Run Harry. Great holster

  30. Paul Gwinnup (verified owner)

    Very nice holster. The fixed retention is perfect. Very audible click when the firearm is inserted all the way in. Spring steel belt clips are what sold me on this. After almost having a holster with a plastic clip come off my belt, I knew I had to find something better. When this holster is attached to the belt, it is not coming off unless you take it off. Using with a CZ-PO1.

  31. stephen andre (verified owner)

    Only holster I found that I could get for the CZ p01 for IWB. More comfortable than my Shield in a vedder holster and will now order for the Shield.

  32. Lawrence Newfield (verified owner)

    Bought the Singleton for my Glock 48 MOS. I’m not the heaviest or leanest guy out there (like a lot of guys my age, I have about a 10 lb “spare tire” around my waist. AIWB holsters have been a challenge. The Singleton with a wedge kit worked out really well. Relatively easy to get rid of printing, and, comfortable. This is my 2nd Singleton and I highly recommend this holster.

  33. Steve B (verified owner)

    I purchased the Singleton for my HK VP9 with a Trijicon RMR. This is not a small handgun. I Carry it in the 4 o’clock position and it is very comfortable. The holster is very well made with rounded and smooth edges and no excess material. It completely covers the trigger guard and allows me a full grip when drawing. It snaps into place with an audible click and will not come loose. The duel clips are amazing, there’s simply no way the Singleton will slip off you’re belt.

    I plan on ordering another for my Hellcat. I am fully satisfied.

  34. Scott (verified owner)

    I purchased the Singleton for my Glock 43x. When it first arrived, the retention was way too loose, despite some previous reviews claiming that the holster retention was too tight. I contacted Harry’s Holsters for an exchange and was given a new Singleton which fit perfectly to the gun. The customer service with this company is top notch, along with the quality of the holster. The holster conceals very well, and the clips that are used are perfect whether you have a belt on or not.

    This is the second holster I’ve purchased with this company (the first being the Icon holster for my J-Frame revolver which is, in my opinion, the best J-Frame holster on the market). I will definitely be purchasing more holsters from this company in the future.

  35. Justin Tilley (verified owner)

    This holster is comfortable as long as you get the wedge kit and darkwing. It fits my gun snug so I know I don’t have to worry about any issues there. I like to carry AIWB and some holster cause the gun to dig into me to much. This holster doesn’t. I am able to sit in my truck without any issue. I also went on a small 3 mile hike and had no issue there either. Bottom line is the holster is very comfortable to carry all day!!!

  36. Bill (verified owner)

    New to CC so maybe I’m not the best for advice. I’m using it for my P365XL and I’m still trying to find my preferred location – anterior is definitely not comfortable! I’m lefty so trying 7 and 9 positions – they are better but still not great. Does hold the firearm securely, but that is a fundamental function. I’d give it 7.5/10

  37. Phap (verified owner)

    If I could rate this 10 stars I would. The overall quality is excellent and the rounded edges help a lot with comfort. I bought the Singleton for my M&P Shield Plus and found that the holster retention was very tight.

    I reached out to Harry and he was very responsive and helped me understand why and worked to resolve my issue. Great customer service will definitely recommend!

  38. Danny (verified owner)

    One of the best holster I ever bought

  39. Robert Munk (verified owner)

    I have and LOVE the Icon – J-Frame Revolver Holster. I also have the Singleton IWB (for P365) and while a nice holster I think having it be ambidextrous adds an extra bump that is noticeable and unnecessary when configured for right side wear. It would be great if this holster was offered in a dedicated right or left side model. No other complaints. Take care and stay safe.

  40. Ryan (verified owner)

    One of the smaller holsters I’ve bought it fits the gun nice. It rests well inside my waist doesn’t move around. The clip on it has a lot of tension so putting it on or taking it off is a bit more challenging but worth it as it’s snug and not shifting.

  41. Joe Bergeron (verified owner)

    By far my favorite holster I own. Although non adjustable retention, do not let that steer you away. The click into the holster is audible and feels very nice. The firearm slides into the holster much easier than it comes out. I have no doubts about the amount of retention. The mono block clip is very strong and does not allow the holster to move whatsoever. The wing keeps the butt of the gun tucked and concealed. One small issue, the top of the kydex on the inner side was a bit sharp and I had to sand/polish it smooth. Only reason why it is getting a 4 star rating. Once I did that, it was perfect. If you are in the market for a new IWB holster, you won’t be sorry you bought this one.

  42. bert pumpking (verified owner)

    Works very well, easy and quick to draw and holster weapon. The Dark Wing is a worthwhile addition, If you’re wearing a t-shirt, it’ll print either way, but the Dark Wing allows you to adjust the tension on your waistband, it’s comfy and securely prevents the thing getting off kilter when you walk around. Trigger is totally covered when weapon is holstered, no risk there.
    You can hold the holstered gun grip-down and shake it, it won’t fall out, but a light push with the thumb and the holster pops off. Retention is perfect.
    I bought the wedge kit, but I haven’t really seen a reason to use it yet, granted I’m not fat, so it’s pretty comfortable either way, the only uncomfortable part is the big visible dong print below my navel. I’d definitely use this for CC.
    Oh yeah, the clips grip the bejesus out of your waistband, they’re really strong. Only problem there is it can snag your pants and it doesn’t come off easily, but of course, this is what you want. If you wear jeans, you won’t have a problem there.

    • Harrison

      Thanks for your review!

  43. Xavier

    So far I think it’s great. The only thing I don’t really care for is how the clip it’s self is split. Makes it annoying when you have to remove it because I have to lift both. Otherwise it’s very comfortable and the wing helps greatly tucking in the pistol grip.

  44. Arthur Oden (verified owner)

    Excellent holster. Met or exceeded my expectations in all areas with only one exception. The holster and the wing are a little pricey. There should be a more competitive price for those who purchase both. Take a look at your competition. But, still it is a great product.

  45. Stan Hauke (verified owner)

    I have a box full of IWB holsters for all my handguns and none of them have made my EDC disappear under a garment like the Singleton with a Dark Wing attached. I’m unusual in that I carry at the 2 o’clock position and this holster tucks the weapon up nice and close and prevents it from leaning out and ruining the concealment. And the Monoblock clips? Yeesh! Once it’s in place it’s like a pit bull has clamped down on your carry belt. It won’t move unless it’s time to remove it. And even then it’ll put up a fight…and that’s a good thing. Just bought 3 more for my other EDCs.

  46. Todd Wilkins (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd Harrys Holster. Purchased the Singleton for my 43x – very pleased with the workmanship and comfort. I’ve purchased numerous holsters for IWB (some costing 3x’s more) before settling on the Singleton. My go to for everyday carry.

  47. Billy Garrett (verified owner)

    This holster is light and very very comfortable. Stays secure!!

  48. Rick Pietila (verified owner)

    Excellent holster. Purchased for Sig P365XL with red dot. Fits great and secure until needed for draw, which when set up by their instructions works wonderfully. Not overly complex, and I like that as well.

  49. Andrew (verified owner)

    Bought this holster for my P365. Retention is perfect not too much, not too little. Very low profile holster and the clip is amazing. Can clip this thing to any garment. This is my second holster from Harry’s Holster and won’t be my last. I recommended this holster to a lot of my coworkers in my department.

  50. Andrew (verified owner)

    I like the holster but the exposed screws on the inside scratched my gun. I don’t know if there was missing hardware or what. Other than that love the holster. It has excellent retention.

    • Harrison

      I’m sorry to hear this. You’ll need to installed the supplied hard plastic spacers to prevent this from happening.

  51. Johnathon Smith (verified owner)

    HK VP9 Tactical: Other than having to dremel out a hole for the extended barrel, it’s fantastic. It has a nice a secure fit to the gun. I carry IWB with no problems.

  52. Jonathan Floyd (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these holsters. Also their customer service is great. I have the wing and wedge attachment on both of my Harry’s holsters (CZ P01 & P07).

    The wedge has its place, but honestly you could get by without one. I find myself taking it off more and more, because it can be rather uncomfortable, and doesn’t seem to help me print any less most of the time.

    I highly recommend the wing. This attachment makes a world of a difference. I have a single stack without a wing attachment that prints more than my cz’s. The wing does make putting the holster on a slightly longer process. You may need to readjust if your jeans/belt get pushed down/bunched up by the wing, but this extra process only takes a few seconds.

  53. Lee M (verified owner)

    I just unboxed my Singleton holster for my Glock 43x. I got the Singleton for the 48 since you mentioned the longer holster is more comfortable. You were right about that. I just wanted to say that I am so impressed with this setup.
    I got the optional wing which makes the 43x disappear in the appendix position. The holster is comfortable too. The fit and finish is excellent. I could not find a single rough spot on the holster. I’ve tried other holsters that had lots of unfinished rough spots, but no imperfections on the Singleton. The draw is really smooth. I don’t feel like I’m fighting to draw my firearm, which was an issue with holsters I’ve tried in the past.
    Customer service is top notch as well. The website is easy to navigate, placing my order was quick, and I received frequent updates regarding my order status. The whole experience has been great. Even the packaging and presentation of the holster is premium. I’ve been disappointed with other holsters I’ve tried so far. It’s nice to finally have a quality holster that lives up to the hype. I will definitely recommend your products to others and post some reviews.

  54. Winston Campbell (verified owner)

    Purchased my first Singleton holster for my CZ P-07 and I love it! Fantastic fit, great retention, and comfortable for EDC. I love it enough to purchase one for my FN 509, once it arrives and I give it a few months of use I’ll be back for another review.

  55. Tod Hobart (verified owner)

    Recently purchased a CZ P07 and was surprised to not find many holsters for this pistol. After some research, Harry’s Holsters was continuously coming up as one one the best. I took a chance and I’m glad I did. This holster is fantastic! Fits the P07 perfectly. Retention is wonderful and an audible click when seated. Strong belt clip and Dark Wing conceal the pistol perfectly. Also, the holster is already cut for a red dot and taller sights if I choose to add them later. Everything is smooth and rounded so it’s one of the more comfortable holsters I’ve used.

  56. Billy Garrett (verified owner)

    Top quality and most comfortable holster. No need to worry about pistol not being secure. This holster will give you confidence that your pistol will not dislodge or will the holster come lose

  57. Mike B (verified owner)

    Purchased the Singleton after seeing some reviews on social media, it was one of the few that fit the CZ P01 Omega specifically. Very satisfied with the holster so far. Fit , finish and function is on point the gun it’s perfectly with excellent ( almost too much ) retention . I feel this holster is best suited for appendix carry. You may be able to use it 4-5 o’clock if you adjust the can’t but I tried it with zero can’t and found it difficult to draw quickly from that position. This may not be an issue for other people . I purchased the “dark wing” to go with it and it works well to help with concealment. A good product overall for the money spent

  58. Brian Wilkinson (verified owner)

    I love this holster! Got it for a FN 509m MRD and the fit is perfect and very comfortable.

  59. Chris Apperson (verified owner)

    Great holster I use Vedder holsters alot they are great but I think the Harry’s holster conceals a little better because of the belt clip and the bigger claw attachment. Plus I love the retention system this is my second one I bought one for my p365xl and emedietly bought one for my G19

    • Harrison

      Glad you like it!

  60. David (verified owner)

    I carry my CZ p10C at 3 o’clock with the Singleton. I’ve carried for about 5 years and haven’t ever bought a quality holster until buying the Singleton recently. I am able to carry this in shorts even.

    The way the edges on this holsters are smoothed out is such a smart design feature. I also like that it comes cut for suppressor sights, and an optic cut. I forget I’m carrying sometimes with how smooth this is. This design just show how forward-thinking Harry’s Holster’s is. I feel like I’ve found my go-to company for holsters.

    • Harrison

      Glad you like it! It’s always nice to hear from customers who appreciate the time we put into the design.

  61. Raul (verified owner)

    I already gave up trying to carry my CZ P-07 appendix until I came across a video reviewing your holster. I went through 3 brands and nothing, driving was painful, loosening my belt every time. I don’t know how you guys did it but thank you! I can sit and drive with no problem. You need to do more advertising, you are number one!!!!

    • Harrison

      Glad you like it! When we design a holster we always make sure to drive at least 3 hours straight through to make sure there are no discomfort issues. I personally have driven 14 hours total in the last 2 days on a road trip with my Glock 48 Sigleton and no issues.

      We spend a lot of time in CAD designing the holster to make sure the edges and natural and well rounded where they’ll impact the body. That’s what makes the difference from most holsters out there.

  62. Allen B. (verified owner)

    Purchased holster for the Taurus GX4. This holster is worth every penny! I was actually stunned how well the gun concealed and felt.

  63. julian vasquez (verified owner)

    inspecting the holster I found a good amount of dust inside and outside the holster, no oil of ant kind which makes me think it wasn’t made to order but sitting in a bin waiting to be picked up by a picker. The hardware was not installed which was kind of unexpected- I’ve payed way less to have the basic decency to install the hardware but no big deal. some pretty drastic abrasions or “scuffs” on the rounded edges of the holster as well as the inside where the firearm goes in and out of caused some nice wear marks on my sig.

    Overall the product it self is actually quite nice the clip is VERY sturdy and the optional claw brings it nice and snug to my body. however; the quality of what was shipped to my by harry is less than good. does the product work and function ? yes – it does. but id rather leave it up to me whether or not the product gets damaged and worn rather than it being shipped to me like a used holster.

  64. Jermaine PEARSON (verified owner)

    My EDC has been a P365 or Hellcat for a long time because they are super easy to conceal.

    After buying the Walter PDP I wanted to add this bigger pistol in my rotation, I didn’t think it was possible but with the singleton, it was totally possible.

    I didn’t print much at all.

    I mean carrying a micro 9mm is ideal for concealment, but with this holster, I was very satisfied with how this holster conceals.

  65. Sean (verified owner)

    The Singleton is a decent holster. I bought one for a G43X MOS. The quality is nice, had a rough edge in one area, but everything else was smooth as butter.
    The ambidextrous nature of it makes the holster a lot wider than it needed to be. Though that can be good for your red dot, which I have.
    The holster length is about 1/2 longer than the firearm, I assume to accommodate for a threaded barrel. But I found it unnecessary.
    The wing is Humongous, it gets the job done, but with an awkward bulge. Kind of defeated the purpose. I didn’t like it.
    My main issue is the holster design itself. The open sight channel is a design flaw, in my opinion. When you remove the firearm, the holster collapses. This causes the holster to lose it’s shape, so when you try to re-holster, you can’t. I admit, in Appendix, it is a little easier to re-holster since you pull your belt to “open” the holster. But anywhere else, and it becomes a danger and a struggle.
    I really wanted to like this holster, but it didn’t work for me. I’m 5’9″, 180lbs, Athletic build. I’ve just spent $500+ on the “best” brands, and some holsters just don’t work for everyone. Good thing we have lots of choices!
    The search continues….!

  66. Kyle (verified owner)

    Just took delivery today for a Singleton to hold my Glock 43x and “took it for a spin” when I went out to run some errands. I had another holster from another what-I-would-call premium brand and it just wasn’t comfortable to wear; the trigger guard shape was overly sharp and there was just a bunch of seemingly excess material which could and would cause discomfort. Not so at all with this Singleton by Harry’s Holsters. All elements of the holster are very nicely contoured which prevents any hot spots, at least for me. For what it is worth, I am 6’3″, 180lbs, in moderate physical condition and carry in the appendix position. The addition of one of their foam pad further enhances concealability for a pistol which would otherwise “flop out” and not be tight against my body. The metal clip definitely holds tight to my belt (a bit too tight for my liking, but I get it), although the retention system for the pistol on the holster itself does not appear to be adjustable. Given the interesting “clamshell” design, I do not think there will be any issues at all retaining the gun, but the act of re-holstering is a bit less positive than I am otherwise used to with other holsters and it is certainly less confidence-inspiring; I definitely need to pay extra attention when I re-holster with the singleton (which I guess is not a bad thing). I will get used to it, but I do wish the holster might be improved a bit in this regard. The elevated comfort and concealability have finally allowed me to carry my 43x with confidence (which is the whole reason I bought it in the first place!). Thanks for creating a fine product.

  67. Aaron Parsons (verified owner)

    Hands down the best holster on the market. I purchased two shells. One for my Taurus G3 and the other for my Glock 43x. Perfect fit and excellent customer service.

  68. Ashley Altman (verified owner)

    Very happy with this holster, definitely the best CCW holster I have owned. I almost didn’t order the wing, but it definitely is a game changer and a must.

  69. Jeremy Dow (verified owner)

    Very nice holster, fits my P10C perfectly. The retention is excellent, and adjustability allowed me to find the “sweet spot.”
    Speedy shipping, and excellent customer service. I emailed about whether one of my other pistols would fit, and I got a response before I could submit this review.
    Thank you, Harrison

  70. Austin (verified owner)

    I bought the Singleton for my Shield Plus. Extremely comfortable and versatile. The retention is perfect and the shell recovers to the same place every time. Love the clip and the angle/height adjustments. Definitely the best out there.

  71. Robert Brogoitti (verified owner)

    So far after trying a lot of holsters I think I found one that works. Ordered one for a Glock 48 and have been happy. Got a few more on order to try, and I don’t think I’ll be disappointed.

  72. Andrew (verified owner)

    Very well made holster. The clip is extremely stiff and offers great retention. Fast shipping. Great company.

    This was for my Glock 43x which is a shorter gun. I do wish the holster was a bit longer to help with it being top heavy and wanting to flip out of my pants when sitting.

  73. Allen Bernardo Sr. (verified owner)

    The Singleton holster is very well made and looks great! I love the positive lock when I holster my CZ P01. I wish that there was one with a weapons light so I can purchase it as well!

  74. Lawrence Kuga (verified owner)

    I ordered this holster for my S&W Shield Plus 3 inch with red dot optic. I appendix carry IWB with it and it fits me perfectly. The holster slides in easily and locks in place well. This is my first CC holster so I can’t compare it to others, but this one works very well for me! Happy with the purchase!

  75. Jody Mingo (verified owner)

    My 365XL deserves a comfortable spot and the Singleton provides it! Like the cant features of this holster. It also has the perfect retention. Keep up the good work Harrison…

  76. Travis G (verified owner)

    This really is a great holster! I picked this up for my new Sig Sauer P365XL, and I’m glad I did. I’m using it IWB, and it is very concealed. If you’re on the fence on getting the wedge pad for it, do it! It actually adds a lot of comfort and concealment.

  77. Brandon Estevez (verified owner)

    I have a closet full of holsters, that is until I discovered Harry’s Holsters. The singleton is by far the best fitting most comfortable holster that I own. The only thing I would want is a version that can support a weapon light, other than that, these holsters are well worth the money.

  78. Steven Mayor (verified owner)

    I purchased this holster for my Glock 43 after spending a long time searching for the right holster. I am 5’6 and I use my clothes lean fit. Therefore, finding the right holster was essential for me in order to prevent any gun or holster outline on my t-shirts.
    This holster is amazing, it is super comfortable and the belt clips are so thin you can’t even tell you have a holster on. Additionally, when combined with the different accessories, this holster becomes an unbelievable piece of art.
    In terms of safety, it holds the firearm very well and it is still very easy to unfold. Additionally, it offers great protection around the trigger and the material is very well designed.

  79. David Camp (verified owner)

    One of the best holster I ever bought!

  80. Timothy Rosenbalm (verified owner)

    Great holster and great customer service

  81. JOHN HUGHES (verified owner)

    Purchased the Singleton for my FN-509, I also added the Dark Wing for left-handers and the wedges, I am extremely pleased with purchase for both the quality and the value. Harry’s communication and support levels are exceptional and second to none, thank you for a great buying experience!!!

  82. Dzhangir Shakhverdiyev (verified owner)

    It’s really hard to find CZ PO1 holster, finally found THE BEST quality holster. My CZ sits in it just perfect
    Only I made one mistake, though it comes with dark wing but it not, now I guess need pay another shipping. I wish it was reversible for iwb and owb.
    But again this is the best holster on market !!!

  83. Gustavo Zumbana (verified owner)

    Excellent holster for my P01 with a holosun red dot .

  84. Eric Walther

    I bought the Singleton for my Walther PDP 4” full size and I love it. This is the first and last IWB I will be using. I bought it with the wing and I highly recommend that as well.

  85. Edgar Villalobos (verified owner)

    Love the design. Retention is excellent. I am using it for my CZ P10 S it’s just a little long but it works. I love it.

  86. Paul Wilson (verified owner)

    Finally found a holster that works. My Sig fits perfectly and the holster is very comfortable for everyday use. Definitely recommend.

  87. Paul Wilson (verified owner)

    Perfect fit for my P365XL. Finally have found a very nice holster for my handgun. It is very obvious when I holster the gun as it seats well when in place.

  88. Kenneth Lawson (verified owner)

    This rating should in no way reflect any substandard quality issue regarding this holster. Truthfully, I have not found any quality issues…but let me explain.

    I am new to concealed carry (CC). As such, this is only my second IWB purchase. My first was an Alien Gear (AG) 4.0 for my S&W Shield plus. The AG was obviously for strong side carry but it didn’t fit as well as I thought I would like. So, after much research and comparing options such as dual-use as an appendix carry or strong side carry and potentially with an Enigma, I selected Harry’s.

    The reason I have elected to only provide a 4 rating over a 5 rating is that I simply don’t feel qualified to state it is absolutely the best. It certainly seems to be without any quality construction concerns and the shipping as well as the awesome packaging were an unexpected pleasure. I do get the sense that Harry’s is very concerned about their product and the customers they serve.

    As I learn more about my preferences within the CC world I hope to be able to provide more definitive remarks and how this holster has fully satisfied, or not, more CC needs. As it is, my body shape and profile may need more time to realize the best fit, orientation, and yes…holster company/design. To help others understand my frame of reference regarding body shape/size, I’m 6′ 1′ and weigh 155-16- pounds.

    In addition to the Singleton holster, I also purchased the Dark Wing for right hand. BOY! this thing really cants the grip inward. If I understand the design correctly, it is supposed to not only bring the grip closer to your body when wearing in the appendix position but also add some tilt to bring the back of your gun closer, similar to what a comfort wedge is to do. I have to say, as thin as I am this is not the most comfortable arrangement.

    Still, as mentioned before, I am new to CC and still trying to define my carry preferences. Such as it is, I am glad I purchased this Harry’s holster model as I believe it will prove to be a very relevant research tool and quite possibly, the solution. Time will tell.

  89. Joseph Hines (verified owner)

    This is simply a well designed holster with good hardware. I’ve been doing this for 12 years and carry concealed on and off work everyday and I’ve used probably 80 different holsters including making my own kydex holsters.

    Harry’a design is comfortable, secure and versatile and a damn good price.

  90. Michael Felicetti (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased several Singleton holsters for several guns. My latest purchase was for a Sig Sauer P365 Spectre Comp. As usual the fit and finish was great. I really like the metal belt clips. They make the holster very secure and aid in concealment.

  91. Mark (verified owner)

    This is my first Harry’s for my modified Sig 365 SAS and I am very impressed with the quality of this holster. Very comfortable for IWB carry. I have a Trijicon RMRcc mounted on my Sig and no issues whatsoever holstering this pistol with the added optics. The belt clips work great and are very secure. I am very pleased with the concealment and not planning to add either the wing or wedge as this holster is fine as it is. Thanks for a great product Harry’s!

  92. Rob Manning (verified owner)

    I have never conceal carried before but this holster is very nice. It’s comfortable and keeps my pistol secure. With the dark wing and wedge it helps hide my pistol from being seen under my shirt. I would highly recommend buying this holster and the accessories.

  93. Alex B (verified owner)

    Overall I like the holster. I wish it was designed to hug the gun a little closer so that it was not so wide. It carries really well though. I did not need the claw. It carries better on me without it and feels way smaller. The retention is good and the overall fit and finish are great.

  94. scott dalton (verified owner)

    excellent holster i have tried several aiwb holsters and so far this is the best

  95. Mark Schuler (verified owner)

    Teeth on clip are too aggressive. Impossible to get holster off without removing your pants. Teeth rip the fabric on jeans and create a hazard to wearer when removing a holster containing a loaded weapon. Weapon hangs up in holster when drawing as holster moves around during drawing process. I have low confidence in this holster and am pursuing a replacement

    • Harrison

      To remove the holster, simply press down on the holster and then pull the tabs on the clip back. You can then lift the holster up and take it off. If the clips didn’t require that minimal amount of effort you might find your holster and gun missing when you’re in the fight of your life.

  96. Nate K (verified owner)

    Easily the most comfortable holster I’ve had for my Glock 19 and Glock 48 (and I have a drawer full of holsters). Love the minimal design, high quality kydex, claw, and wedge. Also appreciate the customer service—I had a question and Harry answered within a day and was very helpful!

  97. Cody Chalk (verified owner)

    Just received my holster in the mail today so I haven’t gotten to carry too much, but the quality is excellent, and with the wing, you’d never know I had a full size VP9 with a red dot on it! The holster is extremely comfortable, unlike a lot of other kydex holsters I’ve had in the past. My only reason for 4 stars is the metal clip is a little aggressive and snags on your belt or pants when trying to take off the holster, otherwise, I am extremely satisfied!

  98. Matt (verified owner)

    This holster is perfect in every way… EXCEPT for 1 thing: it needs a full slide coverage sweat guard!

    Been rocking the singleton with my P365x all summer and at the end of every day, I take the holster off and the back half of the slide is always soaked with sweat. Not a big deal, but over time it could be an issue. Also, would be cool to see some leather or suede material on the body-side of the Kydex, similar to the Phalanx Concealment holsters.

    Other than that, will continue to use the Singleton daily, as it is by far the best holster on the market.

  99. Jordan Parish (verified owner)

    Purchased the IWB Singleton holster for my Canik TP9SF Elite. Great holster! Light and durable. Love the ability to adjust the cant, which seems to be missing from a lot of big name manufacturers. Shipping was incredible fast too!

  100. Justin Keith (verified owner)

    First AIWB holster that has actually worked for me. Paired with the claw and the large wedge, I am able to conceal my hellcat W/ holosun. I am 5’8″, 225lbs.

    I work at an FFL and have tried probably 20 different holsters in all positions over the past years and ended up carrying in the small of my back because that’s the only “off the shelf” holster I was able to find that somewhat worked, but I did not like the position for drawing and security from someone behind me able to take it.

    I should have just ordered a Harry’s first. Buy once cry once, it’s worth it.

  101. STEVEN GREENIA (verified owner)

    Pretty nice holster, wish it had a retention adjustment, it’s a little loose on my CZ P 01, the T1 clips are great.

  102. Michael Andersen (verified owner)

    I guess I have to be the fly in the ointment. I did not find the holster comfortable at all! There is no Right or Left handed holster, it is ambidextrous and therefore not tailored to fit the body. It is too wide at the opening and therefore digs into your body. I tried it for appendix carry and it is so wide that it hits a nerve. After only a few hours I get a pain down the front of my leg and my leg begins to go numb. Take the holster off and everything is everything is fine. Tried using as a standard IWB at 4 o’clock, just so uncomfortable. I know I will have to run the gambit of calling in and being asked to try several things to make it work. Already bought another holster from another company and it is working great. Just hope I can return this one without the hassles. Even with the restocking fee, it will be worth it to not have it taking up space in the gun cabinet. Don’t need another unnecessary holster taking up room. Was really hoping this was going to be the best holster! Comments are great! Shipping was great! Just disappointing. I hope their returns are as great.

  103. Allen Ferreira (verified owner)

    Received my holster yesterday, I added the wing and the wedge and I am not disappointed. I’m new to concealed carry and the holster I bought with my VP9 was so uncomfortable. Harry’s Holster is Super Comfortable for all day wear and I’m easily able to conceal my VP9 in shorts and a T-shirt with it. I was even able to use it with no belt and a pair of basketball shorts for tonight’s walk with the dogs when I didn’t feel like getting belted up. Great product will be back to purchase another soon!

  104. Alexander Gariano (verified owner)

    Absolutely best holster for the money. Saved me hundreds of dollars. I can now comfortably carry my G17 with ease. Harrison is the man! I hope you keep producing awesome holsters for more models. A+++

  105. Em (verified owner)

    I finally had the money for a quality holster- glad I made the purchase.
    Really happy with this holster, the wedge, and the wing.
    I love how it presses the gun into by body- I don’t have to worry about it slipping out of my belt when I bend over.
    The installation had me pausing with the thread locker, and it did get onto my fat fingers, but otherwise, it’s solid.
    The only downside that I found, is that the other side of the holster is slightly uncomfortable and presses into my gut, but that is easily fixed with an undershirt.

    You need this holster, buy one for all your pistols!!

  106. RJH (verified owner)

    This is a well made good quality holster. I’ve been using it 4 to 5 days per week and it is quite comfortable and stays stable on my belt. The one and only con to the holster for me is that I wish it had more retention. I’ll contact Harry’s in a few days and find out if they can readjust the retention, as it appears to be fixed and non-adjustable.

  107. Jerry Hoffman (verified owner)

    Works perfectly attached to my PHLster Enigma. So very glad I found this company. Customer service was quick to respond to a question that sealed the deal for my purchase. Thanks Harry!!

  108. Steve Rigby (verified owner)

    Received my holster for my 43/43x and have been using ever since. Have been using vedder holsters with utiliclip installed. This holsters clip system is exceptional with no bulk. Lays flat against side. My new go to holster. 62 yrs old and carry every day.

  109. Albi (verified owner)

    I needed a holster for my 43x mos, I’m very impatient and wanted it fast. I didn’t need any fancy designs etc. this fit everything I wanted. I bought it with the wedge and wing. I’m from Florida and it came in 3 days. I am beyond happy with it. It’s comfy, easily able to draw, durable and easy to conceal even in tight shirts. I love the clip it came which is better than the cheap ones that other big companies use. I’m 5’9 and 220 pounds for anyone out there who has a similar build to me.

  110. RB (verified owner)

    By far the best holster for me. Ive tried 3 different kinds. This conceals the best for me. Retention is great also. Great job Harry!

  111. Michael Penn-davies (verified owner)

    Quickly became my favorite holster as it is super comfortable and works great. No complaints or regrets.

  112. Tory (verified owner)

    I purchased this AIWB holster for my sig p365xl after going through several different holsters over the last couple years. The singleton performs exactly as advertised. It minimizes gun print for both the rear sight as well as the handle. I purchased the dark wing to bring the handle in closet to my body. The comfort wedge allows for longer carry times without fatigue or soreness. The holster stays where you first put it throughout the day due to the mono lock clips. This holster also keeps the finish from getting marred as some other kydex holsters have done. I would definitely recommend the singleton with the dark wing and comfort wedge for AIWB conceal carry.

  113. Steve Rigby (verified owner)

    My Gen 5 Glock 19 fits like a glove. Just added a new mos and what a set up. Have used Vedder holsters for years. Came across the singleton, for my 43x. I had issues with the metal clip on the vedder holsters (pop off) so converted over to utiliclip connections, bulky! Wah law, the singleton holster and clips, stays in place and doesn’t come off without some effort. This is a great holster. Using with my Glock 26 Gen 4 mos. Handgun also, works great!

  114. Geo (verified owner)

    I have four other holsters for my FN509 that I just can’t use. This one nailed it. Comfortable and conceals well. Can wear it all day and hardly notice it. Thanks, Harry!

  115. Emmanuel V (verified owner)

    This is the best holster I have tried. Retention is great. The DCC monoblock is my preferred clip and the fact that it is included is a plus. I recommend running this holster with the claw and a large foam wedge. I have considered the more “higher end” holsters like Tier 1 but instead I got with this holster because if it works, why change it? I do wish that there was an option for mid or high sweat shield but it is not the end of the world. Great holster!

  116. RUFINO Q (verified owner)

    Perfect fit. Great craftsmanship. Love it.

  117. RUFINO Q (verified owner)

    Perfect fit. At last found the perfect for IWB

  118. Clinton P (verified owner)

    Great holster, perfect fit (p365) fast shipping and cool packaging. Even came w/ loctite,,, nice touch! Highly recommend.

  119. Clayton H (verified owner)

    Love this holster. Perfect amount of retention and very comfortable with the adjustable cant. I’ve never been a fan of IWB or appendix carry but I decided to give this a try and it’s my favorite holster now. I’m a very slim guy and I found that the holster is most concealed without any of the other attachments (dark wing, cushion, etc). Customer service is also fantastic. Thanks Harry!

  120. Alex B (verified owner)

    The quality of the holster is great. The clips on the holster are also great. The thing I hate about the holster is the width of the holster. It is so flared at the top that it almost doubles the width of the firearm in the belt. It’s so wide it prints like crazy. It would have been my favorite holster but I never use it cause of the width. I have the CZ P-01 just for your information.

  121. Bub j (verified owner)

    I have purchased cheaper holsters before that got the job done. With that being said I bought this holster because I couldn’t find a IWB for the cz p07 that was optic ready. But I can say iam pleased. Many holsters say that their holsters have a height ride adjustment but this one does and it works well. There are so many people making holsters now it can be confusing trying to figure out which one is the one for you. This one is the one for me. Thanks

  122. Christopher D (verified owner)

    I purchased the IWB singleton p365XL darkwing with clips. The Kits included all the parts needed… assembly instructions were on the website… overall I find the slim profile and simplicity to be a work of art and a perfect combination of craftsmanship and reliability. It just works. My friends and fellow CC marksman agree that the proof is in the pudding. For my class I put 500 rounds through the p365xl holstering in the singleton and no malfunctions, no issues with grip or positioning. I did not end up needing a wedge and wore the holster in the appendix position for over 24 hours over the course of 4 days. Customer service is also a 5 star. Harry gave me a return label and refund for an accidental duplicate order immediate responses and excellent communication. I give HH 5 stars total.

  123. Ahmed A (verified owner)

    Bought a singleton for the Walther pdp. It holds the gun well, is lightweight and concealable. I’d give it 5 stars, but if I were to add just one constructive criticism, I would shave off some space where the muzzle is and have it be an open-muzzle holster. This would trim off space in my pants, but not a big deal since it’s already pretty good

  124. Mike B (verified owner)

    Finally! I found a holster for my CZ P01 Omega. I was surprised at how well it fit, and how comfortable it was. Retention was solid to once I put the holster on. Top notch quality and Harry’s is now my first choice for holsters in the future!

  125. Jamie V (verified owner)

    I’ve had this holster for a while now I will say on first impression I was kind of worried as the g3c model did not fit nice in the holster it would get stuck and wasn’t easy to draw but after some research I decided to just run the gun in and out of the holster and that solved my issue, the one other thing I noticed was some imperfections in the holster itself where the kydex looked to be melted and was not flush with both sides but given that the holster functions and feels great id recommend this holster to anyone looking to buy it with the exception of it not having a tension adjuster and it being too snug when fresh out of the bag.

  126. Elliot A (verified owner)

    So far it’s been pretty great. My m&p shield fits very well and I have zero doubt it will stay in, but be accessable when needed. Very comfortable as far as a CCW carry can go

  127. Earl Z (verified owner)

    Excellent holster. I use with my Glock 19. By far the best holster I’ve ever owned. Design and craftsmanship are top notch. Very high quality. Very comfortable.

    I bought the dark wing and it is a must have. Makes concealing so much better. I bought the large wedge after buying the holster. I’m not sure if I’ll use it right now. The holster fits better without it.

  128. Duncan S (verified owner)

    The Singleton is exactly what I looking for in an IWB holster. Simple, minimalist, no sharp edges for comfort and adjustable cant since I wear a G19 at 4:00 o’clock. My second Harry’s holster but probably not my last! 🇺🇸👮🏻‍♂️👍🏻

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