About Our Founder

I’m 25 and I’m a firm believer in protecting yourself and your loved ones.  I didn’t grow up in a gun family but I’m proud to say my dad has become a gun guy and my younger sister enjoys shooting.  My mom is slowly coming around to the idea.  Besides shooting, my favorite past time is grilling on any charcoal or wood burning contraption you can think of.  I’m a fan of the Big Green Egg.  I turned 21 on a Sunday and applied for my CHL the next Monday.  I enjoy shooting guns of all types but my interests mainly lie with defensive handguns and old west style firearms.  When not grilling, hanging out with friends, working or shooting and I spend as much time as possible on the water. 


About the company

This company was founded to create products for niches that aren't yet served.  Founded to solve the problem of tastefully concealing a gun when wearing tailored tucked in shirt we strive to solve unaddressed segments in the market.  During the development of the deep concealment holster our founder noticed the common problem of people buying multiple holsters in their concealed carry journey.  Most of the time the difference in the holster is merely a method of attachments to change to way the holster is used.  Our holster was introduced to fill this need.