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Hey, I’m Harrison Jones, the founder and owner of Harry’s Holsters. When I started my career selling residential and commercial real estate in 2014, I quickly learned two things. First, real estate agents can be easy targets for robberies since they’re often alone and have access to empty homes full of valuable things. Second, there wasn’t a holster on the market that worked well with what I wore to work and didn’t cause controversy in the office. 

Those who work in a corporate environment know that a firearm isn’t the most convenient thing to carry on you in a suit and tie. Pockets are never deep enough, tailored shirts are dead giveaways, and concealing undergarments and belly bands are slow to draw and a pain to reholster. I even tried to pocket carry a Glock 42 (the smallest gun I could shoot well) but it left an imprint in the pocket and was slow to employ.

I had a big problem on my hands: the community I worked in was majorly anti-gun, but I was putting myself in dangerous situations on a daily basis. So I started Harry’s Holsters and created the product I needed to make my job safer without getting into politics with every person who had an opinion on guns. 

Since then, I’ve transitioned to the holster business full time, and I’ve spent years immersed in the history and design of holsters. The more I can learn about this industry, the better I can serve niche markets and create the best products for my customers. 

I’m proud to create holsters you can wear anywhere (and with anything), and I hope you will be proud to carry your firearm in Harry’s Holster. 

What We Make

This company was founded to create products for niches that aren’t yet served. Founded to solve the problem of tastefully concealing a gun when wearing tailored tucked in shirt we strive to solve unaddressed segments in the market. During the development of the deep concealment holster our founder noticed the common problem of people buying multiple holsters in their concealed carry journey. Most of the time the difference in the holster is merely a method of attachments to change to way the holster is used. Our holster was introduced to fill this need.

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