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Taurus G3c Review

The Taurus G3 had some improvements over the older G2c. Those improvements were implemented and we’re covering them in our Taurus G3c Review.

The Taurus G3c is sized more similarly or almost identically to the Taurus G2c being much smaller than its G3 brother.

The Taurus G3c is an extension of the Taurus Millennium line of handguns.

Taurus has been selling the Taurus G2c, its predecessor for quite a while, and recently released the Taurus G3 series which is a more compact/full-size platform that is sized between a Glock 17 and a Glock 19.

We’re going to cover every detail in our Taurus G3c Review.

Like G3 and the Taurus G2c, the Taurus G3c is designed to appeal to a budget market.

Despite being a budget gun, the Taurus G3c does come in with some features that are slightly nicer than the previous G2c series. And it has one unique upgrade over the Taurus G3.

We will get into those differences later.


Most would consider the Taurus G3c to be a concealed carry or self-defense firearm. It works well for AIWB and strongside carry.

Taurus G3c Holster AIWB 09

Its thicker profile makes it easier to conceal at the AIWB position but it can work well for strong too.


The Taurus G3C is a 12-round handgun that is sized somewhere between a Glock 26 and a Glock 19.

Even though dimensionally it is similar in width, it feels like it is slightly slimmer than those guns.

It is sized so it feels perfect for carry for most people.

It is big enough that you can get control of the gun and feel like you have a good grip while being small enough to conceal. It’s almost the exact size of the CZ P10S.

Taurus G3c

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Taurus G3c’s In Stock

This gun also fills the niche of home defense and glove box gun for many users. The 12-round mags are the same mags used in the Taurus G2 series.

They have a yellow follower which makes it easy to identify the Taurus G3c magazines.

The magazines themselves have two witness holes on the right-hand side of the magazine. One indicating six rounds and one indicating 12. So, you can only tell if the gun is loaded to either six or twelve rounds.

You cannot tell any other capacity through witness windows.

There is an extended pinky rest base pad on the magazine that lengthens the grip around half an inch.

Unfortunately, this extension does not add any extra capacity to the gun.

If you want to add extra capacity to the gun, you can use the Taurus G3 magazines that come in both 15- and 17-round links.

ProMag also makes extended magazines for the Taurus G2c, G3c, and the Taurus G3, but ProMag does not have the best reputation for making a quality product.

Buyer beware.

Now, as far as the insertion of the magazine goes, it is similar to pretty much any other gun out there.


There is no real bevel in the mag well.

Although there is just the slightest amount of bevel, it is not enough to consider and won’t help you in reloading the gun compared to something like a Glock 19 Gen-5 MOS, which has a huge mag well.

If you have really large meaty hands, you could potentially have problems reloading the mag well based on where your hand sits between the bottom of the grip and where the mag will load into the gun.

Basically, the base plate will pinch your hand between the base plate and the gun itself.

Taurus G3c

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There are indentations on each side that is split in half between the grip itself and the base plate.

This will allow you to use your fingers to rip the mag out in case you have a malfunction that requires you to do so.

Taurus G3c Review Grip/Ergonomics


The Taurus G3c is almost identical to the Taurus G2c in grip and ergonomics.

There is texturing all around the grip of the gun, mainly on the front strap and backstrap. It’s quite aggressive, giving you a good sandpaper-like feel that allows to have a good grip on what is otherwise a very slick gun.

The same texturing also extends to the bottom half of the grip on the sides.

So, you can get a good purchase with the tips of your fingers providing you need some grip in that location.

There is no texture on the top half of the grip. If you are expecting a place to press your palm of your support hand against, then there really is not much besides a slick surface in that area.

The tang/beavertail area of the gun is comfortable, well-rounded and will work with hand sizes from large to small. It allows you to get a good high grip on the Taurus G3c.

Overall, the ergonomics of the gun are pretty much identical to the Taurus G2c.

Although I will say the polymer used in the Taurus G3c feels like it is higher quality than the polymer used on the Taurus G2c.

There are index pockets for your thumb in front of the takedown lever that sits right above the top of the trigger guard, For most people with medium to larger size hands, the position on that will be too far forward to fit the thumb of your support hand.

Now, it works as a place for your trigger finger when it is resting on the frame.

Sights Taurus G3c Review

The Taurus G3c comes with metal sights, which is a nice feature in a gun of this category.

Both the G2c and the Taurus G3 come with plastic sights, so the metal sights are quite an upgrade. The sights themselves are a white-painted front sight with a blacked-out rear that has horizontal serrations.

Overall, the sight picture is surprisingly good for a gun at this price point.

Frankly, the sights are better than most stock pistols offered, even in higher price points.

The most important feature about the sights is the cuts are standard Glock cuts. This means you can add sights from pretty much any Glock onto this gun and they will work.

This opens you up to a wide variety of existing after-market options for sights. So, you have tons of tritium night sight options as well as fiber optics and painted sights.

You can even get blacked-out target sights if you want.

Taurus G3c TORO (Taurus Optics Ready Option)

Taurus now offers the Taurus G3c TORO or Taurus Optics ready option.

This allows you to mount a mini red do to the back of your slide just like a Glock MOS. A great option if you want to try out red dot handguns without breaking the bank.

One smart move on Taurus’s part is shipping the G3c TORO with multiple optics mounting plates and compatible screws for compatible optics.

Taurus G3c

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Taurus G3c’s In Stock

Anyone that’s messed with the Glock MOS system knows that finding screws the right length often requires sourcing and purchasing online.

So it’s nice to have everything you need come in the box.

Shoot Better With Mini Red Dots

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Compatible optics are Trijicon RMR, Buris Fastfire, C-MORE STS2, Holosun 407C, Holosun 507, Docter Noblex, Leupold Delta Point Pro, Vortex Venom, and Sightmark Mini.



There is an external safety on the Taurus G3c, which is identical to the Taurus G2c and the Taurus G3.

One of those safeties is a thumb safety they designed for right-hand shooters and sits on the rear left-hand side of the gun.

So, a right-hand shooter can access it with their thumb much like they would a 1911 safety.

That thumb safety is well placed and is easy to access.

You can easily ride your thumb on top of that safety when firing. The Taurus G3c also has a trigger safety making the gun drop safe. In theory, you could carry the gun with the thumb safety disengaged due to this feature.

If you are going to do that, I would definitely advise still training to sweep off the thumb safety every time you draw the gun.

Taurus G3c

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Taurus G3c’s In Stock

I would not consider this gun for self-defense if I were a left-handed shooter due to that thumb safety.

It is impossible to access without compromising your grip in a major way. The thumb safety itself is fairly low profile, so it won’t snag.

But the downside of that is it can easily be missed if you don’t practice religiously on how to take off the safety.

This is going to be one of the biggest downsides in our Taurus G3c Review.

Taurus G3c Review Magazine Release

The mag release on the Taurus G3c sits in a good position and anyone with average size hands will be able to access it without having to break their grip.

If you have smaller hands, you might have to break your grip slightly, but it won’t be hard to access it.

When you press the magazine release, the magazine practically flies out of the gun. It does have a sharp edge on the front top corner that you need to be wary of if you plan on using this gun in high round counts or a class where you will be really loading the gun a lot.

But for a gun at this price point, that is really all you can expect.

Slide Stop

The slide stop or slide release on the Taurus G3c is located right in front of the thumb safety on the right-hand side.

If you are a left-handed shooter, there is no way that you will be accessing that using your trigger finger as you might be able to on some guns. It just sits too far back.

As a right-handed shooter, it is very easy to reach even with the low-profile thumb safety sitting in front of it.

It does take a little bit of force to drop the slide but not much.

Even newer shooters should be able to accomplish that as long as they don’t have the pressure of the mag follower that they are fighting.

Taurus G3c Review Overall Ergonomics

Overall, the ergonomics of the Taurus G3c are quite good. It feels good in the hand. And for most shooters, the size will allow them a good grip while being small enough to conceal.

Basically, they won’t feel like they are holding too much gun.

Taurus G3c

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The slide itself is fairly easy to manipulate.

The recoil spring does not feel too heavy and there are good serrations on the rear of the gun. There are serrations on both the front and the rear, but there are only three lines on the front.

It really does not give you much to grab onto.

It is good for press checks, but I would not count on using the front of the slide to load or unload the gun.

The rear slide serrations are deep and aggressive enough to give you a good grip, but they are not so aggressive that they will tear up your hands.


In this Taurus G3c Review we wanted to make sure we spent plenty of time on the trigger.

The trigger on the Taurus G3c is a unique design. Same as the Taurus G2 and the G3, this is a striker fire trigger that is double action single action. The gun does not have a de-cock or a way to manually de-cock the weapon though.

So, for most people, the gun will only be shot in a single action, but the double action feature does give you restrike capability.

If you have a round with a bad primer that will not fire, in theory, you can pull the trigger again in double action and it might reignite that primer.

I would not count on this as my personal malfunctions on the range with centerfire ammo like 9mm have usually meant that the primer is so bad it will not fire again if it does not fire again on the first pull of the trigger.

Trigger Pull

As for the pull of the trigger itself in single-action, the Taurus G3c has a light take up with a fairly light pull and a plasticky break at the end.

It is a feeling you would expect from a cheap staple gun, only lighter.

On the reset, the trigger resets slightly before the wall and then you have just the slightest bit of creep that is barely noticeable before you hit the wall again and have that plasticky light break.

Taurus G3c

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Taurus G3c’s In Stock

One thing to note is the trigger breaks exceptionally far to the rear.

It is a little bit different from most other guns in this size class, so that is something to be aware of if you have larger hands.

Now we are going to go over the double-action trigger just because we can.

In double-action, you feel a heavy springy continual take up before the trigger gets to a semi wall which you are not sure is the wall until you feel the trigger break. The best thing about this double-action trigger pull is it can be used for dry fire.

So, you do not have to rack the slide each time you want to pull the trigger.

It is also a good tool to break you of the habit of resetting the trigger instead of letting the trigger go all the way and then coming back as quickly as possible.

Aftermarket-wise, there are not a ton of options for the Taurus G3c, but due to the Glock sight cuts, there are lots of aftermarket sights all listed below.


The Taurus G3c takes down just like a Glock, which means that it is extremely simple to field strip the gun and clean it.

To field strip the Taurus G3c, all you have to do is check for an empty chamber, then drop the striker by pulling the trigger.

From there, you can pull down the takedown lever, which you must pull from both sides of the frame using your support hand thumb and index finger.

Pull the slide back slightly and it will release forward assuming you have the mag out of the gun.


Overall, the Taurus G3c is not the best-looking gun in the world. It is a budget gun, and it looks like it.

The finish on the slide does not look that great, but it still seems to protect the metal. It is not going to win any finishes. And just the oil from your fingers is going to make the slide look like it has been well worn.

Overall, it cleans up nice if you apply a lubricant of oil and rub it really hard with a cleaning rag.

For a gun at this price point, I consider that completely acceptable.

I will say the Taurus G3c looks much better than its predecessor when you compare some of the details like the profile of the slide.

The frames look near identical minus the better quality polymer on the Taurus G3c.


Shooting the Taurus G3c is what you probably expect.

The gun has quite a bit of recoil as it is a smaller firearm chambered in the semi-powerful 9mm cartridge. The gun is heavy and a lot of that weight is in the slide.

You definitely feel the recoil, but it’s nothing most people can’t handle if they have a good grip on the gun.

Just don’t expect this to be an extremely soft shooter given the price point.

I hope you enjoyed our Taurus G3c Review let us know your thoughts below.

Taurus G3c

New and Pre Owned
Taurus G3c’s In Stock

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This is an opinion piece, but I always aim to eliminate bias. Look, we’ve all read them before. Gun reviews that claim to be helpful, but they’re really thinly veiled hit pieces trying to get you to buy something before you’ve even started your research. Or, even worse, a review put together by a content writer who has never even held a gun. 

I’ve trained with some of the best in the business to learn various shooting styles and ideologies to better serve our customers. I’ve purchased guns of all price points, calibers, and action types to build the best products for the market. I want you to walk away knowing you have the information you need to make a sound purchasing decision.

6 Replies to “Taurus G3c Review”

  1. Mike Savino says:

    I purchased this firearm and took it to the range and the very first round jammed and would not eject. Had to use a small screwdriver to slide the round back to get it out. I tried 3 different brands including hollow point and the same thing happened. Winchester nato finally got me through half a magazine before it jammed. I returned it to Taurus for repair twice and they would only test it with Winchester Ammo and then claim it works within “factory spects “ what does that mean? They wouldn’t say it doesn’t jam or say it worked with other brand ammo.

    1. Harrison says:

      What ammo are you using? Winchester White Box is usually pretty crappy ammo so if it’ll run with that it should run with most ammo.

  2. Dwight Cimino says:

    I bought one as suggested by an avid shooter friend . . . I wanted a higher capacity 9mm as my final backup gun in case I have to get in some kind of shooting engagement with my long gun. It will be the last ditch when I run out of long gun ammo . . . or have a non operating long gun and I need a firearm. I am relatively happy with it . . . although I think the checkering on it is a tad too aggressive . . . glad I will be wearing gloves should I ever have to use it in a live fire situation. Accuracy is good enough for a gun to be used at the 20 or 30 foot line . . .
    Overall . . . I’d give it 4 star rating out of 5.

    1. DAVID G SAUCIER says:

      you could put a hogue grip on it i have one it works well.

  3. James Scroggins says:

    I love my G3C great gun 500 rounds not one jam wolf win just eats it up

  4. Robert Phillips says:

    Have the millennium G2 and all it needed the make it unstoppable was a lake line metal guide rod and captured recoil spring. At least 1000 rounds down range without a hiccup. Just ordered the G3c. The finish on the guns are crap but they shoot. Period..

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