Kimber K6s Review

Kimber K6s Holster in Hand

This Kimber K6s review covers what has slowly become a very popular revolver. Introduced in 2016 the kimber k6s surprised a lot of people.  Kimber is known for their 1911s and many were surprised to see them get into the revolver market. I’d describe the Kimber as a “Classic Modern” revolver. While those two terms […]

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Kimber K6XS Review

Kimber K6s Holster on Backpack

This Kimber K6XS Review will deep dive into this lightweight 38 special concealed carry revolver. The K6XS is an aluminum framed 38 special version of Kimber’s all stainless steel Kimber K6s. You can’t write a Kimber K6XS Review without talking about the Kimber K6s since it’s the foundation the K6XS was built on. With a […]

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