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Sccy CPX2 Review

Our Sccy CPX2 Review. There aren’t a ton of budget gun options on the US market.

You have Sccy, Taurus, Hi-Point, and a couple of other none 9mm options. But Sccy, Taurus, and Hi-Point are definitely the most popular 9mm budget handguns on the market.

The Sccy CPX 2 is not designed to be the nicest firearm on the market, but it is designed to be one of the most affordable.

Sccy CPX2 Red Dot Right

Sccy’s goal is to arm as many Americans as possible.

Not to come out with the best gun that ever existed. They don’t claim the gun is something that it’s not. That’s something I really like about the company. So, now let’s talk about the gun.


This is an opinion piece, but I always aim to eliminate bias. Look, we’ve all read them before. Gun reviews that claim to be helpful, but they’re really thinly veiled hit pieces trying to get you to buy something before you’ve even started your research. Or, even worse, a review put together by a content writer who has never even held a gun.

Sccy CPX-2

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’ve trained with some of the best in the business to learn various shooting styles and ideologies to better serve our customers.

I’ve purchased guns of all price points, calibers, and action types to build the best products for the market. I want you to walk away knowing you have the information you need to make a sound purchasing decision.


The Sccy CPX2 is a very lightweight gun, coming in right at around one pound unloaded. The gun holds 10 rounds and it’s fairly large.

It’s similar in size to the Taurus G2C. But it’s a lot lighter and doesn’t have the same feel.

This is definitely not a duty or a range gun. They seem to be marketing this gun towards the concealed carry and self-defense crowd.

This gun is not a gun I’d want to take to the range to shoot for fun, and we’ll cover more on that later. 

You’re likely looking at the Sccy CPX2 if you’re looking for a budget pistol, that’ll fit within a relatively narrow budget. The Sccy CPX2 comes in right around $200 or $300 if you add the red dot sight.

It holds 10 rounds and it’s large enough to shoot decently well.

While being small enough that almost any person can conceal it. As long as they have reasonable clothing and a good holster. It will work for IWB carry, Appendix IWB Carry, or OWB Carry.


The Sccy CPX 2 holds 10 rounds and there aren’t any aftermarket magazines available for this gun. At least any that I would trust from a reliability standpoint.

When you’re looking at the gun, it looks smaller than it feels in the hand.

It’s quite a large gun when you really look at the dimensions, and most of that size is right around the grip itself. The gun is also lightweight, which makes it a handful on the range.


Sccy CPX2 Red Dot grip

The grip on the Sccy CPX 2 doesn’t feel the best in the hand, but it doesn’t feel bad either. There’s a couple of things I would change to make it more ergonomic.

One of those being the finger grooves. For my hand, the finger grooves actually work really well and they help keep the gun in place and make up for some other deficiencies we’ll talk about later. 

Sccy CPX2 Red Dot Frontstrap

But, if you have larger or smaller hands than mine, the finger grooves are likely going to be a hindrance. That really turns you off from the firearm.

There is no modularity to the grip itself, so there is no removal backstrap, grip panels, or anything like that.

What you see is what you get. If it doesn’t work for you, there are no options. But considering the price point of this gun, you really can’t expect any.

Sccy CPX-2

Sccy CPX2s In Stock

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Sccy CPX2 Red Dot Backstrap

The texture on the Sccy CPX 2 might as well be non-existent.

There is texture on the side panels of the grips, but it’s really there for looks. There’s no actual texture that will help you maintain a positive, solid grip. It’s a very slick gun. Considering the weight and the feel of this polymer material.

It doesn’t bode well for it in the shooting portion, which we’ll cover later.

General feel

Overall the general feel of the Sccy isn’t bad, but it doesn’t feel as secure as something like the Taurus G2c or G3C.

Those guns just feel much better in the hand and the price point isn’t that much more.


Sccy CPX2 Red Dot Disassembled

You can get the Sccy CPX2 with two sight options. One is your normal, standard iron sights and the sights that come on the Sccy CPX2. They are steel, which makes that a nice feature. The sites really aren’t bad.

They’re definitely not target-grade sights, but considering the price point of this handgun, the sites are honestly pretty good.

Another option is to have it come milled for a crimson trace red dot that is exclusive to the Sccy pistols at this time.

That’s the red dot you’re seeing on the pistol in this review.

I have that red dot, but I don’t trust it for defensive use. This red dot will flicker on and off just by pulling the trigger. And sometimes it won’t be on at all.

Sccy CPX2 Red Dot Red Dot Top

The housing itself is a polymer and you can’t get it tight enough to the slide, to hold a consistent contact on the battery. I really just don’t trust this optic. If you’re getting this gun for a range toy or to play with slide-mounted optics.

Then it should be fine.

But, if you’re getting this for a serious self-defense piece, I would probably suggest going with the irons until red dot technology becomes just a little bit more affordable.

Right now, it’s not worth the hundred-dollar upgrade.

Sccy CPX2 Red Dot Red Dot Side


The Sccy CPX2 does not have any kind of external safety. The Sccy CPX1 is the version of this pistol that does have a thumb safety. I would not suggest getting that version, because it’s very uncomfortable to shoot.

That’s due to some ergonomic features of the safety.

Magazine Release

Sccy CPX2 Red Dot Magazine Release

Now the magazine release in the CPX 2 is right-side-only. A right-handed-only magazine release that sits on the left-hand side of the gun.

It’s easy for me to use in my hands. Somebody with slightly smaller hands will likely have to break their grip to reach the magazine release.

Slide Stop

Sccy CPX2 Red Dot slide lock locked

Surprisingly, the slide stop on Sccy CPX2 is very well designed. It’s a polymer over-mold on a sheet metal piece and it’s very ergonomic.

You can reach it easily as a right-handed shooter with your firing hand thumb or your support hand thumb when you come into reloading.

It’s honestly one of the most well-designed features of the gun from what I’ve seen so far.

Overall Ergonomics Sccy CPX2 Review

Overall, the ergonomics of this gun really aren’t bad. The mag release works well. The slide stop is excellent and the slide itself has decent serrations.

Actually, better serrations than a lot of guns that cost over twice the price of the Sccy CPX2. The grip doesn’t feel the best in the hand and the texturing is lacking.

If it weren’t for the texturing, it’d be hard to give this gun many negatives considering its price point. But even at this price point, I don’t think the texturing is sufficient.

Sccy CPX-2

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Trigger Sccy CPX2 Review

Sccy CPX2 Red Dot trigger

The trigger on the Sccy CPX 2 is a double-action-only trigger. It’s extremely heavy, but at the same time, it’s also incredibly smooth. The smoothness of this trigger can’t be underrated. It has a very springy feel.

At the same time, it’s just very consistent and smooth.

Will it win any awards?

No, but considering the price point of this pistol, I was definitely pleasantly surprised at how well the trigger performed.


There really isn’t an aftermarket to speak of for the Sccy CPX 2. Most people buying this gun are not buying it to improve it.

They’re buying it because it’s what will work within their budget. So, that’s not surprising.

Maintenance Sccy CPX2 Review

Sccy CPX2 Red Dot Cleaned

This gun takes down a little bit differently than most other firearms.

You’re going to need to lock back the slide and then you use a screwdriver to rotate a take-down lever that sits slightly recessed inside the slide. It’s very easy to do and once you get the hang of it. It makes a lot of sense.

But it’s just a little bit different from what I’m used to. It’s an easy gun to take down and clean though.

Once you do that and you can easily take the slide off and then disassemble the recoil assembly spring and the barrel.


Sccy CPX2 Red Dot left front

There are a ton of different color options, and the slides can also be had in black and stainless steel.

Frankly, I think the stainless steel slide on these guns actually looks really good. But that doesn’t get away from the fact the frames look like absolute garbage.

They look and feel cheap.

The pistol grip of the firearm just looks huge in proportion to the rest of the gun. The slide is very small and narrow, while the pistol grip looks like a two-by-four hanging off a standard screwdriver.

Sccy CPX2 Shooting Review

Shooting the Sccy CPX 2, it’s somewhat what you probably expect. It wants to jump around a lot in your hand due to the lack of texture and the gun only weighs 16 ounces unloaded.

And the double-action trigger is not that fun to deal with if you’re a newer shooter.

As a more experienced shooter, my hand can definitely feel it. I’ve been working the muscles to pull that heavy trigger.

This gun has a lot of recoil and if you’re a newer shooter, it’s going to be a lot to handle. 

Sccy CPX-2

Sccy CPX2s In Stock

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Whereas for a more experienced shooter, they won’t have a problem doing it. But if you have enough money to put enough rounds in the gun to become comfortable.

You can likely afford another option that’s much higher quality.

And considering this gun is not that much cheaper than a Taurus G2C, I would really suggest, if you can, setting up the extra 25 to $30 to buy the Taurus G2C. Instead of the Sccy CPX 2.

I didn’t want to turn this into comparison, but the Sccy CPX 2 just doesn’t stack up. If you can grab this gun for $160 and you want to have it as a backup to your backup, it’s not a horrible option, but you won’t be as well-served as you will by something more traditional, like the Taurus G2C.

SCCY CPX2 Questions

Does the Sccy CPX 2 have a safety?

The Sccy CPX 2 does not have a safety.

Where is the safety on a Sccy CPX 2?

There is no safety on the on a Sccy CPX 2.

How to adjustable trigger on Sccy CPX 2?

There is no adjustable trigger on Sccy CPX 2.

42 Replies to “Sccy CPX2 Review”

  1. Mike says:

    I purchased on for self defense and it is perfect for that. I don’t want to marry it or make love love to it I just want to point squeeze and go bang at a fool dumb enough to try and harm me or my family. This suits the bill for that.

    1. Michael says:

      Then get a Kel-Tec. Point and shoot very easy to load. The SCCY Not an easy gun. Seems great. Not your gun.

      1. Timothy says:

        Ah Yes the keltic, the king of all Jamers.
        I can’t think of any other brand that their name is tsunamis with the gun jamming. But besides that good price

      2. Biggfoot44 says:

        Let’s look at this .

        I own a Kel Tec P-11 . They were first , ahead of their time , and defined this whole catagory . A breakthrough is the sense of being a 1lb 9mm , essentially the size platform assocated with the .380s of the day .

        It is what it is , and does what it does . If you are an experienced snubnose revolver shooter , you can sifficiently deal with it . It will do at 15yds , what can be expected of an average ” real ” 9mm at 25yds . ( I don’t disbelieve the negitive reports , but my used example has been 100 % )

        The CPX-2 internals are essentially a clone of the P-11 .

        Except , the CPX-2 is more ergonomical , has a much smoother trigger , and weighs 1 oz more .

        The trigger is enough better , for me to buy a lightly used CPX-2 also .

    2. Judge says:

      I bought one in 2016 for $220 including tax and fees. At first the magazine would fall out. SCCY service is the best. I had it back in a week fixed. The trigger was way too heavy. I wanted to fix that but it was impossible to remove the rear drift pin. Again, I sent it back and SCCY service took care of me. I was able to reduce the pull weight from 9.5 lbs to 5.5 lbs and the gun is a lot better. It does not compare in accuracy to a Glock or a Sig, but I bought it only for concealed carry. In a self defense situation, it is likely the confrontation would be within 10-15 feet. For that it is accurate enough.

  2. Bob Scofield says:

    Own 3 cpx2 pistols. Had one issue with it not ejecting, called sccy, they sent me a postage paid sticker to return. Repaired in a week , back shooting in 8 days!! Second one o tried to install a “flat” trigger and springs. Screwed up the whole thing! Charlie at sccy gave me a reaming for doing this, but sent me another return label and for the cost of shipping he completely rebuilt my cpx2 to factory standards. Even said the life time warranty is valid.!!!
    The customer service is second to none, friendly, helpful and they know there shit!!
    Thanks Joe Roebuck for making a affordable reliable pistol!!!!

    1. Bits of knowledge says:


    2. Jamie Butts says:

      Bought my SCCY to keep handy in my car. The trigger felt like 80 grit sand paper was rubbing when I pulled it! Called SCCY. They sent me a shipping label. About a week later I got it back. Trigger pull is as smooth or smoother than on my Glock, Beretta or H&K! Smooth as butter! Good company that is just trying to arm Americans against Satan’s relatives not to win pistol tournaments!

  3. Michael A Heffington says:

    I recently bought my acct cpx2 Bk in the summer of 2021 I like the way gun handles and fires

  4. Christopher Byrne says:

    Definitely worth the money but after shooting 10 or more rounds it starts to hurt my hand. I think if this gun was heavier it would be a lot better. It’s great for a backup gun to wear on your ankle because of the light weight.

  5. Jessie Perry says:

    I like the way this gun firer it works for me

  6. William says:

    I just bought one about a month ago and just got to shoot it a couple days ago. I went to a outdoor range and the shortest range shot was 45’ I shot a total of 30 rounds. The first 10 or so was just learning the gun and sights. My last 10 shots grouped about a 2” diameter. At 45’ that’s pretty darn good. Never jammed or faulted in any way. Love this gun!!

  7. Terry Baker says:

    Bought my wife a sccy 9 mm. It was junk. She could not push back the slide, So I tried. I am a big guy and I could not do it either. Two other guys at the range could not rack it either. Thought maybe it was just the one gun, Contacted the company. Their rep got hateful with me and would not help. Finally traded it in at a huge loss on another gun. Do not by one.

    1. Frank R Doe says:

      Hmmm, I think you mean Do not “buy” one. I’m also thinking you must be a range load of wimps to not be able to pull the slide back, big guys or not. And lastly, what exactly is a “huge loss” on a $200 gun? …Jus sayin.

    2. John says:

      So if a woman can pull back a slide, and many do, and a big strapping guy like yourself can’t, doesn’t that sound a little off? Are you too stupid to realize maybe something was wrong with the gun? You didn’t try to rack it in the store? Notice you have the only negative review of this gun. So I would assume that either you aren’t intelligent enough to operate this firearm, or something was jammed. There is not one single “hateful person at SCCy., so I’m sure you’re you maybe a little overly sensitive. You didn’t send the gun back for them to look at? It has a lifetime warranty., and they send you a free return label. Any huge loss that you got on your pistol is your fault alone. Or this is just a troll from a gun snob.

      1. Kyle says:

        Yeah he’s definitely just hating it’s a very easy gun to rack and my wife does it just fine and also that being said doesn’t mean they are junk there actually built very well, I got 200 rounds through nine without 1 malfunctions and that says alot for a budget pistol my Taurus g3c I had a couple failure to go into battery had to polish the feed ramp and break her in but sccy has them polished right out the box love there guns!!!

    3. cheshire cat says:

      I doubt it

    4. Ekho says:

      I have 100 doubts about any part of your “story”. If true, there was a factory failure. If they got hateful with you, its probably because you started out hateful with them.
      Ive had my Sccy for 2 years, never an issue racking, and Im NOT a”bIg StRaPpInG gUy”, thus, factory issue. Follow that up with the fact every person Ive seen or heard speak with their customer service has had nothing but good things to say.
      Conclusion: Youre just a hater.

  8. JD says:

    I bought one a while back and I’ve put about 50 rounds through it, honestly I’ve never had a problem with the red dot (though it can be a little hard to see in the daylight but it has a cut out so you can still use the irons) and it’s pretty damn accurate, It’s definitely got a heavy trigger pull but I still really enjoy this gun especially for the price

  9. Aiden Orion Letcherr says:

    Still…a junky gun.Get a Bersa at least.And with the way guns cost a reliable Glock,S&W, and such isn’t much more…..

  10. Roger says:

    Bought 1 and took itnbhind the shop.tonzero the red dot. Jammed on the second,fourth, and sixth round. Then the trigger stopped working. Would not fire. Might be ammo on the jams (worked fine on my.Sig) but no excuse for the trigger. Seller immediately replaced the gun on site and tried different ammo. Ejected fine in the shop with dummy rounds but once on the range and actually fired jammed on the second round and the trigger broke again. No avoiding it – crap weapon.

    1. Jay says:

      Calling bullshit in two in a row trigger breaking. I have 4 cpx2s and other than the trigger being very heavy, never had a single problem with any of them. Prob 2000 rounds .

  11. Michael says:

    This is a set and forget gun. It’s not meant for the range. It’s meant for a very safe ccw. You’ll appreciate the DAO trigger if you’re fumbling around in a panic. It’s got a kick, but it’s also pretty accurate. Meh, people will complain about everything. Made in the USA.

  12. Jose Pintor says:

    I purchased one for my wife been to the range 2x already I’ll say atlease 80 to 100 rounds and no problems she loves it

  13. Mark Coleman says:

    I love this gun for my wife which doesn’t shoot enough to be carrying a auto pistols even though she knows how to shoot one! The double action feature is great for people like this that don’t shoot often, probably the greatest safety factor I’ve seen! You can load it and its not going to go off unless ultimately pull the trigger fully through, you just need some practice feeling the pull and holding on target! Great gun,-and I have some sig sauers, baby desert eagle, Springfield, so I gave some experience with good quality guns, would highly recommend this gun for some one that’s not real experienced and wants the safety factor!

  14. Val Trevino says:

    Just got one I will decide if I like it
    Of all I have read here I have no reason to quit
    I will take it out soon enough and decide for myself

  15. Brent F says:

    I have a CPX2, took it to my indoor range to fire for the first time, other than minor sight adjustments it did great. It will be my EDC weapon, head shots at CCW range consistently. Wife didn’t like trigger pull, personally I feel better with a heavy pull, less chance of an accidental fire. Money well spent.

  16. Ron lindsey says:

    Good gun for the money great service Taurus service is the worst

  17. Danny Joe Ross says:

    I have one and do like it. The trigger pull was stiff but did pull smooth when I got it. I got a MCARBO trigger spring kit and replaced all but the trigger return spring , I left the original in the gun. They have a YouTube video to do it. I have taken the gun to the range and have had 0 issues with the gun firing after the the spring replacements. It did lighten the trigger pull, to what I would call a fairly good double action revolver pull. Racking the slide is no different on the gun than other compact pistols I have. It is my usual CCW carry gun especially on trips.

  18. Parshman says:

    Reviews are fickle. Opinions abound, yet I see little scientific and objective information. For example, let’s take accuracy. The only way to determine accuracy of the gun itself is to put it in a vice or other restraint, and fire it at a target. Putting in someone’s hand speaks to their ability, not the gun’s. Sights are another topic. How exactly are they evaluated? Trigger pull for DAO pistols should not be compared to non-DAO guns. Materials used in manufacture should be factual. Reliable feeding can be affected by weak-wristed firing, poor ammo, magazine spring strength, cleanliness of the action, and a host of other factors. The point being, rely less on subjective reviews, and more on factual, experience-based information.

    1. Tim says:

      I agree 100%!! People shoot their weapons differently like different stances different ways they hold the weapon and definitely the ammo. If you buy junk ammo expect poor accuracy period.

  19. Trent Wuchter says:

    Just bought one. They beauty is in the eyes. The gun fits my hand accuracy is acceptable. I own more pricer firearms. For the money performs as well as anything close in the price range or more expensive guns. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it.good price and does what it’s supposed to do. Trigger sucks so does any da firearm. PS I don’t think it’s ugly have you see a sig ,or any of the polymer based handguns.

  20. Dean says:

    I like double action only carry for the safety factor. The long heavy, but smooth trigger pull is the only safety needed. I’ve always had big, strong hands, but being an eighty year old, I will prob. have problems later pulling the slide. When that happens the 38 special will come out more. Not a target pistol for sure, but for up close and personal work, It works for me. “And” The price is right.

  21. Mick O says:

    The Cpx-2 was the pistol I was looking for. It fit what I was looking for. I had a feeding problem. Charlie at SCCY addressed it efficiently and effectively. I am happy as a tick on a coon dog. Now if I can get the ammo i want without all the drama.

  22. Wes says:

    I have a CPX-2 that is reliable after initial mag issues. It’s a bit snappy so I may try the CPX-3 in .380 with the smaller grip. I like the DAO trigger for CC, especially pocket carry.

  23. The idiot that wrote this is wrong in many ways like saying that there are no aftermarket mags I have 32 round mags and a 50 round drum magazine

  24. Mike says:

    It’s hard to imagine a gun worse than a Taurus. The fact this article recommends Taurus makes me question their credibility. Shill? Maybe. Wrong? Absolutely.

  25. Rich says:

    I bought a CPX-2 a couple of years ago and have had no issues. It is my EDC . Being used to many years of a wheel gun being my go to gun the heavy pull on the CPX isn’t an issue for me.

  26. Bernardo Salazar says:

    I bought a cpx2 3 years ago then went to the range. It got jammed at the first try, but after clearing the jam I shot 3 magazines of ammunition which I guess smoothed out any imperfection. Its not a glock, but it does the job for 1/3 of the price

  27. Tony M says:

    I own three CPX4s and a still new CPX2 (had two initially). The 9mm was too much for my wife so we tried the 380 and she’s dead-on with it at the range, so I went with the CPX4 too. Problem was her’s was jamming, so while a good drill, it required repair. SCCY was the absolute best customer service I’ve ever experienced! You get a knowledgeable and helpful human on the first call. They wanted to have it back within 3-days but since we were heading for vacation, I asked for two weeks; they were very accommodating. Back in her hand better than new; no jams and racking is now a touch easier as well. So I switched to the CPX4 too and am quite happy. This is really one of (or the) the very best values in firearms on the market and the company backs up its products!

  28. Bob says:

    I have purchased 4, SCCY CPX-2 firearms. First one was for myself. One each for my wife and daughter (1 purple and 1 sccy blue). My wife wanted a blue one like my daughter, so I bought her a blue one and kept the purple one for cc in Florida when down there. The girls love them and have no trouble racking or firing them. I’ve never had an issue of any kind with them. For the price, they’re a perfect conceal carry option. I love my 1911 in 45 acp, but the SCCY is much easier to conceal and I like the feel. I know people who have had problems with guns of other manufacturers and the first thing to do is contact the manufacturer. They don’t want bad reviews on their products.

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