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Sig P365 xl vs HK VP9sk

In this Sig P365 XL vs HK VP9SK comparison, we’re going to take a look at all the features, pros, and cons of each firearm. 

Both the Sig P365 XL and the HK VP9SK have a similar outline on the firearm. Although the HK VP9SK is in a slightly different class than the Sig P365 XL. The Sig P365 XL came along quite a bit after the HK VP9SK was introduced. So it’s going to have a more modernized form factor.

HK VP9SK vs Sig P365XL T


MetricsHK VP9SKSig P365 XL
Weight No Mag(Oz)21.718.1
Weight Empty Mag(Oz)24.420.3
Weight With A Full Mag(Oz)28.725.5
Height(top of Slide to bottom of Magazine Baseplate)(Inches)4.414.65
Length (Inches)6.596.59
Width of Grip(Inches)1.351.02
Width of Slide(Inches)1.140.90
Width Across Controls(Inches)1.281.01

Sig P365 xl vs HK VP9sk Concealed Carry

As you can see in our chart, both of these guns have very similar sizes in both length and height. The Sig P365 XL is just slightly taller than the HK VP9SK. A lot of that is due to how the grip extends. So when you line the guns up side by side, you don’t see as big of a difference as they actually measure, when measuring the guns with calipers.

Right off the bat, the biggest difference is going to be the width of the firearm. The HK VP9SK comes in at almost a full third of an inch wider than the Sig P365 XL. The gun also features two fewer rounds of ammunition.

The HK VP9SK comes standard with a 10 round flush fit capacity. You can get extended magazines, but they add quite a bit of a length for the gun. Making it the same size or larger than a Glock 19. 

In this Sig P365 XL vs HK VP9SK comparison, we’re just going to take a look at the standard capacity magazines. For concealed carry, the Sig P365 XL is going to be a lot easier gun to conceal.

It’s thinner and the slight bit of extra length really doesn’t come into play. And the overall profile of the gun is just a lot smaller than the HK VP9SK. It’s also a couple of ounces lighter. Coming in at over three ounces lighter when they loaded the magazine.

Sig P365XL

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The Sig P365 XL is going to win for most folks in this category. Especially from a carrier perspective.

Now, just because the gun is easy to carry doesn’t mean it’s easy to shoot and both play a factor in this conversation. Body types also play a role. There are a lot of body types that can conceal the HK VP9SK, just as well as the SIG P365 XL. Although more people will more easily be able to conceal the Sig P365 XL. 

Ergonomics overall

HK VP9SK vs Sig P365XL Grips


The frame on the Sig P365 XL will allow most people to get a full grip on the firearm. Although it will probably cut close. I can just barely get my pinky solidly on the firearm. And every bit of it is touching the frame and it doesn’t have to rely on the magazine base pad for grip. Now, I can’t say the same about the HK VP9SK. My pinky hangs fully off the HK VP9SK fat, short and chunky grip. 


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The strongest and most important finger for maintaining a solid grip on the firearm is the pinky. So this is a major fail on the HK VP9SK point. And the gun overall is a similar size to the Sig, but it just doesn’t have as high of an undercut. The bore-axis is a lot higher than the Sig. That really doesn’t lie to get your hand as high up on the gun. I’m going to have to give a win to the Sig P365 XL vs HK VP9SK in this particular situation.


The grip texture on the HK VP9SK looks like there’s a bunch of little bananas stacked together. It really does a decent job of allowing you to get just enough grip on the firearm. It’s not that aggressive. And personally, I’d like to see it a little bit more aggressive. 

The Sig P365 XL feels like very light grit sandpaper. Where it has texture, which is 360 degrees around the grip of the firearm. I’m going to have to give points to the SIG P365 XL in this situation.

The grip on the SIG P365 XL isn’t super aggressive, but it’s more aggressive than the HK VP9SK. And it’s just going to give the Sig a slight edge.


HK VP9SK vs Sig P365XL Slide

The slides on these firearms are both pretty close. The Sig P365 XL is again going to take the win here. The reason for that is, the Sig P365 XL has a finish that isn’t slick at all. The serrations with that finish just seem to be easier to manipulate. Much better than the finish on the HK VP9SK, it’s fairly slick, and the serrations are equally aggressive. 

Sig P365XL

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Both slides feature forward serrations. And I will have to actually give a point to the HK VP9SK. Because it has cocking wings on the rear of the side that does make it easier to rack. So if you aren’t using the slide serrations, it’s actually going to be easy to rack the slide on the HK VP9SK. But in a standard format, the Sig P365 XL is the easier gun to use.


HK VP9SK vs Sig P365XL sights


HK VP9SK will come with either standard three-dot luminescent sights or three-dot night sights. The sight picture is old school. It’s something you would expect to see on a gun in the mid-2000s or even late 90s. Nothing special about these sights. And there are a few aftermarket auctions out there, but not many. 


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Optics Mounting

The Sig P365 XL has that optic cut, so you can easily mount something like a Holosun 507K or a Sig Romeo Zero to the gun. This again puts the SIG P365 XL in the lead.

The Sig P365 XL comes with SIGLITE night sights. The SIGLITE night sights have a blacked-out rear with two tritium barrels and a square notch.

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And the front sight has a tritium vial that is surrounded by a green luminescent ring. That green is not super bright in the daylight, but it is brighter than most standard white three-dot sights.

Like the sights that come on the HK VP9SK. So from a factory perspective, I’m going to have to give the points to the Sig P365 XL on sights.

Now, this is where are the Sig P365 XL is going to get some negative points. If you want to switch out sights from the factory options, there is no option to do that on the rear sight with the Sig P365 XL. Because the rear sight is mounted to an optics plate cover. And no one is making aftermarket sights that are mounted to an optics plate cover for the Sig P365 XL. 



HK VP9SK vs Sig P365XL HK Trigger

The triggers on the guns are quite different. The HK VP9SK has a striker-fired trigger, the same as the Sig P365 XL. But the take-up on the trigger is semi-heavy. And then you get to a very stiff wall with just a slight bit of click before the shear breaks. And you have a fairly long reset that resets right in front of the wall. So you have just a little bit of over-travel on that reset. And then you come in to pull the trigger again with a good clean break. 

HK VP9SK vs Sig P365XL trigger

The Sig P365 XL, on the other hand, has a flat base trigger, and it has fairly light take-up before you reach a little more resistance and click that you continue to feel until the trigger breaks. The Sig P365 XL has what I would consider a rolling break. And if you like a wall, the trigger on the HK VP9SK feels a little bit better. But I find the SIG P365 XL trigger to feel horrible, but shoot well. For some reason, I’m able to get pretty good grips with this trigger.

Slide Lock

This is where the HK VP9SK clearly comes ahead of the Sig P365 XL. The Sig P365 XL has a tiny slide lock that is well-positioned for your thumb to reach. Unfortunately, it’s sharp and angular. It’s only mounted on the left side of the barrel for a right-handed shooter. It’s sufficient, but it’s not great. 

HK VP9SK vs Sig P365XL controls

The HK VP9SK on the other hand has a fairly large and well-rounded slide release. The slide release on the HK VP9SK is ever ambidextrous and it’s just fairly easy to reach with either a right hand or a left-hand thumb.

Sig P365XL

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One complaint I will have about the HK VP9SK is the slide stop is inset into the frame itself. That makes it a little bit harder to reach, but it’s still easier to activate than the SIG P365 XL just due to the size and placement. It’s a win for the HK VP9SK versus the SIG P365 XL when it comes to the slide stop.

Magazine Release

HK VP9SK vs Sig P365XL magazine release

For those of you familiar with HK pistols, you know they’re known for their paddle-style magazine release. If you’re a fan of this design, HK wins this competition hands down. And I am a fan of the HK paddle-style release. You can activate the HK paddle-style magazine release with your trigger finger, your middle finger, or even your thumb. 

HK VP9SK vs Sig P365XL mag release

It’s a very easy system to use with lots of options, and I like that. The SIG P365 XL has a regular old, boring push-button magazine release. It works great. Nothing to complain about, but the HK VP9SK gets some points for style.

Magazine Well

So neither of these guns have an overly incredible magazine well. But again, the Sig P365XL is going to win out by just a slight bit. It is beveled on both sides of the magazine well. There is a little spot in the rear where you can index the magazine end. Now one thing to take into account with the Sig P365 XL is you can press the magazine release without breaking your grip on the firearm. But your palm is likely going to hang off the back of the grip. 


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It can stop the magazine from ejecting, so then you’ll have to rip an empty magazine out. While on the HK VP9SK, your grip has to break to activate the magazine release. So you don’t have to worry about the magazines dropping inadvertently. This is completely a training issue and something you’ll likely be able to work around.


Hands down the HK VP9SK is a much more quality filling firearm than the Sig P365 XL. The Sig P365 XL just seems like it’s built to meet a price point. While the HK doesn’t have that immediate feel. I am not a fan of the polymer used on the HK VP9SK when you compare it to the HK P30. But when you compare that polymer to the Sig P365 XL, it feels like it’s very high quality. 

The polymer they use on the Sig P365 XL frames just doesn’t really fill you with a lot of confidence. It feels like a consumable part while the HK VP9SK just feels a little bit better. The edges on the slide of the HK VP9SK are a lot more rounded as well. This just gives you the feeling that they put a little more time and effort into making sure the gun doesn’t have any sharp edges.

That said there are no real perceivable sharp edges on the Sig P365 XL. It’s more of a look and feels thing.


Minus size, there are a lot more aftermarket options for the Sig P365 XL. The Sig P365 and Sig P365 XL are beginning to rival Glock on aftermarket options. Because of that, it’s way ahead of the HK VP9SK. You don’t really have many aftermarket options for the VP9 series. So the winner is definitely the Sig P365 XL versus the HK VP9SK.


HK VP9SK vs Sig P365XL X

This is really going to come down to personal preference. In my opinion, the HK VP9SK just looks kind of short and chubby. The Sig P365 XL seems much more proportional with its thin width. The slide does look a little bit longer, but I can’t really say either of these firearms are excellent looking. But in my opinion, I’m going to give a slight edge to the Sig P365 XL.


Shooting the Sig P365 XL side-by-side with the VP9SK, there’s no comparison. The Sig P365 XL just seems to shoot a little bit softer and better for me. The VP9SK has a slightly more muzzle flip due to the design and the short fat grip. It’s a real detriment, not really getting your pinky finger on the grip itself. 

Sig P365XL

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If the grip was extended just slightly, the gun would seem a lot more controllable than does. If you’re planning on using any extended magazines, you might give a few extra points, the HK VP9SK, but side-by-side with flush mags. The Sig P365 XL is definitely the better shooter.


MSRP on the Sig P365 is $679 and you can normally find them for $569 in stores while the HK VP9SK has an MSRP of $749 with standard 3 dot sights and $849 for night sights. The version with night sights does come with an extra magazine as well. 

Street price on the HKs tends to fluctuate a lot but they tend to be $100 under MSRP. From a dollar to dollar perspective you’d be hard-pressed to find to say the better value isn’t the Sig P365 xl vs HK VP9sk. But if you want the features of the HK it may be the better value for you.


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  • Quality
  • Magazine Release(cool factor)

Sig P365 XL Pros

  • Price
  • Grip
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Sights


  • Price
  • Grip Length
  • Sights
  • Weight

Sig P365XL Cons

  • Slide Stop

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