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HK VP9sk vs Sig P365


We’re going to compare the HK VP9SK vs Sig P365.

Both of these guns hold 10 rounds. They fit in a somewhat similar footprint, although they are quite different. The HK VP9SK is a much larger gun than the Sig P365. In this comparison, we’re going to take a look at all the pros and all the cons. 

HK VP9SK vs Sig P365 X


MetricsHK VP9SKSig P365
Weight No Mag(Oz)21.716.5
Weight Empty Mag(Oz)24.418.6
Weight With A Full Mag(Oz)28.722.9
Height(top of Slide to bottom of Magazine Baseplate)(Inches)4.414.23
Length (Inches)6.595.80
Width of Grip(Inches)1.351.02
Width of Slide(Inches)1.140.90
Width Across Controls(Inches)1.281.01

Concealed Carry HK VP9sk vs Sig P365

When it comes to weight, you’re going to see an immediate advantage go to the Sig P365. It weighs almost six ounces less than the HK VP9SK. Also, you’re going to see an advantage when it comes to height.

It’s approximately 3/16th of an inch shorter than the HK VP9SK. So right off the bat, you’re going to see a lot of advantages going to the Sig P365. Including the width. It’s almost a full third of an inch narrower than the HK VP9SK. 

So right off the bat, if you’re looking to conceal this firearm and you want the smallest thing possible. It’s a clear winner for the Sig P365. But that’s not the only feature people look at when buying a concealed carry firearm. They care how it shoots.

They also care about how the trigger feels, what kind of sights it comes with. Plus a myriad of other features that we are about to go over.


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Ergonomics overall

HK VP9SK vs Sig P365 grip


The frame on the Sig P365 is very small, and it feels small in the hand. But that said, I can still get half of my pinky on the grip with the flush grip magazine in the frame. So that’s a very nice feature on a gun this small. It gives me a lot of leverage. Whereas, the HK VP9SK grip forces me to let my pinky hang off the bottom. 

The grip is just so small and short that it won’t allow me to get a grip. Despite the gun being 3/16th of an inch taller than the Sig P365. A lot of this comes from the bore axis and the undercut. There’s just a lot higher bore axis, which forces the undercut to be lower on the HK VP9SK. Now, a major advantage to the HK VP9SK is going to be the removable side grip panels and the rear back strap. 

Sig P365

Sig P365s
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This grip allows you a lot of customization to get it to fit your hand.

That said, I think one of the most important features of a firearm is being able to get your pinky on the grip when possible and it falls short there. But if you have smaller hands and you really want to be able to adjust the size of the grip. Then the HK VP9SK is the clear winner. 

But the Sig P365 is just very small and simple. It is a very ergonomic firearm if you have really small hands. So that’s just one of those ones that I can’t declare a clear winner. You’ll have to put your hands on them and see.


The texture on these guns feels equally aggressive when you’re rubbing them side by side. When you actually get a good firm grip on the gun, Sig P365 feels a lot more aggressive in texture. I’m going to have to give the win to the Sig P365 in this situation. 


The HK VP9SK has a unique feature at the rear of the slide. That’s underneath the rear iron sight. It has these polymer wings that do make it a lot easier to rack the slide. 

HK VP9SK vs Sig P365 Slide

The Sig P365 has no such feature. But the Sig P365 does have a more aggressive texture on the finish of the slide. The slide on the HK VP9SK is fairly slick. So if you’re not using the polymer wings, I’m going to give an advantage to the Sig P365 in manipulating the slide. They both have forward and rear cocking serrations that are frankly equal in aggressiveness.


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HK VP9SK vs Sig P365 sights


The HK VP9SK comes with either 3 dot night sights or 3 dot luminescent sights. They’re both an old and outdated sight picture. They’re not that crisp and clean, but they work. There aren’t a lot of replacements for that either. Whereas, the Sig P365 comes with SIGLITE night sights. 

Which are 3 dot Tritium sights with two in Tritium vials in a blacked-out rear sight, and a Tritium vial surrounded by a green luminescent ring for the front sight. These sights are really good for this style of firearm. It’s a great factory option. And frankly, you’re going to have a hard time justifying the money to replace them. 

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Are they as good as something like the Trijicon HDs? In my opinion, no. But I have a really hard time spending a hundred dollars plus to replace these sights with something that would be better. 

Sig P365

Sig P365
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From an aftermarket perspective, there are a ton of sight options for the Sig P365. And they have standard Sig cuts, and there are tons of manufacturers making sights for this firearm.



Which has the better rigger is going to come down to opinion. But in my opinion, there’s going to be a clear winner between the HK VP9SK versus the Sig P365. 

HK VP9SK vs Sig P365 HK Trigger

The trigger on the HK VP9SK has light take-up. And then you hit a wall, with a fairly plain break. The trigger isn’t light, and it isn’t heavy. And the trigger feels very plasticky. In fact, the trigger is made out of plastic.


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Whereas the Sig P365 has a metal trigger that has light take-up before you reach a point that you start feeling creep. You continue to fill that creep till the trigger breaks. You never hit a wall. So you’re looking at a rolling break in the Sig P365 versus a hard wall in the HK VP9SK. 

HK VP9SK vs Sig P365 Trigger

You’re either in one camp or the other when it comes to this conversation. I find myself in the Sig P365 camp. I like the rolling break on this trigger. This is an absolutely incredible trigger. I’m able to shoot out to 100 yards on still torso targets with little trouble. In fact, it’s amazing how reliably I can hit with this gun. And a lot of that is due to the fantastic rolling trigger.

Slide Lock

HK VP9SK vs Sig P365 controls

The slide lock is an area that the HK VP9SK is going to take the win.

The reason it takes the win is it’s just much better designed, and it’s ambidextrous. So a right-handed or left-handed shooter can easily use it. The Sig P365 has a very angular and sharp design on the slide release. That’s an area that I’m surprised Sig didn’t do better on. This release isn’t great, but it’s not horrible either. But this Sig P365 lack of detail gives the HK VP9SK the win in this situation.

Magazine Release

HK VP9SK vs Sig P365 HK Mag release

The magazine released on the HK VP9SK is a standard HK paddle-style release. I personally really like this system, find it cool and easy to use. Others absolutely hate it. If you give yourself a chance to learn to love the system, you might really come to like it. But the Sig P365 has a simple button release that just works. 

HK VP9SK vs Sig P365 magazine release

One thing you will need to keep in mind with the Sig P365 is you can press the magazine release without breaking your grip, but that means your grip is probably going to stop the magazine from falling free. Whereas the HK VP9SK, you more than likely have to break your grip to drop a magazine. Just something to keep in mind, but that’s more of a training issue than an issue with the gun itself.

Quality HK VP9sk vs Sig P365

As far as quality goes, I think it’s a no-brainer. The HK VP9SK seems like a much higher quality firearm than the Sig P365. The sights seem nicer on the Sig P365, but the polymer on the Sig P365 frame just seems cheap.

The HK VP9SK polymer seems worlds above the Sig P365 in quality, but it’s still lacking when you compare it to the HK P30 series. So everything is a relative world. I think the Sig P365 polymer is perfectly serviceable. But just overall feel of quality, you’re going to have to give the win to the HK VP9SK.


There’s no comparison in the aftermarket.

There are a couple of parts for the HK VP9SK versus the Sig P365 that have a ton of aftermarket options, such as triggers, sights, and all kinds of accessories. There are actually companies building slides, barrels, whatever part you desire for the Sig P365. In fact, companies such as Zev Tech are creating their own licensed version of the Sig P365.

Sig P365

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HK VP9SK vs Sig P365 side by side

In my opinion, the Sig P365 is a very proportional-looking firearm, which normally means it’s a good-looking firearm. And in this case, I think that holds true. Whereas the HK VP9SK, it seems fat and stubby. It’s very thick. The grip is very short, and the slide is very short. Those proportions just don’t do well to my eye.


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Shooting HK VP9sk vs Sig P365

The nice thing about the Sig P365 when shooting it is you can get most of your hand on the grip, and this gun just shoots incredibly soft for the size of it. I was pleasantly surprised when I first shot this gun, and it continues to amaze me every time I shoot it. The HK VP9SK, I can’t say the same. If you had just a little more grip on the gun itself, it would probably be a lot easier to shoot. 

But it has a fairly heavy slide, and the gun just doesn’t track as well as the Sig P365. So points are definitely going to the SIG P365 in this situation. In my opinion, the Sig P365 is the more practical gun versus the HK VP9SK. That said, for yourself, the HK VP9SK might be a better solution. You just have to look at all the features and decide which gun works for you.

Sig P365

Sig P365
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MSRP on the HK VP9SK is a hefty $749 for the standard 3 dot version and an even heftier $849 for the night sight version. You do get a 3rd magazine with the night sight package so that adds a little bit of value as well. HK products tend to fluctuate as far as prices charged at the local dealer they tend to run $100 under MSRP.

You can find the Sig P365 for $499 and MSRP is $599. With the considerable price difference the there is less value in the HK VP9SK vs Sig P365. But if you want the features of the HK then it may be worth it to you.



  • Slide release
  • Magazine release(cool factor)

Sig P365 Pros

  • Sights
  • Size
  • Grip


  • Grip Length
  • Cost
  • Sights

Sig P365 Cons

  • Slide release 
  • The grip can interfere with dropping the magazine

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