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HK P30 vs Sig P320

Both the HK P30 and Sig P320 are prevalent in law enforcement circles. Both guns have contracts at the highest federal law enforcement levels, both in the US and in Europe. But which one is the best? When you’re comparing the HK P30 vs Sig P320, you’re looking at two very different guns. 

HK P30 vs Sig P320 X

So it isn’t a question of which one’s the best, but which features will work the best for you. We’re going to go over all these different features and the pros and the cons. So you can decide which gun you would want to go with.


MetricsHK P30Sig P320
Weight No Mag(Oz)23.126.2
Weight Empty Mag(Oz)26.329.2
Weight With A Full Mag(Oz)32.8/33.736.6
Height(top of Slide to bottom of Magazine Baseplate)(Inches)5.345.43
Length (Inches)7.007.8
Width of Grip(Inches)1.321.33
Width of Slide(Inches)1.131.06
Width Across Controls(Inches)1.361.30

HK P30 vs Sig P320 Concealed Carry

Right off the barrel, you’ll notice there is a slight weight and size difference between the two guns. The HK P30 has predominantly been offered with a 15 round magazine. Recently HK introduced their 17 round flush fit magazines for the HK P30. So if you’re comparing apples to apples, the Sig P320 also comes with a 17 round flush fit magazine. 

When you look at the length of the gun or the height from the bottom of the magazine base plate to the top of the slide, the HK P30 has a slight advantage in size. It’s around a 10th of an inch short.

That really isn’t a huge difference when you’re comparing size. But size does matter. So if you’re looking to conceal the guns, the HK P30 is going to be just barely easier to conceal from that standpoint. When you’re carrying an appendix that 10th of an inch might make a huge difference. But if you carry at three to five o’clock it won’t be as big of a difference.

Sig P320
X Carry

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There is also a weight penalty Sig P320, around three ounces. That’s not a huge deal, but it is a slight deal. If weight is a major concern then you’re definitely going to want to go with the HK. If it’s not then the Sig P320 should serve you well. The width of the guns is identical.

The HK P30 is again going to beat the Sig P320 due to the shaping of the grip. The grip on the HK P30 is very well rounded.

So if your shirt does bump up against the gun or print slightly. It’s more likely that it will look more natural than in the more squared-off grip of the Sig P320. That is just something that I would take into account when you’re considering these guns for concealed carry.

I think the HK P30 is going to conceal a lot better than the Sig P320 in pretty much all situations. That said I might be using a lot, a little liberally it’ll probably conceal around 5% better.


HK P30 vs Sig P320 grips


The frames on these guns take two drastically different approaches. The Sig P320 comes with a standard medium size frame. You can buy different frame modules or grip modules for the gun. Sig has a variety of offerings and it’s a really cool feature that they do that. But those modules will cost you out $50 apiece. But they have a variety of offers in different grip links, as well as different controllers. They have the standard regular frame, as well as the X series frames.

HK P30

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The X series is more of a performance style frame that changes up the grip angle and feels a little different. The HK P30 on the other hand has a modular system that has a removable back strap as well as removable side panels.

This was a revolutionary feature when it was first introduced and there still aren’t a lot of companies to offer removable side panels. Side plates on these guns are identical. Both of them have higher bore accesses. So you don’t have as much grip length as you would on something like a Glock 17.

Now, one thing to take into account is the lip at the bottom of the HK P30. If you have really large hands, hands not much bigger than mine the HK P30 has a bump at the bottom where the finger groove extends out. So if your hands happen to fit on top of that finger groove, then it won’t be very comfortable. I do wish HK had removed the finger grooves on this pistol. Although they work for me, I can see how they might not work for a lot of other people. 

Sig P320
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The Sig P320 does not have that finger groove. So if you have larger hands, your pinky will just slightly hang off the bottom versus impacting that finger groove. Meaning it would be much more comfortable. So I think that’s a major advantage for the Sig P320 vs HK P30. If you have larger hands, I would definitely suggest going to the gun store and seeing how it works for you.


The frame texturing on these guns is actually pretty similar. The texture on HK P30 is definitely a little better and slightly more aggressive but they’re not that far off. They both have a similar sandpaper style feel.

So that is an advantage for the HK P30. I just think the texture is just slightly better done than the Sig P320. Again, this is not an area where there’s a huge advantage for the HK P30, but there is a slight one.


HK P30 vs Sig P320 Slides

The slides of the gun both have four serrations and they both have fairly non-slick slides. The slide on the HK P30 is a little slicker than the slide on the Sig P320. But they are both somehow similar.

I think when it comes to manipulating the slides, there really isn’t that much of a difference. I find the slide on the HK P30 just slightly easier to manipulate, but not by much. It’s just a slide that I really like. 

The Sig P320 slide serrations are moved very far forward on the gun. I almost wish there were a little bit further back, just so I didn’t have to get as close to the muzzle or move as far forward. Really comparing the HK P30 vs Sig P320, I think I’m going to call the slide a draw.


HK P30 vs Sig P320 HK sights


Depending on the HK P30 yet, you’re really only going to have two sight options. One comes with three-dot luminescent sights and the other one comes with night sights. The sights picture is identical on the two offerings. Frankly, they aren’t that great. You’ll likely want to upgrade the sights to something like Trijicon or 10-8 performance sight. 

The Sig P320 on the other hand will come with three-dot painted sights. Or it will come cut for an optic and Siglite night sights. The Siglite night sights are actually pretty good for out-of-the-box sights.

While the painted sights are going to be similar to the HK P30 and something you’ll want to replace right away.

HK P30

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Sig also has some more standard night sight offerings. Which are good, but on par with the HK sights. So it really just depends on the variant you get. If you get a Sig P320 with Siglite night sights, those are definitely going to be superior to the HK P30. 

One Complaint I do have about the Siglite night sights is the front part has a bright green luminescent ring. It does a decent job of staying in the daylight but it’s not as bright as I would like. Something like Ameriglos or Trijicon HDs where the yellow front has a much brighter front sight. So it would be nice to see SIG change the color of that up. Just a tad.


When it comes to aftermarket sights, there is no comparison. You’ve only got a couple of manufacturers supporting the HK P30 series. There are a ton of aftermarket sights for the SIG series. 

There are a lot of different guns besides Sig using Sig sight cuts. Such as FN with the FN 509 and FNS as well as Springfield with the XD series and the Springfield Hellcat. That means there are a ton of offerings out there. Just due to the large number of guns that will accept the sights. So if you’re really picky about your sights, you might want to consider the Sig P320.

Sig P320
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Red Dot Optics

HK P30 vs Sig P320 sights

Currently, there is no factory option to mount a red optic on an HK P30. The Sig P320 on the other hand has options that are cut for a Sig red dot. The HK P30 has come over the years in many different mounting configurations.

They had a Sig specific Romeo One then they changed the Leupold mounting pattern. Then they have even another dot that has a different mounting pattern. There is no telling what you’re going to get. It’s been almost impossible to keep up with what Sig is producing at any given time. 

Shoot Better With Mini Red Dots

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They have packages that come from the SIG factory with a red dot optic. Which is probably the route I would suggest just to avoid any confusion. But if you don’t want to do that, there are multiple companies making adapter plates. These will make your Sig go from a specific dot or an existing mounting pattern to accept dots like the Trijicon RMR and pretty much any aftermarket red dot out there.



The safety options on the HK P30 are numerous and we’re going to mention those in the trigger section. But the HK P30 does come with the option to have a thumb safety on it. The thumb safety is fairly intuitive. It’s not too obtrusive, while also being large enough to still get your hand on and ride like a 1911 style safety when you’re shooting. 

HK P30

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So it’s a good design and if you’re looking for a thumb safe little striker-fired handgun. It’’s going to be hard to beat the HK P30. But the safety options on the HK P30 are pretty numerous as well.


Sig P320 Trigger

HK P30 vs Sig P320 trigger

The trigger on the Sig P320 is a striker-fired trigger. You get take up, you’re going to get a little bit of creep, and then it’ll break. I think all fairly short reset back to creep point. It’s a decent striker-fired trigger. It’s not great but it’s nothing horrible but instead just standard.

HK P30 LEM Trigger

The trigger on the HK P30 LEM has a very light take-up that extends very far. While you’re pressing that trigger back the hammer, you can all see the hammer visibly going back. That hammer is a light plastic hammer. The reason that it’s so light to pull the hammer back is the hammer is already pre-cocked by the slide. 

HK P30 vs Sig P320 HK trigger

This is what makes the HK Lem system somewhat unique. So when you’re-holster the gun, if you want to be extra safe, you can place your thumb over that hammer. The hammer will be blocked by your thumb, meaning there’s no way you’ll have an accidental discharge when trying to reholster the gun.

Slide Lock

HK P30 vs Sig P320 magazine release

Comparing the slide locks on these two guns isn’t hard. The Sig P320 has very small and minimalist style slide locks. If you have smaller hands might be a bit of a stretch to reach. While the HK P30 has absolutely huge massive slide locks on each side of the gun. Almost any size hands will be able to reach them. It’s very extremely to reach them. I think the HK P30 vs Sig P320 slide lock is no question and the HK P30 is the clear winner.

Magazine Release

HK P30 vs Sig P320 HK mag release

There are two completely different magazine releases on these guns. The HK P30 comes with the classic HK paddle-style release. Which is excellent and you can use either your thumb, your trigger finger, or your middle finger to release the magazine. All methods require you to break the hook. 

HK P30 vs Sig P320 magazine release

While the Sig P320 has a reversible push-button mag release that you can press with your thumb. I do not have to break my grip to reach the magazine release. Although, someone with slightly smaller hands likely will. It works well and it’s very intuitive. And this really comes down to personal preference.

I really like the HK style release on an HK, but the Sig release works very well. It’s a personal preference. I can’t make a determination on Sig P320 vs HK P30 magazine releases.

Magazine Well

The magazine well on the Sig P320 is going to depend on the grip module you’re using. If you’re using a regular grip module, there is no bubble on the inside of the magazine well. It really leaves a lot to be desired. There isn’t much to funnel that magazine, the HK P30 suffers from the same thing. 

Sig P320
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Although if you switch the Sig P320 grip module out to an X series module, there will be a much larger bevel inside the magazine. Making it much easier to reload. So that’s obviously going to be the preferred magazine well if you’re looking for speed.


Quality, there’s no comparison. The HK P30 is far superior to the Sig P320. The frame on the HK P30 is the best feeling polymer frame I’ve ever felt. The Sig P320 feels cheap. And all along the lines of something you’d expect from Taurus, not Sig. The slides themselves are both pretty decent quality although, I think the HK slide just feels like it’s slightly better in quality.


Aftermarket there’s no question there are a lot more options for the Sig P320 from triggers to recoils spring assembly sights. Even complete aftermarket slides or grip modules, the Sig P320 has it all. The only company that is beating Sig in the aftermarket Glock. The HK on the other hand doesn’t have a lot of aftermarket options. But there’s also not a lot that I’d want to change on this gun. That said the best aftermarket gun is definitely the Sig P320 vs HK P30.

HK P30

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HK P30 vs Sig P320 T

Aesthetically, it is going to be somewhat of a personal preference. I think the Sig P320 is a pretty decent looking gun, but I just have a soft spot in my heart for the HK P30. And due to that, I’m going to give it an unfair advantage. I am not an unbiased person when looking at the Sig P320 as I just really liked the way it looks. It does something special above all other guns. And due to that, you’re going to have to make your own opinion.


Shooting these guns is somewhat of a different experience. Up until now, you’ve seen me give the HK P30 a lot of credit. It’s a gun I really like. But when it comes to shooting the gun on the range, the Sig P320 just seems to be the better option. Sig P320 has a lot of muzzle flip as does the HK P30. But the recoil impulse on both these guns is somewhat softer than you would expect. With that muzzle flip, it gives the slide time to dissipate a lot of that recoil so it doesn’t get absorbed into your hand.

The Sig P320 is a very shootable gun and I think most people will find it easier to shoot than the HK P30.

HK P30

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The biggest downside of the HK P30 is going to be the hammer-fired trigger design. A HK LEM trigger is not easy to shoot unless you’re very familiar with it. The Sig P320 striker-fired trigger is similar to pretty much every other gun out there on the market.

So if you want something you can cross-train with, then I would definitely suggest going with the Sig P320. If you want to be a little bit unique and different from everybody else, then get an HK P30 and just shoot that for a while. I’m sure you’ll be able to get very good with it if it’s the only gun you put time into.


Street price on the Sig P320 is going to vary from $500-$650 depending on the model you purchase. The HK P30 ranges from $620-$700 depending on whether or not you get night sights.

Sig P320
X Carry

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Functionally you get more value from the Sig P320. It goes bang with a similar feature set at a cheaper price. That said due to its exceptional build quality I find more value in the HK P30 vs Sig P320 which is a much cheaper built gun. 


HK P30 Pros

  • Quality
  • Size
  • Texture
  • Ergonomics

Sig P320 Pros

  • No Finger Grooves
  • Aftermarket

HK P30 Cons

  • Sight options
  • Trigger

Sig P320 Cons

  • Quality
  • Size

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