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Sig P365xl vs Hellcat

While many may want to compare the Springfield Hellcat vs Sig P365 the Sig P365xl is perhaps a better comparison.

Considering they are both red dot compatible and have similar magazine capacities. We’ll compare the pros and cons of the Sig P365xl vs Hellcat in detail to help you determine which one is the best for you.

Sig P365XL vs Springfield Hellcat X


MetricsSig P365 XLSpringfield Armory Hellcat
Weight No Mag(Oz)18.116.1
Weight Empty Mag(Oz)20.318.2/18.6
Weight With A Full Mag(Oz)25.523.0/24.2
Height(top of Slide to bottom of Magazine Baseplate)(Inches)4.654.03/4.52
Length (Inches)6.596.03
Width of Grip(Inches)1.021.02
Width of Slide(Inches)0.900.87
Width Across Controls(Inches)1.011.07

Sig P365xl vs Hellcat Concealed Carry

Both of these guns are relatively small and slim firearms. There are going to be some key differences when it comes down to the size of the firearms. The Sig P365 XL comes up to accept a flush-fit 12-round magazine. The Springfield Armory Hellcat is set up for an 11-round magazine and it has the ability to add a plus-two extended 13-round magazine. That will add some length to the grip.

So you have a few more options with the Springfield Armory Hellcat than you do with the Sig P365 XL in its stock format. 

Now, you can take the Sig P365 XL and install a Sig P365 grip module that will accept a 10-round flush-fit magazine. That makes the comparison a little more equal. For the sake of this comparison, we’re going to talk about these firearms and their factory formats. Because I don’t think a lot of people are going to add a SIG P365 grip module to the SIG P365 XL.

Sig P365XL Holster IWB 12Sig P365XL Holster IWB 12Springfield Hellcat Holster IWB 11Springfield Hellcat Holster IWB 11

One thing the Sig P365 XL does have over the Springfield Armory Hellcat is it will accept a 15-round extended magazine. While that magazine adds a lot of length, it is still carry-able for most people. It won’t be nearly as concealable as the SIG P365 XL in its standard format, but a lot of people still have a large enough build to conceal a gun with that magazine. 

Springfield Armory Hellcat

Springfield Armory Hellcat
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I personally really liked Springfield Armory Hellcat because of the options it has in its standard format. If you look at it, even with 13 rounds in the gun, it’s still a 10th of an inch shorter than the SIG P365 XL.


So you have a little bit more versatility with the Springfield Armory Hellcat out of the box. Now, the same versatility can be applied to the SIG P365 XL, but you still have less capacity for the size than you get with the Hellcat, which is really impressive on Springfield Armory’s part.

Sig P365XL

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Now, I don’t normally mention length in these comparisons because it doesn’t play a huge role in concealment, but with these guns, it does. The Sig P365 XL has a slide that is approximately a half-inch longer. That is a major advantage when it comes to carrying inside the waistband. It helps balance out the gun.

This is especially important at the appendix carry position. That half-inch of extra length brings the center of gravity of the gun a little bit lower below the waistline and it makes the gun less likely to want to flip out above the belt. The Springfield Armory Hellcat, with its short slide and muzzle, is a little bit top-heavy.


The width on these guns is near identical, so you’re not going to see a difference in concealment there. Most people are carrying inside the waistband. So both of these guns are going to be small enough to use effectively in that role.

Pocket Carry

If you are planning on pocket carrying, then the SIG P365 XL will not be nearly as good as the Springfield Armory Hellcat.

The SIG P365 XL is just too big of a gun to do that. For most people, the Springfield Armory Hellcat is also going to be a little larger than what you’re going to want to pocket carry. It is doable with the flush-fit magazine for larger individuals. Assuming they are wearing baggier pants with larger pockets.

I’m going to have to give the win here to the Springfield Armory Hellcat from a perspective that it’s a lot more versatile of a setup. Now, that said, if you take the SIG P365 XL and add a SIG P365 grip module to it, you get the same versatility. And you only have to spend around 40 to $50 to do that.

Springfield Armory Hellcat

Springfield Armory Hellcat
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One feature I did not mention is the Springfield Armory Hellcat is just slightly lighter. Around two ounces lighter than the Sig P365 XL. That is a nice feature when you’re wanting to carry a gun without a belt.

Two ounces doesn’t sound like a lot, but it makes a big difference when you’re carrying a gun without the support of a belt. So if you plan on using this as a sidearm when running or working out, the Springfield Armory Hellcat might be in the lead.


Sig P365XL vs Springfield Hellcat grips


Both of these frames don’t have any modularity built into it. On guns this small, it’s not normal to have features like adjustable backstraps and such. The modularity is going to be mostly in the frame system themselves.

You can switch out the grip module on the SIG P365 XL, as we’ve mentioned earlier. Which is a nice feature to have, and there are more companies making aftermarket grip options. 

This will allow you to optimize the gun for some new features in the future as the aftermarket for that expands. The Springfield Armory Hellcat has no other grip options and the only changes you can make are the magazine length, which you can also do on the SIG P365 XL.


Now, when it comes to the way the grip actually feels, the Springfield Armory Hellcat feels much blockier than the SIG P365 XL. The SIG P365 XL just feels a lot better in the hand. That said, I can get a good of a grip on either of these handguns.

But a better grip and more leverage with the Springfield Hellcat. Glocks normally feel blocky and I would say the Springfield Hellcat is a similar feel to a Glock. It might feel blocky, but it usually means you can get really good control of the gun. A lot of 1911s, when you really look at them, feel like a two-by-four, and the Springfield Armory Hellcat has a similar feel to it. 

Sig P365XL

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The circumference on the grip of the Springfield Armory Hellcat is slightly more. Due to that, I like it better for drawing from an inside-the-waistband holster, as it seems to be a little bit quicker since my fingers don’t have to move as far between my body and the grip of the gun.

Grip Length

When it comes to the length of the grip the Sig P365 XL with a flush-fit magazine is going to be better for most people. I can get all my fingers on the Sig P365 XL. Whereas I can’t do that when the flush-fit 11-round magazine is in the Springfield Hellcat.

The Hellcat with a 13-round magazine, on the other hand. I’m able to get all of my fingers on and it works quite well to get the appropriate amount of leverage on the gun.

It really just depends on what you’re looking for. I think people with really small hands are going to prefer the grip on the Springfield. I think people with really small hands are going to prefer the grip on the Sig P365 XL. People with larger hands are going to tend to shoot the Hellcat better. I’ve talked to a lot of people that have shot both guns and this seems to be the consensus.


The texturing on these guns is near identical. The texture wraps around 360 degrees on both guns, and I will say this: 

Springfield Armory Hellcat

Springfield Armory Hellcat
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In Stock

Springfield Armory Hellcat has one advantage in that texture extends to the area between the magazine release and the slide stop. Whereas the Sig P365 XL is completely slick in that area, so you can give a slight advantage to the Springfield Armory Hellcat there, but not much of one. These guns are identical when it comes to texture.


Sig P365XL vs Springfield Hellcat Slides

In my opinion, the SIG P365 XL has much better slide features. This texturing on the finish of both of these slides is almost identical. Same as the texture on the grip, but the serrations on the SIG P365 XL are much more aggressive. The shape of the slide itself lends you to using the forward serrations or the rear serrations.

It’s a very easy slide to manipulate. Sig just did a really good job. The chamfering on the front of the slide really creates a nice bevel. So you can get your entire fingers and the palm of your hand on the front of the slide when you’re trying to manipulate it for press checks. The rear of the slide also has sufficient serrations.

On the Hellcat, the serrations are almost a joke. They’re there and they work. But they’re much harder to use and the way they’re positioned my hand doesn’t impact them a lot. So I’m actually just using pressure to pull the slide to the rear versus getting any aggressive feel from the texture of the serrations.


Sig P365XL vs Springfield Hellcat sights


Both of these guns come set up with a pretty good pair of sights. It’s going to be personal preference to a certain degree. But I think you’re going to have a hard time arguing the Sig P365 XL’s sights are better than the Springfield Armory Hellcat once you get your hands on them. At first, I thought I liked the Sig P365 XL sights better. After shooting the two guns side by side, I’m going to have to give the win to the Hellcat, hands down.

The Hellcat is a bit different in that it has a bright white “U” on the back of the rear sight with a very bright yellow front sight. The front sight is completely amazing with that bright yellow color. It’s much brighter than the green on the Sig P365 XL when you look at the sight during daylight. The Sig P365 XL does have tritium vials on the rear sight. They can be distracting at night. I was very hesitant about that bright “U” on the rear sight on the Hellcat. But I’ve really grown to love it over time.

It just works really well and these are very fast sights to pick up. They’re not the most precise in the world, but more so than the SIG P365 XL.


One downside of the Sig P365 XL is the rear sight is mounted to the optics cover plate. There are currently no aftermarket options that will work with this gun. So you’re stuck with the rear sight it comes with. Now, on the Springfield Armory Hellcat, the rear sight is mounted into the gun itself.

The gun uses standard Sig dovetail cuts. So any sights that will work for the regular Sig P365 will work for the Hellcat. It’s just a pretty amazing setup. If you don’t like the sights from the factory, which are excellent. You can always find something to switch them out to, an option you don’t have on the SIG P365 XL aftermarket. 

Sig P365XL

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Red Dot Optics

You can easily mount a red dot to either one of these guns. The Sig P365 XL always comes with a cutout for a red dot.

Shoot Better With Mini Red Dots

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The downside of this is there are no backup iron sights on this gun. That’s due to the rear sight being attached to the optics cover plate. So once you remove that, you have no backup for your sight.

Now, on the SIG P365 XL, it has an optics mounting area on their OSP model that sits forward of the rear sight. So you still maintain the ability to use a rear sight with this gun. Depending on the optic you go with, you may or may not be able to co-witness with the factory sights.

Springfield Armory Hellcat

Springfield Armory Hellcat
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In Stock



Both of these guns have decent triggers. They’re very similar in quality, but they have very different feels. I don’t think anybody can definitively say one trigger is better than the other. You will have people that certainly have a preference towards one trigger versus the other. I’m going to describe each trigger in-depth so you can figure out which trigger you’ll prefer.

SIG P365 XL Trigger

Sig P365XL vs Springfield Hellcat sig trigger

Now, we start to pull the Sig P365 XL. The trigger shoe itself is a flat-face trigger, which is a nice touch. When you go on to pull the trigger, you have your light take-up and then you immediately start to feel a creep. Right before the trigger goes into a rolling break that is fairly light.

Then you have a reset that isn’t all that positive. But you do hear a positive click upon the reset, and then you immediately fell that creep before going into your rolling break. It’s a good trigger. I really like the rolling break and because of the rolling break, it’s my preferred trigger. But if you don’t like the rolling break, then you probably won’t want to get the Sig P365 XL.

Springfield Armory Hellcat Trigger

Sig P365XL vs Springfield Hellcat trigger

The Springfield Armory Hellcat is similar in that you pull the initial light take-up like all other striker-fired guns. Then with this one, you reach a wall. That wall is pretty definitive and you don’t really feel any creep before you have a hard break.

In a way, it almost reminds me of a Gen 3 Glock trigger. It’s not bad. It’s just different. If you prefer a rolling break, go with the Sig P365 XL. But if you prefer a harder break with a definitive wall, then check out the Springfield Armory Hellcat.

Sig P365xl vs Hellcat Slide Lock

Both guns feature slide locks mounted on the left-hand side of the firearm set up for a right-handed shooter to drop or use with their primary hand thumb. Both of these are very small and slightly sharp. Personally, I find the Hellcat is just a little better rounded. So it edges out the Sig P365 XL just slightly. The Hellcat slide stop also sits a little further back. So it will work for a wider variety of people. 

Sig P365XL vs Springfield Hellcat slide lock

Ironically, this was the one feature on the Hellcat that is probably better suited for people with small hands. The Sig P365 XL slide stop does sit farther forward, so if you have really small hands, you’re probably going to have trouble accessing it.

The release on the Hellcat is also very sharp, so I’m going to have to say the Springfield Armory Hellcat wins versus the SIG P365 XL in this comparison.

Magazine Release

Sig P365XL vs Springfield Hellcat sig magazine release

The magazine releases on these guns are nearly identical. I find it a little easier to drop the magazine using the magazine release on the SIG P365 XL. For one, the shape of the magazine release button itself just seems a little easier to press.

Two, you have more of your hand sticking below the grip on the Springfield Hellcat. This will stop the magazine from coming out, but the same issue happens for me on the SIG P365 XL. 

Sig P365XL vs Springfield Hellcat magazine release

Despite getting all my fingers on the grip of the SIG P365 XL, the bottom of my palm sits under the magazine base plate. That keeps the magazine from dropping free. On either of these guns, you’ll have to break your grip to drop the magazine. Unless you have really small hands, in which case, you’ll probably have to break the grip to reach the magazine release.

Magazine Well Sig P365xl vs Hellcat

There is no magazine well to speak of on the Springfield Hellcat. The Hellcat has a slight bevel on the sides of the magazine well. But it doesn’t do a ton to help you on your reload. The Sig P365 XL, on the other hand, has a pretty good bevel on both sides of the mag well. It’s just a nice gun to reload.

But you do have to break that grip, or you’ll pinch your palm between the magazine base plate and the grip of the gun. I’m going to have to say the magazine well is much better on the Sig P365 XL versus the Hellcat.


Sig P365XL vs Springfield Hellcat T

Quality-wise, I’m surprised that I’m saying this, but I think the Springfield Armory Hellcat is the winner. The sights on the Springfield Armory Hellcat seem a lot higher quality than the sights on the SIG. The polymer in the frame seems higher quality as well. Even though the slides themselves appear to be of similar quality.

I really can’t believe I’m saying this, the Springfield Armory just seems better made. I am not a fan of the Springfield XD series, so I find myself surprised to say that. The frame on the SIG P365 XL just seems cheap. There’s a reason you can buy these for $40 very easily. I know there’s not a huge difference between polymers, but this is just my opinion, and the Hellcat just seemed like a better-made firearm.

Sig P365XL

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Sig P365XLs In Stock

Sig P365xl vs Hellcat Aesthetics 

Aesthetically, I think the SIG P365 XL is a better-looking firearm. There’s nothing really attractive about the Springfield Hellcat. The slide serrations look kind of cool and kind of different, but this gun also feels like it’s going to look very dated fast. The grip is very blocky and it lacks any kind of elegance. That said, I don’t think either of these firearms are showstoppers.


Sig P365XL vs Springfield Hellcat Square

Now, this was where I was very surprised. I did not want to like the Springfield Armory Hellcat at all when I first shot it. But when I took it to the range, I was shocked with how well it shot. It shoots almost like a full-size handgun. You can say the same thing about the SIG P365 XL, but it doesn’t seem to shoot quite as soft as the Springfield Armory Hellcat. I was surprised how well I shot the Hellcat, especially since I wanted to hate it.

Really, at the end of the day, it’s going to come down to what you prefer. I think if you have larger hands, you’re going to be able to shoot the Springfield Armory Hellcat better. But if you have smaller hands, the SIG P365 XL is probably the gun I would suggest you go with it. There are always upsides and both of these guns will serve you well. I do think the Springfield Armory Hellcat has ergonomics that are just going to work for a wider range of people. 

Springfield Armory Hellcat

Springfield Armory Hellcat
New and Pre Owned
In Stock

I shot this gun significantly better and it comes out of the box with a fantastic set of sights. Sights that I can’t ever see wanting to replace. Both of these guns have red-dot mounting options if you get the OSP variant of the Hellcat. Plus doesn’t cost much more than the standard Hellcat. I just really can’t think of a better out-of-the-box carry gun than the Springfield Armory Hellcat.

Price/Value Sig P365xl vs Hellcat

Both of these guns are in a similar price range but the Springfield Hellcat comes in just a tad cheaper. MSRP on the Sig P365 XL is $679 with a MAP/street price of $579 and the MSRP on the Hellcat OSP is $599. The regular Hellcat is $569. You can normally pick up the Hellcat for $490-$530 depending on the variant. Hellcat magazine can also be found for under $30 while the Sig P365XL are normally $40 plus. 

Dollar for dollar I think you get a little more for your money with the Hellcat. Personally, I think the sights on the Hellcat are superior to the Siglite Night Sights. Getting a better set of sights on a cheaper gun seals the deal for me.

Sig P365XL

New and Pre Owned
Sig P365XLs In Stock


Springfield Hellcat Pros

  • Large Grip for larger hands
  • Sights
  • Recoil Impulse
  • Magazine Cost

Sig P365XL Pros

  • Small Grip for smaller hands
  • Recoil Impulse
  • American Assembled and Partially Manufactured

Springfield Hellcat Cons

  • Croatian Manufactured
  • Smaller Aftermarket

Sig P365 XLCons

  • Sights 
  • Magazine Most

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