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Glock 42 Review

I bought the Glock 42 as soon as I turned 21 planning to pocket carry since I couldn’t carry my Glock 19 with a tucked-in shirt. I had a ghost connector and Ameriglo Sights installed at the gun shop so I don’t have experience with the factory setup. When I got the gun I loved it. It was small, light recoil, and accurate. With the Underwood Penetrator +P ammo, I felt okay with the 380ACP.

Then my pocket holster arrived. With the pocket holster, the gun was way too big. I was using what many considered the best on the market and it was a great holster but it looked like I was carrying an iPad mini with an Otterbox in my front pocket. It would work great if someone was wearing really baggy pants or who is much larger than my 6 foot (actually 5’11 ¾ ) 175 pounds stature.

I felt lost. With the job I had at the time, I was taking my shoes off a lot so ankle carry wasn’t an option. I didn’t have a good option to carry a gun, not to mention that while you can efficiently draw a gun through pocket carry it still takes a long time. The fastest I could reliably get was 2 seconds and if the pants I wore had a restricting pocket cut it was even worse. Also, most modern cut pants have shallow pockets making it even harder to conceal the gun.

When shooting the gun with concentration I can put each on top of each other at 7 yards. 2-inch 10rd group at 7 yards so I’d say the gun is more than accurate enough. Firing as fast as I could with the little gun, I was making center mass hits at 7 yards. It’s a small gun and it’s a bit like you’re riding the ragged edge of accuracy with shooting it for speed.

For myself, it’s a gun without a purpose. While pleasant to shoot, it isn’t fun to shoot and I don’t ever carry it. It also lacks collector value and thus doesn’t hold a meaningful place in my collection. On the other hand, my cousin has one for her EDC. She loves it and has small hands that fit the gun. For someone such as her, it is the perfect carry gun.

It’s a quality, accurate gun that will serve the right person well.


  • Size
  • Controllability
    • For such a small gun it is very controllable.
  • Soft Shooting
    • The 380 is very soft.
  • Aftermarket
    • Everything you want is out there besides a large collection of connectors.
      • +2 mag extensions
      • Sights
      • Flat Faced Triggers
      • Talon Grips
      • Holsters
      • Etc…
  • Accuracy
    • This gun is a tack driver.


  • Size
    • It’s too big for a skinny guy to pocket carry in regular pants.
  • The size of the makes it hard for me to get a solid grip on the gun.
    • It makes it harder to shoot the gun fast.


  • Sights
    • Ameriglo
      • Okay sights for the money, but I prefer Trijicon HDs, or a Trijicon HD front with a blacked-out U-Notch rear.
      • If I were to carry with the gun I’d replace it with the above setup.
  • Ghost Edge Connector
    • Lightens the Trigger but it has revolver-like pull after the takeup with no real wall.

2 Replies to “Glock 42 Review”

  1. Joe Groff says:

    i keep two carry options ready depending on my dress attire, kahr P380 and sig 365. shooting wise, I found my 380 very snappy harder to keep on target but better then being strapless.

  2. Janice Pittenger says:

    Your products look fantastic which I owned some.

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