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CZ 75 Compact vs P01


When comparing the CZ P01 vs 75 Compact there are some differences that pop out despite both being based on the CZ 75 Design. The CZ 75 compact is just a CZ 75 with the length of the grip and the slide/barrel shortened slightly while the CZ P01 has a light rail and aluminum alloy frame. Besides these obvious differences, there are also many small details in the CZ P01 vs 75 Compact that we’ll cover in this comparison. We’ll also cover the CZ P01 Omega as well as the normal CZ P01.



Metrics CZ 75 Compact CZ P01/P01 Omega
Weight No Mag(Oz) 29.4 25.2
Weight Empty Mag(Oz) 32.4 28.2
Weight With A Full Mag(Oz) 38.9 34.7
Height(top of Slide to bottom of Magazine Baseplate)(Inches) 5.1 5.10
Length(Inches) 7.17 7.20
Width of Grip(Inches) 1.37 1.4
Width of Slide(Inches) 0.93 0.93
Width Across Controls(Inches) 1.26 1.50

Concealed Carry

When it comes to concealment you can see the dimensions of the guns are near identical so it’s a wash from a concealment perspective. Where things get interesting is the weight. Loaded with 15 rounds of Federal HST 124 grain plus P the CZ 75 Compact weights 5 almost 4 ounces or a quarter of a pound more than the CZ P01. When you’re comparing the CZ P01 vs CZ 75 Compact for concealed carry weight is likely a metric and long term the CZ P01 is going to be a lot easier on your joints and body.


There are quite a few differences between the steel frame on the CZ 75 Compact vs P01’s aluminum alloy frame. Besides the weight which we covered earlier the most notable difference is the width of the frames. The P01 frame is wider at the top portion but when it comes to the grip the frame narrows down so it’s almost identical to the frame on the CZ 75c.

The guns both accept the same grip panels so there is no difference from an aftermarket grip perspective. between the CZ P01 vs 75 Compact. That said from the factory they come with different grips. On the P01 there is a rubbery feeling grip that provides you with good traction while the grip panels on the 75c look and feel more like hard plastic but they still provide decent traction. I personally find the feel better on the CZ 75 compact vs P01 but that’s going to come down to personal preference.

There they do differ on the texturing on the front and back strap. The CZ P01 has vertical lines on both the front and back strap while the CZ 75c has nothing and is completely slick. You do notice a grip advantage on the P01 but if you have a good set of aftermarket grips it can likely negate the difference in traction. But I’m going to have to give the CZ P01 the edge on this aspect.


When it comes to factory sights neither the CZ P01 nor the 75 Compact has steller factory options. If you’re looking for sight radius you’ll want to go with the CZ P01 vs CZ 75 Compact as the CZ 75 sights don’t extend the rear of the slide losing approximately ½ inch of sight radius. The notch on the CZ P01 is a little deeper so I’m going to give the edge to that gun despite the guns having a near-identical lackluster 3 dot sight picture.

If you’re open to aftermarket options then CZ Custom and Dawson Precision both offer a variety of identical options giving no advantage to either gun in the CZ 75 Compact vs P01 debate.



This is the portion where things start to get complicated because not only are we comparing the CZ 75 Compact vs P01 but we’re also comparing the CZ 75 Compact vs P01 Omega.

The CZ 75 Compact currently is only available in one variant and has a left side only thumb safety set up for a right-handed shooter while CZ P01 comes in two main variants. You can get the P01 in an identical format to the CZ 75 Compact or in the Omega configuration. Since the non-omega variants are identical there is no point in comparing the safeties on the CZ 75 Compact vs CZ P01.

But it is relevant to compare the safeties on the CZ 75 Compact vs P01 Omega. With the 75 Compact, you can run the gun cocked in locked using single action or you’ll need to manually drop the hammer to decock the gun. Many will rightfully find decocking the gun by manually dropping the hammer to be a potential safety hazard.

On the CZ P01 Omega, you can switch out between a decocker and safety. They’re both ambi so that gives a clear disadvantage to the CZ 75 Compact vs P01 Omega if you’re left-handed or want more options on your gun.


Again there is no point in comparing the CZ 75 Compact vs P01 as their trigger is identical just like the safety. The CZ P01 Omega is quite different from the trigger used in the CZ 75c and P01. In double-action, the weight of the pull feels identical in both but the regular CZ 75 compact/P01 trigger is much smoother.

In single-action, both triggers have a rolling break and the reset is similar although the P01 Omega trigger feels lighter and cleaner in Single Action. When comparing the CZ 75 Compact vs P01 Omega the clear winner of the double-action pull is the 75 compact but the P01 Omega has a slight advantage on the single-action trigger.

One key difference I don’t want to forget to mention is the trigger shoe. The 75 compact has a curved trigger shoe while the CZ P01 Omega trigger shoe is much shorter.

Magazine Well

The CZ P01 has a clear advantage here as it has a slight bevel in the magwell while the 75 compact has none. That said it’s not extreme enough to make a huge difference in your reload time.


Quality on the CZ 75 Compact vs P01 is almost identical. The steel frame does feel a little more substantial but practically I think both guns will be just as durable for all but the most demanding shooters. Unless you plan to put 10s of thousands of rounds through the gun I don’t think you’ll see a difference in the CZ 75 Compact vs P01.


Aftermarket options on these guns are somewhat limited. Most of the aftermarket is built around grips and trigger parts of which there are plenty of options. But if you’re looking for options like sights and aftermarket magazine releases then you’ll find both of the guns seriously lacking.


In my opinion, the CZ P01 is the more attractive gun but not by much. The rail on the CZ P01 just seems to make the gun seem more attractive than the short small slide on the CZ 75c.


Hands down the CZ 75 Compact is the better shooting gun. The weight of the frame really makes a difference here. If you get the opportunity to shoot one you’ll know what I mean.


All of these guns are priced at $646 MSRP so the value is identical. What features are most important to you will dictate which gun offers you the most value.

CZ 75 Compact vs P01 Pros/Cons

CZ 75 Compact Pros


  • Fantastic Ergonomics
  • The heavy frame makes shooting a joy
  • Fantastic DA trigger
  • Did I mention it’s my favorite gun to shoot!

CZ 75 Compact Cons


  • The steel frame is a little heavier than most people will want to carry

CZ P01 Pros


  • Fantastic Ergonomics
  • Lightweight frame when carrying
  • Fantastic DA trigger

CZ P01 Cons


  • Lightweight frame when shooting

CZ P01 Omega Pros


  • Fantastic Ergonomics
  • The ability to run the gun with either a Safety or Decocker
  • Nice SA Trigger

CZ P01 Omega Cons

  • DA Trigger is not that great


7 Replies to “CZ 75 Compact vs P01”

  1. Edward Howe says:

    There is no mention about recoil and sa weight of the trigger pull. eg 4lbs, 5 lbs.

  2. Noel Grimmett says:

    I’ve been going nuts trying to decide which CZ to get, I like appendix carry, but not with a striker or even cocked and locked ssa. I had it down to P-07, 75 Compact, or P-01 Omega. Lately it’s been down to the Omega. And now I’m even more certain that the P-01 Omega is my next edc. Some good info in your comparison, you answered some questions for me and I thank you. Now the hard part.. finding one. I wonder.. are they still P-01 Omegas or are they P-02’s now?

    1. Harrison says:

      They are still P01 Omegas. Any of the non P07/P10 series guns from the CZ Lineup tend to be hard to find. Unless you luck out finding one locally isn’t going to be easy. I had to get in-stock notifications from multiple online dealers to get mine.

  3. Klugey One says:

    I’m going through this exact scenario right now. I went with a P-01 with a classic trigger and decocker, but I want to get a backup that will use the same holsters, the same ergos, and same DA/SA manual of arms. I am trying to decide between the PCR (lighter) and the 75 Compact – both with decockers. They look to be exactly the same gun – 1 is alloy and 1 is steel.

    1. Harrison says:

      The 75c is much thinner and will not fit P01 holsters. PCRs will fit some P01 holsters but I’m not sure if they’ll fit all. I still haven’t picked on up to test in ours. The 75 Compact is a great shooter but is heavier.

  4. tyler kent says:

    Important question: Does a kydex IWB holster designed for the CZ P01 fit the CZ 75 Compact?

    1. Harrison says:

      They do not. The PCR will fit in some cases but not the CZ 75 Compact which has a thinner frame.

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