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CZ Scorpion Micro Review

This is our CZ Scorpion Micro review. We’re going to cover every little (pun intended) detail of the gun to assess its capabilities as a duty, sporting, or casual-carry firearm. 

CZ Scorpion Micro Left

The Scorpion is an incredibly popular gun that has been featured in a bunch of video games and movies.

The CZ Scorpion Micro is a shorter variant.

While it hasn’t gotten as much play on the internet movie firearms database as the larger model, it is a very cool-looking piece and one of CZ‘s better sellers. 

That being said, this gun is far from perfect. It has a lot to offer, but at the same time, there are a lot of downsides. 

Scorpion Micro

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What is the appeal of the gun?

In my opinion, the best asset of this gun is its appearance. The gun looks incredibly futuristic. It’s something that could fit in a sci-fi movie or any modern thriller.

It has the desired aesthetic look for someone planning to take on the villain in the latest Tom Clancy or Brad Thor novel.

However, it’s a good gun to take to the range or even use for home defense.

CZ Scorpion Micro Backpack

Many will say it also has some other uses or carry options (e.g. be used in a backpack, but I think that’s a bit of a stretch).

The gun itself is very wide.

It’s almost two inches wide from one side to the other before you fold the brace. Once you fold the brace, the gun becomes about four inches wide, or maybe even five.

It’s just a very thick, bulky firearm, especially for a 9mm pistol with a four- to five-inch barrel. 

Now, let’s dig into the details and see if this could be the right firearm for you.


Ergonomics can make or break your experience when it comes to choosing a firearm. The CZ Scorpion is no exception.


CZ Scorpion Micro Safety Right On

The safety on the CZ Scorpion is probably my least favorite feature of them all.

The safety itself is positioned similarly to an HK MP5 and an AR-15 but sits somewhere between the two. It’s better than the HK MP5, but it’s not as good as an AR-15-style safety.

The safeties themselves have these large sweeping levers and are ambidextrous. For your firing-hand thumb, that’s great, but not for the knuckle of your trigger finger.

No matter how you try to take off the safety, it’s going to impact the top of your trigger finger, and no, it’s not comfortable.

Is this something you get past?


But the angle on it is just as unnatural as it can get.

A lot of people add safety-delete kits to the side of the firearm they are not using, but one nice thing about having an ambidextrous safety is using your trigger finger to re-engage or put the gun back on safe.

Personally, I think it’s easy to redesign the lever to make it more ergonomic.

They could have avoided this issue.

CZ Scorpion Micro Trigger Finger Safety

Considering the fact that this gun was designed in the 2000s, it should have been updated to modern standards.

AR-15s had become the standard design by then, and it would’ve been better to focus on making the firearm more ergonomic for the user.

Pistol Grip

The pistol grip is another area where I wondered why they shaped it the way they did.

It has a very sharp, sweeping angle that is designed more for prone and QCB-style shooting.

That doesn’t make any sense, considering this is a 9mm pistol.

CZ Scorpion Micro Pistol Grip

This is a gun you’re going to be shooting up close with, not laying down on the ground shooting at 600-yard targets at Camp Perry.

It’s just a particular aspect of the design.

The good news is that the grip is removable, and there are a couple of aftermarket options that we’ll go over later.

Scorpion Micro

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The grip is also enormous and seems disproportional for the size of the CZ Scorpion Micro.

I would have liked to have seen something a little bit smaller.

There’s also a lot of space in the gun grip, and there is no storage option. It would have been nice to see that as well.

Mag Releases

The magazine release on this gun is good. Anybody with medium-to-large hands is going to have no problem dropping the magazine free.

As long as the gun is sitting straight up and down when you press the magazine release, the magazine will drop free.

CZ Scorpion Micro Magazine Release

The magazine release is a paddle-style release that is, like the grip, completely ambidextrous.

I personally really like it. It’s one of my favorite magazine releases out there. However, if somebody has shorthands, it could be an issue.

I like that this magazine release allows you to do a tactical-style reload easily.

Simply use your support-hand thumb to rip the mag while disengaging the magazine release or use your firing-hand finger to drop the magazine quickly and speed-reload.

CZ Scorpion Micro Magazine Release Reach

It’s a perfect setup that works equally well for right- or left-handed shooters.

There are a variety of aftermarket options that allow you to change the setup of the magazine release to your preference.

Magazine Well

The magazine well in the CZ Scorpion Micro is slightly beveled around the edges and large enough. It’s not a slow magazine weld reload, but it’s not the quickest in the world either.

As long as you’re well-practiced, you won’t see any issues, but it’s not a competition-style mag well.

CZ Scorpion Micro Magwell

Bolt Release/Hold Open

The bolt release on the CZ Scorpion Micro is located on the left-hand side of the gun, so it’s set up only for use by a right-handed shooter, at least to drop the bolt itself.

But if you’re a left-handed shooter, it’s an advantage if you want to use it to hold open the bolt.

A right-handed shooter has to pull the bolt back or the charging handle and then place their thumb in a weird angle to engage the bolt release to hold the bolt back. 

CZ Scorpion Micro Bolt Release

It’s not my favorite feature, and I would rather see them make this ambidextrous than put it on the left side only.

Overall, it’s a fine setup but could use improvement.

Charging Handle

CZ Scorpion Micro Charging Handle rear

The charging handle on the CZ Scorpion Micro is probably one of its best features.

Especially if you’re a fan of the HK MP5. The charging handle itself is entirely ambidextrous, at least in installation.

You can install the charging handle on either the right or left side of the gun.

Scorpion Micro

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As a right-handed shooter, I have it set up on the left side of the gun.

The most fantastic feature is that the charging handle folds up to the top of the Picatinny rail, which is similar to the notch on the HK MP5. 

CZ Scorpion Micro MP5 charging Handle

This allows you to slap the bolt home on the CV Scorpion Micro. It’s just fun to do.

If you want a gun that isn’t an HK MP5 or MP5 clone that costs three to four times the amount of this gun, you’re going to be hard-pressed to see the CZ Scorpion Micro give you that feel.

It’s just a lot of fun to stop that bolt.

Your inner child comes out, and you feel like you’re watching 80s action movies.

Now, as far as the design of the charging handles itself, it’s a little bit small. You’re going to have to be careful depending on the accessories you mount up towards the front of the rail.

CZ Scorpion Micro Mod Button

Your index finger or pinky finger, depending on how you can manipulate the charging handle itself, could easily impact any accessories mounted to the rail and cause you to break the skin and damage your fingers.

I would’ve liked to have seen them extend the charging handle slightly, especially considering it’s non-reciprocating.


The handguard on the CZ Scorpion Micro is SHORT!

I’m six feet tall with decently long arms, but they’re not crazy long. I find it a little bit awkward and uncomfortable to do my normal grip on the handgun.

CZ Scorpion Micro Handguard

I want to come down more towards the magazine well and use it like an angled foregrip.

This gun looks great being so short, but being so short has its ergonomic challenges.

If that’s something that concerns you, you’re probably better off going with a full-size CZ Scorpion or another gun altogether.


The trigger on the CZ Scorpion Micro is where my complaint starts coming in.

When you initially fill the trigger, you’re going to feel some very heavy spring take-up, get to the point where you start feeling a serious creep, and then there is a lot of it before it finally breaks in a rolling style and resets again at the beginning of that heavy creep.

CZ Scorpion Micro Trigger

It has a very authoritative reset, which is good, but the reset is authoritative because the trigger is heavy as hell.

I don’t care for how heavy this trigger is. I am not a trigger snob by any means — I normally keep all my locks with stock triggers and shoot almost any gun with a stock trigger, but this gun leaves me wanting something much lighter.

It’s probably two to three times the weight of this standard AR-15 style safety.

There are aftermarket options in spring kits to help you improve the trigger, and that might be something you want to consider.


CZ Scorpion Micro left Magpul Magazine

The CZ Scorpion Micro comes with an SB Tactical Brace that folds to the right side of the firearm.

It looks like it partially ejects or blocks the ejection port, but you can still access the port with the brace itself with the handle on either side although it might get a little bit tight when you get towards the end of the travel.

This gun isn’t designed to shoot with the brace folded, but it can be done in a pinch.

CZ Scorpion Micro Ejection Port folded Brace

You could also get a 1913 rail adapter to put on the rear of the gun and mount many other styles of braces or SBR and add stock.

There are tons of options with the CZ Scorpion Micro, and the aftermarket is not something that’s lacking here.

Scorpion Micro

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Mounting Accessories

CZ Scorpion Micro Folded Right 35 Round Magazine Left

Accessorizing this gun is going to give it the look you want.

This is not the easiest gun in the world to accessorize, though. Many aftermarket parts allow you to improve the weapon and make it your own, but there are still going to be some ergonomic issues you’re going to have to deal with.

We’ll cover that below in mounting accessories.


Any optic you see for the CZ Scorpion Micro is fairly straightforward as long as you mount it more towards the rear of the gun itself.

Again, the charging handle on the CZ Scorpion Micro is what presents issues when mounting an optic.

CZ Scorpion Micro Eotech Left

If you have something broad like an Eotech, and you mount forward on the gun, your hand could impact that optic when you’re charging the weapon.

This is just something to keep in mind.

If you mount the optic more towards the rear or use a Slimline optic like an Aimpoint Micro or a Holosun, you won’t have those issues.


The CZ Scorpion Micro comes with Magpul flip-up iron sights.

In my opinion, they just don’t fit the gun, and they work, but I’ve taken them off. They’re decent sights, but they likely go on an AR-15. I’ve got on irons that don’t have any sights at all.

Instead of staying on the CZ Scorpion Micro, I’d much rather see this gun chipped with slim metal sights.

The weapon is very bulky, and for some reason, the Magpul on both sides makes it seem more cumbersome.


CZ Scorpion Micro Handguard Accessorized

Mounting a light to this gun is not easy.

Despite having multiple M-LOK attachments on each side and the bottom of the gun itself, you’re likely going to want to mount a light off the top of the firearm.

You can mount one off the side, but it’s likely to limit you to only using the light with your right or left hand.

You’re not going to be able to get an ergonomic ambidextrous setup.

I mounted a Modlite that was mounted to a ModButton off the 12 o’clock Picatinny rail. That works okay, but it’s not the easiest light to access with my thumb.

This is a cramped gun to mount light to, and you’re probably better off getting the regular CZ Scorpion Micro if you plan not to have light to this gun.

CZ Scorpion Micro Modlite

Control Devices

Control devices are self-explanatory: they’re items that help you control the gun better.

CZ put a Magpul handstop at the front of the firearm. It’s mounted in one or Picatinny slots, an outstanding feature on this firearm.

It’s incredibly short, so you want to make sure your hand doesn’t go in front of the muzzle and you end up losing a finger or two.

The hand stop prevents that, though you could always add an AFG or something else on this handguard, but I don’t think it’s suited for it.

The best ergonomics I’ve seen are just moving your hands back a little and using the natural angle of the handguard and the magazine well while pinning your front fingers somewhere around the hand stop.


There’s a sling on the CZ Scorpion Micro at the rear of the gun on both the left and right sides.

I’ve used that mount to install a Parker Mountain Machine to mount a single-point sling at the weapon’s rear.

I prefer two-point slings, but this gun doesn’t have a good option for a two-point sling.

CZ Scorpion Micro Rear Sling Mount PMM

I can always mount a QD cup at one of the Picatinny rail slots or the top or to one of the M-LOK slots on the sides of the handguard.

Still, it isn’t that ergonomic — then it will interfere with the grip of my gun. Unless a QD cup is mounted to the top Picatinny rail, it’s mounted fairly far back. That still has the similarities of a one-point sling.

This gun is short and then something I would like to see addressed, although I don’t see most users slinging this gun much.

It’s probably a gun that will be used for home defense or shooting at the range.


When you first pick up the CZ Scorpion Micro, pull back the bolt, and lock it into the notch using the charging handle, you’ll feel like you’re shooting an MP5.

It feels a lot different, but it’s like the modern version. From there, you can slap the magazine in easily due to the angle on the magwell, and then you slap that bolt home.

Bring the gun up on target, take the safety off, and you feel that safety lever hit your knuckle. That’s the first part of a negative experience.

Then you get to that heavy trigger pulling and start thinking “Man, is this thing ever going to go off?”

Scorpion Micro

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When the gun finally goes off, it has a lot of recoil for a 9mm handgun.

That recoil can be looked at in two ways.

One is that it is an enjoyable gun to shoot, and it’s somewhat challenging. Another way is that it’s just not as easy or fun to shoot as something like a SIG Sauer MPX.


CZ Scorpion Micro Lynx Defense Byte Folded Right
The Byte Gun Case is the best case for a folded Scorpion Micro

It’s going to come down to your opinion and what you like.

I for one enjoyed the heavy recoil of the CZ Scorpion Micro, but I wouldn’t use it as a go-to gun for that reason. If I’m choosing something as a go-to defensive firearm, I want it to be as easy to shoot on target as possible.

The Scorpion Micro is a great gun to shoot, but it isn’t without its flaws.

It looks fantastic, and if that’s what you’re looking for, then I think you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a better option. But if you’re looking for something that is just excellent in all categories, this gun isn’t going to be it.

It’s also not a cheap gun either.

It retails for around $1,100 and at that price, you have to wonder if there aren’t better options.

CZ Scorpion Micro Pros

  • Looks fantastic (like a movie gun!)
  • Fantastic aftermarket support
  • Aftermarket magazine options
  • Drum magazine options

Scorpion Micro Cons

  • Safety ergonomics
  • Wide profile
  • Recoil impulse
  • Trigger
  • Price
  • Accessories mounting

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