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CZ P10F Review

When it was announced the CZ P10c got a lot of press.

A lot of that press was due to the steep departure of design on CZ’s part. CZ is known for making arguably the best high-production DA/SA handguns in the world.

Their CZ75 design is the 2nd most copied handgun in the world behind the Colt 1911.

Our CZ P10F Review covers the full-size duty version of the striker-fired CZ P10c. CZ introduced the CZ P10c in 2017 as its first entry into the striker-fired market.

The polymer DA/SA CZ P07/P09 guns were very successful on the US market but in the US striker-fired handguns are much more popular than their DA/SA counterparts.

To take advantage of the popularity of the striker-fired market CZ who is famous for its DA/SA(double action single action) guns developed the CZ P10c.

The CZ75 is known for its buttery smooth trigger and when CZ started showing their pre-production P10c at Shot Show 2018 it was the only subject that the gun media could talk about.

Due to the trigger and the comfortable ergonomics many were calling the brand new CZ 10c the “Glock 19 Killer.”


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Initially, the CZ P10c was supposed to ship the very beginning of 2018 and there are reports that some shipped as early as the spring but they didn’t hit dealers in mass till the summer of 2018.

When they fit dealers people started complaining that the trigger wasn’t as good as the pre-production version and the magazine release and slide lock were too hard to use.

When CZ launched their brand new CZ P10F it was supposed to fix a lot of the problems of the original CZ P10.

But did it fix those issues?


The CZ P10F is a very large 9mm striker-fired handgun that is sized similarly to the CZ P09 so it can share magazine bodies.

It uses a different magazine cut than the CZ P09 so CZ has simplified its inventory by adding the magazine catch notches to the magazine bodies.

The CZ P10F holds 19 rounds of 9mm in its flush fit format.

CZ also makes +2 extensions that allow you to get 21 rounds in the magazine.

There are also a large number of aftermarket extensions that allow you to add up to 5 rounds. More on that later on.

The magazine well on the CZ P10f has a slight bevel to it but not a lot.

You won’t have an issue inserting the magazine as long as you have good reps in.

The design is typical of most polymer striker-fired magwells.

Unfortunately, it’s nowhere near as good as the Glock Gen 5 MOS which has a massive internal flare.

The CZ P10F can definitely be used as a carry gun.

I know a few people who carry them but most will be considering this gun for a USPSA Carry Optics, tactical, range, 2 gun competitions, or home defense.

The CZ P10F works really well in all of these roles.


The CZ P10F has a grip that is noticeably more rounded than most of its peers.

If you only saw the outline of the gun you’d likely know it was a CZ P10F or at least a member of the CZ P10 lineup.

CZ P10F Review Backstraps

The CZ P10F feels really good in the hand and has 3 backstrap inserts allowing you to adjust the feel of the grip.

The backstrap inserts sit so low that they only affect the feel of the hump on the grip. Unfortunately, the backstrap insert doesn’t give you the ability to adjust your trigger reach.

While there is no beavertail on the CZ P10F there is a very deep tang for the web of your hand.

That deep tang combined with the angle and ergonomics of the grip force your hand very high up on the grip of the gun.

A lot of new shooters struggle with getting a high enough grip on most guns and they are less likely to have that issue when shooting a CZ P10F.

CZ did an amazing job optimizing the ergonomics to force your hand high into the grip getting you as much leverage to control recoil as possible.


The highlight and most standout design feature on the CZ P10F is the texturing.

There is a lot of bite in this texturing on the front strap and back strap. The sides of the grip have slight texturing but it’s not aggressive so it won’t bother your skin when carrying in a CZ P10F IWB Holster.


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Texturing is placed in just the right places and when you grip the gun it doesn’t move at all.

When you take you to handle of the grip you’ll see indentations from the texting that quickly go away.

Due to this, some think the grip is too aggressive.

In my opinion, the CZ P10 series has the best texturing of any handgun on the market due to the fact it’ll work with soft hands or callused hands or gloves.

I can’t think of a single gun outside of the P10 series that’ll accomplish that challenge.

Bore Axis

Most CZ’s use external slide rails that drastically reduce the profile of the slide and many were disappointed when the CZ P10c was introduced and it used the more common internal slide rails.

The reason most like external slide rails is they believe that it reduces the bore axis on the gun. That is false although it can make the gun look like it has a lower bore axis than it really does.

The advantage of the more traditional slide rails is you get a large area of the slide to grab making manipulations easier if all other factors are equal.

The CZ P10F features both front and rear serrations and the serrations themselves are nice and deep so they’re fairly aggressive.

The rear serrations have enough surface area to be effective but the front serrations are only on the sides of the slide and the CZ P10F slide has large chamfers on the front of the slide that don’t have serrations.

The area with the serrations is minimal so it’s on as easy to get your hands in the right place to rack the slide.

CZ P10F Review Sights

My P10F is the CZ P10F OR which means optics ready.

The optics-ready variant comes with a blacked-out square notch rear sight and a front tritium night sight with an orange ring.

As far as factory sights this is one of the better offerings in the CZ P10F OR’s price range. Their other factory sight options include a 3 dot tritium sights and normal 3 dot non-tritium sights.

CZ’s sight offerings are usually acceptable but not fanatics and the current sights lineup with that history.

The CZ P10F OR could have a wider rear notch but even though I’m not in love with the sights they’re good enough that I have a hard time justifying the money to replace them.

The CZ P10F OR sights do not sit high enough to co-witness with most of the optics out there on the market so if you want your sights to co-witness you’ll likely have to get aftermarket sights.

Red Dot Sights

One thing that CZ does not include with the CZ P10F OR is optics mounting plates. This is a major downside and is reflected in our CZ P 10 F Review.

You’ll have to order an optics mounting plate to use your CZ P10F OR with a red dot. CZ USA shipped the CZ P10F OR models to distributors months before they had a reasonable number of plates available for sale.

Now the aftermarket has caught up and there are multiple companies making plates.

Shoot Better With Mini Red Dots

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Fortunately, the aftermarket has stepped up with multiple companies coming out with CZ P10F OR Optic Mounting Plates faster than CZ USA was able to offer the OEM plates.

CZ Custom, CHPWS, Stonebridge Gunworks, and others offer CZP10 OR mounting plates for the Trijicon RMR, Trijicon SRO, Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, Aimpoint Acro, Holosun 507c, Holosun 507k, Sig Romero Zero, Shield RMS, and others. These mounting plates will also work with the CZ P10s OR and the CZ P10c OR.

CZ P10F Review Controls


Being a striker-fired design the CZ P10F like most of its peers does not have external safety unless you count the trigger safety as an external safety.

There is a firing pin block that makes the gun drop safe.

Magazine Release

The original P10c had a completely ambidextrous magazine release and that was changed on the updated P10 series to a reversible magazine release.

This change makes it much easier to drop the magazine than it was on the original P10c.

You should be able to easily reach the magazine release without breaking your grip. I’ve got average-sized hands and there is plenty of extra length on my thumb to press the magazine release. A major improvement thats noted in the CZ P 10 F Review.

CZ P10F Review Slide Stop

The Ambi slide release on the CZ P10F is extremely minimal. And sites less than 1/10th of an inch out from the frame. It’s perfectly mirrored on each side so left-handed and right-handed shooters will fill the same thing.

Like most guns, the CZ P10F magazine follower slide catch is on the left side of the gun.


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With most guns that have Ambi magazine releases, this makes it easier for a right-handed shooter to drop the slide than a left-handed shooter.

This is further compounded by the fact that most guns like the Glock Gen 5, HK VP9, FN 509 tactical, and SW M&P use stamped steel slide stops that hold the slide back using a cut on the right-hand side of the slide.

So if you’re a left-handed shooter you don’t have much leverage when using the slide release/stop to drop the slide.

Unique Slide Catch

The CZ P10 is unique in that it uses some sort of solid part that is likely machined, forged or Metal Injection Molded that is a square and surrounds the entire magazine.

When the slide stop/release is lifted up by the magazine follower it uses a point right below the breach face to stop the slide from going forward.

This equalized the amount of pressure on the right and left sides so it takes equal effort for a right-handed or left-handed shooter to drop the slide.

The downside of this is it’s definitely stiffer than most right-hand magazine releases but if you’re a left-handed shooter you’ll appreciate this feature of the CZ P10F.


The original production not pre-production CZ P10C trigger in my opinion was cleaner and slightly lighter than the new CZ P10F trigger. The P10F trigger has a heavier slightly creepy takeup that leads to definite creep before you feel the wall.

There is a hard break at the wall and just a slight bit of overtravel.

The trigger springs back to the reset point with a positive force and it resets right at the beginning of the heavy creep before the wall. It’s a good very shootable trigger but it really doesn’t offer a clear advantage over any other of the existing triggers in the stock format.

The CZ P10F trigger shoe itself is one of my favorite factory trigger shoes.

It’s flatter than most traditional trigger shoes but still maintains enough curve to feel like it matches the contour of your trigger finger.

CZ P10F Accessories Review

Apex Tactical CZ P10F Accessories

Apex Tactical makes extended magazine releases and a CZ P10F extended slide release.

Cain Arms CZ P10F Accessories

Cain Arms makes a magazine extension and it adds an extra 4 rounds of 40 or 5 rounds of 9mm. From the pictures on the website, they appear to be 3D printed.

Cajun Gun Works CZ P10F Accessories

CGW is an OG for CZ handgun support in the US aftermarket.

Cajun Gun Works makes a variety of parts to optimize your CZ P10F trigger and action includes spring kits and strikers. If you’re looking for CZ P10F OEM parts they’re an excellent source to buy factory parts.

If you want to have someone else work on your gun you can send it to them and they’re set up to do milling, coatings, trigger, and action work.

CZ Custom CZ P09 Accessories

CZ Custom doesn’t just offer its own custom components but they also offer OEM CZ Parts. They make magazine extensions and base plates for the CZ P10F. They even make a 140mm extension that’s legal to shoot in USPSA competition but the downside is it only adds 3 extra rounds of capacity.

You can also get a variety of P10 sight options from CZ Customs including an adjustable rear sight. They have a CZ P10F extended slide release assembly and flared magwell. They’ll even mill your slide if you send it in.

Dawson Precision CZ P10F Accessories

Dawson Precision got started doing custom work in 1911s and they make a variety of CZ P10F sights. They offer plain black, fiber optic and tritium night sights.

The best thing about Dawson Precision is their Perfect Impact Promise that guarantees your pistol will be zeroed with their sights or they’ll replace your front sight so it will be zeroed. Check the sights you order to make sure the policy applies.

Fire4Effect CZ P10F Accessories

Fire4Effect does custom milling on your CZ P10F slide to mount red dot optics. They’re a one-stop-shop that does framework and coatings as well. I know a couple of people that have had their guns worked on by Fire4Effect and the guns turned out great.

They do some of the best Cerkote work I’ve ever seen.

Galloway Precision CZ P10F Accessories

Galloway Precision makes a reinforced nylon +2 extension for the CZ P10F.

HB Industries CZ P10F Accessories

HB Industries makes an extended magazine release, their CZ P10F Theta Trigger Kit and a steel guide rod assembly.

Killer Innovations CZ P10F Accessories

Killer Innovations is relatively new to the market but they offer some of the most unique looking CZ P10 accessories out there. Their Velocity P10c Compensator is the most unique looking product and it’s also compatible with the P10F.

They also offer a magwell(not compatible with factory baseplates), CZ P10F Threaded and non-threaded barrels, trigger shoes, extensions, and baseplates. They only guarantee magwell compatibility when you’re using their 5 round extension or magazine baseplate.

Night Fision CZ P10F Accessories

Night Fision offers a variety of rear sight with either a square or U notch and front sights with different ring colors. They have a sight built on their website that allows you to match your preferred rear sight with your preferred front sight.

Overwatch Precision CZ P10F Accessories

Overwatch Precision started making Glock triggers and now they’ve expanded into the CZ P10 series and they offer their CZ TAC Trigger kit which includes a trigger shoe and striker for the P10 series of guns.

Parker Mountain Machine CZ P10F Accessories

PMM makes a CZ P10F Compensator called the PMM CZ 10c Compensator that also fits the P10F. Parker Mountain Machine is known for making quality effective comps.

Follow the Parker Mountain Machine Instagram to see how they scientifically measure the effectiveness of their comps vs a non comped gun. Their transparency is quite refreshing.

Primary Machine

Primary Machine makes a comp built specifically for the gun and threaded barrels. They have milling packages to lighten up your slide and add slide mounted optics to the gun.

Shield Arms CZ P10F Accessories

Shield Arms makes CZ P10F Magazine Extension that gives you an additional 5 rounds of 9mm in your 19 round magazine.

Strike Industries CZ P10F Accessories

Strike Industries makes a magazine extension that allows you to add 5 rounds of 9mm to your P10F magazine.


Trijicon makes a variety of P10F night sights. They offer their HD, HDx, Bright & Tough, Bright & Tough Suppressor Height, and their fiber optic sights all for the P10F.

CZ P10F Review Maintenance

From a maintenance perfective, the CZ P10F is extremely easy to clean.

The gun breaks down just like a Glock 17. If you want to do a more detailed cleaning or start breaking down the slide and frame past the field striping level the gun is more difficult to work on than a Glock 17.

If you’re a tinkerer who enjoys working on your own guns the CZ P10F is something you’ll be able to work on.


The CZ P10F is a fairly attractive gun but it looks a little nonproportional with its long grip and relatively short slide.

It’s not an ugly gun but it won’t grab your attention as other higher-end models will. It frankly looks pretty plain.

If the grip wasn’t so long it would look better but the look is a result of the excellent ergonomics so I’ll give it a pace on looks. The CZ P10C variant just looks much more proportional.


Shooting the CZ P10F is a really good experience.

This is where the excellent ergonomics and texturing really shine. The texturing that might feel a little aggressive during dry fire keeps the gun firmly in place.


CZ P10-F In Stock

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It’s not hard to keep your grip high on the gun and it points very naturally.

The recoil impulse is easy to keep straight up and down with the CZ P10F returning to where you want it every time.

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