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CZ P10F Holster

Considering its large size most will use the CZ P10F in an OWB format. But the gun can be used for IWB carry. The gun is huge! But even a gun this larger can be concealed well if you have the right holster.

CZ P10F OWB Holster

Contender CZ P10 1If you’re in the market for a CZ P10F holster you’re likely looking for an OWB Holster. The CZ P10F has such a large grip that not many will carry it in an IWB Holster. If you plan to carry the P10F in an OWB holster for USPSA or IDPA Competition and a range use Contender is a perfect option.

One thing that can be a pain with holsters is finding that sweet spot in retention. If you like to have a really light draw in some scenarios but don’t want to worry about the gun falling out of the holster you can add a turbo prop to your contender holster. The Turbo Prop allows you to adjust the retention on your CZ P10F holster without tools. So if you’re doing tactical training and want to keep to good solid retention you can. But if you want to loosen so you can have an advantage in a competition you can do that as well.


A great feature of our OWB CZ P10F holster is the flared mouth for easier insertion. The flared mouth on the contender is gradually flared unlike most other holsters. So it’s gradually guiding your gun back into the holster very quickly. The CZ P10F holster is designed with a universal mounting system to accept multiple mounts.

If you’re using the CZ P10F for plinking or want a holster that you can put on and take off quickly you’ll want to try out our Contender holster. The great thing about our contender is that you can easily turn it into a CZ P10F paddle holster. This is due to the versatile mounting system on the back of the holster. If you’re looking for a more secure mount you can add an X lock or Tek Lok to the holster. The Contender also accepts the Safariland QLS fork system. The Safariland QLS system allows you to quickly take a holster off of your belt. You can then replace it with another holster that has the same fork mounted on it.

CZ P10F Competition Holster

The Contender is also compatible with the Boss hanger and the Turbo Drop. These belt mounting systems are popular in USPSA due to how rigid they make the connection between the belt and the holster. If you set your CZ P10F holster up on a competition belt with a Turbo Drop and a Turbo Prop you’ll be very happy with the results.


The P10F is a large firearm, but it can still be concealed and you can do that with multiple types of holsters. You can either carry the gun inside the waistband or outside the waistband, but understand each of these carry positions is going to have a completely different requirement in a holster. You’re looking for different features that’ll make the gun both concealable and comfortable to carry.


A CZ P10F holster designed for concealment at OWB Carry is going to need a lot of cant adjustment. You’re going to want between zero and 30 degrees of cant adjustment to help you conceal that large grip on the gun. If you do not have a lot of cant on the holster, the CZ P10F is likely going to print. You can also use cant adjustment to optimize your draw stroke. On the CZ P10F I would not suggest this for most people, unless you’re a very large individual. Then you might have some room to play with. But if you’re a normal size individual, you’re not going to have the wide range to play with. You’re likely going to cant that holster as much as possible to keep that large grip concealed.

CZ P10F IWB Holster

There are two positions where you’re likely going to want to carry a CZ P10F IWB Holster. Either strong side, which means from the three to five o’clock for a right-handed shooter or at appendix, which means in front of the hips. Both of these positions are going to have some unique features you’re looking for, but a lot of design requirements remain the same.

You want to make sure the holster has well-rounded edges so the holster will be comfortable when it’s sitting up against you. When you’re carrying at appendix, this generally means you’re going to want a well-rounded area underneath the trigger guard. Whereas at the three to five o’clock you are going to want to make sure the muzzle of the holster is very well-rounded since that could potentially jab you in the thigh.

No matter what position you’re carrying you’re going to want a solid clip arrangement. A gun the size of the CZ P10F can be carried with one clip. But you’ll have a more stable setup when carrying the two. The CZ P10F is large and also fairly light for its size. But I would definitely suggest two clips if stability is a concern.

You want to make sure you’re using an attachment system like the Discreet Carry Concepts Mod4s. They are very thin and low-profile while being incredibly secure. They’re much better than bulky plastic clips. Plastic clips don’t have the same range of ride height adjustment and are much thicker and bulkier. When you’re carrying a holster plastic clips, the clips are often more likely to print than the gun itself.


When you’re carrying at strong side, as we mentioned before, you want to make sure there’s a well-rounded muzzle, but there’s also another feature that might even be more important. That feature is cant adjustment. You want to make sure that a holster has between zero and 30 degrees of cant adjustment. If you’re a very large individual and you can get away with carrying the gun right at three o’clock that’s great, but take into account there isn’t much cushion naturally in your body at three o’clock. So, it’s usually not very comfortable to carry a gun there since the holster is sitting right on top of your hip bone. It’ll be a lot more comfortable and concealable to move the gun back to the four to five o’clock position.

One thing you’ll have to take into account with that is making sure you angle the grip forward quite a bit. This is going to require probably 20 to 30 degrees of cant to conceal for most individuals. The CZ P10F, as we mentioned earlier, has a massive grip. That’s a lot of gun to conceal. It can be done with a right holster assuming you have the right body size and appropriate clothing.

As long as you have a nice well-rounded holster with adjustable cant, and a good clip setup, you shouldn’t have any problem concealing the CZ P10F. Assuming you wear shirts that are perfectly sized. If you’re five foot three and wear a small shirt and expect to conceal the CZ P10F you might have some issues. But if you’re six foot or five ten, and wear a large or extra large shirt, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Appendix P10F Holster

Now, if you’re carrying appendix, you’re likely going to be able to get away with a lot more assuming you’re wearing the right cover guard. Smaller individuals can more easily conceal a firearm in appendix, than they normally can at the strong side. Again, a well-rounded holster, that’s going to sit right up next to your thigh is going to be a more comfortable than one that has sharp edges in that placement. There are also a couple of accessories you’re going to want for the CZ P10F holster.


You’re going to make sure you want to have a claw or a wing on your CZ P10F holster. The reason is this is really going to help you conceal that large grip when carrying at appendix. A claw or a wing is a device that uses the belt to apply leverage to the grip tucking it in closer to the body. This has a couple of benefits. The obvious one is concealment. The second benefit is it changes the angle of the grip so your hand more naturally meets the grip of the gun when you’re going to draw. If I could only have one accessory on a CA P10F appendix holster, this would be it.


A wedge is a very important accessory on a holster. The reason for that is when carrying appendix, you’re essentially carrying the holster in a pocket on your body. That pocket sits right beside your thigh. If the holster fills up the pocket completely, you’ll have a more comfortable carry experience, but oftentimes that’s not what happens and the holster ends up sitting in just a couple of areas. By adding a wedge to the holster you fill that pocket next to the inner thigh.

By filling this pocket you spread out the pressure from the holster, making the experience a lot more comfortable. This also has another positive effect of pushing the muzzle of the gun out away from the body and tilting the grip of the gun further into the body. When you’re carrying an appendix, you have a lot of weight sitting above your beltline, and gravity wants to pull that weight away from the body. The wedge essentially counters this effect.