Take Charge Carry With Confidence

Taurus G3 Holster

Finding the right Taurus G3 holster isn’t always easy but we have you covered!

Taurus G3 Holster Canted

Stop Worrying About Bad Concealment

The Singleton has up to 30 degrees of Cant that you can use to make the holster conceal on your body!

Taurus G3 Holster Comfort

Comfort Is No Longer A Concern

We round every possible point on this holster so it doesn’t poke and prod! Carry Comfortably with your carry holster.

Taurus G3 Holster Clip Engagement

Your Holster Won’t Fail When You Need it Most

Our flat clip engagement surface makes sure the clip on your holster will always be secure all day every day!

Our Holster Is also the perfect Taurus G3 AIWB Holster.

Taurus G3 Holster AIWIB

Dark Wing

You can add a Dark Wing so you no longer have to worry about printing. No one will know you’re carrying.

Taurus G3 Holster AIWB Comfort

Rounded Profile

Unlike other holsters, we round the surfaces that sit next to your body. This prevents hot spots making the holster comfortable to wear all day.

Taurus G3 Holster Wedge

Wedge Kit

Add a wedge to fill in empty voids preventing those pesky hot spots. Comfort is now possible with your Appendix Holster!

We don’t have a ton of options for a Taurus G3 Holster but the ones we have are excellent. Especially our Taurus G3 IWB Holster the Singleton. The G3 is one hell of a gun for the money and you need a good holster to get the most use out of the gun.

Taurus G3 Holster AIWB 08

Holster For Taurus G3 TORO

If you’re looking for a Taurus G3 TORO holster, the only different feature you’ll need to look for is an optic cut. Considering the budget price point, not many G3 owners were getting their holsters milled for a Red Dot. So this isn’t a common feature on most existing G3 Holsters. If you’re carrying IWB at the 3-5 or 9-7 positions you may not be able to get as much cant when carrying the G3 TORO. This is due to the belt preventing the dot from sitting deeper in the waistline. These are the most important things to consider before buying a Taurus G3 TORO holster.

Taurus G3 Concealed Carry Holster

If you’re looking for a concealed carry holster for a gun the size of the G3 it’s likely going to be IWB or OWB. For most people, IWB will be the most concealable and easy choice. OWB holsters can work well also as long as you choose the right style of OWB holster and wear appropriate-sized clothing. But they are going to be more difficult to conceal than an IWB holster. More on that later.

Taurus G3 IWB Holster

The 2 biggest advantages of IWB Carry are concealment and weight distribution. Since the gun sit’s closer to your body gravity has less leverage to pull the gun down and away from you. Guns are heavy and keeping them in tight to the body makes then feel less heavy than a gun that sits our far from the body.

Concealment is also helped by keeping the gun close to the body.

Taurus G3 Holster IWB 15

When carrying IWB the best holster setup will be determined by the position you are carrying the gun. No matter what positioning you’re carrying the gun having a holster that is designed with smooth swooping lines is important. You don’t want sharp pointy edges that can poke you when carrying.

We test carrying our prototype holsters with unfinished edges. This helps us ensure the shape of the holster is as comfortable as possible. We did this on our Singleton holster and it’s quite comfortable. It’s a great choice for a Taurus G3 IWB Holster. It has adjustable cant which is a major advantage for concealment when carrying at the 3-5 o’clock or 9-7 if you’re left-handed.

Appendix Carry

When you’re carrying appendix the most difficult part of the gun to conceal is the grip. It’s likely to stick out unless your holster is properly accessorized. Not only will a properly designed appendix holster affect concealment it’ll also affect comfort. I suggest adding a Claw/Wing and a wedge to your Taurus G3 Appendix Carry Holster. Below are the reasons why:

Taurus G3 Holster AIWB 04


A claw or a wing is a device that uses the pressure of the belt to apply leverage to the holster positioning the grip close to the body. Without this feature, most grips will print. This is especially an issue on a large gun like the G3. If your torso is wide enough with a good Claw like the Dark Wing you can conceal the gun even with the extended 17 round magazine.

Singleton Taurus G3 AIWB


This is a feature that helps improve both concealment and comfort. A wedge sits between the bottom half of the holster and your body. It tips to muzzle of the gun away from your body while tipping the top of the gun into it. This aids concealment as well as comfort for your Taurus G3 Holster.

3-5 or 9-7 Carry

If you’re carrying on or behind the hip cant will be your find. Carrying directly at the 3 o’clock for a righty or 9 for a lefty is going to be uncomfortable because there isn’t much skin or fat covering your hip bone. It’s also the most un-concealable position unless you’re very wide in that area.

The most concealable position is going to be 4 O’clock. That is assuming you have a holster with adjustable cant. I wouldn’t suggest a holster with 15-30 degrees of cant adjustment.

Taurus G3 Holster OWB

Unfortunately, we don’t have any current Taurus G3 OWB Holsters. This is something we are working on offering in multiple formats. Whether you’re carrying overt or covert the requirements for a holster will be drastically affected. They have different design features and are completely different tools for the task.


This is going to be a Taco Style holster designed for Overt use. You can mount it to a war belt, battle, competition belt, or a regular gun. A key feature to look for in a holster like this is a good mounting system that meets your needs. For a Taurus G3 OWB Holster, I would suggest either a paddle or a X Lock.


If you’re looking for a holster that is secure but still easy to take on and off then this is it. If you find yourself grabbing an OWB holster that you want to put on quickly then this is the best mount for you. It’s not the most secure but it is the most convenient and plenty secure for most uses.

X Lock

The X Lock is an adjustable mount that’ll work with multiple belts. The sizes adjust in .25 inch increments. So you can use it with a 1.5-inch belt designed for concealed carry all the way up to a 2-inch duty belt. This is probably the best all-around mount on the market. It’s perfect to mount your Taurus G3 OWB Holster to a battle belt or competition belt.


If you are shopping for an OWB Concealment Holster I would suggest a pancake style holster with 2 belt loops. This will fit closer to the body than a taco-style holster so it’ll be more concealable. Works perfectly under a slightly oversized shirt or a jacket. You’ll want to make sure the tail of the clothing is long enough to cover the holster and the gun.

I personally like to carry this way(especially with a larger gun like the G3) in the fall. Cold weather and OWB Carry Guns just seem to make sense. Even when not carrying in a covert fashion this is a great setup for carrying when doing manual labor. If I’m doing carpentry work or splitting firewood with is how I’ll carry. Having the gun and holster sitting close to the body makes it less likely to get in my way.