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Walther PPQ M2 vs HK VP9

Many will want to compare the HK VP9 vs Walther PPQ as they consider them to be related.

The HK VP9 gets its ergonomics from the HK P30. A gun that many say takes ergonomic cues from the original Walther P99. If you look at the grip shapes from a distance, they appear very similar. But there are a lot of differences between these two guns. So we compare the Walther PPQ M2 vs HK VP9.

HK VP9 vs Walther PPQ X

In this comparison, we’re going to cover the Walther PPQ M2 vs HK VP9 and see which one is the best for you. We’ll also be covering the regular Walther PPQ when it comes to the magazine release.

That’s really the only difference between the Walther PPQ and the Walther PPQ M2. We’re going to cover all the pros and cons so you can decide which gun and which features will work best for you.


MetricsHK VP9Walther PPQ
Weight No Mag(Oz)22.621.7
Weight Empty Mag(Oz)25.624.6
Weight With A Full Mag(Oz)3331.1
Height(top of Slide to bottom of Magazine Baseplate)(Inches)5.345.20
Length (Inches)7.297.09
Width of Grip(Inches)1.261.27
Width of Slide(Inches)1.131.01
Width Across Controls(Inches)1.281.34

Walther PPQ M2 vs HK VP9 Concealed Carry

When you can look at these guns, as far as size goes, there isn’t a lot of difference. Their weight is almost identical, and the width of the grips is very similar as well. There is a slight difference in the height of the gun. The measurement from the bottom of the magazine base plate to the top of the slide. 

But even that is only just barely over an eighth of an inch. Although when you look at the gun side by side, the HK VP9 does feel much larger than the Walther PPQ. When you line the guns up, the only difference is that eighth of an inch in the grip.

So when it comes to concealed carry, the Walther PPQ is going to have a slight advantage. For some people that eighth of an inch will make a huge difference in concealment when carrying at appendix.

Walther PPQ

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If you’re carrying at three to five o’clock, that extra length and the grip isn’t going to be as important. That’s because you can’t get the gun to hide the extra grip length. But for the appendix and somebody types, your hip will want to push the butt of the gun out. There’s not much you can do besides wearing a bigger shirt to conceal the gun.

So in that case, the Walther PPQ is definitely going to have the edge. One thing to mention is the HK VP9 now ships with 17 round magazines and some variance. Originally the HK VP9 was only available with 15 round magazines.

This gave it the same capacity as the Walther PPQ. So despite the extra eighth of an inch, you are getting two rounds of extra ammunition, which is a worthwhile trade-off for some people.

HK VP9 Holster IWB 12

Both of these guns are going to fill the role of IWB carry or OWB carry. Well, both work well, and they both have shapely grips, so I can’t see a major advantage to one or the other when it comes to concealment. Both textures are not likely to grab clothing.

So again, these guns are pretty even, but I am going to have to give the edge to the Walther PPQ M2 vs HK VP9. But only if you’re planning to carry this gun at the appendix.


HK VP9 vs Walther PPQ grips


We’re comparing the frames of these two guns, they’re both polymer striker-fired frames with similar features. Yet there are going to be a few key differences. A big difference is going to be the modularity of the two guns.

Both guns feature replaceable back straps, but one advantage of the HK VP9 is going to be the replaceable side panels. The HK VP9 is unique in that you can replace the side panels as well as the back straps on the pistols. 

Walther PPQ

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This is going to allow the user to completely conform the grip to their hand. Giving it an advantage over the Walther PPQ for some people. I myself get most of my grip using a front strap and the back strap of the firearm. So how the side panels feel doesn’t really affect me, but if you want a grip that will truly fill your entire hand, then the HK VP9 is definitely going to be for you.

Both handguns, use a roll pin mounted in the bottom of the back strap to hold the back straps in place. They are easily replaced and there are multiple options that come with the guns.


Many will say these guns have identical ergonomics, but I think they’d be completely wrong. When you fill these guns in the hand, they definitely feel different although similar. Some key differences are going to be how the tang of the grip is shaped.

The tang on the HK VP9 is much more well-rounded, so you can get the web of your hand very high on the gun while it still maintains comfort

The Walther PPQ on the other hand has a squared-off ledge on each side of the tang. If you try to get a normal high grip on the gun, it’s going to dig into the bone of your thumb knuckle. It is possible to alleviate this problem on the Walther PPQ by changing your grip. 

What you’ll need to do as a right-hand shooter:

Grip the gun normally, and then rotate your hand clockwise so that your fingers sit further back on the grip itself and the web your hand moves more to the right.

That’s going to be somewhat untraditional. But it really does allow you to get good leverage on the Walther PPQ. The way the ergonomics are designed and will work with multiple hand sizes well.

The HK VP9 is going to be a much easier transition from a gun like a Glock or a SIG P320. Or any other common polymer striker-fired handgun out there. Ergonomics are always a personal opinion. But I think the HK VP9 ergonomics will work better for a wider variety of people, and that’s what I prefer. 

The Walther PPQ came close, but just missed the boat. There’s also a little ridge on the back of the Walther PPQ grip that is very sharp. The HK VP9 has a hump there as well, but it doesn’t have as sharp of a ridge. 

That ridge can cause discomfort if you don’t grip the gun, the way I described earlier. While these are not fatal flaws, these are features the shooter will want to take into account. If it’s something they are willing to change their grip to accommodate, then they’ll love the Walther PPQ ergonomics. But if it’s not, then they may have issues.

Walther PPQ

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Grip length

The HK VP9 is slightly longer in grip length than the Walther PPQ, but not by much. And actually, the Walther PPQ might work better for somebody with larger hands. Both of these guns have finger grooves. Although, the finger grooves on the HK VP9 are more pronounced.

The problem with the HK VP9 finger grooves is the last finger groove ends where they hump at the bottom of the grip. 

So if your hands are large enough that they would ride at that point in the grip, it’s going to be very uncomfortable to hold. That’s due to your pinky sitting on top of that swell. Whereas with a Walther PPQ, it’s a little bit of a flatter shape and more likely to be comfortable if you have larger hands.


The texture on these two grips is very similar and from a user standpoint. It works identically, although there are some key differences. The texture on the HK VP9 feels a little slicker when you rub your hand slightly over it, but when you press your hand in, you get the same amount of traction as you do with the slightly more aggressive Walther PPQ texturing. In fact, it might be a little bit more. I know this sounds odd, but it’s true.

The texture on the HK VP9 is just very well designed. 

Walther PPQ

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Both of these are very good textures and the Walther PPQ texture will do just as well in shooting. But the HP VP9 texture might do just slightly better when carrying the gun as it will be less aggressive against your skin.

Now I am nitpicking completely here as the Walther PPQ texturing is not what I would call super aggressive against the skin. Yet it does do a good job of holding your hand in place when you’re firing the gun.


HK VP9 vs Walther PPQ slides

The slides on these guns are set up almost identically. They both have both forward and rear cock in serrations. One key difference is the HK VP9 is going to have cocking handles at the rear of the slide.

These cocking handles are mounted underneath the rear slide and can be removed. It’s a nice feature to have if you have problems manipulating the slide. The Walther PPQ serrations are slightly more aggressive than the serrations on the HK VP9. That said the HK VP9 serrations seem better designed. 

On the rear serrations, I get a better grip on the VP9 than the Walther PPQ.I don’t feel like the slide is going to cut me. The PPQ slides serrations are very sharp But the front serrations are much more functional on the Walther PPQ. There is an action knowing point on the slide of the HK VP9, that only cuts through the forward serrations.

That greatly diminishes the effect of the forward serrations. So I’m going to have to give the edge to the Walther PPQ M2 versus HK VP9 when it comes to manipulating the slide.


HK VP9 vs Walther PPQ Sights


Both of these guns have pretty basic sight options from the factory. The Walther PPQ is going to come with three-dot, white sights. The sights that often shifts with are going to be plastic, and they’re just not that durable and need to be immediately replaced. That said they also have night sight options, which are somewhat outdated. 

Walther PPQ

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The HK VP9 is really no different except for the basic sights it comes with are going to be a luminescent three dots set up. They also offer the same sight picture with Tritium vials. So you have night sights or regular steel sights for the HK VP9. I guess I can give a slight advantage to HK VP9 for having normal sights, but overall, there really aren’t a lot of differences between the sight offering on these two guns.


There are minimal options for both of these guns. Not a real advantage for either one.

Red Dot Optics

Both of these guns are available with a red dot option from the factory. This means you can get the gun that is milled from the factory, so you can add a red dot of your choosing.

The Walther PPQ comes set up with an optics mounting plate that will remove the rear sight of the gun. So this is something you’re going to want to take into account if you want to have the ability to have backup iron sights. 

Shoot Better With Mini Red Dots

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The HK VP9 on the other hand maintains the rear sight, but you’re going to have to purchase plates to mount the red dot of your choosing.

The HK VP9 2020 is their dot gun and it ships with no plates. So in theory, this reduces the cost of the pistol. In actuality, it just means you’re going to have to purchase a red dot plate to mount the optic of your choice on the gun.



Both of these guns are well-known for their triggers. The HK VP9, when it was originally introduced was really well-regarded for its trigger. And frankly, I can’t see what people are talking about with this gun. The trigger is good, but it’s not excellent.

HK VP9 vs Walther PPQ HK Trigger

The HK VP9 trigger has a slight bit of light take-up and you’re going to hit a stiff wall and then have a fairly clean break. It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s not horrible by any means either. It’s just a good, solid striker-fired trigger. 

My only real complaint would be the reset on the HK VP9. In actuality, it’s not that long, but it seems a lot longer than other striker-fired triggers. The trigger just feels really plasticky and not what you would expect out of a finely engineered German handgun.

Walther PPQ Trigger 

HK VP9 vs Walther PPQ trigger

The trigger on the Walther PPQ is considered by many to be the best striker-fired trigger on the market. I myself take the Canik TP9SF Elite actually be South of Walther PPQ, but your mileage may vary. The Walther PPQ feature has very heavy take-up. But then you’re going to reach a very definite wall where you’re going to reach a really light and crisp break. 

Walther PPQ

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The take-up on this gun is so heavy that it’s very easy to pull through the trigger without even feeling the wall if you’re going quickly. Now, the reset on the Walther PPQ is extremely short and crisp. This is a very fast sort of run once you get used to it, and I can see why many consider it the best striker fire trigger on the market.

Slide Lock

The slide locks on these guns are surprisingly different. They maintain a lot of similar features, but the Walther PPQ actually copies the slide locks from the HK P30 series. They’re very well-designed and very large, easy to access for both right-handed and left-handed shooters.

Whereas the HK VP9 slide lock is somewhat recessed on the left-hand side. It’s also very small on the right-hand side of the gun. 

HK VP9 vs Walther PPQ controls

It’s easy enough to use, but I personally find myself preferring the much larger slide lock on the Walther PPQ. As opposed to the smaller ones on the HK VP9. Both work well, but the Walther PPQ is going to be a little more forgiving for most shooters.

Magazine Release

The magazine releases on these guns are going to be quite different. We’re going to compare the HK VP9, and then we’re going to cover the Walther PPQ and the Walther PPQ M2 magazine releases. 

HK VP9 vs Walther PPQ HK Mag Release

The HK VP9 features a paddle-style magazine release that is absolutely excellent. It’s very well designed and easy to use. If you’re a left-hand shooter, you’re absolutely going to love it just because it is completely equal to using as a right-handed shooter. 

The gun is very intuitive and I like the fact that I can drop the magazine using my thumb, my trigger finger or my middle finger without switching my grip up that much.

One downside is I will have to break my grip on the gun to drop the magazine, but I really think HK did an excellent job of this magazine release and it’s a really classic design.

Walther PPQ

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Walther PPQ Magazine Releases

Walther PPQ

The Walther PPQ magazine release is a paddle much like the HK VP9. Although it’s much less refined. It’s very wide and easy to use with both hands. But it’s made of a somewhat cheaper filling plastic than the rest of the gun. It just seems a little bit out of place. It works and if you’re a fan of the paddle-style magazine release, you’ll like it. But likely not as much as the HK VP9.

I personally really like the magazine release on the HK VP9, and I just think they did a better job than Walther did with their PPQ paddle-style release.

Walther PPQ M2

A lot of American customers did not care for the magazine release on the original Walther PPQ. So Walther designed PPQ M2 with a button-style release. This button-style release is frankly excellent and easy to use. It’s reversible, so if you’re a left-hand shooter, you just have to reverse the other side to get full use of the gun.

It’s a very quick and intuitive magazine release. That does not cause you to break your grip on the gun. 

Walther PPQ

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So if this is something you’re looking for, then the Walther PPQ M2 is going to be the gun for you. I personally found myself preferring the HK VP9 magazine release over the Walther PPQ M2.

I can see why many would prefer the magazine release  on the Walther PPQ M2 vs HK VP9. It’s really going to come down to personal preference and what works best for you.

Quality Walther PPQ M2 vs HK VP9

HK VP9 vs Walther PPQ with mags

Quality, there is no comparison. The HK VP9 feels like a more quality pistol at every level. The Walther PPQ is not a cheap-feeling pistol by any means, but it just doesn’t feel as good or seems as high quality as the HK VP9. But the HK VP9 is more expensive so that quality comes at a cost. The slide, the polymer, and the frame, everything just seems a little bit higher quality on the HK VP9. 

If you’re comparing the HK VP9 versus Walther PPQ with the paddle magazine release, then the HK VP9 is going to seem worlds above it. As the magazine release on the HK VP9 is very high quality, while the one on the Walther PPQ seems a bit dubious.


The aftermarket on these two guns is almost identical. There isn’t a huge aftermarket for either one, but you can get comps from Parker Mountain Machine. You can get sights from a variety of aftermarket manufacturers, as well as trigger upgrades for both guns.

There might be a few more upgrades for the Walther PPQ, than the HK VP9. And just due to that, I might have to give the slight edge to the Walther PPQ, but the HK VP9 could catch up at any time with just one or two manufacturers offering parts.

Walther PPQ

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Aesthetics are a personal opinion, for sure, and I’m going to have to give the edge to the HK VP9. In my opinion, the Walther PPQ is actually a more proportional firearm, but the way they did the slide serrations and the rear look of the tang and the pistol just isn’t as attractive as the HK VP9. 

Both of these guns are very close in looks, but the Walther PPQ just seems a little bit busy in my opinion. I don’t like the way they’ve done the roll marks on the side of the slide. I just think HK is taking a classier approach.


HK VP9 vs Walther PPQ T

Shooting these guns is going to be a little bit different than you’d expect. The ergonomics appear similar but are quite different when it comes to shooting. And the HK VP9 is a fantastic shooter. It’s not overstrung like a lot of non-millimeter polymer handguns, so despite having muzzle flip, it’s very soft recoiling. The Walther PPQ on the other hand is quite a handful for the size of pistol that it is. 

Walther PPQ

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You can definitely control that recoil really well if you get the right grip on the gun, but it’s still going to have a lot more muzzle rise than most other guns, including the HK VP9. Most people are going to find the HK VP9 a little easier to shoot than the Walther PPQ. The Walther PPQ has those eccentricities that you’ll have to work around, but the HK VP9 does not.


As of right now, the PPQ tends to run around $70-$100 cheaper than the HK VP9. The polymer frame on the VP9 does seem to be higher quality than the Walther but I’m not sure it’s enough to justify the extra price. Really the PPQ is a fantastic value. 

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3 Replies to “Walther PPQ M2 vs HK VP9”

  1. Mark says:

    Sorry, the VP9 actually cuts corners on production that make it a cheaper gun from a durability and manufacturing standpoint. I do like their polymer texture better, but the internals are spot-welded where the PPQ used billet machined parts.

    1. Dwight says:

      And the ppq ploy sights opposed to hk metal. Hk has my vote

  2. Dwight says:

    Didn’t like PPQ trigger as much as the vp9 HK. The metal guide rod and sights on the hk are better quality over the polymer guide rod and sights on the PPQ(cost cutting). I Shot both and the HK is my choice easily.

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