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Taurus GX4 vs Sig P365

Since its introduction, the SIG Sauer P365 has been a smart concealed carry gun. Taurus has sold the Taurus G2c for years and that has also been a popular gun for concealed carry. I was surprised to learn that (despite costing a fraction of the SIG) Taurus G2c sales were affected dramatically with the release of the P365. A lot of people like the size of the G2c, but when the smaller P365 was introduced, they liked that even more. Our Taurus GX4 vs Sig P365 comparison.

Sig P365 vs Taurus GX4 Square

Reacting to the success of the P365, Taurus has introduced the GX4. We will compare the Taurus GX4 vs the SIG P365 to see which is the best modern concealed carry handgun.


Size is significant when comparing the Taurus GX4 vs the SIG Sauer P365. These guns are likely to be concealed carry firearms, so size plays an important role.

MetricsSIG Sauer P365Taurus GX4
Weight w/ no mag (Oz)16.516.6
Weight w/ empty mag (Oz)18.618.6
Weight w/ full mag (Oz)22.923.4
Height (top of slide to bottom of magazine baseplate) (Inches)4.234.2
Length (Inches)5.805.8
Width of grip (Inches)1.020.99
Width of slide (Inches)0.90.95
Width across controls (Inches)1.011.06

Taurus GX4

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Concealed Carry

When comparing the SIG P365 vs Taurus GX4 for concealed carry, the dimensions are incredibly similar. As you can see in the above chart, their unloaded weights are almost identical. The GX4 weighs a little more than the P365 with a fully-loaded magazine, but only because the GX4 has an 11-round capacity vs 10 rounds in the P365. 

The only sizable difference in dimensions is the width of the slide and across controls. The width across controls has almost no bearing on how concealable a gun is, while the width of the slide has much less than other dimensions, including the width of the grip.

Taurus GX4 Holster AIWB 04

The slightly thicker slide on a Taurus GX4 could be considered a downside for concealment, but it won’t make a difference for most people.


Both of these guns are purpose-built concealed carry firearms. When comparing the Taurus GX4 vs the SIG P365, both guns fill the same holes. Suppose you’re a more significant individual or wear baggier clothing — both options could work for pocket carry. They will also conceal almost identically when carrying inside the waistband.

I suppose you could give a slight advantage to the Taurus GX4 for its extra round of capacity. 

I will mention that these guns ride the line of being small enough to carry when working out. If you’re carrying a gun inside the waistband when working out, you want an extremely light gun, especially if you’re doing cardio and moving around a lot. While they’re minimal and very light for 10- and 11-round 9mms, they’re still much heavier than their counterparts like the Glock 42 or the Ruger LCP.

Ergonomics overall

Ergonomics are essential when comparing any gun, and Taurus and SIG are no exceptions. First, it’s essential to understand what ergonomics means. Most people think ergonomics means what feels best in hand. While that is true, it also means how the physicality of the gun helps you shoot. 

Sig P365 vs Taurus GX4 Grips

Feeling the best in hand doesn’t always translate to helping you shoot as well. Proper ergonomics for shooting mean you have correct leverage to get the most out of the firearm with recoil control and shooting the firearm accurately.

Many of the things that determine if a firearm is ergonomic will come down to the shooter. Everybody has different hand sizes, as well as proportions. What works for one person may not work for another.


There is no doubt the grip on the SIG P365 feels better to most people. It just seems to mold around the hand much better. It’s a little grip and feels good in the hand, but it also has its downsides.

The Taurus GX4, on the other hand, has a much larger grip. The distance from the front to the backstrap is much longer on the GX4, and it fills my entire hand much better. It’s not as comfortable, but it allows me to get a much better grip on the Taurus GX4 vs the SIG Sauer P365. 

Sig P365

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If somebody were to have much smaller hands than mine, I think the grip on the P365 would likely be preferable. One unique thing about the Taurus GX4 is its replaceable backstraps, which are shipped from the factory with small and large options. I have the small strap on my GX4, and it works just great for me.

This is a unique feature as this is currently the only gun in the micro-9mm classifications to be offered with the removable options.

Grip Length

The grip lengths on these guns are almost identical. I seem to be able to get just slightly more pinky on the P365 than the GX4. When I say slightly more grip, I truly mean slightly; There is barely any difference in the length. That said, that little bit of difference provides me with better grip that helps a lot with controlling and recoil.


There’s no practical difference between the texture of these two guns. They both have a sandpaper-like grip that wraps 360 degrees around the grip of the firearm. Again, I have no complaints here, and I think both SIG Sauer and Taurus did a great job on the texturing.

Sig P365 vs Taurus GX4 Frontstrap


The slide on the GX4 looks almost identical to the slide on the P365. The serrations have a very similar angle, depth, and look. The finishes on the slides are also nearly identical.

Sig P365 vs Taurus GX4 Slides

The aggressiveness of the serrations seems like a perfect match. The most significant difference is the widths of the slides themselves, which we mentioned earlier in the size comparison of the two. This is where the Taurus GX4 does have a slight advantage. It’s slightly easier to rack the slide on the GX4 because the slide is slightly wider and is easier for your hand to grab. It’s not huge, but I would say it’s a five to ten percent difference in difficulty to rack the slide on the firearms.

I prefer racking the slide on the Taurus GX4 for that reason.


Sig P365 vs Taurus GX4 Sights

If you get these guns stock, your sight options will be the same on almost every gun. The SIG Sauer P365 is offered in two main configurations.

You can get the P365 with SigLite night sights or the Meprolight Bullseye-style system. The gun with the Meprolight system is called the Sig P365 SAS.

We’ll go over each of these sight systems separately. 

SigLite Night Sights

The SigLite night sights have a three-dot tritium setup. The front tritium sight is surrounded by a luminescent green ring that isn’t quite as bright as I would like, but it still provides some contrast.

The rear of the P365 SigLite sights is blocked out outside of the two tritium vials. These are fine and good enough that you’ll have a hard time justifying replacing them.

Sig P365 vs Taurus GX4 Sig Sight Picture

That said, they are far from the best sights on the market. The front sight could be a lot brighter, and I find the tritium on the rear to be nearly useless. I much prefer a tritium or target-style front with a blacked-out rear.

The rear tritium seemed to slow me down when shooting in low light and confused me instead of providing more accuracy. You’re going to get most of your accuracy from your front sight and the index of your shooting technique.

SIG P365 SAS Sights

The SIG P365 SAS uses a system called the Meprolight Bullseye-style sight. This is melded into the top of the slide so it sits flush, shallow-profile, and snag-free. That said, it’s something different. It has a fiber-optic unit at the front, as well as a tritium. When you look through it, you see a ring with a dot in the middle.

Sig P365 SAS vs P365 P365 SAS Sight Picture

This system is much more complex to pick up than the traditional style from the regular SIG P365.

It’s an excellent concept, but in reality, it’s not nearly as accurate as traditional sights and requires more practice to get a proper index and shoot effectively. Also, the sight does not always work the best in various lighting conditions.

Despite having tritium, it’s not that bright when you’re trying to use the gun in low-light scenarios.

Another issue is zeroing the sights on the SAS.

There is no adjustment built into that system, and if SIG slightly molds the slide or Meprolight has an issue with their housing, the gun is not going to shoot point of aim, point of impact.

You have no recourse to readjust the sights.

This is an issue, as my local gun shop has had an issue with most of their SAS guns going back to SIG Sauer because the users can’t shoot point of aim, point of impact due to the tolerance stacking.

With traditional sights, you can get a different height for front or rear sights, as well as drift the rear to the right or left side to adjust your zero. Unfortunately, this is not an option on the SIG P365 SAS.

Taurus GX4 Sights

Sig P365 vs Taurus GX4 Sight Picture

The Taurus GX4 has a standard front with a painted white dot, and then the rear is blacked out with a square notch and horizontal serrations. It’s a pretty basic sight picture, but it works. The Taurus GX4 is significantly cheaper than the P365, and one way they cut costs is with their sights.

There’s also an upside: this gun accepts standard Glock-cut sights, so it’s easy to find affordable replacements.

Taurus GX4

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As we mentioned earlier, the Taurus GX4 accepts Glock sight. That acceptance means you have a ton of aftermarket options for the GX4. The P365 sight cut is also trendy and used by multiple guns, including the Springfield Armory XDS and Hellcat.

There are many aftermarket sight options, so it’s straightforward to switch the SigLite night sights out if that’s what you prefer. If you have the P365 SAS sights, you don’t have any other aftermarket option and you’re stuck with what comes on the gun.

I can’t give an advantage to the Taurus GX4 vs the SIG P365 because there are so many offerings for the latter.

That said, if you’re trying to find every little difference you can, there’s going to be an advantage. I know I’m probably contradicting myself here, but most people won’t see an advantage. But if you’re picky about your sights, the GX4 is going to be the way to go as you have more aftermarket options.

Red-Dot Optics

The SIG P365 is available from the factory in some red dot configurations. In addition, they have the P365X, which has an XL-length grip with a short P365 slide. You can quickly get a different grip module for the gun and run 10-round mags while still having your slide milled from the factory. These guns usually ship with a SIG Sauer Romeo Zero.

Shoot Better With Mini Red Dots

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The Romeo Zero uses a Shield-pattern cut to quickly replace it with a Holosun 507K or another similar optic. At this time, Taurus has not released the Taurus GX4 T.O.R.O., but I have heard this gun is coming. We’ll update you more on this when it’s available. I suspect it will take Shield-pattern optics just like every other gun in its class.


Controls are also crucial as they’re something that the shooter needs to understand from a feature standpoint and built to operate the firearm efficiently and safely.


There is no external safety besides the trigger safety on the Taurus GX4. When you’re comparing the Taurus GX4 vs the SIG Sauer P365, if safety is a must, then you’ll need to go with the P365.

The P365 is available with a thumb safety. That thumb safety is placed near the rear of the gun is in a position similar to the 1911. The safety is low-profile yet still well-designed and easy to use. It’s ambidextrous, which, in my opinion, is a must on a firearm being used for self-defense.

Sig P365

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These guns take a different approach to the trigger and I’m not willing to say one is better than the other. It’s going to come down to preference of the individual shooter and what they prefer. You’ll find a rolling trigger on the SIG P365 vs the Taurus GX4 that has a slightly stiffer trigger.

I’ll break down the trigger pulls in detail below.

SIG Sauer P365 Trigger

The trigger on the P365 has a very light take-up that you’re then going to feel more pressure with as you hit somewhat of a wall. From there, you’re going to feel some creep as it goes into a rolling break.

This isn’t a match-grade trigger, but it’s consistent. This trigger is one you feel that you can pull all day long, and it will surprise you when the shot breaks if you’re going slow enough.

Sig P365 vs Taurus GX4 Sig Trigger

That said, if you pull the trigger quickly, you’re not going to be as surprised at the breaks. From the reset, it resets right to that initial wall, and the reset is audible. You’re going to feel that same creep as you come back.

The P365 trigger is very shootable and I’m regularly able to make hits 100 yards on steel with a tiny little gun. I attribute most of that to the trigger. The surprise that the trigger gives you when it goes off means that you’re just going to focus on the fundamentals of shooting vs trying to time the shot perfectly with sights.

Taurus GX4 Trigger

The trigger on the Taurus GX4 has extremely light take-up as you go to pull the trigger, and then you’re going to feel a rigid wall. From there, you’re going to get to a very clean break.

There is no creep whatsoever in the triggers, and the aforementioned break itself is extremely clean and relatively light. When it comes to the reset, the reset is not as audible or aggressive as the reset on the P365. 

Sig P365 vs Taurus GX4 Trigger

That said, it resets right back to the wall and is a relatively short period of time. There’s no creep before it again has a clean break. If you’d like stiffer, then you’re going to like the GX4 better. It’s a much cleaner trigger than the P365. Both of these triggers are highly shootable to most people.

Taurus GX4

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Like I said before, I can’t declare a winner on the Taurus GX4 vs SIG P365 triggers, but I think you’re going to have to decide which trigger you like. I’m a big fan of a rolling trigger, but the trigger on the GX4 is so good that I may end up liking it better than the P365.

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten a chance to shoot the Taurus GX4 at 100 yards yet and that will probably end up making my decision on which trigger I like better. Still, I’ll update you guys on this comparison once I’ve had that opportunity.

Slide Lock

There’s a pretty big difference on the slide lock of the GX4 vs the P365. The P365 slide locks sit extremely far forward. For my medium to large hands, it’s an optimal position, but it may be a little hard to reach if somebody has smaller hands. The slide slot is also very sharp. I’ve never completely loved this design.

I’ve always thought it was acceptable, but not great. 

Sig P365 vs Taurus GX4 Slide Stop

The Taurus GX4, on the other hand, is straightforward to use when you go to drop the slide. It’s slightly further back than the stop on the P365 so that it will work better for people with smaller hands, yet it still worked fine with my larger set. 

It’s just a short slide stop to reach and use. I really can’t say how much I like this design, and in fact, it’s probably the most impressive part of the GX4. I’ve never been a fan of the slide stops on any of these small micro guns, but the Taurus GX4 has won me over on that aspect.

Magazine Release

The magazine releases on these guns are both reversible from the left to right side, and they’re positioned in about the same place. The magazine release on the GX4 is slightly smaller and sharper, so that would be my only real complaint when comparing the Taurus GX4 vs the SIG P365 magazine releases.

Sig P365 vs Taurus GX4 Magazine Release

The P365 arguably has a slightly better magazine release, just because it’s more prominent and not as sharp on the edges. When it comes to dropping the actual magazines, I find it more consistent to get the magazine out of the Taurus GX4.

The larger grip prevents my hand from cupping around the mags. If I try to drop the magazine free without breaking my grip, the magazine doesn’t come out 100 percent of the time, but it does drop 9 times out of 10.

On the P365, due to the ergonomics and shape of the grip, my hand permanently blocks the magazine from dropping free unless I break my grip. This is something you’ll want to take into account if that’s an issue for you. However, I rarely carry a spare mag, so I don’t see this as a concealed carry issue for most people.

Magazine Well

The magazine well on the SIG Sauer P365 has no angle whatsoever, but there is no bevel on the Taurus GX4 either. That said, both of these guns are pretty quick to reload as your hand acts as a magazine well when you go to reload the firearm. I find the reload speeds on these both very similar. No real difference here.

Sig P365 vs Taurus GX4 Magwell


From a quality standpoint, I’ve been impressed with the Taurus GX4. This gun is equal in quality to the P365. The polymer they’ve used seems slightly better and the slide itself seems identical in quality. The only reason I’m not going to give a knock on the SIG for the polymer seeming a little bit cheaper is the fact that the frames are modular and can be replaced with a variety of options from SIG or other aftermarket manufacturers.

The quality of these guns is surprisingly even. I didn’t expect this out of Taurus, as other models like the G2c and G3 series seem a lot cheaper than offerings from SIG and other manufacturers.

Taurus GX4

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There’s no doubt there are going to be more aftermarket options for the SIG P365. It’s been on the market a couple of years longer than the Taurus GX4, but I suspect we’ll see a lot of aftermarket options for the GX4 shortly.

The one area the GX4 does win when it comes aftermarket is the sights. Having a Glock cut, it’s going to have a lot more options than the P365 will. That said, the options most people will gravitate to for aftermarket sights are available for both firearms.


Aesthetically, the most significant difference between these two guns will be the look of the grips. I like what Taurus has done with their shaping and styling of the GX4. The trigger shoe itself is very sexy-looking. The rest of the gun doesn’t look bad, but it’s just a very modern look and is going to look outdated in five years. It’s not going to stand the test of time that well.

Sig P365 vs Taurus GX4 Away

The SIG P365, on the other hand, doesn’t look quite as sexy now but I think it’s going to age a little better. Neither of these guns are classic firearms by any means.

They’re both going to look trendy when you look at them in terms of decades as opposed to the next year or two. I really can’t decide which is the better-looking gun from an objective standpoint.

That said, in 2021, the Taurus GX4 is better-looking, in my opinion. But in 2025, I have a feeling I’ll be going with the P365.


Shooting these guns was very surprising.

I expected that the Taurus GX4 would not perform nearly as well as it did. Instead, this gun is extremely impressive. It shoots just as well as the SIG P365, even though the recoil is a little bit more.

That said, the grip and other ergonomics of the firearm make a difference. One thing that’s nice about the GX4 is that the shape of the grip forces your hand high onto the gun. Even a new shooter will be forced to get a good, proper grip on this firearm. This is very similar to the CZ P-10 C, which also has excellent ergonomics for most shooters.

Sig P365

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The SIG P365, on the other hand, also lets you get a high grip, but you have to try a little harder to do so.

When going to shoot and get the grip high, I get Glock knuckle with my middle finger.

This doesn’t happen on the Taurus GX4 as bad. It’s still there a little bit (as it will be with most guns), but I can get a higher grip on the GX4 without having to work as hard.

That’s something I liked about the Taurus GX4 vs the P365.

Recoil seems slightly smoother on the P365 vs the GX4, but these guns also come in at a significant price difference, which we’ll get below.


The retail price on the SIG P365 is $599 and $399 on the Taurus GX4. That’s a $200 difference, and both of these guns go for about $50 under MSRP. That said, you can sometimes find the SIG for sale at $500, which puts these guns at $150 to $200 apart in price. 

You do have to take the sights into account. You get night sights automatically on the P365. That said, to have an equal quality of sight picture on the Taurus GX4, all you have to do is switch out the front. That’s an easy thing to do and will generally run you $40 to $60 more. It’s almost impossible to deny the better value of the GX4. 

Taurus GX4

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That said, buying a gun isn’t always about the dollar amount. You’ll have to decide what makes the most sense for you.


SIG Sauer P365 Pros

  • Night sights
  • Grip length

SIG P365 SAS Pros

  • Looks

Taurus GX4 Pros

  • Price
  • Sight options
  • Capacity

SIG Sauer P365 Cons

  • Price
  • Capacity

SIG P365 SAS Cons

  • Sights
  • Price
  • Capacity

Taurus GX4 Cons

  • It’s a Taurus

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11 Replies to “Taurus GX4 vs Sig P365”

  1. Spider-Man says:

    You failed to mention a big difference in the two. The P365 comes light/laser ready, which is a great option if one wants/needs it. I bought a Streamlight light/laser for mine on Amazon for about $100. I just bought the P365 and my trigger is different, straight and not curved. I may change it later. Unlike you, I favor the P365. The P365 price is well worth what you get in return. If you are worried about the price, the cost of ammo will keep you from going to the range anyway.

    1. Chris says:

      They do offer trigger lasers for the gx4 as well I have both of these pistols, I have a p365x with the Romeo sight and flat trigger like yours, and I have a gx4 you can get a veridian trigger laser for $65 with coupon code right now which I did and recommend and grab a front ameriglo night sight for all of $30.There is other options for lasers/lights for the gx4 as well such as the stream light combo and in my hand I tend to lean towards my Taurus I love my sig(although I really dislike the romeo zero sight and wound up trading that sight for a standard xray night sight) but both are great guns and you can still have a laser on either

  2. Ben says:

    It’s a Taurus is no longer a valid and “funny” response. It’s 2022 and Taurus has been eating the lunch of all the mainstream brands. I’ll take my saved $200 and buy more ammo. I had the opportunity to shoot both of these side by side switching back and forth. The GX4 felt better to shoot, had a better trigger (in my opinion) and was 100% reliable after 50 rounds (Sign had 3 hiccups…stove pipes). The sights on the Sign we’re outstanding in comparison, however you admitted to an easy inexpensive upgrade for the GX4. I’ll buy 2 GX4s, and have some $ left over for ammo while you play the name game.

    1. Mitch Graves says:

      EXACTLY RIGHT. MANY yrs ago when I was a LEO I carried the Beretta 92. On a whim I bought a stainless Taurus 92. I had heard Taurus purchased the machines to make their version from Beretta. I broke them down together and found every part identical – even the machine marks. I started carrying the Tauraus and got some crap when the dept had to go to the State police range to do our yearly qualifications.
      They shut up after I outshot the rest of them. The sgt was on the IL State pistol team and a big Beretta fan. Even he shut up. Anyone that snarks at Taurus is ignorant….or just lying.

  3. PocketGunner says:

    I have the Sig 365, the 365 XL and the GX4 now for 700 rds of flawless shooting. I was so surprised to see the quality the GX4. I had never owned a Taurus, nothing pro or against them. The GX4 in my opinion and for me personally is a much better firearm. Maybe because the grip fits me better, or just that I find the recoil and control of the gun to be perfect. I also like the Trigger for EDC. Strange trigger. You do to a distinct wall, but go through it so easily at the same time. They really did a great job.
    Thanks for the review. Folks really need to try out the Taurus. It will totally surprise many in the quality and shooting. Taurus really came out with a winner.

  4. Sean says:

    Ever since Taurus introduced the G series after their devastating lawsuit they have really become a major competitor in quality value firearm’s. I own 3 of them, TX22, PT111-G2 and the GX4 and I like them better than the Ruger’s, Sigs and Glocks that I have owned. Not saying those guns are bad but you are only paying for the name. The GX4 is definitely Taurus’s testament to listening to it’s customers and designing a high quality low priced option for people who can’t afford $600 to $800 for a premium self defense weapon. When you buy a Taurus today you are getting a quality premium weapon at half the price and it’s a strong competitor with big name brands.

  5. Jon Crosby says:

    Have both guns. Bought the P365 about two years ago and use it as my main edc. After so many favorable reviews on the GX4 and looking at it at a local gun shoo, decided to purchase it. Agree with the detailed review here – both are excellent guns and I’m entirely confident carrying both on an alternating basis.

  6. D.G. says:

    I’m in the middle of the P365 vs GX4 purchasing decision right now. I’ve fired the P365X before and was flat out amazed by its accuracy. But its ergo’s didn’t agree with “my” hands. I found my hands have to conform more to the straight line ergonomics of the Sig grip. Whereas other, fuller grips” like the GX4 just cater more naturally to the curvatures of my hands. However, I’ve never fired the GX4. But my exhaustive research indicates the GX4’s accuracy is on par with the P365. My current research as of this writing does indicate some issues with the GX4, such as occasional feeding malfunctions, trigger quirks and “Taurus” serviceability as a whole by a small cross section of reviewers. But, seeing the the P365 can be found for $479.00 and the GX4 for $279.00 (and it now has a $50 rebate), the GX4 is looking damn attractive. In closing, I feel that if you have a GX4, and it runs flawlessly, then you’re definitely well ahead of the game over the Sig. But should you have any issues with the GX4, then you’ll be left feeling like you should’ve just gone with P365 in the first place. Seeing that the GX4 in optics ready configuration can be had for roughly $300 after mail-in-rebate, and for $480 total, I can equip the GX4 with a red dot for the price of the Sig. I’m picking the GX4 for now.

  7. Dave says:

    The Taurus GX4 is a quality gun but it’s still a Taurus when you trade it in.

  8. Jim Ewer says:

    It’s a Taurus? What is this 2003? What next? A Hyundai is a bad car? Jeez man. Taurus makes some of the best firearms for the money. Wanna be a Glock fan boy be my guest but I’ll save the money. My Taurus always goes bang when I pull the trigger.

  9. David Rye says:

    Although I really like my GX4XL, there is one very SIGNIFICANT issue with them.
    Since there are not parts available, it is very risky to do a full take-down and clean. If you lose a little spring, or pin, the gun will become a BRICK. So in these unstable times, I prefer to have weapons that allow me to have spare parts available on hand.
    So you must either by 2 Taurus or buy the SIG and order a few spare parts – total cost, probably less for the SIG.
    I sure regret this Taurus policy. Contact them if you agree.

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