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Sig P365 vs Hellcat

We’re going to compare the Springfield Hellcat vs Sig P365 since they are the two most popular concealed carry handguns on the market. There is never the best option for everyone but there is likely the best option for you. When we compare the Sig P365 vs Hellcat we’ll cover all the pros and cons in detail.

Sig P365 vs Springfield Hellcat facing


MetricsSig P365Springfield Armory Hellcat
Weight No Mag(Oz)16.516.1
Weight Empty Mag(Oz)18.618.2/18.6
Weight With A Full Mag(Oz)22.923.0/24.2
Height(top of Slide to bottom of Magazine Baseplate)(Inches)4.23/4.654.03/4.52
Length (Inches)5.806.03
Width of Grip(Inches)1.021.02
Width of Slide(Inches)0.900.87
Width Across Controls(Inches)1.011.07

Sig P365 vs Hellcat Concealed Carry

The Sig P365 and the Springfield Armory Hellcat, are both very small guns for their capacity. Sig P365 holds 10 rounds while the Hellcat holds 11 with a flush fit magazine, both also have extended magazine options. You can get an extra two rounds on either gun being a total of 12 rounds in the Sig P365 or 13 rounds in the Hellcat. Both of these guns can work well for either to be carried or for some people they can still fill the role of pocket carry. 

If you wear regular fit or skinny jeans, you’re probably not going to be pocket carrying one of these guns, but if you wear jeans with a larger cut or something like sweatpants, both of these guns will probably work fine for pocket carry. It really just depends on your build and style of dress.

Sig P365 vs Hellcat Weight

The weight on these guns is nearly identical with the P365, weighing just a half-ounce more, with that difference there isn’t going to be any real difference, even when you’re carrying a gun without a belt for an activity like exercise. If you carry a gun for exercise without a belt, every ounce does matter, but a half-ounce isn’t going to be enough to make a difference. 

Both of these guns are in the weight range that they can work for carrying when you’re exercising, as long as you have a proper holster in a good supportive waistband. When it comes to concealment inside the waistband, the Sig P365 is going to be slightly less concealable than the Springfield Armory Hellcat. They’re a little over three 16th of an inch difference in the grip length and believe it or not the Sig P365 is a little bit longer despite holding one less round.

Now, when you add in the 12 round magazine, the same difference applies and ends up being around three 16th of an inch longer than the Springfield Armory Hellcat with its 13 round magazine.

So by the numbers, you have to give the win to the Springfield Armory Hellcat. That said, both of these guns are close enough in size that I don’t think they’ll make a big difference for either person but if capacity is king to you, then the Hellcat is going to be your winner. 


Sig P365 vs Springfield Hellcat controls

Sig P365 vs Hellcat Frame

The frame on the Sig P365 is going to be slightly longer than the frame on the Springfield Armory Hellcat. And when I say that the overall length of the gun isn’t any longer, but the length from the undercut to the bottom of the grip is just slightly longer and I can get more of my hand on the gun, which is a very important feature when controlling recoil. The strongest finger in your hand is going to be the pinky, so the more of the pinky you can get on the gun, the better.

The Hellcat with a flush fit magazine, unfortunately, does not work as well for me, as most of my pinky hangs off and really doesn’t maintain any control over the firearm. Both of these grips lack any true modularity, there are no removable batch straps, but that’s pretty common for guns of this size.


Feeling, I think the ergonomics on the Sig P365 feel way better than the Springfield Armory Hellcat. It just feels better in the hand, but the downside is the circumference of the grip is also smaller. 

So when you’re drawing the gun from inside the waistband, your fingers have to go further between your body and the gun, making your draw slower and harder to acquire a good grip. The Hellcat, on the other hand, is just a little bit bigger, so if you have larger hands it’s going to be a little bit easier of a gun to draw.

Now, when we’re looking at the grip length, I find myself preferring the Sig P365 XL because I can get more meat on the grip and get better control on the firearm for shooting.

Now, if you put an extended mag in the Hellcat, the situation reverses and I prefer the Hellcat. So if I’m carrying a situation where size is everything and capacity isn’t as important, I’m going to prefer the Springfield over the Sig P365.

But if I can carry that 13 round magazine in the Hellcat, I find myself preferring the grip on the Hellcat, it just seems more ergonomic and provides me a little more control and leverage on the firearm. 


Sig P365 vs Springfield Hellcat grips

Believe it or not the texture on these guns looks identical and feels identical. There is one difference though, and that is the area between the magazine release and the top of the slide, on the Sig P365 is completely slick while the texturing on the Hellcat extends to that area.

For that reason, I’m going to have to give some slight points to the Springfield Armory Hellcat. That said, depending on the size of your hand and your grip, you might not be able to get any contact with that area of the gun. And if that’s the case, the texturing on the guns is going to be a draw for you.


Sig P365 vs Springfield Hellcat Slide

The design of the serrations on the slide Sig P365 is better than the Springfield Armory Hellcat. They’re a little bit taller and they cover more of a slide and the chamfering at the front of the slide really works to allow your finger and the base of your palm to get really good contacts when you’re using the forward cocking serrations, the rear serrations also work well as well. 

On the Hellcat, the serrations just aren’t enough, they’re not that aggressive. The forward serrations work okay for a press check, but you really don’t want to have to cock the entire slide from that area of the gun. The rear serrations work but they’re not that great, I find myself actually gripping the slide itself instead of the serrations to pull back the slide.

So I’m going to have to give the win on slide design to the Sig P365 versus Hellcat because it just has a much easier to manipulate the slide. 



Sig P365 vs Springfield Hellcat sights

Out of the box both of these guns come with a really good set of Sights. The Sig P365 has the SigLite Night Sights that are a three-dot night Sight set up, and the front Sight has a bright green ring around it. And I say, bright liberally, it’s actually more of a subdued green, and it’s not that bright even in full sunlight. On the Hellcat, you have a bright yellow front Knight Sight and then the rear Sight has a white U shaped ring around the rear notch. 

It’s unconventional and it’s the first time I’ve seen a Sighting system like that. And I wasn’t sure about how I felt about the Springfield Armory Hellcats Sights at first, but I’ve really grown to like them. In my opinion, the bright yellow Sight is much brighter during the daylight and it’s just a better site setup than the Sig P365.

I’m actually really impressed with how good the Sights are out of the box on the Springfield Armory. In my opinion, they’re the best out of the box Sights on a gun in this class. 


Both of these guns use the same Sight cuts, so you’re going to have the exact same aftermarket Sights for both of these guns. So that’s obviously a draw, but there are definitely sufficient aftermarket options if neither of these guns has sights that work for you. 

Red Dot Optics

Mounting a red dot, the Sig P365 is not an option unless you have a custom meld. There’s currently no factory mount built on a Sig P365. That’s unfortunate as I would really like to see it offered as they offer on the Sig P365 XL. The Springfield Armory on the other hand has the Springfield Armory OSP model, which is just a couple of dollars more than the regular model and it includes a Mount for a red dot Sight. It really is a nice feature to have, and I can’t wait to put one on mine.



There is a safety on the Sig P365 XL if you order it with one, and it’s an ambidextrous thumb safety that’s very low profile and sits in a good position so you can easily flick it off with your thumb. And you can also ride your thumb on top of the safety when firing like in 1911. I do not have that on my Sig P365s but it’s a feature you can easily purchase. 

There is no such option on the Springfield Armory Hellcat, so if that’s a feature you’re looking for then you’re going to want to look at the Sig. 

Sig P365 vs Hellcat Trigger 

The trigger on these guns are both very good and I have my personal preference for what I like. But that said, I don’t think you can definitively say one trigger is better than the other. It’s going to depend on which type of trigger you prefer.

Hellcat Trigger 

Sig P365 vs Springfield Hellcat trigger

The trigger on the Hellcat is a very standard striker-fired trigger, and that you feel light take up and then hit a wall. Once you hit that wall, it has a very aggressive and crisp break. The trigger is somewhat heavy and the reset on it is very positive and short. It really reminds me of a Glock Jim 3 style trigger. 

Sig P365 Trigger

Sig P365 vs Springfield Hellcat Sig Trigger

The trigger on the Sig P365 on the other hand has very light take-up and then you reach a point to where it starts creeping, till you full creep, till you get a rolling brake. Reset on the Sig P365 XL is somewhat positive but not nearly as positive as the Hellcat, and it resets right to the point where you start to build the creep again before you go to the rolling brake.

I prefer the rolling brake on the Sig P365 and the reason is, I can shoot this trigger extremely well. There is a video of me shooting at 100 yards on still with this gun. It’s easy to consistently make hits with this trigger. I attribute the trigger and the wide Sights to my ability to do that.

This is not something I’m doing fast under time, this is something that occurs really slow but the trigger really plays well for that. I’m going to give the win to the Sig P365 XL trigger, but I have many friends who prefer the trigger on the Springfield Armory Hellcat and I understand their arguments for it. I don’t think there’s a clear winner here, just a winner for the individual person. 

Slide Lock

Sig P365 vs Springfield Hellcat controls

The slide locks on these guns are very similar. I will say the Sig P365 normally works better for people with smaller hands and most of its features, but not when it comes to the slide lock. The slide lock on the Springfield Hellcat it’s a little further back. And so if you have smaller hands you’re almost guaranteed that you’ll be able to reach it. 

Both of these slide locks are a bit sharp, which I’m a little bit disappointed but the Hellcat slide lock is just slightly less sharp than the Sig P365. So I’m going to have to give the win to the Hellcat versus the Sig P365, just because I think it’s a slightly better slide lock. Not by much, they’re very close but it is just slightly better. 

Magazine Release

Sig P365 vs Springfield Hellcat mag release

The magazine release on both these guns is very easy to reach and access. I find the Sig P365 to be a little more positive but they’re similar. You’re going to have to break your grip on both these guns to drop the mag, just because the palm of your hand is likely going to sit below the magazine base pads unless you have really small hands. So I’m going to give a slight edge to the Sig P365 just for the feel, but both guns are going to be somehow. 

Sig P365 vs Springfield Hellcat sig mag release

Magazine Well

Both of these guns have no magazine well to speak of and it’s pretty much a tie here. They’re both about the same to reload. I don’t think you’re going to see a major difference between either gun.


Sig P365 vs Springfield Hellcat sidde by side

I can’t believe I’m saying this but the quality on the Springfield Armory Hellcat seems better than the Sig P365. The Sights on the Hellcat seem to be of higher quality than the Sig Sights and the slides on the guns are completely identical, but the frame on the Hellcat seems to be just a tad higher quality than the frame on the Sig P365. The Sig P365 frame seems cheap and doesn’t hold up to Sig’s normal quality. 

I think this applies to guns like the Sig P320 as well. The polymer they’re using on these modular frames just doesn’t feel as quality as other polymers out there. So it’s not necessarily that the Hellcat is a super high-quality gun as much as the Sig has a frame that is lacking and the Sights on the Hellcat are very nice.


The aftermarket for the Sig P365 is going to be a lot better. Obviously, the guns are matched for iron Sights, but when it comes to other accessories, you’re going to have a lot more options with the Sig P365. Sig P365 also has 15 round magazines, which is a nice touch if you want to add a lot of capacity to the gun, whereas you’re stuck with the 12 or the 13 and 11 round magazines on the Springfield Armory Hellcat, you have the option of 10, 12, and 15 on the Sig P365. 


Sig P365 vs Springfield Hellcat facing

Aesthetically I think the Sig P365 is hands down the winner over the Hellcat. The Hellcat tries, but it just doesn’t look quite as good as the Sig P365. Sig P365 is a very proportional gun whereas the Hellcat, even though it doesn’t measure any fatter, it just looks fatter. A lot of that is due to the curvature at the grip.

The reason this grip works better for people with larger hands is also the reason the gun doesn’t look as good. You’re going to always have pros and cons and unfortunately, this is a con on the Springfield Armory Hellcat.

Sig P365 vs Hellcat Shooting

Both of these guns are amazing shooters for their size, the Sig P365 shoots extremely well. And if I’m shooting at 100 yards, I’m going to take the Sig P365 XL all day long. That said, if I’m carrying this gun I’m going to go with the Springfield Armory Hellcat. Due to the excellent Sights and the superior ergonomics for larger hands like I have the Springfield Armory Hellcat just shoots a lot better for me.

If you have smaller hands, I think you’ll be better served by the Sig P365XL and if you’re running the flush-fit magazine. If you’re running a flush fit magazine in a Springfield Armory Hellcat, I’m probably going to choose the Sig P365 instead of a Hellcat. But if you’re running an extended magazine, the Hellcat is a no-brainer for me.

Now, that’s not going to apply to everybody, like I said, I think a lot of this is going to depend on hand size. So if you have smaller hands, I’m going to say the Sig P365 is going to shoot better for you, no matter what magazine you have in it.

But if you have larger hands with an extended magazine, the Hellcat is hands down going to be the winner. And the reason the Sig P365 with a flush fit magazine would be my choice, I can get all three of my fingers on that grip whereas I can’t do that with a Hellcat and a flush fit magazine. Having that extra leverage really helps when shooting the gun.


Sig P365 vs Springfield Hellcat T

Both of these guns are very similarly priced. You can find the Hellcat for $490 often while the Sig will run you $499. So the cost of the gun isn’t likely to be a determining factor. Now if you want to add a red dot to the gun then the Springfield Hellcat is going to take the lead since you can pick it up for $529 while milling a Sig P365 would cost well over $100, not including the hassle factor.

Magazines for the Hellcat can be found for under $40 while the Sig P365 magazine costs $40 plus and I like the sights better on the hellcat. Value on these guns is close when comparing the Iron Sight option but personally, I find the Hellcat to be a better value.

Sig P365 vs Hellcat Pros/Cons

Sig P365 Pros

  • More Concealable
  • Grip for Smaller Hands

Springfield Hellcat Pros

  • Grip for Larger Hands
  • Magazine Cost
  • Sights
  • Optics Ready OSP Model

Sig P365 Cons

  • No Optics Mount
  • Magazine Cost

Springfield Hellcat Armory Cons

  • Made in Croatia

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