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Ruger LCP MAX Review

This Ruger LCP MAX review is going to cover Ruger’s newest .380 offering. 

The Ruger LCP and LCP II have been a staple in the American concealed carry market ever since their introduction. These .380 pistols are extremely popular for concealed carry, but despite their popularity, they lacked capacity and suitability. 

Ruger LCP Max Review 07

These guns are very small, holding only six rounds in the magazine. They are not much fun to shoot. 

Ruger came up with the Ruger LCP MAX to try and rectify some of those issues. 


Ruger LCP MAX isn’t what I’d call a small gun. It’s not large either, but it’s definitely much larger than the Ruger LCP and LCP II by comparison. 

Almost anybody can pocket-carry a Ruger LCP or LCP II. The LCP MAX is not within the size limits where I would suggest everyone could pocket-carry it. 

Ruger LCP Max

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It’s a little on the big side if you have a leaner build or wear tighter-fitting pants. 

But it’s certainly a gun that can be pocket-carried and is relatively lightweight, so it makes sense for that application.

The LCP MAX can also be used for inside the waistband (IWB) carry. 

I’m sure there are some who will carry this outside of their waistbands. For the most part, this gun is going to be a lightweight tool used for pocket- or inside the waistband concealed carry. 


The Ruger LCP MAX has a 10-round capacity with a flush-fit magazine. This capacity is greatly improved over the original LCP and LCP II. 

Ruger LCP Max Review 21

Another major improvement they made involves the MAX’s sight, which we’ll get to later in the review. 


There likely aren’t many people that will carry a spare magazine for this gun, but if they do, it’s fairly easy to reload. 

The magwell itself is not beveled, but the top of the magazine is beveled greatly. 

Ruger LCP Max Review 20

The gun goes from double-stacked to single-feed with a rather drastic bevel that makes it very easy to insert the magazine. It’s almost like you have the enhanced magwell built into the magazine itself.


This gun does not have any removable back- or front straps. 

What you see is what you get: a standard polymer grip. Overall, it is a little bit fatter than what you would expect from other pocket pistols due to the 10-round capacity. As far as beavertails go, there’s no real beavertail on the LCP MAX, but there is a well-rounded tang. 

Ruger LCP Max Review 09

The gun is comfortable to hold and it fits into the web of my hand well. It is a little bit smaller, but I have no complaints about the overall ergonomics of this firearm. 


The texturing on the Ruger LCP MAX is nice and aggressive, but not overly so. It feels about like 600- to 800-grit sandpaper.

Ruger LCP Max Review 18

This is not a texturing that’s going to annoy you when carrying it inside the waistband up against your body, but it’s still going to provide enough traction to where the gun won’t slip around in your hand if your hand is wet.

General Feel

Overall, this gun does fill your hand. 

If you have really small hands, I can see how this gun might be a little bit on the larger side, but if you have very large hands, this might be one of the few pocket pistols that you can hold reasonably well. 

Ruger LCP Max

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Ruger LCP Max
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If you have medium- to larger-sized hands like myself, you’re going to have issues getting your pinky on the bottom of the grip. 

I can fit approximately one-third of my pinky on the grip of the gun, which does help a lot when it comes to controlling recoil, but unfortunately, it’s not what I would call a super-solid grip. 

Somebody with smaller hands will have no trouble controlling this firearm and getting their pinky on the bottom.


The sights are definitely a high point of this Ruger LCP MAX review. 

Ruger decided to massively improve the system by adding dovetailed sights, so if you’re not happy with the sights that come from the factory, you can actually switch these out. 

Ruger LCP Max Review 10

The older Ruger LCP models have not had this option. 

The front sight on the Ruger LCP MAX is a Tritium sight with a thin white ring around it. It’s pretty much your standard front night sight. The rear sight, on the other hand, has a nice wide U-notch and serrations on the back of the sight blade with a fairly good picture.

I do wish there was a little more air between the rear sight and the front sight.

In the daylight, the front sight is so big that it definitely jumps out at you—not quite like a Big Dot would, but very similar in effect. 

The front of the Ruger LCP MAX sight has a ledge on it, so you could technically use that to rack the gun off a belt or hard surface in case you have to clear a malfunction or chamber a round. 

Red-Dot Options

This gun is a tilting-block firearm, and being in the lower-pressure .380, I’m not sure whether or not we’ll see red-dot options for the LCP MAX. 

Ruger LCP Max

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Ruger LCP Max
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This is a relatively thin gun and there aren’t many options out there that would fit it. 

Even the Holosun 407k or RMRCC would hang over the side of the slide quite a bit.

Controls Ruger LCP MAX Review

Magazine Release

The magazine release on the LCP MAX is easy to reach and I have absolutely no issues with the design. It comes from the factory mounted on the left-hand side setup for a right-handed shooter. 

Ruger LCP Max Review 11

That being said, it is reversible, so you can switch it to the other side if you’re left-handed. 

It’s well-rounded with no sharp edges and placed in a good position where people of all hand sizes will be able to reach it. 

Slide Stop

The slide stop is mounted at the very rear of the gun. 

I do have one complaint: it’s not 100% reliable. When you go to rack the slide on this gun, the slide stop will not actively lock back the slide unless you are putting pressure on the magazine from the bottom. 

However, I’ve had this issue with every Ruger LCP that I’ve handled.

Ruger LCP Max Review 12

For some reason, Ruger just doesn’t put a lot of time into making sure that these slide stops work as they should. If you plan to use that slide stop to drop the slide, I find it fairly easy to do even with my larger hands. 

If somebody had much larger hands than myself, they might have a hard time dropping the slide. The slide stop will likely sit somewhere behind the joint on their thumb. 

Ruger LCP Max

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Ruger LCP Max
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If you’re a left-handed user, comparably, you’re not going to be able to use your trigger finger to drop the slide stop. 

You’ll have to just use your hand to rack the slide manually.

Overall Ergonomics

Overall, the ergonomics of the LCP MAX are quite good. I can’t complain about that in this review because it just fits my hand well, and I think that will be the same for almost anybody. 

Ruger did a really good job of designing a gun that will work well for both small- and large-handed individuals. 

Trigger Ruger LCP MAX Review

The trigger on the Ruger LCP MAX is a hammer-fired trigger and is technically single-action only. When people hear single-action only, they think of great triggers like the 1911. 

Unfortunately, if you’re expecting that kind of performance out of this trigger, you’re going to be drastically disappointed. 

Ruger LCP Max Review 16

The trigger pull has light take-up as you disengage the safety. 

That’s pretty standard and feels almost like any striker-fired gun. Once you get through that, you’re going to feel a wall before a fair bit of creep with some travel. From there, you’re going to hit another wall right before the break.

This trigger isn’t horrible, but it isn’t great either. If you’re used to striker-fired triggers like Glocks, Smith & Wesson M&Ps, or SIG P320s, you’ll find this trigger lacking. 

Ruger LCP Max

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Ruger LCP Max
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To reset the trigger on this firearm, you have to let the trigger almost all the way out. 

While you don’t let it quite all the way, it goes so far out that you might as well completely let off the trigger to ensure that it does reset reliably. I could easily see how somebody could short-stroke the trigger on this when trying to reset.


This gun is fairly new to the market, so there aren’t a lot of aftermarket offerings, but I suspect the aftermarket offerings will mirror those for the Ruger LCP and LCP II. 

There really isn’t a lot you can do to this gun. 

Sure, you could switch out the trigger shoe, magazine release, slide stop, or the sights, but given the price point of this gun, I don’t see people putting a lot of money in aftermarket parts for the LCP MAX. 

Aftermarket support likely won’t be that large. 

The nice thing is, this gun is also reverse-compatible with a lot of Ruger LCP II holsters.

Maintenance Ruger LCP MAX Review

Maintaining the Ruger LCP MAX is a little bit of a pain in my opinion. You have to get a knife or screwdriver to pull out the take-down pen located on the left-hand side.

Ruger LCP Max Review 23

Is it a deal breaker? No, but that’s a slight complaint for this Ruger LCP MAX review. 


Aesthetically, I’m neutral on this gun. 

It’s not a bad-looking gun, but nobody’s going to give it any awards either. It’s just there. It works. There’s nothing sexy about it, but there’s nothing ugly either.

Ruger LCP Max

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Ruger LCP Max
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I was excited to get this gun out to the range. When I got to shoot it, I was somewhat impressed by how low the recoil was when comparing it to the Ruger LCP and LCP II. 

There was still a lot of muzzle flip and the gun definitely bucked in your hands, but it wasn’t painful to shoot like its smaller LCP brothers. Now, when it comes to actually hitting the target, that’s another matter. 

This gun takes a lot of concentration to shoot accurately.

I’m a big fan of the Glock 42, and the first time I took the Glock 42 out to shoot accuracy at distance, I managed to pull a three to four-inch group off at 25 yards without trouble in around 12 to 15 seconds. 


I would be lucky to shoot a similarly-sized group with the Ruger LCP MAX at three to five yards. 

If you’re three yards in, this gun will get the job done. 

If you have the time to try to place an accurate shot at five to seven yards, it can work, but it’s just a much harder gun to shoot than the Glock 42. 

Ruger LCP Max Review 01

My friend, a humble marksman who is a masterclass USPSA shooter in both Production and Open classes, acquired a Ruger LCP MAX for review. 

He had a similar experience shooting the gun. 

He’s a much better shot than I am and can get decent results with the gun. Still it’s still exceptionally hard for him to shoot and requires a lot of concentration.

Because of how hard this gun is to shoot, I’m going to take some points away from the Ruger LCP MAX. 

Final Thoughts

Would I buy the Ruger LCP MAX for personal use? No.

This is not a gun that I plan to carry. Despite the Glock 42 holding only six rounds, its shootability makes it much more enticing to me than the Ruger LCP MAX.

Ruger LCP Max

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Ruger LCP Max
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If I need a really small gun to carry, I’m more likely to go with the Ruger LCP as it is significantly smaller than the Ruger LCP MAX and allows me to conceal it much easier. Realistically, this gun doesn’t conceal better than a SIG P365. The only real advantage it offers is weight. 

Due to this, the Ruger LCP MAX really doesn’t have a place for me. 

Its sights are definitely a great upgrade, but I can’t really take advantage of them due to my inability to shoot this gun accurately. 

I’d rather have six rounds with a Glock 42 that I can shoot well than 10 rounds with a Ruger LCP MAX where I don’t know where they’re going to hit.

If you have access to a friend with a Ruger LCP MAX or an indoor range where you can rent one before buying, I would highly suggest doing that before purchasing this firearm. It’s a good idea to do that in general. This gun I just found exceptionally hard to shoot, which is a rarity. 

Due to this, I’m going to have to suggest being cautious before buying. 

Ruger LCP Max Review 19

I hope you found our review helpful, and if you have any questions or comments, please comment below. 

What are your thoughts on the Ruger LCP MAX?

Let us know if you enjoyed our Ruger LCP MAX Review.

35 Replies to “Ruger LCP MAX Review”

  1. Tim E. says:

    In your article you mention an advantage of the Ruger LCP Max is the possibility of swapping out the sights. Maybe so, but since my gun shoots low I was hoping to swap out the front sight for one having a lesser height, to bring the point of aim up. However, nobody makes and sells any LCP front sights that have any height difference than the factory sights.

    1. Jim says:

      I contacted Ruger about my LCPMax shooting too low and left. I shoot a lot, so after many different techniques and attempts, the “low and left” were consistent. Ruger picked up the gun on their dime, replaced the barrel and slide and returned in less than 2 weeks. It now shoots to point of aim.

  2. Isaac says:

    “Much larger “? What are you talking about? I held LCP next to an LCP Max yesterday. You can’t tell the difference.

    According to Ruger’s dimensions, they are within hundredth to tenths of an inch. Heck, they fun in the same holsters.

    Functionally the LCP and the LCP Max are the same size.

    This review is complete nonsense.

    1. Harrison says:

      Everyone else would disagree with you.

      1. Dingus says:

        Actually, everyone else disagrees with you. You obviously didn’t look at the dimensions or do side by side comparisons. Just because you wrote a review doesn’t mean “everyone else” would side with you; especially when all the other reviews online say it’s barely any larger.

      2. Roger says:

        I wouldn’t disagree with him, i have both and the max is just a little bit thicker, and not enough to count for anything. Also you may have gotten one with sight adjustment problems, the one i have shoots accurately at 15 yards. Just takes a bit of practice to get used to the pistol. I would choose this one all day long compared to the more expensive and larger glock 42 which only holds half the amount of rounds. (With the optional 12rd. Mag). Highly recommend the lcp max for high capacity concealed carry!

    2. William says:

      Exactly! The LCP Max is no larger than the LCP 2 and weighs the same 10.8oz. Not sure what reviewer is smoking or drinking but he missed this review by a country mile. Also, both of mine regularly group less than 6-in at 25yds.

      1. Jason says:

        The reviewer probably has never even held one. I pocket carry this daily in a pocket holster. As on owner, i was shocked when i read this “review”. Perhaps he got it confused with a 1911 🙂

    3. Barry McDonald says:

      Exactly what I thought reading it. One moment he says” much larger” than the LCPII then says the holsters are ” reverse-compatible ” with them. He spent more time typing this review than thinking about it.

      1. Harrison says:

        The most important measurements on a gun when it comes to concealment come from the grip. Both the width and length. The width on the LCP Max is larger. Both those dimensions have nothing to do with the holster fit.

  3. Mark says:

    I doubt that everyone else would disagree. Have had a great experience with this. There are excellent unbiased reviews that support my experience with this handgun.. Google is a great tool. Hickock 45 is one review worth viewing. Good advice about going holding one prior to buying. And then shooting if possible. Then buy it. Does what it is supposed to do!

  4. Flash says:

    This reviewer doesn’t like this gun and he has a right to his opinion. My own impression has been quite different. The size difference is a longer, fuller contour grip, not really any wider because of the flared rear that was added to the LCR2 grip, and almost identical in length with the extended magazine in the smaller gun, which, ironically, almost every LCP2 I have seen in use has had. The trigger is what I would consider ideal for the intended purpose of this gun, repeatable, without excessive weight or grit, in a trigger guard that doesn’t beat up my fairly large trigger finger, and I don’t want a 2 pound match grade 1911 trigger on a pocket gun with no safety. The sights, which he acknowledges , are excellent for a gun of this type, easy to find and line up for short range accuracy. Speaking of accuracy, I find it no harder to shoot accurately than a Glock 42, which I replaced with the LCP MAX due it being a difficult pocket carry gun in normal mild weather clothes. If you compare shoot ability to guns in a different size and use class it kind of negates any comparison, A Glock 42 is a good gun but it’s trigger and accuracy are not in the same league as my Dan Wesson full size 1911, quite true, but what’s the point ?

  5. Jody stanley says:

    Love the pistol small and light shoots great at seven yards hits right where aimed.havent shot at any greatr distance I love it and it’s a great everyday carry gun and easy to conceal.lcpvmax is great

  6. Stephen Thompson says:

    I am finding my LCP max difficult to shoot and do not disagree with the accuracy comments related to the review.

    1. Harrison says:

      You’re not alone. Everyone has different standards of accuracy. I can shoot a 4-inch group at 25 with my Glocks, Sigs, CZs etc… but find it difficult to get 4inch with this gun at 7 yards. Many commenting likely haven’t shot their gun or exaggerated their result.

      1. Flash says:

        Once again we’re comparing range/ duty guns to a pocket pistol. I find the gun very easy to shoot accurately FOR IT’S INTENDED USE. While I consider a Glock to be a marginally accurate gun in general, I have my Glock 40 because for a northern Rocky Mountain back country sidearm it is hard to beat FOR IT’S INTENDED USE, that being a reasonably powerful defense weapon of high reliability in a point and squeeze type of action. I have a long slide 1911 that is literally twice as accurate that I have harvested deer with but it’s just over half the capacity and weighs half a pound more than the Glock. I feel the same thing applies to the little Ruger, it’s an excellent design for the application. Sure, I could shoot a more powerful round more accurately, with less recoil in my M9, but it would be mighty uncomfortable and not too well concealed in my pocket.

      2. Roger says:

        You have to shoot the pistol enough times to be able to accurately shoot it. I’m guessing you didn’t shoot it enough to get used to it, or you got one with the sights sightly off. Even then you can make target adjustments to hit the mark. It’s not along range pistol anyway

  7. Kurt Krueger says:

    The review was ok, but,….. I have experience with the LCP MAX. It is a self defense gun. It is designed for 3-7-10 yards. The Tueller Rule is designed around 21 FT. With weapon, 30 FT, as a general rule. The front sight dot is the POI on mine. I can do head shots up to 10 yds. At this time, I haven’t had any problems with the slide stop. I can use the LCP pocket holster with it in my cargo shorts. Personally, I can’t use a IWB holster. On a draw my pants would fall down, the perp would die laughing, and I’m charged with manslaughter. In AZ we can open carry. I prefer a large T shirt. The trigger does have a little distance to it, but it’s easy to get used to. Most SD guns I’ve played with have that extra play. I think it’s there to give one a nano second to decide if you’re serious or not. You can also get a 12 round mag for the MAX and there’s magnetic holsters for an extra mag. I think its a good gun, it does what it’s suppose to do. Its your job to practice, train, and practice some more in all kinds of scenarios, right hand, left hand, both hands, proper draw, running, You name it. It’s known as Bushido. As a Yondon I can tell you, when the moment arises, you will respond with your training. If you practice screaming, that is what you’ll do. Train well, then after that moment, you can cry and throw up after, but not before. Sayonara.

  8. Jody stanley says:

    I don’t agree with this not a Glock fan but I love the Ruger LCP Max 380.perfect carry gun shootabllity it’s great up to about 15yds but that’s what it’s made for.had no problems feeding shells shoots great I don’t shot targets slot I shot gongs 12inch as long as I can hit them at 15yds I’m good a person at 15yds is a whole lot bigger and should be a lot easier to hit if need be.I change my sights and got a new trigger from Galloway Precision great trigger a must.added houge sleeve and changed guide pin and recoil spring Galloway Precision also.Great firearm

  9. Anger says:

    I have a few different carry weapons and the LCP max is by far the hardest to hit a target with. Sometimes I can’t even get anything on the target. I feel like this gun is laughing at me. Truly bad. I like everything else about it, but something seems very wrong. Sticking with S&W which has no issues like this does.

    1. Harrison says:

      Every experienced shooter that I personally know who has shot one says the same thing.

      1. Flash says:

        What’s a Troll?

    2. Roger says:

      Send it back to Ruger, your sights are out of alignment. Read the other reviews, i can consistently get 3 inch groupings at 15 yards.

  10. The Ruger LCP II is a fantastic option for people looking for an easily concealed . 380 ACP pistol. It is surprisingly accurate, considering its size, and plenty reliable for self-defense.

  11. Vahn Morton says:

    Who is this guy? hahaha I have the p365 and the LCP Max, and there’s a pretty big difference between carrying one and the other – because, you know, weight really does matter when anchoring down your belt all day. I usually really like Harry’s reviews but this guy is a joke. Glock 42 comparison?? Really?? Of course it’s going to shoot better. Duh. It’s substantially larger. With HALF the capacity. Plus this guy gets butt hurt from the “trolls,” who though are contrary, aren’t nearly as bad as pretty much any youtube page. I get it, he’s sensitive, but come on, where’s the professionalism? It’s not just ME shooting bad, I have this “professional” friend….(what are we 8 years old?) Learn how to shoot with what you got, not say it sucks because you don’t know how and state how different class of pistols shoot better. There’s a lot of guns that shoot better than a glock 42 as well. A LOT. This guy needs to find another job. Biased, uneducated, and lacking review. Don’t listen to him.

    1. Jason says:

      He apparently cannot hit the broadside of a barn with his pistol or reviews.

  12. Splinter says:

    I’ve been carrying/shooting the second generation LCP for years & never had a malfunction w/any kind of ammo, it just eats everything. I’m interested in the MAX and these reviews are a big help.

    1. Roger says:

      Get it! It’s a great pistol 👍

    2. Roger says:

      I recommend that you Get it! It’s a great pistol 👍

  13. Jim says:

    Reviews are based on personal opinions and experiences, and I get that. I have to say the content of this review is counter to my experience with the LCP Max. I have no trouble getting a tight grouping at 25 yards, none at all. Also, the size comparison in this review leads one to believe the LCP Max is significantly larger than the LCP and LCP II. This, my friends, is not at all the case. The LCP Max is Ruger’s latest offering in the lineup, and it is one of may favorite CC pistols I have ever owned. My most frequent “daily carries” are the LCP Max and my Sig Sauer P365 (9mm). The LCP Max is a great little pistol that I have recommended to several friends. For me, when deep concealment and ease of use are required, this is my go to.

    1. I have exactly the same experience as you with my 365 and Max. I like both pistols and can shoot both very well for their intended purpose. I carry them alternately depending on my mood and attire. I have an original LCP and there’s no complaints with it other than tiny sights and 6 rounds, but it does have its time and place. Guess it’s each to his own but that dudes review was not objective.

  14. Glenn says:

    One look at the sites on the max rules it out for me because I want slash have the LCP for a pocket gun as well as iwb. I will stick with my original LCP with ball or hollow point rounds that almost match the profile of ball ammo. Only problem I have with my original LCP is that it did not like some of the current personal defense rounds just don’t bounce around like a ball around and chamber despite themselves. For something I don’t have to conceal or worry about pocket use, I actually prefer my old Bursa 380 Thunder, but it would require some judicious dremel/stone work and rebluing to get rid of all the sharp edges on the sites and even edges of the hammer.

  15. Michael J. Pappas says:

    You’re correct about one thing, the trigger. It’s a pain to get used to, since it’s a 7 to 8 lb. pull. I can shoot accurately at 15 yards, but it’s slow & deliberate. I wouldn’t recommend the pistol for long range shooting.

  16. Cody Scott says:

    Needhelp putting my Ruger LCP 380 10 round mag back together

  17. Jim M says:

    I don’t know why the reviewer can’t get groups. I get maybe 4 inches at 15 yards, and I don’t blame the gun for strays. Yet, he can’t even shoot straight at 10 feet? Is he kidding me? Let’s be real here.

    I also recommend the 12 round mags, not just for the +2 capacity but also for a place to put your pinky. For mods, I put on a tritium rear sight using a sight pusher. I tapped it a few times for sighting. I also put on a Laser Max (green) with the grip sense. It’s perfect for target acquisition. Fair warning, the green is really bright. The grip sense, however, isn’t exactly practical IMHO. It’s more something to show your friends. Also, over a period of months, the laser may wander a little bit, so at the range always make sure to run a magazine through to make sure it’s zeroed.

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