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FN 509 vs CZ P10c

We are comparing the CZ P10c vs FN 509.

Both are duty-size handguns that can also fill the role of concealed carry. In other words, they’re larger than most standard concealed-carry options they’re still small enough to be comfortably carried and concealed. You can get 15 rounds in a CZ P10c magazine and 17 rounds in an FN 509 flush-fit magazine. 

Despite the two rounds of capacity difference, many compare the two guns for concealed carry. They may also consider the FN 509 MRD or Compact variants. Those hold 15 rounds and are more similar in size to the CZ P10c.

Both handguns are polymer-framed offerings that come from well-known manufacturers with reputations for quality and reliability.


MetricsCZ P10CFN 509FN 509 MRD/Compact
Weight w/ no mag (Oz)22.923.823.5
Weight w/ empty mag (Oz)25.826.826.5
Weight w/ full mag (Oz)32.333.332
Height (top of slide to bottom of magazine baseplate) (Inches)5.035.304.89
Length (Inches)
Width of grip (Inches)
Width of slide (Inches)
Width across controls (Inches)1.231.321.32

CZ P10c vs FN 509 Concealed Carry

The weights of these two guns are nearly identical. A FN 509 17 round capacity weighs 33.3 ounces loaded while the CZ P10c with a 15-rounds weighs 32.3 ounces. With only 1 ounce difference I’ll have to give a slight advantage on weight to the FN 509. That’s due really nitpicking to find an advantage.

There’s no real length difference between these guns. When it comes to the height of the grip the FN 509 is a quarter-inch larger than the CZ P10c. That has a negative impact on concealing the gun when either carrying at appendix or at four o’clock.

Depending on your body type, that may or may not be an issue. The reality is you’re going to get a little more leeway carrying the CZ P10c vs the FN 509.

The widths of the gun in any area that will affect concealment are identical, so you can’t see any difference there. That extra grip length combined with the width will be a disadvantage for the FN 509 vs the CZ P10c. But it may or may not be an issue for you depending on size.

FN 509

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If you have the FN 509 MRD or Compact, this extra size will not be an issue at all.

CZ P10c vs FN 509 Ergonomics


The CZ P10c comes out of the box with three backstraps: one each sized small, medium, and large. Those backstraps can be installed and removed fairly easily with a rolling pin at the bottom.

One downside is that the backstraps do not allow you to change your overall distance of trigger reach. If you have larger hands, this is something you’ll want to consider when looking at this gun. 

FN’s 509 comes with a very similar setup, except it only comes with a medium and flat backstrap. (You can also get a large backstrap, but you’ll have to buy that directly from FN.) These backstraps also install using a rolling pin at the bottom. Due to the 509 not including that third backstrap. We’ll give some points here to the CZ P10c over the FN 509.


Ergonomics is something that is somewhat of an opinion or preference. The CZ P10c has ergonomics that are very hard to argue with. CZ based the P10 grip on the CZ 75. The grip forces your hand high and allows you to get a very good high controlling hold. 

CZ P10c

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FN almost did the same thing with the FN 509. It falls to stay a little bit short when you’re not trying. The grip on the FN 509 doesn’t naturally fall quite as high as it does on the CZ P10c. Newer shooters will have a definite advantage with the CZ P10c. A more-experienced shooter will have no problem getting a very high grip on the FN 509.


Both of these guns have excellent texture. When comparing the FN 509 vs CZ P10c directly, the P10c definitely wins on texture. The front and back straps on the FN 509 are not as aggressive as those on the CZ P10c. That said, the texture on the FN 509 is good enough.

I would not want to get this gun custom stippled.

There’s also texture on the side panels, but it’s not really aggressive and it doesn’t work that well. The FN 509 does have nice texturing between the magazine release and the slide stop. It’s not a crucial area for texture, but it is nice considering most guns (the CZ P10c included) are very slick in that area.

FN 509

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The texturing on the CZ P10c is very aggressive on the forward and rear straps. The sides are fairly smooth so when you’re carrying the gun, it will not be aggressive at all. I think the CZ P10c has the best-in-class factory texturing. It definitely beats the FN 509 on that point. However, the FN 509 is no slouch.

FN 509 vs CZ P10c Slide

Both of these guns feature forward and rear serrations. The FN 509 serrations seem to be a bit more aggressive. They extend all the way from the bottom of the slide to the top of the slide.

There are four serrations on the CZ P10c only cover about half of the height of the slide and the rear serrations themselves cover about two-thirds. 

The FN 509 slide is also slightly taller than the CZ P10c, which makes it easier to manipulate the slide. It’s the clear winner as far as slide manipulations go, and the serrations are just so much better. I can’t speak enough about what a good job FN did on designing this slide.

CZ P10c vs FN 509 Sights


CZ P10c’s come from the factory with a couple of different sight options. The common three-dot painted-on sights aren’t that great, and the sights themselves are aluminum. Aluminum sights are less durable. On the OR (optics-ready) version, you get steel sights that have an orange front night sight with a blacked-out rear.

These sights on the CZ P10c are absolutely excellent straight from the factory. 

CZ P10c

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When it comes to the FN 509, they also ship with basic three-dot sights that are really pretty good. These are some of the better three-dot factory sights that I’ve seen. They are made of durable steel, and I really liked their sight picture. I would like to see a better set of sights on the FN 509, but I can live with these.

Variants like the FN 509 Tactical, come with three-dot night sights that are okay. On a gun that I plan to run a red dot on, I really don’t want night sights.

I’d rather see blackout sights like the FN 509 MRD, which has blackout suppressor-height sights. 

Red-Dot Optics

If you plan to add a red-dot to either of these guns, there are mounting options.

The P10c OR version comes cut to accept multiple red-dot plates. A downside of this is that most optics will require you to replace the factory iron sights.

Shoot Better With Mini Red Dots

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The FN 509 MRD and Tactical variants come with suppressor height sights that will co-witness with your mini red-dot.

I’m going to give a win to the FN 509 if you plan to run a red-dot on your gun. If you plan to run irons, you’re going to want to get the CZ P-10 C with factory sights on the Optics Ready model. Many would buy the OR CZ P-10 C for the better sights alone.

FN 509

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When it comes to the aftermarket selection, there are definitely enough options to make you happy with the CZ. You can get sights from Night Vision, Trijicon, Dawson Precision, and a couple of other companies. If you’re looking to add aftermarket sights to the FN 509, your options are near limitless.

FN was really smart and decided to use standard SIG cuts for the sight dovetails. You can find tons of aftermarket sight options. I’m going to give the win for the aftermarket to the FN 509.


CZ P10c vs FN 509 Trigger

This is where things start to get a little bit different. CZ P10’s have a standard striker-fired trigger with an articulating dingus on the trigger itself that keeps the gun drop safe. The FN 509 uses a hinge-trigger system much like the Smith and Wesson M&P series.

I am not a fan of the hinge triggers, but I will say that FN did an excellent job designing the trigger itself and they probably make the best hinge-trigger system out there. That said, the CZ P10c trigger is definitely better than the FN 509’s.

Both triggers have similar pulls, but the FN 509 feels more like you’re shooting a plastic trigger. The FN 509 feels like something you might have in a staple gun. There just isn’t a great trigger on it. A lot of people feel this trigger and really don’t like it.

The trigger itself doesn’t seem to hold people back when they’re shooting the gun, though, and the gun performs really well. Nevertheless, I’m going to have to give a definite win to the CZ P10c trigger. 

CZ P10c

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There are aftermarket options for both guns. Apex Tactical makes a trigger shoe for the FN 509, which I have on my FN 509 Tactical and it is an excellent trigger in my opinion. That said, the CZ P10c has a ton of aftermarket trigger shoes and parts available for it. Again, you have to give the win here to the CZ P10c.

Slide Lock

Both of these guns have ambidextrous slide locks. The CZ P10c is very hard to use and the top lip of the lock on both sides is kind of sharp. I prefer the FN 509 here just because their slide locks are easier to use. The FN 509 wins here almost by default just because the CZ P10c slide stop is so hard to use.

Magazine Release

The various versions of the CZ P10c will have different magazine releases depending on where the firearm was manufactured. If you get one that was made in the Czech Republic, it will more than likely have an ambidextrous magazine release. This magazine release isn’t the easiest to use and can be a little bit stiff at times.

The US version’s release is mounted on one side only but is reversible and very easy and comfortable to use. That said, both of those P10c’s are much better than FN’s magazine release. 

The FN 509 was designed for military use and it shows — not in a good way. You don’t have to worry about accidentally disengaging the magazine on the FN 509. Oftentimes, when you try to disengage the magazine on the FN 509, you might have issues doing so.

FN 509

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With the ambidextrous design, I myself have to fully break my grip and make sure that my thumb is in no way impeding the other side of the mag release. If not the magazine will not drop fully. You have to very deliberately press in to make it drop. The 509 Tactical is slightly better when it comes to dropping the mag release. Not by much and still not as good as the CZ P10c. And the P10c has a magazine release that is nothing to brag about. The FN 509’s biggest flaw might be its magazine release hardware.


Quality-wise, I’m actually going to have to give the win to the FN 509. The polymer on the frame seems a little bit nicer and the machining on the slide is definitely nicer. The CZ P10c doesn’t feel like a cheap firearm by any means. But the FN 509 just seems to feel a little bit better and higher-quality in the hand.

I think the polymer material and more substantial slide make the biggest difference in that feeling. They’re very close in feeling and overall quality but the FN just edges ahead.


The CZ P10c has a much larger aftermarket than the FN 509. In fact, Apex is really the only company to provide aftermarket support for the FN 509. I would have to say hands-down that there’s a much better aftermarket for the CZ P10c vs. the FN 509. 


Personally, I find the FN 509 to be a more attractive gun. The slide serrations look absolutely incredible, the grip is well balanced, and everything looks proportional. The CZ P10c grip seems a little bit large for the frame of the gun. But that grip does feel awesome in the hand despite still looking a little more awkward than the FN 509.

CZ P10c

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Again, this all comes down to personal preference. It’s hard to argue that the FN 509 isn’t a little more proportional.


Shooting is going to vary a little bit on this. If you’re a newer shooter, I definitely think the CZ P-10 C is going to shoot better for you. But both of these guns shoot really flat and track really well. The grip of the CZ P-10 C and the way it’s designed to get your hand up higher is going to be much easier to use for a new shooter. 

FN 509

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If you’re a more experienced shooter, you’re probably going to shoot both guns about the same. I have to give the shooting experience advantage to the CZ P-10 C becuase it’ll work better for newer shooters and similarly for more-experienced shooters. 

CZ P10c vs FN 509 Price/Value

MSRP on the FN 509 series ranges from $699 to $1049, the CZ P10c is $499 to $577. At your local dealer prices are going to be cheaper than MSRP for both series of guns. While I’ve seen P10Cs from $450 to $540 the FN generally runs between $540 and $899.

Magazines for the FN 509 are slightly more expensive than the CZ P10c magazines as well. Considering the cost difference, the clear value is the CZ P10c vs the FN 509.

I personally prefer the FN 509. If magazines were cheaper, the FN 509 MRD might replace my Glock 19 as my main carry gun. The CZ P10c could do the same if it were just one-tenth of an inch shorter.

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CZ P-10 C Pros
  • Cost 
  • Size
  • Trigger 
FN 509 Pros
  • Capacity
  • Slide
  • Sight options
CZ P-10 C Cons
  • Slide
  • Sight options
FN 509 Cons
  • Cost
  • Trigger

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