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Harry’s Holsters Introduces The Contender

ROXBORO, NC – Harry’s Holsters will release a new competition-style holster The Contender on September 18, 2020. The Contender is one of the most durable competition holsters on the market and meets regulations and standards for the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA), International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA), and for range use.


“It’s important for us to offer products that meet a need and meets it quickly,” said Harrison Jones, founder and chief executive officer of Harry’s Holsters. “The Contender is a quality, physically stable holster that ships quickly, works great in competitions, and is a blast out on the range.”


With its precision formed design, The Contender reduces overall draw time giving its user a slight edge when hundredths of seconds count. And it has a beveled mouth making reholstering safe and effortless. The Contender can be upgraded with a turbo prop to make retention adjustments without tools in a competition.


For more information about The Contender and other Harry’s Holsters products, visit www.harrysholsters.com.


ABOUT HARRY’S HOLSTERS: Harry’s Holsters, based in North Carolina, designs and manufactures concealment holsters that reduce the need to dress around the firearm. Harry’s Holsters are proudly manufactured in the United States, using vacuumed formed from molds, developed in house, then trimmed using CNC machines.

15 Replies to “Harry’s Holsters Introduces The Contender”

  1. Thomas Gibson says:

    Sounds like a great holster for law enforcement.

  2. Tammy says:

    Everything is nice and compact definitely wouldn’t mind having one myself.

  3. Ashley says:

    Odd to see a competition oriented paddle holster, but seems good.

    1. Harrison says:

      That’s the joy of the mounting system. It’ll work with pretty much any OWB attachment. I wouldn’t suggest running a paddle in competition unless it’s a shooting sport I don’t know about. But for the guy wanting to pull a holster out of a bag and just use it at the range a paddle is the perfect option.

  4. Caesar says:

    Awesome! Sounds like a great holster!

  5. John Keiser says:

    Looks to be a good setup

  6. Jarod says:

    Sounds like something I need for competition

  7. justin bass says:

    That holster is perfect for my Shadow 2. Holster looks great with it!

  8. Trin K says:

    Ok…that Shadow 2 look SWEET! Can’t wait to get one along with the holster. (Hello Santa)

  9. Nick W says:

    Would love to have more lefty gear.

  10. Kim C says:

    Paddle holsters are especially convenient if you are working more than one kind of gun at the range.

  11. I’m trying to get into competitive shooting.

  12. Chris Reece says:

    Im looking for a iwb holster for my sig P365xl with holosun 507k. I will carry at 4 o clock position. Do you have any thing like that?

    1. Harrison says:

      Our Singleton will work for that!

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