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Sig P365 XL Holster

Finding the right Sig P365 XL holster isn’t always easy but we have you covered!

Sig P365XL Holster Canted

Stop Worrying About Bad Concealment

The Singleton has up to 30 degrees of Cant that you can use to make the holster conceal on your body!

Sig P365XL Holster Comfort

Comfort Is No Longer A Concern

We round every possible point on this holster so it doesn’t poke and prod! Carry Comfortably with your carry holster.

Sig P365XL Holster Clip Engagement

Your Holster Won’t Fail When You Need it Most

Our flat clip engagement surface makes sure the clip on your holster will always be secure all day every day!

Our Holster Is also the perfect Sig P365 XL AIWB Holster.

Sig P365XL Holster AIWB

Dark Wing

You can add a Dark Wing so you no longer have to worry about printing. No one will know you’re carrying.

Sig P365XL Holster AIWB Comfort

Rounded Profile

Unlike other holsters, we round the surfaces that sit next to your body. This prevents hot spots making the holster comfortable to wear all day.

Sig P365XL Holster Wedge

Wedge Kit

Add a wedge to fill in empty voids preventing those pesky hot spots. Comfort is now possible with your Appendix Holster!

The Sig P365 is one of the most popular selling handguns on the market right now. It’s a perfect size gun for a lot of people who are looking for a gun small enough to carry, yet large enough to shoot well. The gun is often paired with a SIG Romeo Zero, giving the user the capability of a red dot, allowing them to shoot the gun more accurately and farther. While the Sig P365 can be used for other applications, such as competition or plinking, it’s going to be most commonly used for concealed carry and self-defense.

Sig P365XL Holster AIWB 10

Sig P365 XL Concealed Carry Holster

Choosing a Sig P365 XL Concealed Carry Holster is all about choosing the position to carry the gun. There are a ton of positions you can carry the Sig P365 XL. The main positions are going to be IWB strong side, appendix carry, or in some sort of OWB concealment holster. I’m sure there are people who have considered carrying one in a shoulder holster or at ankle carry. For ankle carry, the gun will be a little bit too heavy. And a shoulder holster has a lot of other downsides we can talk about elsewhere. We’re going to go over the main carry positions and what to look for in a holster for each of these carrier positions.

P365 XL IWB Holster

Choosing the right P365 XL IWB Holster is all about finding the correct carry position. There are a couple of carry positions that people tend to favor when carrying inside the waistband. Those positions are the appendix, which generally means forward of the hips, strong side. This generally means from the three to five o’clock for a right-handed shooter or nine to seven for a left-handed shooter, as well as small of the back carry. Small of the back is not recommended due to safety concerns.

A small of the back holster will conceal fairly well. It also puts the gun very close to your spine. Wearing it in this position increases the risk of long-term negative health effects on your back and spine. Also, if you were to slip and fall on the gun, it could cause severe damage to your back. I would suggest avoiding this position at all costs. There are multiple features to look for in a Sig P365 XL IWB Holster. Those features are going to be dependent on the position you carry the gun. We will go over them in detail.


A strong side holster generally has one area that can cause discomfort. That area is the muzzle of the gun itself. This is going to vary from user to user. If you have a very flat rear end, this will not be an issue. If your rear end is even slightly shapely the muzzle of the gun may poke into it. This could potentially cause a hotspot if the shape of the holster is not correct.

You’ll want to make sure the muzzle of the holster is very well-rounded. This rounding will make it seem like you have a soft ball touching your body instead of the rough cut end of a two by four. It makes a huge difference in comfort when carrying a gun throughout the day. Another feature specific to strong side carry is adjustable cant. Cant plays as a couple roles when it comes to caring strtnatong side.

One of those roles is to conceal the firearm. The grip of the firearm is the most likely portion of the gun to print. That is when carrying at the strong side. So you want to make sure the grip sits as close to the body as possible. Anting the firearm so it rides nicely next to your kidney is paramount. Getting the cant on the Sig P365 XL Holster perfect will make the gun as concealable as possible. The usefulness of cant doesn’t stop there, though.

Singleton Sig P365XL IWB

Cant is also very important for your draw stroke. We all have slightly differently shaped bodies. And by this, I mean, we have different lengths of arms as it relates to the height of our waist. So the correct angle for one person to draw the gun will not be the same for the next. This is based off their arm length and how high the gun is sitting on their waist.

There are a lot of individual factors that go into it. To optimize the cant for your draw stroke, you’re going to want to place the holster behind the hip. Then adjust the cant so your hand naturally meets the grip of the gun when you prepare to draw. This angle may or may not be the same as your optimal angle for concealment. You’ll have to decide which mix of angles works best for you.

If you don’t have adjustable cant on a holster, then you lose control of how well the holster will work for you. I suggest getting a holster that has between zero and 30 degrees of cant. Most holsters come with only seven and a half or 15 degrees of cant. And usually they do not have continuous adjustment. So they’ll give you the option of either zero or 15 degrees of cant, with nothing in between.

Sig P365 XL Appendix Holster

When you’re looking for a Sig P365 XL Appendix Holster, the most important thing is a holster that is without sharp edges. You want to make sure as many surfaces on the holster are as well-rounded as possible. A key area to look for this is underneath the trigger guard. When you’re carrying appendix, your Sig P365 XL Appendix Carry Holster sits in a pocket.

This pocket is between your groin and your inner thigh. The goal of the holster is to fill up as much of that pocket without leaving any dead space. Dead space will mean that there is going to be more pressure in certain areas. You want the pressure spread out as evenly and as much as possible. When you spread out this pressure, the holster is very comfortable. But when the pressure is concentrated in a couple of areas, it leads to a hotspot.

Sig P365XL Holster AIWB 01v

A hotspot is an area of discomfort when carrying a holster. We do not want hotspots when you’re carrying a holster for 12 to 18 hours a day. A big part of making sure the holster sits correctly in that pocket is ride height. Ride height not only affects comfort, but it also affects concealment and draw speed. We’re going to cover each of these aspects independently.

Ride height for comfort is pretty apparent. You just want to make sure it fits in your body’s natural pocket without leaving a lot of dead space that could cause discomfort. For concealment, generally the lower the grip sits closer to the belt, the more concealable the gun will be. The downside of this is the slower the draw will be. The higher your grip sits, the faster your draw stroke will be.

The placement of what you decide to set the ride height will affect all three of these categories. So you’ll have to find a compromise that works best for you. Most people find that compromise somewhere in the middle, but again, everybody is going to be a little bit different. Our hips are all shaped at a little bit differently, and that affects how our pants and belt ride on our waistline. As well as the cut of the pants we choose to wear.

Most of the khakis I buy ride a little bit higher on my hips than the blue jeans that I wear. So if I was going to set up a holster for blue jeans, it’s going to have a slightly different ride height than a holster that is set up for khakis. That’s assuming that comfort is my main goal. Whereas if I’m looking for concealment or for draw speed, the ride height might be identical.

There is no one size fits all solution, so having adjustable ride height in the holster gives you options, as little of an eighth of an inch can make a big difference in comfort when you’re carrying a holster all day long. There are also accessories for appendix carry holster that help with both concealment and comfort. Those are a wing or a claw, and also a wedge. We’re going to cover those down below.


A wing or a claw is a device that sits off to the side of your Sig P365 XL Appendix Holster, and applies leverage from the belt to the holster, pushing the grip of the gun into your hip. This makes the gun much more concealable as well as angles the grip so it’s more natural when you go to draw the gun. If I could only have one accessory on an appendix carry holster, this would be it, as it changes concealment a lot.

Singleton Sig P365XL AIWB


A wedge is a little bit different. A wedge will also help with concealment, but it’s mainly for comfort. As we talked about earlier, you want to make sure you’re filling the pocket. A wedge is a chrome device that sits between the holster and your body and helps fill any voids you may have. Another advantage of the wedge is concealment. By sitting in between the body and the holster, the wedge kicks out the muzzle of your Sig P365 XL Appendix Holster. And by kicking that mussel out, it pushes the grip of the gun back into the body.

When you’re carrying appendix, most of the weight in any gun is going to sit above the belt line. So you have the belt torquing on the gun, and then you have your body pushing the gun out away from your body. This, along with gravity, causes the gun to want to tip out away from the body, making it less concealable and also potentially creating a hotspot somewhere in your groin. A wedge helps counteract this.

Sig P365XL OWB Holster

Considering the Sig P365 XL is a concealment style firearm, you’ll likely want to carry it in an OWB holster designed for concealment. When searching for a Sig P365 XL OWB holster, you’ll want to make sure that the holster has adjustable cant, and is designed to sit very closely to the body. Pancake style holsters generally work better when you’re looking for a holster that is designed to sit close to the body.

They are low profile and have two clips, on the slide side of the firearm, as well as behind the trigger guard. These clips tend to sit closer to the holster, just making the overall package very low profile. Adjustable cant, just like when carrying strong side IWB, is a very important feature for a Sig P365 XL OWB holster. Again, we’re looking for a holster with zero to 30 degrees of cant.

Having this amount of cant adjustment allows you to optimize the draw stroke as well as the concealment with how the holster sits next to your kidney. We are all built a little bit differently, so it is always nice to have options to optimize a piece of gear to our body type.

Sig P365 XL Red Dot Holster

The SIG P365 XL comes standard with a red dot cut. So there is no reason not to buy a Sig P365 XL Red Dot Holster versus a holster that is not set up for a red dot. Considering Sig also has the Sig Romeo Zero, most will be Sig P365 XL Romeo Zero Holsters. These holsters should be compatible with the Holosun 507K, which fits the same mounting pattern as the Sig Romeo Zero and the Shield RMSC.

All of our holsters would fall under the category of Sig P365 XL Red Dot Holster. The reason for this is we design all of our Sig P365 XL Holsters to have a red dot cut. A red dot drastically increases your ability to hit targets as distance as well as self-diagnosed flaws in your shooting technique. So even if you don’t have a red dot on your Sig P365 currently, you might want to get a holster that is compatible for one, just in case.

Sig P365XL Romeo Zero Holster

Considering you get the Romeo Zero mounted on a Sig P365 XL from the factory, there is no reason not to get a Sig P365 XL Romeo Zero Holster. All of our XL model holsters are cut to accept a red dot. If you love having a red dot on your Sig P365 XL as much as we do, we definitely suggest getting a Sig P365 XL Romeo Zero Holster.

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