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The Springfield Hellcat RDP Holsters need more capabilities than a normal Hellcat OSP model. The comp on the Hellcat RDP creates another level of complexity. If you’re carrying OWB then the RDP compensator won’t be a huge issue. When the gun heats up after shooting it a lot if might stain your clothing with carbon or singe synthetic material. But it won’t cause the issues if would if you were carrying IWB.

If you plan to carry in an IWB Hellcat RDP Holster then you’ll want to make sure you have a design that covers the compensator to protect you from it. From a self-defense scenario, this isn’t a huge deal as you’re very unlikely to shoot enough to get the gun hot enough to burn yourself. For training with your Hellcat RDP this is a real concern. Getting the comp covered is also going to make for a more comfortable carry experience with your Hellcat RDP IWB Holster.

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