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Springfield Hellcat Holster

Springfield Armory Hellcat OR IWB Holster

Finding the right Springfield Hellcat holster isn’t always easy but we have you covered!

Singleton Springfield Hellcat Holster Canted

Stop Worrying About Bad Concealment

The Singleton has up to 30 degrees of Cant that you can use to make the holster conceal on your body!

Singleton Springfield Hellcat Holster Comfort

Comfort Is No Longer A Concern

We round every possible point on this holster so it doesn’t poke and prod! Carry Comfortably with your carry holster.

Singleton Springfield Hellcat Holster Clip Engagement

Your Holster Won’t Fail When You Need it Most

Our flat clip engagement surface makes sure the clip on your holster will always be secure all day every day!

Our Holster Is also the perfect Springfield Hellcat AIWB Holster.

Singleton Springfield Hellcat AIWB Holster

Dark Wing

You can add a Dark Wing so you no longer have to worry about printing. No one will know you’re carrying.

Singleton Springfield Hellcat Holster AIWB Comfort

Rounded Profile

Unlike other holsters, we round the surfaces that sit next to your body. This prevents hot spots making the holster comfortable to wear all day.

Singleton Springfield Hellcat Holster Wedge

Wedge Kit

Add a wedge to fill in empty voids preventing those pesky hot spots. Comfort is now possible with your Appendix Holster!

The Springfield Hellcat is an amazing gun, considering its small size and relatively high capacity. The gun is very versatile and can work for a lot of roles. Most people will primarily use this handgun for concealed carry and personal defense applications. There are many different Springfield Hellcat holsters you can use for these roles. I suggest finding out exactly how you plan to carry the handgun, before choosing a holster. We’re going to go over all the different options for these Springfield Hellcat OSP Holster below.

Singleton Springfield Armory Hellcat IWB

Springfield Hellcat OSP Holster

Choosing a Springfield Hellcat OSP Holster will be the same as choosing any other Hellcat Holster with one exception. You’ll want to make sure your holster is cut for any optic. The OSP is an optics-ready variant. So you’ll want to make sure the holster will work with the optic. If you’re looking for an IWB, AIWB or OWB Springfield Hellcat OSP Holster read the sections below for more info.

Hellcat RDP Holster

The Springfield Hellcat RDP Holsters need more capabilities than a normal Hellcat OSP model. The comp on the Hellcat RDP creates another level of complexity. If you’re carrying OWB then the RDP compensator won’t be a huge issue. When the gun heats up after shooting it a lot if might stain your clothing with carbon or singe synthetic material. But it won’t cause the issues if would if you were carrying IWB.

If you plan to carry in an IWB Hellcat RDP Holster then you’ll want to make sure you have a design that covers the compensator. This is to protect you from a hot comp when training. From a self-defense scenario, this isn’t a huge deal as you’re very unlikely to shoot enough to get the gun hot enough to burn yourself. For training with your Hellcat RDP this is a real concern. Getting the comp covered is also going to make carry more comfortable with your Hellcat RDP IWB Holster.

Springfield Hellcat IWB Holster

Choosing a Springfield Hellcat IWB holster is all about choosing the correct position to carry the gun. There are multiple positions you can carry the gun IWB. The most popular are going to be either strong side, which is from the 3 to 5 o’clock for a right-handed shooter or appendix carry. You will also see mentions of Small of the Back and Cross Draw, but those options are not recommended. The reason we do not recommend cross draw is, moderate semi-automatic pistols are not designed to be carried that way, making the holster set up quite uncomfortable when carrying Cross Draw.

Springfield Hellcat Holster IWB 09

Small of the Back has a completely different set of issues. Small of the Back is generally okay, in the comfort setting, and it is somewhat concealable. The downsides are health-related. When carrying Small of the Back you’re placing the gun either directly on the spine or very close to the spine. So when sitting down or if you were to fall, it will likely cause damage to your back.

Just when sitting down, you may not think this is a big issue. But considering sitting down, carrying a gun in that position for a long period of time, it could cause issues. Also consider that you’re carrying a gun is a life-saving device, that you may have to use in extreme circumstances. Those extreme circumstances could end up with you wrestling somebody on the ground, potentially jamming the Springfield Hellcat OSP Holster and gun into your back, causing damage to your spine. Or it could be something as simple as you slip and fall on your back. Again, jamming the gun into your spine, potentially causing issues. This is the main reason I would not endorse Small of the back carry.


For IWB carry, you’re going to want to make sure your Springfield Hellcat IWB Holster has a few main features. The most important features, obviously is to secure and retain the weapon. Once you get past that obvious job, you want to make sure your holster is very well-rounded wherever possible. Two key spots to look for are the muzzle of the gun and the area underneath the trigger guard.

If these areas do not have well-rounded surfaces, then they will likely poke and prod you when carrying a firearm. When you’re carrying at the 3 to 5 o’clock for a right-handed shooter, the short muzzle of the Springfield Armory Hellcat could likely poke into your rear end, if it’s shapely. If you have a very flat rear, this will not be an issue. But even with a flat rear, it’s going to be much more comfortable to carry with a well-rounded muzzle.

When carrying appendix the holster is going to sit right next to your inner thigh. So you want to make sure that area underneath the trigger guard is very well-rounded, so it won’t be uncomfortable. A well-rounded holster is going to feel more like having a softball or a tennis ball sitting next to you instead of the end of a two by four.


When carrying a strong side, the most important feature that we haven’t already talked about is cant adjustment. Adjustable cant is very important on an IWB strong side holster, as it allows you to tailor both concealment and your draw stroke. You’ll get most of your concealment from a concealed carry Springfield Hellcat OSP Holster from the cant of the gun. Generally, the more cant the gun has, the more concealable it’s going to be when carrying slightly behind the hip at the 4 to 4:30 position.

The amount of cant is going to be slightly different for everybody depending on their body type. So it’s nice to have a holster that will adjust to the user’s preference. You can also adjust the cant for an optimal draw stroke. Sometimes this will be the same cant as it will for concealment, but oftentimes it will be slightly different. Having an adjustable cant holster, allows you to tailor your Springfield Hellcat IWB holster to the needs that you feel suits you best.

Springfield Hellcat Appendix Holster

Choosing a Springfield Hellcat Appendix holster is very similar to choosing an IWB holster for strong side. You’re looking for well rounded edges that won’t poke you, but there are also some other features you want to make sure the holster has.

Whereas adjustable cant is very important for strong side holsters, when choosing a Springfield Hellcat Appendix holster, you want to make sure you have adjustable ride height. Your Hellcat Appendix holster will sit in a natural pocket, that is, sits between your private area and the inner thigh. This is known as the inguinal crease. You want the holster to fit nice and snug in that area without a lot of wasted space.

Springfield Hellcat Holster AIWB 01

You want the holster to spread pressure amongst the area evenly because if too much pressure apply is applied to one area, it will create a hotspot causing discomfort. I think the ability to adjust the ride height will allow you to adjust where the holster sits relative to your belt in your waistline. All our hips and waist are shaped a little bit differently and the pants we wear also ride at slightly different heights, relative to the pocket where the holster sits. Adjust for ride height allows you to tailor the holster to your body.

Other important aspects of ride height are both draw speed and concealment. Generally, the higher, the holster sits the quicker, it will be to draw the gun. And the lower the holster sits, the more concealable it will be. As with everything, you’re going to have to find what compromise works best for you, when deciding between draw speed, concealment and comfort. Having adjustable ride height, gives you the option to determine that.


A claw or a wing as a device, it uses force from the belt to leverage the grip of the gun and closer to your hip. This makes the gun much more concealable, keeping it closer to the body. This is a must on most body types for any Springfield Hellcat Appendix holster. While doing so, this also changes the natural angle of the grip of the gun, so it more naturally meets your hand when you go to draw the gun. And it just keeps the gun much closer to the body, preventing printing.

Singleton Springfield Armory Hellcat AIWB


A wedge is a device that is normally made of soft foam and sits in between the body and the holster. A wedge is going to help kick out the muzzle of your Springfield Hellcat Appendix holster. While pushing the top of the gun towards the body. Most of the weight of a gun when carrying appendix, sits above the beltline. Gravity wants to pull that gun away from the body. Causing it to print and tipping the muzzle into your groin. This natural action of gravity hurts concealment, as well as safety and comfort.

So a wedge is a win-win. It gives you more concealment while also making your holster much more comfortable. As we talked about earlier, you want to make sure the holster doesn’t have any voids. It will create undue pressure in one area. The wedge helps fill any areas that might previously have been dead air. You want to make sure the holster has contact with as much of the body as possible. And the wedge will help that.

Springfield Hellcat OWB Holster

Considering this will be a concealed carry gun for most users, you’ll likely need an OWB concealed carry holster. An OWB holster for concealed carry is a lot different from most traditional Springfield Hellcat OWB Holster. You want it to fit tight to the body, so it won’t print. And you’ll also want to make sure there are lots of adjustable cants. It’s not easy to find, but you’ll want a Springfield Hellcat OWB Holster with between zero to 30 degrees of cant adjustment. The Hellcat is a small gun, so it will conceal better than most other guns. That said, you’re concealing it for a reason, so you want to make it as small and close to the body as possible.

You’ll want to install a holster called a pancake Springfield Hellcat OWB Holster. These pancake holsters fit very tight to the body and they’re made for concealment. They’re also nice if you’re just working around the house and want to carry an OWB holster. But you want something that won’t get caught up or in your way.

Just like when carrying IWB, cant adjustment has a lot to do with concealment. That’s why it’s very important on an Springfield Hellcat OWB Holster. An OWB holster is not going to sit as close to the body as an IWB holster, no matter what you do. So making sure you have the ability to adjust the cant for optimal concealment is extremely important.

Springfield Hellcat Pocket Holster

Many would consider the Springfield Hellcat a little bit large for pocket carry. And for most people I would agree. If you’re carrying this with regular cut or slimmer cut jeans, and it’s likely going to print to the pocket and there’s not much you can do about it. It’s also going to be very hard to access. But if you’re carrying this in baggy sweat pants or baggy khakis or other pants, the Springfield Hellcat is a perfect pocket gun. There’s a ton of capacity and it’s just a great shooting gun for the size.

There are two different routes you can take where they Springfield Hellcat pocket holster. One is to choose a pocket holster that is very small and low profile, that likely won’t print much. And the other is to choose a holster that will print a lot, but will conceal the outline of the firearm. If you have a longer shirt tail, covering the firearm, then a more minimalist option will be more comfortable and also concealable. But, if you’re wearing a tighter fit pair of pants and a tighter shirt may be tucked in, then you likely need a pocket holster that is designed to disguise the outline of the firearm.

We are working on options for both guns at Harry’s holsters. We do not have them yet, so please sign up for our email list below, so you can be notified when they are available.

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