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Taurus 856 Holster

Finding your Taurus 856 holster just got easy.

Icon 2.0 Revolver Holster EDC Shot Taurus 856


Comfortable enough to wear all day long.

Most Taurus 856 Holsters just aren’t comfortable. They have sharp edges and hard corners that cut and poke into your body. The longer you wear them the worse they get.

Our Taurus 856 Holsters have a rounded profile that is comfortable even after wearing it all day long. Don’t let an uncomfortable holster be the reason you don’t have your gun on you.

Icon 2.0 Revolver Holster Wide Shot


Stop worrying about your gun not concealing well.

Unfortunately, most revolver holsters just don’t conceal that well. The grip doesn’t hug close to the body so it will poke through your shirt causing printing.

Our holsters keep the grip close to the body making printing minimal or nonexistent.

They conceal well because of the claw that uses pressure from your waistband to conceal the gun.

Icon 2.0 Revolver Holster 856 3 inch holster top view


A secure holster keeps your gun where you need it.

Many Taurus 856 holsters use cheap plastic clips that break. With our Taurus 856 holsters, you don’t have to worry about that. They use metal Discreet Carry Concepts clips that are secure and low profile.

Taurus 856 Holster

An IWB Taurus 856 Holster should be comfortable, secure, and concealable. You want to make sure you can carry your gun all day long

Taurus 856 Holster 3 inch

We offer holsters for the 3-inch Taurus 856 defender revolvers. These 3-inch variants hit a real sweet spot. They’re crazy comfortable to carry and shoot much better than the 2-inch guns.

Holster For Taurus 856

We make Taurus 856 holsters that allow you to carry them all day long. If a holster pokes and prods you then you aren’t going to carry it. With Harry’s Holster’s Icon 2.0, you’ll have no excuse to leave your revolver at home.

Taurus 856 38 Special Holster

Finding the right Taurus 38 special holster is very important. When looking for your Taurus 856 38 Special Holster you want to make sure it conceals well. The wing on the Icon 2.0 tucks the grip close to the body so that’s not an issue.

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