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Infiltrator Holster Review

What should your Concealed Carry Holster Do?

As Jeff Cooper says, “Remember the first rule of gunfighting… have a gun.” With the right Glock 19x holster, you can have your G19x when you need it.

Glock 19x Holster With Light

Comfortable to Sit

The Infiltrator doesn’t poke into your body with shape edges like most Glock 19x holsters.

The holster is rounded, so it’s comfortable when you’re wearing it all day long.

Infiltrator Holster Clip

Secure Clip(No Belt Needed)

Most holsters have bulky plastic clips or slick metal clips that can easily come off your belt in a fight.

Our holsters use DDC clips designed with cloth grabbers so secure they work with and without a belt.

Glock 19x IWB Holster

Conceals Well Behind The Hip

It’s often hard to conceal a gun when you’re carrying behind the hip.

The built in wing keeps your Glock 19x Close to your body and well concealed.


Glock 19x Holsters

Comfortable Rounded Edges

No sharp hard edges like other G19x Holsters.

The rounded edges make our Holsters comfortable to carry all day long.

Glock 19x Holster

Great for Appendix Carry

Most Glock 19x holsters either don’t conceal well or are uncomfortable to carry.

The Infiltrator’s rounded profile makes it comfortable, and the built-in wing keeps the gun concealed.

Holster for Glock 19x

Built In Concealment Wing

The built-in wing does a great job of keeping the gun close to your body and well concealed.

It’s also very smooth which makes the holster easy to get on and off.

Why You Should Buy A Harry’s Holsters Glock 19x Holster Instead Of The Competition

Harry’s Holsters are designed to make carrying your gun easier. Our country counts on you, the responsibly armed citizen, to make our communities safer.

With a comfortable, easy-to-use Glock 19x holster that conceals well, you’ll have your gun when you need it the most.

If you’ve been carrying a long time, you likely have the box of random holsters that didn’t work.

Harry’s Holsters designs have taken years of customer feedback to design the best concealed carry holsters on the market.

Below, we explain in detail what makes our holsters different from those on the market.

An Easy To Use Simple Holster

Elon Musk once said, “Any product that needs a manual to work is broken.”

Most Glock 19x holsters need to meet this standard. They either don’t work, or they have many complicated bolt-on parts that create more failure points.

A holster is life-saving equipment that could cost you your life if it fails. A simple but effective Gock 19x holster won’t fail when you need it most.

Why Harry’s Holsters Are More Comfortable?

Tom Segura said, “You should make travel as comfortable as possible.” How are travel and concealed carry related?

They both can be made difficult or easy depending on the mindset and gear you use.

Taking some time to make sure you have everything you need but nothing you don’t makes the biggest difference.

With travel, you don’t want to overpack, but you don’t want to realize you left something important when it’s too late.

Concealed carry is the same.

Spending a little time setting up your holster so you know it’s comfortable and it’ll conceal well will ensure you have your Glock 19x on you instead of locked in your car.

What You Need For You Holster To Be Comfortable

There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable holster. Most holsters have sharp edges that dig into you, causing you constant pain until you finally have to remove the holster.

This doesn’t have to be your concealed carry experience.

Your holsters comfort depends on multiple little improvements that add up to a massive life-changing experience.

Having your Glock 19x on you and knowing it’s there but not feeling discomfort.

Why You Want An Adjustable Glock 19x Holster

Most Glock 19x holsters aren’t adjustable. You have to pray the holster you buy fits you perfectly. Let’s be honest 99% of us just aren’t that lucky.

A holster with adjustment makes all the difference.

The Infiltrator Glock 19 Holster has 3/4s of an inch of adjustable ride height and 3/4s of an inch of cant. This adjustment means you can carry your Glock 19x holster comfortably.


Carrying appendix has a lot of advantages for most people. It tends to conceal better, make the gun easier to defend, and be a faster draw.

It’s also a hard position for most people to make comfortable. Especially when sitting.

We spend a lot of our lives sitting.

If the gun is digging into your thigh with most holsters, you can only move the holster more centerline. This may not conceal well for you or it might place more pressure on your bladder causing the same amount or more discomfort.

When you own the Infiltrator Glock 19x holster, you can adjust the holster up or down 3/4s of an inch. This gives you the flexibility to find your speed spot.

If the holster is digging into your thigh move it higher. When sitting you want the holster to barely touch your thigh so it’s supporting the weight of the holster but not digging into you.

If it’s placing pressure on your bladder, move it lower. This lowers the center of gravity of the holster making it more comfortable.

With these adjustments, you can carry comfortably all day long.

Behind The Hip

Carrying comfortably behind the hip is mostly about choosing the right position and having a well-rounded Glock 19x holster.

Carrying right at the 3 or 9 o’clock position puts the holster right on your hip bone. There isn’t a lot of skin or fat there so the your holster is sitting right on the bone.

This is really uncomfortable and it’s also the hardest position to conceal a gun.

Moving the holster back between 3:30 and 5:00 will drastically improve comfort and concealment.

You’ll want to cant the gun so it’ll naturally fit your body. The further back you move the gun, the more you’ll want to can’t the gun forward.

This will make drawing the gun feel more natural.

Rounded Shape

Most holsters have hard edges underneath the trigger guard that’ll dig into your thigh when carrying AIWB.

They also have squared-off open muzzles with hard corners. These will dig into your groin when carrying appendix and press into your butt when carrying behind the hip.

The longer you wear these holsters the more uncomfortable they become.

The Infiltrator IWB Glock 19x holster is rounded, so you can comfortably carry it all day long.

Special attention is paid to the muzzle and underneath the trigger guard. These rounded edges on your holster make it comfortable to carry all day long.

Sweat Guard Design

The top of the gun will be sitting on your love handles when carrying behind the hip or your stomach when carrying an appendix.

Most sweat guards make these areas incredibly uncomfortable. They have sharp corners that’ll focus pressure on one area making the holster uncomfortable to carry.

The sweat guard on your Infiltrator Glock 19x holster rounds back towards the slide, making your Glock 19x comfortable to carry throughout the entire day.

Is The Glock 19x Holster Red Dot Compatible

All of our Glock 19x holsters have red dot cuts, so you can carry your Glock 19x with a red dot.

What Makes A Holster More Concealable?

A Glock 19x holster that doesn’t conceal well is just as useless as a holster that isn’t comfortable.

There are multiple features that can affect concealment, and we’ll cover the main ones below.

The Advantages of a Built-In Wing

Built-in wings are rare features on most holsters.

Other holsters have bolt-on wings with sharp edges that make the holsters both uncomfortable to wear and prone to snagging on clothing.

This makes other Glock 19x holsters uncomfortable to wear and hard to use.

Built-in wings that are properly executed, like the one on the Harry’s Holster’s Infiltrator, will effectively conceal your gun and do so comfortably.

Appendix Carry

For appendix carry the built in wing conceals as well as most bolt on wings. We’re not going to tell you otherwise because it’d be a lie.

The biggest advantage of the Infiltrator’s built-in wing is comfort.

The other advantage is just how easy it is to use. It won’t snag like other wings, making the holster incredibly quick to put on and take off.

Behind The Hip

Behind the hip is where the built-in wing on the infiltrator has a big advantage.

When you cant the holster, most bolt-on wings don’t line up properly with the belt. So they won’t aid concealment they’re just a snag hazard making your holster difficult to get on and off.

So they don’t conceal well and they’re hard to get on and off.

The built-in wing on the Infiltrator Glock 19x holster works when you have the holster canted. It’s also smooth so the holster is easy to get on and take off.

Ride Height

For most people, ride height is only important for concealment when you’re carrying appendix. When you’re carrying appendix the lower the ride height, the more concealable the holster and gun will be.

The lower the gun, the slower the draw. You’ve got to figure out what works best for you but the infiltrator’s adjustable ride height gives you those options.

Adjustable Cant

It’s rare for a Glock 19x holster to have cant adjustment. The Harry’s Holster Infiltraor Glock 19x holster has 0-30 degrees of cant adjustment in either direction.

Adjustable cant can improve concealment for both Appendix carry and behind-the-hip carry. How you use the adjustable cant is completely different for the two carry positions.


When you’re carrying Appendix, adjusting the cant can improve concealment. You often only need to adjust the cant between 0 and 7 degrees in either direction. This will depend on your body type and placement of the Glock 19x holster.

With the Infiltrator you have the option.

Behind The Hip

Behind the hip, you’ll need a lot more cant to conceal the gun. The further back you move the gun, the more cant you’ll need. The 30 degrees of cant on the infiltrator is more than enough.

Carrying with a Red Dot vs Iron Sights

One thing to keep in mind is that a red dot can bottom out on your belt. This means the dot has to stay above your belt line. For appendix carry this normally isn’t a problem, especially with the Glock 19x.

Behind The Hip Carry With A Red Dot

The problem comes when you’re carrying behind the hip. If you cant the gun enough, the red dot will hit the belt line. Normally this happens around 20 degrees of cant with an infiltrator holster.

So carrying a Glock 19x with a red dot behind the hip could be less concealable than carrying with iron sights.

Why You Need a Secure Holster

Your Glock 19x holster is a piece of life-saving equipment. You never know how the fight will happen.

If you could pick how the fight for your life would happen, then you would just avoid it.

If you get attacked by surprise and knocked to the ground, you want your gun and holster to stay on you. If your gun falls, off because it’s in a poorly designed Glock 19x Holster with inferior plastic clips it could cost you your life.

How it Attaches

Most Glock 19x holsters use cheap injection mold plastic clips or poorly designed metal clips that need a cloth grabber. The metal clips do conceal well because they’re thin but they’re not secure if they don’t have cloth grabbers.

You want your Glock 19x holster to have Discreet Carry Concepts clips. These thin metal clips conceal really well and also have cloth grabbers. These cloth grabbers are so secure that the holster works even without a belt.

Consistent Clip Engagement

The Glock 19x frame is significantly wider than the slide. This creates an uneven surface on most Glock 19x holsters. This surface can cause your holster clip to not engage properly with the holster.

The Infiltrator has a flat portion molded into the holster so one of the cloth grabbers always has complete engagement with the holster.

No Belt

The Glock 19x is a big gun, but the Clip on the Infiltrator holster is secure enough that you can use it without a belt.