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Glock 17 Holster

Quick, Concealable, Secure, and Comfortable Glock 17 Holsters.

Infiltrator Holster Review

What should your Concealed Carry Holster Do?

As Jeff Cooper says, “Remember the first rule of gunfighting… have a gun.” With the right Glock 17 holster, you can have your G17 when you need it.

Glock 17 Holster Sitting

Comfortable to Sit

The Infiltrator doesn’t poke into your body with shape edges like most Glock 17 holsters.

The holster is rounded, so it’s comfortable when you’re wearing it all day long.

Infiltrator Holster Clip

Secure Clip(No Belt Needed)

Most holsters have bulky plastic clips or slick metal clips that can easily come off your belt in a fight.

Our holsters use DDC clips designed with cloth grabbers so secure they work with and without a belt.

Holster For A Glock 17

Conceals Well Behind The Hip

It’s often hard to conceal a gun when you’re carrying behind the hip.

The built-in wing keeps your Glock 17 close to your body and well concealed.

Holsters for Glock 17

Comfortable Rounded Edges

No sharp hard edges like other Glock 17 IWB Holsters.

The rounded edges make our Holsters comfortable to carry all day long.

Glock 17 Holster

Great for Appendix Carry

Most Glock 17 holsters either don’t conceal well or are uncomfortable to carry.

The Infiltrator’s rounded profile makes it comfortable, and the built-in wing keeps the gun concealed.

Glock 17 holsters with light

Built In Concealment Wing

The built-in wing does a great job of keeping the gun close to your body and well concealed.

It’s also very smooth, which makes the G17 holster easy to get on and off.

Why You Should Buy A Harry’s Holsters Glock 17 Holster Instead Of The Competition

Harry’s Holsters are designed to make carrying your gun easier. Our country counts on you, the responsibly armed citizen, to make our communities safer.

A great concealed carry holster is concealable, comfortable, secure, and easy to use.

Harry’s Holsters Glock 17 holsters go above and beyond the competition. You can purchase the holster at the link below or continue and read what makes our product better than the rest.

An Easy To Use Simple Holster

Elon Musk once said, “Any product that needs a manual to work is broken.”

If you buy a comfortable and concealable easy-to-use Glock 17 holster you’ll always have your gun when you need it. Unlike other holsters that use many components that can break or fail, the Infiltrator is simple with just a holster shell, DCC Monoblock Clip, and mounting hardware.

This simple setup has minimal parts, is comfortable, and is easy to get on and off.

If your holster is easy to use, you’ll make sure to put your gun on every time you leave the house.

Why Harry’s Holsters Are More Comfortable?

Tom Segura said, “You should make travel as comfortable as possible,” we believe concealed carry should always be comfortable as well.

Just like travel, concealed carry can be uncomfortable if you don’t have the right equipment.

What You Need For You Holster To Be Comfortable

Why You Want An Adjustable Holster


Behind The Hip

Rounded Shape

Sweat Guard Design

Is The Holster Red Dot Compatible

What Makes A Holster More Concealable?

The Advantages of a Built-In Wing

Ride Height

Adjustable Cant

Carrying with a Red Dot vs Iron Sights

Why You Need a Secure Holster

How it Attaches

Consistent Clip Engagement

No Belt