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FN 509 Tactical Holster

Quick, Concealable, Secure, and Comfortable FN 509 Tactical Holsters.

The Video below shows the features of the holster

What should your Concealed Carry Holster Do?

As Jeff Cooper says, “Remember the first rule of gunfighting… have a gun.” With the right FN 509 Tactical holster, you can have FN 509 Tactical when you need it.

FN 509 Tactical Holster

Comfortable to Sit

The Infiltrator doesn’t poke into your body with shape edges like most FN 509 Tactical IWB holsters.

The holster is rounded, so it’s comfortable when you’re wearing it all day long.

Infiltrator Holster Clip

Secure Clip(No Belt Needed)

Most holsters have bulky plastic clips or slick metal clips that can easily come off your belt in a fight.

Our holsters use DDC clips designed with cloth grabbers so secure they work with and without a belt.

fn 509 compact tactical holster

Conceals Well Behind The Hip

It’s often hard to conceal a gun when you’re carrying behind the hip.

The built-in wing keeps your FN 509 Tactical close to your body and well concealed.

fn 509 tactical holster with light

Comfortable Rounded Edges

No sharp hard edges like other 509 Tactical Holsters.

The rounded edges make our Holsters comfortable to carry all day long.

fn 509 tactical holster with red dot

Great for Appendix Carry

Most FN 509 Tactical holsters either don’t conceal well or are uncomfortable to carry.

The Infiltrator’s rounded profile makes it comfortable, and the built-in wing keeps the gun concealed.

Built In Concealment Wing

The built-in wing does a great job of keeping the gun close to your body and well concealed.

It’s also very smooth which makes the FN 509 Tactical IWB holster easy to get on and off.

Finding the right FN 509 Tactical Holster is all about determining how you plan to use the gun. If you’re going to carry the gun for concealed carry, you’re going to need a different holster than if you’re going to shoot the FN 509 tactical in a 3 gun competition or for duty use.

No matter what you plan on using the gun for, finding the right FN 509 Tactical Holster for the job is important.

There are certain features you’re going to want to look for in a holster. Let’s go over those features below.

FN 509 Tactical IWB Holster

Choosing an FN 509 Tactical IWB Holster is all going to depend on the position you carry the firearm. There are multiple positions you carry a firearm IWB. The two most common are going to be strong side, meaning from the three to five o’clock for a right-handed shooter or the appendix position.

You can also carry positions like cross draw, small to back, but cross draw is going to be incredibly uncomfortable.

Small of the back will not be that concealable and will also pose a major risk to your long-term health. The downside of carrying an FN 509 Tactical IWB Holster small of the back is sitting very close to your spine. So if you were to fall in that position, it could cause major long-term damage.

You’re trying to carry a gun to keep yourself safer, not cause yourself more harm. So it’s smart to carry a position that is good for your body as well.

No matter what position you’re carrying the holster inside the waistband, there are some features that you are going to want to consider when purchasing a holster.

One of those features is making sure the holster is very well-rounded. This rounding makes the holster much more comfortable when it’s sitting next to your body.

If you’re carrying strong side or at the three to five o’clock, then the muzzle is going to be the most important part that you want to be rounded depending on your body shape.


The rear, of the muzzle might stick into the rear of your behind. A lot of holsters are open body.

When you’re carrying this position, they tend to be uncomfortable as that creates a sharp edge that is poking into your rear constantly throughout the day. If you have a very flat rear, this may not be an issue, but if you do not, it’s definitely something you should consider.

Having a well-rounded closed bottom holster is very important at that position, but only due to comfort. Comfort is a very important feature to consider though, because if the holster isn’t comfortable, you’re going to be less likely to carry the gun. And if you don’t have the gun, then you won’t be able to use the gun when you need it the most.

When you’re carrying appendix, this rounding should be underneath the trigger guard. A lot of holsters are made of 0.093 or 0.08 thick kydex.

That Kydex is often thinner than the body of a knife blade.

This means that they can create a sharp edge that is sitting against your inner thigh. You do not want there to be a sharp edge there as it will be very uncomfortable. As you’ll see on our IWB FN 509 Tactical Holsters, we make sure they are very well-rounded to prevent this from happening.


When carrying the gun with the strongside, the most important aspect for concealment is going to be having adjustable cant.

Cant is the angle at which the gun sits when you’re carrying it. You’ve likely heard of the FBI cant, which is 15 degrees. This is very common as a do-all cant, but it is not ideal. You want something that you can adjust to your body type.

Depending on what position you’re carrying the holster at the belt, as well as your body type, the cant is going to be slightly different for everybody.

Cant is not only important for concealment, but it is also important for your draw stroke.

When determining the correct draw stroke, you want to make sure that your arm doesn’t have to bend too much to get a good grip on the firearm. You want your hand to naturally meet the grip of the firearm and to achieve this, you again, need adjustable cant. Something to consider is your optimal draw Stroke can’t may not be the same as your optimal cant for concealment.

Having adjustable cant allows you to decide what is the best compromise between the two and find what works for you and your body type.

509 Tactical Appendix Holster

When you’re carrying an FN 509 Tactical Appendix Holster, you need to make sure that holster is set up specifically for appendix carry. Appendix carry is much different than carrying it strong side because the appendix holster is essentially sitting in a pocket.

That pocket is between your groin and your inner thigh. You want that pocket to be filled, so it’s more comfortable.

If there is a lot of spacing around that pocket, it’s going to lead to the holster, placing undue pressure on a couple of specific areas and this is something you want to avoid. Surface contact is a good thing when you’re carrying FN 509 Tactical Appendix Holster.

You just want to make sure that surface contact is spread out and not concentrated in one area.

A feature that is very important for appendix carry is adjustable ride height.

Adjustable ride height allows you to maximize concealment and draw stroke of the firearm. Similar to carrying it strong side, the adjustable ride height that allows you for the fastest straw may not allow you the most concealment. Typically, the deeper you get the firearm, the more concealable it becomes.

The inverse is true for draw speed.

The higher the firearm sits the quicker and easier it is for you to grab the grip of the gun and get it out of the holster quickly. And comfort is going to depend completely on your body type.

How the pants sit on your hips as well as the position of your belt is all going to play a role when it comes to comfort.

Ride Height

For example, when wearing jeans, they often ride lower on my hips than khakis. This means that a holster that is optimized for jeans, will not be as comfortable as one that I would wear when wearing khakis.

Now, the difference may not be that much.

It might be as little as a quarter of an inch, but it does play a role. So this is definitely something you want to consider, maybe your khakis and your jeans ride the same way on the hips.

If that’s the case, the same holster will feel identical with either set of pants. But if they do not, it’s going to make a noticeable difference.

Having adjustable ride height allows you to tailor the position of the holster so that it can sit perfectly in that pocket that is natural to the body.

Adjusting the ride height of the holster by as little as an eighth of an inch might make a big difference for comfort. Other features you’re going to want to look for on an appendix holster are the ability to add a claw or a wing and another device called a wedge.

We’re going to go over those below.


A claw or a wing is a device that sits off to the side of the holster and uses the leverage from the belt to torque the grip of the gun and your FN 509 Tactical Appendix Holster in towards the hip of the body, making the grip more concealable. It will also change the natural angle of the grip so that it more naturally meets your hand when you go to draw the gun.

If I could only have one accessory on an FN 509 Tactical Appendix Holster, this would be it.


A wedge is also a device that can be used to help increase concealment.

But more than that, it is designed to increase comfort. A wedge helps fill any of the voids in that pocket we talked about earlier. Filling these voids is going to be very important to evenly distribute pressure. The wedge also kicks the muzzle of the gun out, pushing the top of the gun closer into the body.

This is very important because the FN 509 Tactical will carry most of its weight above the belt line.

When I talk about that, I’m talking about the weight of the rounds in the magazine, as well as the top half of the slide. Consider that the belt itself is torquing on the bottom half of the firearm. While your stomach and body are pushing the grip out away from the body. And then gravity is having an even further effect.

So you need a device like a wedge to help keep the grip of the gun close to the body.

FN 509 Tactical OWB Holster

Choosing the right FN 509 Tactical OWB Holster is very similar to choosing the right IWB Holster. You need to know what mission you plan to use the gun for before deciding on a holster.


If you’re looking for a concealment FN 509 Tactical Holster OWB, cant is going to be the most important feature. As well as a holster that sits close to the body.

If the holster does not sit close to the body, it will not conceal well. Given the standards of modern dress, it’s better to have a holster that fits very tight to the body. Usually, these holsters are pancake-style holsters or a holster made with two pieces of Kydex molded together and positioned. So the holster sits closely to the body.

A limitation of most pancake-style holsters is they have fixed cant.

This cant is usually available in 0 degrees, 7 and a half degree, or 15 degrees. None of these are optimal. A 0-degree cant holster works if concealment is not a concern and you’re carrying right at three o’clock. It keeps the gun close to the body and out of the way when you’re doing work.

The draw stroke is still fairly natural as well. If concealment is a concern I would suggest getting a holster with adjustable cant.

This is not an easy feature to find. If you find it, that is the FN 509 Tactical Holster OWB I would suggest getting it.

You can set up the holster for the optimal amount of concealment or the optimal draw stroke when carrying behind the hip. As with IWB, these numbers are often not the same.

You can decide the compromise that works best for you. You do not have that option when carrying with a fixed cant holster.


For competition or range activities, just a standard OWB taco style holster will work. I suggest getting a holster like our FN 509 Tactical Holster OWB that has a versatile mounting system.

So you can choose the mouth that will work best for you.

Oftentimes in this situation, the mount is as important or more important than the holster. If you want a holster, you can take on and off quickly, I would suggest getting something like a paddle. A paddle is going to be the least secure mounting option. The way we set up our holster, it’s still secure enough.

It’s just that a little bit handier for some people. If you’re running this set up on a battle belt, I would suggest going with something like an X-lock. This style of mount is considered a quick detach, but you can easily take it on and off your belt.

I suggest doing so with the belt off your person, not on.

Another option for a battle belt or even a range belt setup is a Safariland QLS system. The QLS will require getting another mountain as well, but the QLS is a quick locking system.

This allows you to switch between holsters.

So if you have a holster for the FN 509 Tactical with RMR and light, and then you have another holster set up for running the gun without a light. You can bring both to the range and use the same belt for both holsters. I run this setup on almost all my OWB holsters. Granted, I’m doing a lot of photoshoots so this may not apply to you.

Holster for FN 509 Tactical with RMR and Light

Unfortunately, currently, we do not have a holster setup that will work with the light.

The RMR is easy on the FN 509 Tactical and all of our holsters designed for this gun include an optics cut. We are currently working on options that will work with a light, but those are still way out. Feel free to sign up for our newsletter or email form to get notified when we drop a holster that will work for the FN 509 Tactical with RMR and light.

We’re very excited about coming out with a Holster for FN 509 Tactical with RMR and Light.

FN 509 Tactical Holster with Red Dot

The FN 509 tactical has a weird shroud around the rear iron sights when you’re not running a red dot. So it really doesn’t make any sense to make a holster for this gun that is not cut for a red dot.

We make all our FN 509 Tactical Holsters set up for a red dot.

This is a pretty standard feature nowadays. Most holsters come standard with a red dot cut. It is something you want to confirm before ordering from a manufacturer other than Harry’s Holsters.

FN 509 Tactical Holster with Light

Unfortunately, we do not have any FN 509 Tactical Holsters with light. It is an option we are looking to expand to. Please sign up for our email list to be notified when we come out with an FN 509 Tactical Holster with light.