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CZ PCR Holster 

Quick, Concealable, Secure, and Comfortable CZ PCR Holsters.

Our CZ P01 Holsters fit the CZ PCR like a glove!

Infiltrator Holster Review

What should your Concealed Carry Holster Do?

As Jeff Cooper says, “Remember the first rule of gunfighting… have a gun.” With the right CZ PCR holster, you can have your PCR when you need it.

CZ PCR Holster

Comfortable to Sit

Unlike most CZ PCR holsters, the Infiltrator doesn’t poke into your body with shape edges.

The holster is rounded, so it’s comfortable when you’re wearing it all day long.

Infiltrator Holster Clip

Secure Clip(No Belt Needed)

Most holsters have bulky plastic clips or slick metal clips that can easily come off your belt in a fight.

Our holsters use DDC clips designed with cloth grabbers so secure they work with and without a belt.

CZ 75d PCR Holster

Conceals Well Behind The Hip

It’s often hard to conceal a gun when you’re carrying behind the hip.

The built-in wing keeps your CZ PCR close to your body and well concealed.

CZ 75 PCR Holster

Comfortable Rounded Edges

No sharp hard edges like other PCR Holsters.

The rounded edges make our Holsters comfortable to carry all day long.

CZ75D PCR Holster

Great for Appendix Carry

Most XXX holsters either don’t conceal well or are uncomfortable to carry.

The Infiltrator’s rounded profile makes it comfortable, and the built-in wing keeps the gun concealed.

CZ 75 D PCR Holster

Built In Concealment Wing

The built-in wing does a great job of keeping the gun close to your body and well concealed.

It’s also very smooth, which makes the CZ PCR holster easy to get on and off.

CZ75D PCR holster

A Holster To Keep your PCR Concealed

Carrying your CZ PCR IWB holster shouldn’t expose your gun through your shirt.

If someone sees your gun, you will have issues.

By using belt pressure, the built-in wing keeps your gun’s grip close to your body, allowing you to conceal the fact that you’re carrying a gun.

CZ PCR Holster 

CZ PCR Holsters For Behind The Hip or AIWB

Other holsters won’t conceal your gun as well. Many holsters with wings are only suitable for appendix carry with most CZ PCR holsters.

You can use the snag-free design for appendix carry or behind the hip.

Our snag-free wing design lets you get the holster on and off easily.

Infiltrator Multiple Ride Heights with Text

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Adjust Your CZ PCR Holster To Fit You

It’s important to be able to adjust your PCR holster to your body, regardless of whether you carry behind the hip or appendix.

The Infiltrator holster has 3/4 inch of adjustable ride height and 30 degrees of cant.

CZ PCR Holster 

Adjustable Ride Height

You can’t adjust most CZ PCR Holsters to fit your body.

This can negatively affect concealment and comfort making it painful and obvious you’re carrying a gun.

With 3/4s of an inch of adjustable ride height, you can adjust the holster’s ride height to fit you.


When carrying your CZ 75 PCR holster for appendix Carry being able to make slight cant adjustment can make the holster much more comfortable or concealable.

If you’re carrying behind the hip you want to be able to make massive adjustments. The farther behind your hip the gun get the more cant you want.

Cant will naturally align the gun’s grip with your body to keep the gun concealed. You’ll also want to cant the gun so you can more naturally draw the gun.

Our holster has up to 30 degrees of cant giving you the flexibility you need.

CZ75D PCR holster

Comfortable CZ PCR Holsters

Most holsters use the shape of the gun and don’t consider how it’ll sit against your body. This can be very uncomfortable when there are hard angles that can jab you.

We round our CZ 75 D PCR holster so it sits comfortable with the body instead of jabbing into it.