Premium Concealed Carry Holsters

CZ P01 Holster

Finding the right CZ P01 holster isn’t always easy but we have you covered!

CZ P01 Holster Cant

Stop Worrying About Bad Concealment

The Singleton has up to 30 degrees of Cant that you can use to make the holster conceal on your body!

CZ P01 Holster Comfort

Comfort Is No Longer A Concern

We round every possible point on this holster so it doesn’t poke and prod! Carry Comfortably with your carry holster.

CZ P01 Holster Clip Engagement

Your Holster Won’t Fail When You Need it Most

Our flat clip engagement surface makes sure the clip on your holster will always be secure all day every day!

Our Holster Is also the perfect Canik TP9SF Elite AIWB Holster.

CZ P01 AIWB Holster

Dark Wing

You can add a Dark Wing so you no longer have to worry about printing. No one will know you’re carrying.

CZ P01 Holster AIWB Comfort

Rounded Profile

Unlike other holsters, we round the surfaces that sit next to your body. This prevents hot spots making the holster comfortable to wear all day.

CZ P01 Holster Wedge

Wedge Kit

Add a wedge to fill in empty voids preventing those pesky hot spots. Comfort is now possible with your Appendix Holster!

Singleton CZ P01 Strongside

For such as fantastic gun your need an incredible CZ P01 Holster. Choosing the right holster is key. The P01 is a mixture of old-world elegance and modern practicality. You need a holster that allows you to benefit from all this great gun has to offer.

CZ P01 vs P01 Omega

Both the Regular P01 and the P01 Omega are built on the same frame and slide from an external standpoint. Where they differ this the geometry of the de-cocker and safety. If your holster is made using a Blue Gun or the real gun this can be a problem. We design all of our holsters in CAD and have to ability to de-feature this area so the same holster can be used with both guns. This simplifies our inventory and gives the customer one holster they can use with both models.

In short order one of ours and it’ll fit both(threaded barrels may not fit). But if your order from a competitor there is no telling.

CZ P01 IWB Holster

If you’re carrying IWB concealment and comfort are top priorities. Having the ability to quickly deploy the gun from your CZ P01 IWB Holster goes without saying. There are features you want to ensure all these things happen.

For comfort, you want to make sure you have a well-rounded design that has been smoothed out. Holsters have to follow the contours of the gun in key places to ensure a proper fit. If a holster follows those contours everywhere it’s not likely to be comfortable. A key area to look at on CZ P01 IWB Holsters is the muzzle, sweat guard, and magazine release. Those are areas that aren’t critical for fit but can have a major impact on comfort. Our Singleton does an excellent job of meeting those requirements.

Strongside Carry

If you’re carrying on the hip or behind the hip concealment can be a little more difficult than appendix. The P01 isn’t a thin gun. When carrying a CZ P01 IWB Holster on the hip having a thinner gun like a Glock 48 would help. But making the P01 thinner isn’t an option. Your want a CZ Po1 Holster with adjustable cant. This will allow you to angle to the grip for optimal concealment.

AWIB Carry

The P01 is sized perfectly for Appendix carry. Using a well-rounded comfortable holster like the Singleton for the CZ 75 P01 is a good start. But you’re going to want to make sure you have the right accessories to conceal the gun well. I always run both a Wing and Wedge on my AIWB holsters.


If I could only run one accessory on a P01 Appendix Holster this would be it. The Wing/Claw leverages the tension of the belt to rotate the grip of the gun into your body. This is a major aid in concealment. it’ll also help angle the grip of the gun to more naturally meet your hand when drawing the pistol.


This is an easy add-on to any CZ 75 P01 Kydex Holster. It attaches to the bottom half on the back of the holster. It helps force the muzzle out and the top of the gun into your body. Not only does it aid in concealment but it can help with comfort. If you have a hot spot caused by the holster a wedge can help alleviate it.

Singleton CZ P01 Wedge Kit Large

The P01 is a compact size fire so wedge size is going to depend on user preference. Some will want a small wedge while others will find a large wedge works better for them. There is no one size fits all answer.

CZ P01 OWB Holster

There are three directions you can go with a P01 OWB Holster. Duty/Tactical, Competition and Concealment. But there is some crossover.


Duty is going to cover level 2 plus retention holsters. You’re not going to see many of these for the CZ P01 as there isn’t a ton of demand. Tactical can cover a lot of ground. Are you running the gun on a war belt or a stiff shooting belt at your local flat range? Or are you kicking doors as a LEO? Each of these has a different requirement.

Tactical can mean a lot of things. For the average gun owner tactical is going to mean a dedicated battle belt or gun belt that is setup to run run a pistol and support a rifle with items like magazines and medkit. For this, you’re likely going to want a holster that’ll have a versatile mounting system.


There are a lot of mounts on the market and each has its own sets of pros and cons. There is no best mount but there are mounts that are the best at specific tasks. One thing is certain: It’s good to have a P01 OWB Holster with a versatile mounting system

Safariland QLS

One of my favorite mounts as it makes it easer to use one belt to run multiple guns/holsters. This is a fork system that attaches to the holster and then you attack the female piece to a belt mount like a X Lock or Safariland Mid Drop Mount. It makes it very easy and quick to switch out holsters without the need or tools. If you have a lot of guns or want to run different OWB CZ P01 Holsters then this is the ultimate setup.

Tek Lok/X Lock

The Tek Lok style mount is very popular for its simplicity and ease of use. If you’re not sure what mount to get then this is what’s I’d suggest going with. It’s versatile and affordable. You can switch holsters between belts reasonably quickly while still utilizing a secure mount. It’ll work with stiff concealed carry belts as well as the duty and battle belts.


While being the least secure a paddle is also one of the easiest options to get on and off of your belt. It has adjustable cant built into the paddle itself so you can tailor the cant of the holster to your draw stroke. If you need a CZ P01 OWB Holster that you can grab and go with then I would suggest the paddle. My buddy has a large track of land and loves this setup for riding his 4 wheeler to check on his property.


The CZ P01 isn’t a popular gun in sanctioned competitions but it is popular in outlaw matches. An open-top tactical style CZ Po1 Holster is a great option. We’re working on holsters in this category. Our holsters will have versatile mounting patterns that’ll work well with a variety of mounts so you can build the perfect setup for your preferences.


Concealing a CZ Po1 Holster is all about choosing the right holster. As we stated earlier the P01 is a fairly wide gun. This means you need every advantage you can get. The most important advantage is having a thin holster that holds tight to the body. This is going to mean a pancake style holster.

The 2nd most important feature is adjustable cant. Just like carrying strong-side IWB adjustable cant will allow you to angle to grip for optimal concealment. This feature will also allow optimizing the angle for your ideal draw stroke. Although depending on the length of your arms and the place of the holster the optimal angle for concealment may not be the optimal angle for your draw stroke. You’ll have to decide which option is the best for you.

CZ P01 Holster with Light

Right now we don’t have a CZ P01 Holster with Light but it is an option we’re considering adding.