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Sig P320 X5 Legion Holster

Contender Sig P320 Legion

With its firing pin block safety, people use the Sig P320 for a variety of uses including duty and tactical. That can also include concealed carry and its intended purpose of USPSA Competition. For applications that require an overt OWB holster your Sig P320 X5 Legion holster needs a versatile mounting pattern. With a versatile mounting pattern, you can use multiple belt mounts on the holster. Allowing you to tailor the holster to your specific mission.

Contender Sig P320 LegionThe Sig P320 X Legion is an extremely heavy design. So you must make sure your gear is set up to support the weight. You’ll want your Sig P320 X5 Legion holster to be built from Kydex that is 093 inches or thicker. The 093 inch Kydex is sufficient for a heavy gun. You’ll get a lot better retention than if you move up to something like 125 thickness. 125 Kydex doesn’t have a lot of flex so it’ll have more friction when you’re drawing the gun.

Sig P320 X Legion Competition Holster

If you’re a competitor shooting USPSA Carry optics you’ll want to set up you Sig P320 X5 Legion Holster with a Turbo Drop or Boss hanger. These are designed to mount it to an extremely stiff competition belt. This setup will allow you to optimize the placement of your Sig P320 X Legion Competition Holster for a smooth draw while keeping everything rigid. It’s a little bulky for tactical and the range. It’s the only want to go for hardcore USPSA Carry Optics and Production shooters.

If you’re a more casual competitor of looking for a solid tactical option I would suggest an X Lock or a Tech Lok. These mounts allow you to attach your Sig P320 X5 Legion OWB Holster to the belt without any tools. It will likely take you 30 seconds to a minute to do so. But it doesn’t require you to take the belt off or any other items you may have on the belt. These slide locks work with belts ranging from 1-2 inches using a bar system that adjusts in quarter-inch increments.

You can set up your belt with universal magazine pouches. This is great if you may like to be able to switch out to different guns. If requires a holster change on the fly then you’ll want to check out the Safariland QLS(Quick Locking System). The Safariland QLS fork mounts to you P320 X5 Legion holster. You then mount the female adapter to your belt. Just by pinching the tongs on the fork you can take the OWB Holster off of the belt. It’s then easy to replace it with a Sig P320X 5 Light bearing holster or any other holster of your choice.

For light using on the range or around the house, you can use a Sig P320 X5 Paddle holsters. By adding a paddle to your holster you can then put the holster on and take it off very quickly. This is a great option for those that want an easy-to-use holster. Especially that they won’t be wearing all day and need convenience.

Despite its heavyweight, there are many people that choose to carry the Sig P320 X5 Legion in an IWB holster. With the right Sig P320 X5 Legion IWB holster and a reasonable loose cover garment, you won’t have any issues concealing the gun. The weight is something to think about. If you’re carrying the gun all day long it could have long-term negative health effects on your joints.

The weight of the gun may not seem like much when carrying it in a good Sig P320 X5 Legion IWIB Holster. You’ll still have potential long-term negative health effects that you should consider. The slight performance you could gain in a gun flight might be outweighed by the damage it could do to your long-term mobility.