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Sig P365 Holster

Quick, Concealable, Secure, and Comfortable Sig P365 Holsters

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What should your Concealed Carry Holster Do?

As Jeff Cooper says, “Remember the first rule of gunfighting… have a gun.” With the right Sig P365 holster, you can have your P365 when you need it.

P365 Holster

Comfortable to Sit

The Infiltrator doesn’t poke into your body with shape edges like most Sig P365 holsters.

The holster is rounded, so it’s comfortable when you’re wearing it all day long.

Infiltrator Holster Clip

Secure Clip(No Belt Needed)

Most holsters have bulky plastic clips or slick metal clips that can easily come off your belt in a fight.

Our holsters use DDC clips designed with cloth grabbers so secure they work with and without a belt.

Sig P365 Pocket Holster

Conceals Well Behind The Hip

It’s often hard to conceal a gun when you’re carrying behind the hip.

The built-in wing keeps your Sig P365 close to your body and well concealed.

Best holster for sig P365

Comfortable Rounded Edges

No sharp hard edges like other P365 Holsters.

The rounded edges make our Holsters comfortable to carry all day long.

Sig P365 IWB Holster

Great for Appendix Carry

Most Sig P365 holsters either don’t conceal well or are uncomfortable to carry.

The Infiltrator’s rounded profile makes it comfortable, and the built-in wing keeps the gun concealed.

Sig P365 Holster

Built In Concealment Wing

The built-in wing does a great job of keeping the gun close to your body and well concealed.

It’s also very smooth which makes the P365 holster easy to get on and off.

If you’re looking for a P365 holster that’s comfortable, secure, and concealed well all day, then you’ve come to the right place.

We designed our current Sig P365 IWB holsters after years of valuable customer feedback.

They are rounded in shape and are comfortable to carry all day long. The video and description below provide more information about the P365 holsters.

P365 Concealment Holster

With built-in wings, our Sig P365 Holsters conceal the gun close to the body.

You don’t want your P365 IWB holster’s grip sticking through your shirt when carrying it.

If someone sees you have a weapon, the consequences could be severe.

The built-in wing tucks your grip close to your body when you use pressure from your waistband. To conceal your gun, you can keep the Sig P365 from printing.

Sig P365 Appendix Holster

A IWB that Works in Multiple Positions

It can be carried behind the hip or at the appendix with the built-in wing on our Sig P365 Holsters.

We have snag-free wings that make it easy to get the P365 holster on and off, especially in positions other than the appendix.

Our Sig P365 holster’s built-in wing allows you to carry your gun behind your hip and at your appendix.

With one holster, you can carry your gun in multiple positions.

Shorty Multiple Ride Heights

A P365 Holster with Lots Of Adjustment

The Sig P365 Holsters from Harry’s Holsters can be adjusted to fit your needs.

The P365 holster can be adjusted up to 30 degrees in either direction, allowing you to find the perfect draw angle for you.

Adjustable Ride Height

Sig P365 AIWB Holsters can be comfortable if configured correctly. Most holsters have no adjustment or have large increments.

With our holster’s slots, we can make small adjustments to make sure you get the perfect fit for your needs. They offer 3/4s of an inch of total adjustment.

We also offer a 30-degree cant range to help you achieve the ideal draw and concealment for your gun’s position behind your hip.


You can adjust the cant of our P365 Holsters by 30 degrees for an easy draw and great concealment.

Sig P365 Holster Nubs Carrying Range Bag outdoors

A comfortable P365 Holster

Tom Segura said, “You should make travel as comfortable as possible,” we believe carrying a Sig P365 should always be the same.

The Sig P365 Holsters from Harry’s Holsters feature rounded edges that fit comfortably against your body.

With most IWB holsters for the Sig P365, you’ll find sharp edges and hard surfaces that make carrying it uncomfortable.

Our P365 holsters are designed with rounded edges to fit your body, making it comfortable to carry.

Best holster for Sig P365

Finding the best holster for your Sig P365 depends on your specific needs. There is no such thing as a good one size fits all holster.

Are you planning to pocket carry? Carry it outside the waistband or carry it inside the waistband?

Each position has pros and cons that require a P365 holster designed for that carry position.

Most comfortable Sig P365 Holster?

For many the most comfortable way to carry a light gun like the P365 is OWB. It’s the least concealable method.

A good IWB holster can be extremely comfortable, although a poorly designed one will be painful.

Sig P365 IWB Holster

IWB carry means inside the waistband and can cover multiple positions on the belt. You describe these positions as a clock face, with 12 being your belt buckle and six at your spine. Finding the right Sig P365 IWB Holster is key.

P365 Appendix Holster

Appendix Carry refers to carrying your gun forward of the hips. This tends to be the most concealable position. The level of comfort varies greatly depending on the individual and their body type.


The wing or claw helps tuck the gun’s grip closer to the body. They are a design for AIWB or Appendix inside the waistband carry. This is a great addition to an IWB holster.


Wedges are soft foam you attach to the holster between your AIWB holster and body. It’s primarily to help with comfort by filling in the void between the holster and the body. By filling in the voids, you spread out pressure created by the holster.

Sig P365 OWB Holster

Unfortunately, we don’t have a Sig P365 OWB holster yet.

Sig P365 Pocket Holster

We are still in the development of our Sig P365 Pocket Holster, although we’ll update this page when it’s ready.