Comfort Wedge Small


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Comfort Wedge Small

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The perfect AIWB holster wedge for your medium to compact sized gun.

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The small comfort wedge is designed to fit between the bottom half of your holster. Helping you get rid of discomfort.

Designed specifically for shorter and smaller guns the small Comfort Wedge is perfect for your EDC AIWB holster.

We used a soft foam that molds to your body making a wedge that’s comfortable and effective.

Small Comfort Wedge is 3.00 x 1.75 x 1.00

5 reviews for Comfort Wedge Small

  1. Mark Dain (verified owner)

    Don’t bother with the foam wedge. The material is too soft for its intended purpose. The foam wedge should push the muzzle away from the body and pull the grip in to aid in concealment. This stuff is so soft that it smashes flat and provides no benefit.

    • Harrison

      You ordered the smaller wedge that’s sized for a P365 length holster. With a 48 you’d be better off with the large wedge. They’re soft so they increase comfort by filling voids and increasing the area that the holster touches. This spreads out pressure avoiding hot spots.

  2. Chris Crapse (verified owner)

    After seeing the product in other various video reviews the wedge appeared thicker and like a square .Once I received it however it resembled of a sponge and soft.

  3. Robert Rivera (verified owner)

    Foam to soft, flattened out, does push weapon closer to body somewhat but would have hoped it had been more dense as in previous product photos, so disappointed in the sponge.

  4. Eli N (verified owner)

    I thought the same thing (too soft) but I tried it on an off on the singleton p365 x and it does make a difference, specially with a HS 507k.

  5. Emily (verified owner)

    Do not buy, these are far to soft, compressed like a sponge after all day wear. After a year of using the wedge, I am disappointed to say it’s back to the yoga block.

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