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Canik TP9SFx Holster

Finding the right Canik TP9SFx holster is going to depend on your mission. If you’re carrying the gun concealed the best Canik TP9SFx holster will be different than if you’re running the gun in a USPSA Match. We’ll go over them all to help you find the TP9SFx Holster with the right features for you!

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Canik TP9SFx Holster for the Range

If you’re looking for a solid holster to use on the range that compliments the great looks of your gun then checkout our OWB holster for the Canik works great. We cover choosing the right setup in the section below.

Canik TP9SFX Competition Holster

There is a couple of elements that set a standard OWB Taco Holster apart from a world class Canik TP9SFX Competition Holster. It begins with the Kydex shell. We designed our Canik TP9SFx Holster so the holster mouth flares making insertion smoother. The holster has aesthetically pleasing accents on the sight channel.

Retention Adjustment

When setting up a Canik TP9SFX Competition Holster retention is a very important element. If you’re shooting the gun in a competition like USPSA then you have the time and ability to adjust your retention at the start box. When this is the case having the ability to add a product like the Turbo Prop is a good feature.

Canik TP9SFx Holster Belt Mounts

Choosing the right mount for your Canik TP9SFX Competition Holster is key. There is no one size fits all answer but there are near ideal solutions for specific instances.


If you’re planning to run the gun in Competition I would not suggest using a paddle mount. A paddle mount will work but it’s not ideal as its ease of use makes it less secure and stable than the other options. It might be the best option for the casual shooter looking for a holster that’s easy to get on and off.

Locking Mount

If you’re shooting in a tactical-style Competition then something like our X Lock or a Tek Lok will is a great option. They mount your Canik TP9SFX Competition Holster directly to the belt. The systems use spacers that allow you to size the TP9SFx Holster mount to your belt in quarter-inch increments. This is a great feature if you’re running multiple belts or decide to switchgear around. These also world great for adding other accessories to your belt. If you’re looking for a one size fits all solution this is likely it.

Competition Hanger

This is an option you will likely know if you need. Not designed for a casual user this is designed to be mounted to a very stiff Inner/Outer belt setup. The most popular mounts are the BOSS Hanger and the Turbo Drop. They’re great mounts that are very stiff.

Canik TP9SFx Holster with Light

Unfortunately, we don’t have a Canik TP9SFx Holster with light right now. We are working on a new product for this category. It’ll allow you to run the most popular lights on your gun while using one of our Canik TP9SFx Holsters. We’re planning to offer both a duty option with a level 2 retention as well as an open-top passive retention version.

Canik TP9SFx IWB Holster

Many will consider the TP9SFx with its long slide too big for IWB carry. If you’re smaller statured that may be true. But with the right Holster, it’s perfectly doable. There are key design features you want to look for when purchasing a holster. Some of these features for your TP9SFx Concealed Holster will work for all IWB carry positions. Others will be specific to the position you’re carrying the gun.


This is a very important feature as it’ll determine how well the gun stays secure and in the same place. The thickness of the mount can cause printing so a thinner mount is always better from that perspective.

Metal Clips

Not all metal clips are created equal. Spring steel clips without a cloth grabber are worthless as you can easily pull the holster right off your belt or clothing. So a cloth grabber is a must.

The only Metal Clips that I trust currently are made by Discreet Carry Concepts. Their Mod series clips have constant clamping pressure that sets them apart from all other metal clips. They’re the most secure and low profile option on the market.

Plastic Clips

Polymer and Plastic Clips will break over time and many lose their holding force with little use. They’re very thick and more likely to print than other options so are more likely to print. They tend to be easy to get on and off but they also tend to fail more often.

Soft Loops

Soft Loops are a reliable solid options assuming they’re using biothane straps. There are some loops out there made of leather or rubber and I’ve seen issues with them breaking with a minimal amount of use. Soft loops can be harder to put on.

Sweat Guard

Low, mid, and high guards all have their own set of pros and cons. If you’ve got a lot of extra fluff around the midsection then a lot might actually work the best with the Canik due to the minimal amount of surface area on the side of the slide. I would suggest looking for a holster that looks well rounded without sharp corners. We often test our holsters without polishing the edges because if you design the sweat guard right you’ll have minimal discomfort when carrying. Different body types might still get pinching when reholstering. Believe it or not the low sweat guard is the best for that.

Rounded Edges

You’ll often hear people talks about the edge finishing on Kydex holsters but we’re not talking about those here. The profile and edges themselves should be rounded. A lot of companies are building minimalist holsters with sharp edges that look great in pictures but don’t feel good when wearing them.

Hip/Behind the Hip Carry

As with all carry positions comfort and concealablity is going to depend on a mix of holster, belt, body type and clothing.

Adjustable Cant

If you’re trying to conceal a large gun like the TP9SFx when carrying at the 3-5 or 9-7 positions then cant is going to be the best solution. Having cant between 20-30 degrees can be necessary with a gun this large.

Canik TP9SFx Appendix Holster

These features are specifically designed for AIWB carry. Due to the size of the gun you need to make sure your Canik TP9SFx Appendix Holster is properly designed and featured. If it’s not you won’t have a positive carry experience.


A claw or wing is a device on the holster that helps tuck the grip into the body. Not all wings are created equal and you’ll likely want an aggressive one on your TP9SFx Holster considering the size of the gun. We suggest the Dark Wing.


You mount a wedge between the back of the holster and your body. Most of the weight of the Canik TP9SFx sits above the beltline and this causes the gun to want tip away from the body. The wedge helps prevent that as well as adding padding increases comfort. The TP9SFx is a very large and long gun so I would suggest a larger wedge than what you would need for most guns.