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CZ Shadow 2 Holster

The CZ Shadow 2 is a fairly heavy gun weighing 46.5 ounces. So you need a heavier Kydex like .093 to handle the weight. The metal trigger guards can sometimes be a challenge to get perfect retention. This is due to their sharp edges and thin profiles. Luckily it’s not hard to get great retention in a CZ Shadow 2 Holster. This is due to the reasonably thick and well-rounded trigger guard. On our Contender CZ Shadow 2 Holster we made sure it’s compatible with a turboprop. Which is an improved version of a thumbscrew. The Turbo Prop allows you to fine-tune the retention on the CZ Shadow 2 holster. So you can go from very light to extremely secure with just a turn of your fingers.


If you get your CZ Shadow 2 milled for a slide-mounted optic the Trijicon SRO or Leupold Delta Point Pro or own a CZ Shadow 2 Optic Ready model you’ll need to make sure your holster will accommodate the optic. Most CZ Shadow 2 Competition holsters will accommodate an optic. Typically their outline is cut to just shy of a one-half inch below the ejection port. This is in accordance with USPSA holster regulations. But this is still something you’ll want to verify. Unless you order a Contender holster made specifically for your CZ Shadow 2 Optics Ready.

The CZ Shadow 2 isn’t only a wonderful competition pistol. It’s also a great gun for plinking on the range. What you’re using the gun for will dictate how you want to set up your CZ Shadow 2 holster. We’ve designed our Contender CZ Shadow 2 Holster so you can set it up from Competition, serious range use, or casual plinking. If you are a serious competitor you’ll likely want to set up the Contender CZ Shadow Holster with a competition hanger like the BOSS Hanger or our preferred competition hanger the Turbo Drop.


For serious range use or more casual competition events, the Tek Lok or an X Lock is an excellent option for your CZ Shadow 2 holster. This style of belt attachment will keep the holster sturdy and sits close to your beltline. Much different from competition-style holster mounts like the Boss Hanger and the Turbo Drop. If you plan to switch out guns and holsters often while using the range belt add a Safariland QLS hanger to your Contender Shadow 2 Holster. This will allow you to switch out guns and holsters in seconds while still having a very battle belt setup.

If you’re using the Shadow 2 as a range gun and you’re looking for a holster setup that is easy to put on and take off. You’ll likely be best served by mounting a paddle to your CZ Shadow Holster.

You can read our full review on the CZ Shadow 2 here.

Shadow 2 OWB Holster

There are tons of different uses for the CZ Shadow 2. And despite it being a competition-style pistol from inception, many people use the gun outside of that role. It’s important to determine your role before choosing the right holster for your CZ Shadow 2. The holster that works great for the competition will not work well if you’re looking for a retention-style holster for tactical use. Before choosing your holster, determine your needs. You can qualify the products you’re looking at based on your goals. Choosing the product that best fits those goals.

Competition S2 Holster

The most common competition for the CZ Shadow 2 is going to be USPSA production or Carry Optics. Both of these are considered Kydex Divisions. So Kydex Holster is going to be your best bet to fall within the rules. There are a couple of features that I think are excellent for choosing a USPSA Kydex Holster. While not necessarily a nice feature to have is a flared mouth. Having the mouth of the holster slightly flared makes re-holstering much easier. Not that reholstering is hard without, or that it’s even necessary considering there is no time advantage you will gain from quickly re-holstering your firearm and most of these shooting spots.

That said, it just makes things much smoother and a more positive experience overall. Retention adjustment is another important thing to consider. Depending on the solid competition you’re running, you may want something with rock-hard solid retention. For example, if you’re running a sport like 3-gun, where your firearm will remain holster through most of your stage. Whereas in a sport like USPSA, you’re going to draw the gun from the box and the gun will be in your hand for the remainder of the stage in most scenarios.


So for a sport like that, a holster is most important just when you’re casually walking around the event. You don’t want your gun to fall out because it’s so loose. A lot of competition-style holsters are known to be gun buckets for a reason. You want to avoid having a gun bucket for a holster. Having a feature like a turboprop that allows you to adjust retention on the fly.

You need to make sure the holster you have has a good range of adjustment. For a sport like 3-Gun, you’re going to want that holster to be rock solid. Whereas for a sport like USPSA, it isn’t as important, but having the right retention that will keep the gun secure while still maintaining a quick draw isn’t going to be slowed down with properly stiff retention. A lot of guys have popularized quick draw style holsters, where there’s almost no retention.

And that really doesn’t save you any time and can actually slow things down. If you’re going to inherently comes out or you get some sort of DQ. Having decently stiff retention is going to ensure that you have to get a good grip on the gun before drawn.


It’s good to have a versatile mount. Again, the competition you’re shooting is going to dictate the style of Mount you’ll want on the holster. If you’re shooting something like USPSA, most guys are going to want to run a competition hanger. Whereas people shooting 3-Gun might be better suited with something like an X Lock, or if you’re running an outlaw match, an X locK even a paddle might suffice.

Competition Hanger

t all depends on the role you’re using for the CZ Shadow 2 to competition hanger. If you’re unsure of whether or not you should get a competition hanger for the CZ Shadow 2 Holster, then this option likely isn’t for you.

These are designed to Mount to a competition-specific belt known as an inner-outer belt. They mount to the outer portion of the belt, which is usually made a very stiff and thick Velcro with some webbing. These belts are normally 1.5 inches wide and made of thick Velcro and webbing. The mounts themselves attach via clamping and require a screwdriver to get them on and off the belt. So if you’re looking for something that’s easy to change out, this is not the option for you, but if you’re looking for a very stiff drop style setup, then I think you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a better setup. That said, this is not something for the casual user who just wants to build, take their gun to the range.

X Lock

X-Lock or a TeK-Lok style mount, is very good if you’re looking for a decent all around Mount. It’s not the best at any one thing, but it does everything sufficiently well. It’s reasonably quick to get on and off a belt if you’re willing to take the belt off itself. If you’re planning to use the CZ Shadow 2 in a tactical style event, then this might be the mount for you. It’s going to keep the holster up nice and high. And it’s really a good secure setup. It’s also reasonably affordable. It’s much cheaper than the competition style hangers.


Paddles are for the guys who want a holster that is very easy to take on and off. If you’re somebody who just wants to bring your IWB Kydex Holster for the range and practice a little bit using your regular everyday carry belt or a normal gun belt, then this might be the holster for you. It’s reasonably secure, and it does a good job of distributing the weight of the CZ Shadow 2. It’s not going to be as secure as an X Lock or a competition hanger, but it’s secure enough. And this eye item just works. For the more casual shooter, this is the perfect option.

CZ Shadow 2 Retention Holster

We currently have no CZ Shadow 2 Retention Holster options, but that is something we’re exploring.

CZ Shadow 2 Holster with Light

At this time we do not have any CZ Shadow 2 Holster with light options. This is another product we are exploring making in the future.

CZ Shadow 2 IWB Holster

choosing an IWB set up for the CZ Shadow 2 is not as easy as you may think. The CZ Shadow 2 is a fairly large gun and it’s very heavy. They all still frame as a lot of weight to the gun and it’s designed to be heavy since it’s a purpose built competition firearm. Features you’re going to want to look for are a holster that is made of 0.093 inch thick, tight, extra boltaron.

You’re going to want the thicker material to help with the weight of the gun itself. And the way to the Shadow 2, is also going to necessitate having two soft loops or two belt clips. This is not a holster. I would try to run with a single wide clip or a single overhook. This gun is big and heavy, and it needs the support and weight distribution from these other clips. And as with all IWB Holsters, you want to make sure the profile of the holster is well rounded. And especially in areas like the thumb safety, you want to make sure the thumb safety is well protected because if you are a right-handed shooter, the safety is fairly large and it could jab into you. This gun is just large. So there’s going to be some features you definitely need, depending on the position you’re carrying.

Strongside Carry

Carrying the CZ Shadow 2 at your strong side, which for a right-handed shooter is the 3.00 to 5.00 O’clock positions means you’re going to need adjustable cant.

Adjustable cant is very important for a gun of this size. Carry at the 3.00 O’clock is not something I see GS, especially with a large gun like the CZ Shadow 2. For one, it’s not that comfortable because your bone is almost completely exposed and you don’t have much fatter skin protecting that area of your body. So I would suggest carrying this gun at the 3.30 to 5.00 O’clock positions, as you’re going to have a little bit more comfort, as well as a lot more concealment. The grip of the gun is very large and the more can’t you get on the holster itself means the grip is going to be able to line with your light handle, making your draw strip more natural, as well as concealing the firearm better. That’s going to be the most important feature to look for in a shadow to holster.

Appendix Carry

Appendix Carry With the CZ Shadow 2 all as many of the same rules as choosing a holster for strong side carry. You’re going to want the holster be well-rounded and more comfortable than other actions.

You’re also definitely going to need two clips to support the weight of the gun. Considering this gun is likely going to be sitting right beside your inner thigh. You want to make sure the holster is very well-rounded in that area. And there are no pokier pointy beds. And a lot of companies make great looking very sharp designs, but they are not comfortable for carry. So you want something as minimalist as possible in that area while not being so minimalist that the minimalism creates those sharp pointy areas.


A wedge is a device that sits between the holster and your body itself. The idea of a wedge is to make sure there are no air pockets between your body and the holster. These pockets will eventually create undue pressure on other areas, creating a hotspot, causing the user discomfort. A wedge prevents this by filling those areas, making sure the pressure is evenly spread. Wedges will also help kick the muzzle of the gun out away from the body, pushing the grip of the gun further into the body increasing concealment.

The CZ Shadow 2 is a very large gun. And because of that, you want to make sure you have a very large wedge on this holster. A wedge that will work great for a Glock forty-three or CP three sixty-five XL is not going to work for the CZ Shadow 2. It holds through wedge that they little bit big for a Glock nineteen will probably work on the CZ Shadow 2.


A claw or a wing is a feature that uses the force and leverage from your belt or waistband to tuck the grip of the gun into the body. Considering the size of the CZ Shadow 2. This is definitely a necessary feature. I see just having a very aggressive claw wing, like the dark wing as that will help apply more pressure than other designs.

If I could only choose one accessory on a Concealed Carry Appendix Holster, then that is the accessory I would choose as it’s going to make the gun a lot more concealable than any other item. A wedge will do more for comfort, but a crawly wing will do more for concealment. Another advantage of a crawly wing is it changes the angle of the grip to more naturally meet your hand when you go to draw the gun from the appendix position, this accessory is not good for strong side carries. It just adds too much bulk for the holster in that area.