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Raven Concealment Wedge.  This wedge fits on the back of Insider holsters.  This is meant for AIWB carry and cants the top of the gun further into your body. 

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Just Ok
Written by Scott on Nov 1st 2019

The Wedge provides two purposes. One, it pushes the muzzle of the gun away from you, which pulls the gun in closer to your body. Not the Claw/Mod Wing, that pulls the grip in closer to your body. I am talking about the gun itself. Number two, it should provide comfort, a small pad between you and the holster helps. The Raven Wedge does help pull the gun in closer to the body. But Unfortunately, it is VERY uncomfortable. I paid extra for the Raven Wedge and so when I got my holster it was already on it. I wore the Executive for a few weeks and liked it but didnt love it, I was uncomfortable. Adjusting the ride height and cant did not make a difference. It was just that Raven Wedge rubbing on me and kind of hurting me. I took the Raven Wedge off my holster and then I really started falling in love with the Executive. The Raven Wedge is made out of a hard rubber and the slight rounded angle it has doesn't sit on your body well at all. I would not recommend anyone buying this. I am definitely a "Wedge" Fan and do suggest people buy & use them but it needs to be a soft foam with an angle cut.

Written by J K on Sep 23rd 2019

The wedge is a good idea, the implementation, however, needs some work. The material is very hard, digging into my groin all day does not make me want to wear my holster for long periods of time. I found the claw to be suitable enough for concealment.

Written by Jim Kelley on Sep 13th 2019

Works as designed, great product helps my CZ P10C not print.

Raven wedge
Written by Matt Graham on Sep 5th 2019

It dose exactly what it's supposed to do but it's not for me. Just not too comfortable