Executive – Softloops (Quick Ship)


Executive – Softloops (Quick Ship)

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Harry’s Holsters Executive holster is one of the best and most concealable Inside-the-Waistband or “IWB” tuckable holsters on the market. We literally founded our company with the mission of tastefully concealing a firearm when wearing tailored or tucked-in shirts to serve the often ignored professional and business concealed carry markets.

That being said, the Executive was created with the business and casual dresser in mind.  As you will see from our product pictures the insider is perfect to carry appendix, at the 1 o’clock position, and at the 3-5 o’clock positions. This makes the Executive holster the most versatile holster on the market for concealed carriers who have to dress to impress.

Softloops are something your love or something you hate.  More difficult to get the holster on but once they are on they are the most secure option.

Executive Features:

  • Optic Cut(For slide mounted optics like the Trijicon RMR and Leupold Deltapoint Pro)
  • Suppressor Height Sights
  • Fits Threaded Barrels(Selected models do not and are noted)
  • Multiple Mounting Options(Clips and Softloops)
  • Approximately 1 Inch in Ride Height height adjustment
  • Cant Adjustment
  • Full Sweat Guard

*All Holsters come standard with black accent washers(no substitutions).  Mod Wing not included.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 8 in
Gun Model

CZ P01 (Standard Decocker/Omega/Tactical), CZ P07/ P07 Tactical and Urban Grey, CZ P10c/P10C Tactical, FN 509/509 Tactical, Glock 19/19x/23/26/27/45 (Gen 2-5)(Does not fit threaded barrels), Glock 43/43x/48, HK VP9/VP9SK, Sig P320 Compact/Carry (Fits Standard, Sub Compact, Sub Compact Railed and X Carry Frames), Sig P365/P365XL, SW Shield 9/40 (2.0 and Original), SW M&P 4inch and 4.25inch (2.0 and Original)

7 reviews for Executive – Softloops (Quick Ship)

  1. DoItRiteAK

    Solid holster deign ready for you to build on it as you desire. I appreciate how the holster is designed to allow the user to play around with carry methods while remaining affordable and low profile. I had a minor pinch issue with my Glock mag release, but it was not that big of a deal. Instead of the soft loops, you may consider using the version with polymer or metal clips. Also, I really appreciate the positive snap that confirms that the gun is securely in the holster. Right out of the box the tension is perfect. check out the YouTube channel for more information on his holsters. It is good to see a company that is involved in trigger pulling like the customers.

  2. Cavins Jr.

    Executive Soft loops for CZ P-10F with 5.11 ” threaded barrel. Just FYI no one is perfect so 4 stars is the best I give. Ordering was easy, shipping was fast and packaged well with plenty of swag, but not a waste of items. This holster fitment is perfect for my pistol which is not your usual AIWB size or type. We all have our own personal tastes but I believe any operator, weekend warrior, or Noob which we all were once. will get allot of use out of this holster, as for me and I’m kind of picky, its stable, comfortable, and does the job of keeping my pistol exactly where I want it to be and so far has not given me any of those scrapes, pokes, scratches or pains that we all are so used to. As for me I do recommend this holster for EDC use. With plenty of Clips, loops, colors and flush fit whatevers to choose from. To make this work for anyone. I use the Dark Claw when AIWB and it helps keep that pesky handle from sticking out and printing through clothes. I plan on adding a few hard clip types for those in a hurry days to try out and will review again after that. I am a real person and paid full price for this. no deals, no extras, no BS. Just a picky, EDC guy happy with my holster. So far.

  3. Enrique L

    Great holster. I would advise a new concealed carrier to purchase a good gun belt, and this will exceed your expectations. Fits comfortably well, despite me carrying a full sized pistol.

  4. Doug Maynard

    I recently got a CZ P09. I could not find a holster that was exactly what I wanted…until 8 pages of searches later, I found Harry’s. I have been very impressed with their holster system. I can easily conceal my full size CZ in the 5 O’clock position using their Executive with loops and a little doohickey on the side. It had to have loops and Harry’s had it. I am very happy with it!!

  5. Joe D

    I thought I had found “The One” with my previous high-dollar appendix rig – I was close, but wrong. This holster makes my P320 Carry absolutely disappear, even with its full-size grip. I’m a new convert to the AIWB crowd, and it’s been tough to find a holster that doesn’t jab me in the groin all day and still manage to prevent the gun from rolling over the beltline, but this one does it! I also appreciate the ability to take it from a legitimate full-featured AIWB holster to a strong side holster buy changing out a few parts. Most companies that tout this ability skimp on features to accomplish this, either by omitting the wing/wedge (making it a lousy AIWB holster,) making them a permanent fixture (making them a lousy strong side holster,) or using garbage clips (making them a lousy holster in general.) The Pull-the-Dot snaps were even broken in already when the holster was sent to me, which is a fantastic touch that I have not seen anywhere else. Anyone who uses softloops as their carry method knows that these snaps are incredibly tough to do and undo for the first month or so of use – that was not the case with this holster. All in all, I love this product and will be purchasing these for every gun I plan on carrying in the future. My only complaint is that there is no option for a light-bearing gun, which is incredibly disappointing considering the fairly forward-thinking inclusion of an optic cut.

  6. A. L. DeWitt

    I have never been able to go AIWB mostly because I have never found a holster I could sit down with. This Holster is the one. I am buying another one for my Sig P320 X-Carry. I have used this in AIWB as well as 4:30 IWB and it works flawlessly. The loops are very tough to open and close, but that’s good! Many holsters wind up in a drawer; this one wound up on my hip. Buy this: you won’t be sorry.

  7. Josh

    Just got this holster In the mail I went with soft loops but Harry’s emailed me about the loops being out of spec he said they can upgrade me to the metal clips no xtra coast. I inspected the holster well built nothing loose every thing the way it should be so I tried it out with the fn 509 tactical I got it for. Fit like a glove perfect fit no wobble retention is excellent and the metal clips work great as well. With the claw it hides my full sized gun better than the holster I have with out a claw for my compact gun. This holster is awsome the price is well worth it great job Harry’s holsters.

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