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The “Icon” holster is named to honor the iconic gun that is carries.  The revolver. The revolver is an American classic that can still hold its own in the crowded market of great concealed carry options.  Great for low profile situations a revolver needs a holster that is comfortable, easy to use and conceals with a wide variety of clothing options.

Great for all types of clothing(workout, casual and workwear) the versatile Discreet Carry Concepts Mod W clip on the Icon allows you to carry both with and without a belt.  We worked closely with Discreet Carry Concepts to optimize the clamping pressure for this application. The placement of the Mod W makes this holster extremely low profile and minimalist.


  • DCC Clip
  • Fits belts up to 1.5
  • Ambi
  • Lightweight
  • Works with and without a belt


Compatible J frame Models (Must be 2.125 inch barrels or less)

Model 36

Model 43c

Model 60

Model 351c

Model 351 PD

Model 340

Model 340 PD

Model 360

Model 360PD

Model 442

Model 637

Model 638

Model 640

Model 640 Pro

Model 642

Model 649

Product Reviews

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For me...Zero Printing!
Written by Jblood on Nov 14th 2019

When you have a small revolver you expect to carry it with little to no printing. The Icon is the only holster I've found that is perfectly designed where the clip is not fastened over the cylinder, making it easy to conceal your J-frame. Thank you Harry's for paying attention to these details in your holsters.

Written by Mike C. on Jul 1st 2019

The Icon is an exceptional holster. You can tell that there was some serious though put into the design. Slim, ambidextrous, and discrete. I could not be happier with my two purchases. Thank you.

Great product, great customer service
Written by Michael D Rivera on Mar 20th 2019

This is a great holster. Good thickness of kydex, full trigger guard coverage, adjustable tension and solid metal belt clip. Highly recommend. The customer service is also excellent. I made a purchase but forgot to add my coupon code. So I emailed Harrison and he cancelled my order so I could re-order with the coupon code. Yeah I'm cheap.

Perfect j frame holster!
Written by Joshua Benware on Feb 7th 2019

This is the only choice if you have a snubby j frame! From the quality and fit, smoothed edges, and the well thought out design, nothing compares. So many good things to say about this holster, but my favorite is the clip placement. Almost every other holster for j frame snubbies puts the clip over the cylinder creating a wider profile that's hard to conceal. Harry put the clip over the trigger guard which creates a more concealable profile and also tucks in the grip...add to that the fact that you can use this holster with sweatpants when going to the gym (or wearing anything without a belt) because the special designed clip. It's the first kydex holster I haven't had to modify in any way, and the first time I've bought one holster for a gun and am perfectly content to not buy any other holsters. Appendix, 3 o'clock, 4:30, comfortable, concealable, GET IT!

Hard to find Unicorn for J Frame
Written by Chris on Jan 24th 2019

I have been trying to find a quality J frame holster for a while and finally landed on this one. One of the biggest problems with revolver holsters is they have the clip/attachment right over the cylinder, the worst place it could be on a revolver. This holster, like few others, places the clip to the side, greatly reducing the thickness. It also provides two cant angles, 0 and approximately 15 degrees, which is also awesome. The clip is also reversible for left-handers. Another thing is I bought this for my wife's 642 and the clip works great on cloth and other non-denim pants without a belt, which is perfect for her. Fit and finish is smooth with zero rough edges that need sanding. This is an absolute gem for J frames. P.S. The owner responded quickly when I e-mailed him regarding the color of the tan holster used in his video about the Icon holster. It's the London Tan color and I love it.

The Icon
Written by Phil Quinn on Dec 17th 2018

As a minimalist J frame holster the Icon has everything you need and nothing you don't. It is designed very well, manufactured well and finished very well. Harrison you said it best, the Discreet clip is fantastic. As most of my other kydex holsters have plastic clips of some kind, I had about 5 minutes of re-education on clips. It was worth every minute because once on its not going to come off until you take it off. Nice work Harrison. I'll send you picture tomorrow