Discreet Carry Concepts Mod 5.1

Discreet Carry Concepts

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Designed to be worn behind the belt.  This clip includes mounting hardware.  Black accent washers come standard(no substitutions).

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Better Then Expected
Written by Pete on May 17th 2019

If you fit the category of somebody who doesn’t wear a belt all that often or wears apparel where you can’t really wear a belt... like gym wear or jogging pants or even someone who DOES wear a belt and wants some added concealment to where you can have the clip BEHIND your belt you will love this clip. It’s amazing how it works so well. NOTE: having a belt on will help keep your firearm closer to your body and if your attire has drawstrings or Velcro straps like on my mountain bike shorts to further help keep your pants tight you will want to utilized them due to the weight of your carry gun. It is also very simple to take on and off your waist. Thank you Harry for a quality product and I will be looking for your next innovation.