Why Glock is Perfection

Glock rivals the 1911 for the title of most loved/hated handgun of all time. And with this, people are constantly challenging Glock one word tagline “Perfection.” I (a glock fanboy) and many others believe that the naysayers have many valid points on Glock’s lack of perfection.

Naysayer Valid Points

  • They come with horrible plastic sights
  • Magazine release is too small
  • On the large side for most people’s hands
  • Don’t feel good in most people’s hands
  • The trigger weights are inconsistent (even though the characteristic are consistent) from gun to gun

I’m sure a glock hater can come up with more. But there is one thing that Glock has always had right and continues to get right to this day: The ergonomics of the upper grip tang and it’s relation to the end of the slide.

This “perfect” grip tang allows you to get your hand as high on the gun as possible and it’s comfortable. The ergonomics allow you to also draw quicker than any other gun by allowing you to draw with you thumb on the top of the slide and easily move the web of your hand to the tang while maintaining control of the gun.

While other guns such as the VP9 and Walther PPQ allow you to draw in a similar matter, the larger distance between the tang and rear of the slide make it harder and slower to get a good grip on the gun.

This design element alone is glock perfection. While the gun may not be perfect in every area, it’s hard to find a mass market gun that is as fast to draw or as flat shooting as the glock.