Trijicon HD Sights

I’m a big fan of the Trijicon HD sights for a defensive handgun. I think they just might be the perfect compromise sight between something like the XS Big Dots and Fiber Optics. They offer the speed of the Big Dots with the precision of the Fiber Optics. Well not really but they do offer a nice mix of the two. You will be hard pressed to find better sights for daytime use.

Wait! What did he say? Aren’t the HD’s night sights? Yup I said they are great for daytime use. I personally don’t like them at night. The front sight is great but the rear tritium vials overpower the vial in the front sight. They are closer to your face and that’s what grabs your attention. But this use of the sights only applies in areas with manmade ambient light and during 15-30 minutes at dawn and dusk. When usings a white light in the dark the light will wash out any glow emitted from the tritium vials.

I’d rather see the HD front with a blacked out rear and that’s how I plan on outfitting my future guns if I find a rear I like. The HD front sights are available from Opticsplanet at a reasonable price. In my opinion, that’s the optimal setup.

Fit and finish is where the the Trijicon HD’s begin to differ. The Glock Rear sight is very sharp and provides a crisp reference point for the rear sight. The downside to this is it can also dig into your body when carrying the gun. It hasn’t been a problem for me but I see how it can be for others. It’s sharp enough to draw blood.

On the Smith and Wesson M&P version, the sight is radiused and there are no sharp edges. In my opinion, the sight picture isn’t as good but you don’t have to worry about the rear sight cutting you.

If you are looking for a high visibility sight for your gun then you can’t go wrong with a set of Trijicon HDs.


  • Big bright yellow dot.
    • Quick aquisition
    • I prefer the Yellow as it is brighter
  • Deep U-Notch
    • Personal preference but I think it leads to faster & more accurate followup shots
  • Sharp rear edge on the Rear Sight
    • Allows the rear sight to be easily indexed in bright sunlight by offering a sharp index point.
    • A con because it digs into your stomach when carrying
  • Good hook on the front of the rear for racking off Belts
    • Model Dependent
    • The Glock model is Great
    • The M&P is not as pronounced but still works


  • 3 dot sight system
    • The rear sight is overpowering in low light settings. Trijicon tries to counteract this by using smaller tritium vials in the rear sight but it doesn’t work. The three front and rear sights appear equal to my eyes
    • I’d rather see a blacked out rear
  • Sharp edges on the rear sight (Model Dependent)
    • The Glock has very sharp edges while the M&P sights are nicely radiused