Glock 43

One of my EDC guns is a Glock 43 with a Streamlight TLR6. I normally carry a Glock 19 in the winter but in the summer I don’t always have the clothing bulk to hide a Glock 19. I’ll start out by saying that the Glock 43 is what I call a compromise gun. It is the absolute smallest 9mm I feel comfortable shooting and carrying.

I bought this gun as a present to myself for my 21st Birthday along with a Glock 42. Due to a delay in my pistol permit (Jim Crow Era Law) I had to wait a week to pick the guns up. I knew from handling the gun it would need a grippier surface so I ordered a rubberized Talon Grip from Amazon. Having the gun at home and dry firing it, I found out how much I hated crazy heavy trigger.

When I first shot the gun the target looked like it had been hit with a hollywood style shotgun pattern. I just couldn’t shoot the gun. From a 7 yard distance, I was grouping rounds on top of each other with the Glock 42 and my Glock 19 was accurate as well. This confirmed that it wasn’t me. I blamed the sights and then added a set of Warren Tactical fiber optic sights I had taken off my Glock 19. The results on target didn’t show any noticeable improvement.

Not liking the results I decided to write the gun off as inaccurate. I then mounted a TLR6 I had already already purchased and then left the gun in the safe till February of the next year.

A couple warm days in January and February and I realized the Glock 19 wouldn’t work for summer carry.

Not wanting to spend another $700+ on a new carry setup I decided to give the Glock 43 another chance. I switch from dry firing my Glock 19 97% of the time to dry firing my Glock 43 90%, Glock 19 7% and 3% to assorted guns. I did this and really got to know the gun. When I felt I had control of the trigger I shot the gun and my results improved dramatically. I began shooting the gun weekly preparing for summer carry and my confidence in my skill with the gun reached a comfortable threshold.

Although I was comfortable I felt the trigger was holding me back so I ordered a Ghost Edge 3.5 pound connector from Amazon. I had one in my Glock 42 that I really liked. The install in the Glock 43 was straight forward. The Ghost connector really lightened the trigger weight but it also completely changed the characteristics of the trigger pull. With the stock connector the trigger had a spongy stiff take-up with a definite wall and crisp but incredibly heavy break. The takeup didn’t bother me and I liked the wall and crisp break but not their extreme weight. The reset was also fantastic: short and hard. The reset allowed for quick follow up.

The pull with the Ghost connector consists of the same spongy take-up that reached a soft wall and then has a long spongy break that leaves you guessing when the gun is going to fire. At first I was enthralled with the lighter weight. Then after shooting it a couple of times I realized there was no real benefit as far as accuracy and I couldn’t shoot it as fast. I’ve switched back to the stock connector.

I continue to practice with the gun and work to increase my proficiency. It is still a hard gun to shoot. While I’m capable of shooting it well it requires much more effort and concentration than my other guns.

Glock 43 Mods

  • Warren Tactical Square Rear with Green(now 10-8 sights) Fiber Optic Front
    • Fiber Optic sights are great for the money. I don’t know why a black rear with a fiber optic front hasn’t become the standard for stock sights. Everyone that shoots or handles the gun comments on how much they like the sights and I agree. I might switch out to a U notch rear as I have come to prefer those.
  • Talon Grips
    • I see no downsides to these grips as they are easy to install, cheap, and add a lot of extra grip on this small gun. But after use they begin to come apart at the seams so be ready to replace at regular intervals.
  • Ghost Edge Connector
    • At first I didn’t see any added advantage for myself but it might be due to the particular tolerances of my glock 43. I've since reinstalled the stock connector.
  • Streamlight TLR6
    • The light is great! It’s lightweight and probably reduces some muzzle flip. The light can be activated with a two or one handed grip. The light is great inside and it works decently well outside with ambient light. It’s a 20 yard and in light. I don’t use the laser when shooting but I find it good for dry fire practice. Every 20 pulls or so I’ll activate the laser and see how much it moves when the trigger breaks. This confirms that I am pulling the trigger correctly.
  • Tango Down Vickers +2 Magazine Extensions
    • They are only $10 a each, reliable, add extra real estate for gripping and look good.

Future Mods

  • Tango Down Vickers Slide Release
  • TTI +1 Mag Extension
  • TTI +3 Mag Extension
  • Mag Guts +1 Follower


  • Size
  • Trigger
  • Recoil
  • Aftermarket
  • Magazine Price
  • Cost
  • Holster availability


  • Stiff Slide Lock
  • Grip size
  • Stock format leaves a lot to be desired