Buying A Gun Safe for a Good Price

Recently my Dad was dealing with a locksmith and during their conversation the locksmith told him that he had a small warehouse full of safes. He said they have every type of safe or lockbox you can think of. They receive calls on a regular basis offering the safes for free if they would remove them. In their inventory were even a couple of commercial and residential grade vault doors they had removed from banks and high end homes.

While I can’t guarantee that locksmiths in other areas have a similar situation, I’m inclined to believe they do. The great thing about this is you should be able to find a safe to fit your needs and at a much lower price.

I’m going to encourage you to not get stuck on buying a gun safe. When it comes to most consumer safes the only difference between a gun safe and non gun safe is the setup of the interior. While the gun specific interiors work, I find them to be less than Ideal and designed around full length shotguns and boltguns (often without optics). Today most people I know own riot guns, scoped rifles, ARs, AKs, and other shorter and accessorized (larger footprint) guns. Not to mention that most people own more handguns than long guns. These safes rarely hold sufficient amounts of handguns and never meet their specified capacity of X number of guns.

If you buy a non gun safe at a good deal you can configure it to your preference. There are multiple gun racks and gun retention devices that can be modified to fit in the safe. If you are modifying the interior from the ground up you can use metal pegboard or custom racks to create your ideal layout. You can fit a ton of handguns on the safe door while leaving the interior for your long guns.


  • Call Your Local LockSmiths
    • They get Safes all the time for free if they’ll move them.
  • Companies are always trying to get rid of Safes when going out of business or moving locations.

Things to Consider

  • Size
    • Will it fit through the doorways?
    • How will it fit in my house?
    • How much space do I need?
  • Will I move?
    • Is the safe too big to move again or will it work where I’m moving?
  • Is it easy to get into
    • Keypad vs Dial
  • How many guns will I acquire in the future?
    • Just 1 more
    • And 1 more
    • And 1 more!!!
  • What else besides guns will go in the safe?
    • Passports
    • Financial Documents
    • Certificates
    • Jewery
    • Etc…
  • How will the safe fit my accessorized guns?
    • Adding optics, lights, sights, foregrips, etc take up more volume than most safes are designed for
  • Does the Fire Rating Fit my needs?
    • Am I buying this to protect from fire or theft

Other things I’d consider: Humidity of safe, if bolting down is necessary or an option