Legacy-1 clip-Custom

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The Executive configuration was inspired by the Executive class of jets that are quick, sleek and effective while still maintaining a low profile.  The Executive uses one overhook or strut and soft loops that offer maximum horizontal adjustment around belt loops.  This allows you to find the optimal placement for your body type despite the placement of your belt loops.

The placement of the clip makes the executive one of the slimmest holsters on the market.  Great for both slim and large body types alike the executive can help you bring the concealment of your gun to the next level.  The thin overhook is lower profile than other options making it the perfect option for a tuckable holster with an exposed clip.  Fitting nicely besides a belt loop the clip won’t be as obvious as other clips.    

Optimizable for AIWB or 3-5 o’clock carry.  

The slim clip options allow you place place it exactly where you want it with minimal interference from belt loops.  Choose a claw for Appendix carry or a spacer if you are carrying at or behind the hip.  

*Due to the adjustable retention design there will be movement from the clip.